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Hi guys! Not a lot of a good news to report for today as yesterday I published a third interview with the admin of EarnGroups which suddenly turned into a scam today. The program has been moved to Scam status on MNO on the grounds of selective payouts that were confirmed by checking out some of the accounts earlier. Well, I must say that I was not aware of any issues in EarnGroups before now and the interview didn’t seem to contain any obvious aim to mislead investors. The program was really good and paid many weeks after AlertPay tried to close them down but today it became clear that the admin has closed his program as all the important pages relating to their status or dealing with communication either disappeared like the program’s official forum or have been altered like their rating page. So I have decided to move EarnGroups to Scam status on MNO after seeing that, although to my surprise I did get a reply from the admin Christian who admitted that he had to close, giving the reason that some person posted badly about the program on many public forums and monitors. The admin checked the IP-address of that particular member and blocked