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BEWARE! EarnGroups have stopped paying and have been moved to Scam status on MNO! Do not invest!

Hi everybody! You know out of all the short term HYI programs I’ve covered over the years on MNO (which I’ve completely lost count of by the way) one of the best has to be EarnGroups. It’s certainly not the biggest but it definitely ranks among the most professionally managed and consistently good performers. And having launched way back in April 2010 it’s also one of the longest running. That’s right, it wasn’t a typing error, I said April 2010! That’s a pretty impressive achievement for any program in the HYIP arena no matter who they are, but for someone offering plans like EarnGroups – 120% after 7 days, 145% after 14 days – it’s nothing short of stunning.

So today I’m pleased to have another interview with Christian, the EarnGroups admin and a man who I’m sure needs no introduction to most of you by now. I felt it was probably worth while interviewing him for a third time (read the previous two here and here) simply because so much has changed with the program since it was first reviewed on MNO last June – a review that you can read by clicking here. It has to be said though that it seems sometimes almost as if the more problems the program encounters the stronger it gets. Probably the biggest was the very public dispute with AlertPay, who froze the program’s account and consequently all the money that rightfully belonged to the EarnGroups members contained in it. Most admins would have thrown in the towel and surrendered at that point, but not Christian. Not only did he manage to survive that attack he also took the program to even greater heights.

Just one other thing about EarnGroups that I want to mention very quickly before we hear from the admin and allow him to explain some of the latest changes in his own words. Some investors may have noticed a technical glitch in the program preventing LibertyReserve deposits from being registered instantly, a problem that did not affect other payment processors. I asked Christian about this earlier and he told me that it’s down to the fact that the version of the GoldCoders script he is using has been customized and not quite the same as that found on general sale and does throw up this problem now and again. The bug has now been fixed however, all deposits are up to date, and any future deposits should again be viewed instantly.

1) Hello, Christian. It’s been a long time since you’ve been interviewed on MNO for the first time. So, please introduce yourself again to the audience and tell us when you launched your program and what was the idea behind it.

Hi Paul, MNO readers, and my dear members. My name is Christian, and I am the chief administrator of EarnGroups. EarnGroups was launched back in April 2010, and the main idea for the launch of such a business was to deliver the safest and best investment services for people all around the world, irrespective of their nationality.

2) Your program has been running for such a long time. How did you manage to achieve this while so many other programs have been collapsing around us?

It is pretty easy for any admin to keep an investment program paying for a long time. But most admins do not take their programs or their members seriously, and all they think of is to make quick money for them. That is the reason why many programs collapse. If the management behind an investment program is a dedicated and trustworthy one, then such a program can survive for a very very long time, and that is exactly the reason for the longevity of EarnGroups.

3) Please remind us about the investment plans EarnGroups is offering to its investors. What is the minimum and maximum to invest?

We offer two investment plans for our members. The Beginner Plan offers a total return of 120% on your deposit after a period of 7 calendar days, and the Professional Plan offers a total return of 150% on your deposit after 15 calendar days. The minimum investment required to join both plans is $10, and there is no maximum. Principal is included in the total return in both the plans.

4) Which payment processors does EarnGroups accept? What is the current most popular option among the members?

EarnGroups accepts the payment processors, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrust Pay, and GlobalDigitalPay. The current most popular choice among our members is the payment processor LibertyReserve, quite probably due to the reason of its very low fee.

5) Are payments from EarnGroups processed instantly? If not, how long does it usually take to receive them?

Withdrawals to Liberty Reserve, SolidTrust Pay, and GlobalDigitalPay, are usually processed instantly, and those to Perfect Money are processed manually. However, we reserve the right to complete any withdrawal in a time period of 24 hours, and no withdrawal will be delayed longer than that.

6) It’s actually quite amazing but even after dropping AlertPay your program has managed to survive although many predicted its immediate collapse. What was the story behind that and what would you tell to everybody that suffered due to AlertPay’s actions?

It is an obvious fact that people tend to believe that history will repeat itself again. Many program in the past have gone down, immediately after they dropped AlertPay. They could have survived and continued paying to the members who use other payment processors, but opted for the way of running away with money left. The admins behind those program, in my opinion, lack dedication.

Our management, as I have already mentioned, is highly dedicated in our work, and takes our members seriously. Therefore, it was not hard for us to continue with the payments to the other processors, and as time passed, many started to realize the fact the we are here to stay. I would like to advise all members who suffered at the hands to AlertPay to use another payment processor that is trustworthy, for their online payment needs.

7) I know that you’re constantly adding new features that make the investors’ experience with your program more pleasant. Please let us all know what have been added to EarnGroups since my last interview with you.

We added the payment processors SolidTrust Pay and GlobalDigitalPay as accepted payment processors at EarnGroups, so that our members may use those processors to make use of our investment services. We have also implemented a feature in the referral banners by which our members will be able to show what they earned with us. Moreover, we also implemented the paid out page, where everyone will be able to see the latest payment sent out by EarnGroups to its members.

8) What are the means of advertising you use to attract more attention to your program at this moment? How do other investors contribute to your growth? What rate of referral commission do you offer?

We advertise our program in major monitors and blogs. Our members are also doing a great job by advertising EarnGroups wherever they can. The recent implementation of the new banner feature have boosted the advertising confidence of our members, and we see that many of our members have started to take the advertising seriously. We offer 5% referral commission for the very first deposit made by a member’s referral.

9) Would you be able to say that the recent troubles and complaints from AlertPay investors make your program stronger anyway? Do you think the dropping of AlertPay made your program more vibrant and more sustainable in the long run?

I wouldn’t say that our program became stronger due to the dropping of AlertPay. On the other hand, yes, EarnGroups has become a whole lot stronger than before, mainly because, the confidence of our members in us have boosted tremendously due to the fact that we are continuing to pay to the other payment processors flawlessly.

10) How do you manage to offer such high returns on people’s investments for such a long time? What contributes to your profits? Many people were calling you a ponzi-game but after you survived AlertPay’s actions they changed their mind.

We have a team of highly skilled and professional FOREX traders. They have high knowledge in the field of foreign exchange trading to such an extent that they know to generate revenue even from the worst that could happen in the FOREX markets. With such an efficient and dedicated team it is quite easy for us to sustain the high the returns we are offering.

11) I know that you’re a hard working admin and doing everything in your power to provide good returns to your members. What in your opinion differentiates you from other admins and EarnGroups from other, not so successful programs?

As I have mentioned already, I and my team are very dedicated in the work we do. We care about our members, and take their concerns seriously. Unlike other program admins who care about only themselves and seek ways to make quick money for themselves, our sincere dedication and devotion in the work we do contributed to the huge success of our program.

12) What are your main plans for the future? What might investors of EarnGroups expect from you in the long run?

We are working on the implementation of phone support and live chat system, and if everything works out as planned, you should be able to use those services soon. Besides these, we do have plans to make a major change in the webdesign, and the implementation of many more interesting features, which will be revealed when the right time comes.

13) As an experienced admin running a program for over a year what would you advise to other admins that are quite jealous to your success?

I would like to advise such admins that they should stop being jealous and run their program honesty. It is not that hard to make a program successful. In the long run, any admin can do it, and by doing so, you can win the confidence of the members, which will help you and your members make money, and will make this industry and very profitable and trustworthy arena.

14) If there is anything you would like to add to my questions here’s your chance. Any final words for existing and potential members? Thanks a lot for the interview as I know you’re quite busy.

I would like to tell my members that they need not worry about the funds they have invested in EarnGroups, as they are in the safest places where they can be in this industry. Their trust in us is all that matters, and it will eventually result in high profits for their investments, and we assure them that we team will do our very best to offer high quality services for them.

Thank you, Paul, for interviewing me for a third time, and I wish you and your readers, and at the same time, my members, the very best.

And thanks again to Christian for taking the time out from what must surely be a very hectic schedule and agreeing to answer my questions. With such a committed attitude it’s not difficult to see why EarnGroups is hovering close to the top of just about every other website covering them, not just MNO where it currently sits at #2 (and only because the program at #1 has been monitored for almost four months longer). Hopefully you found the information here as useful as I did and it helps you come to a decision whether EarnGroups is still a suitable addition to your portfolio. Though if you haven’t given them a shot by now I can’t possibly imagine what’s been keeping you!

That’s it for today, guys. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back again tomorrow when I’ll have a full news update from all the programs covered on MNO. See you all then!

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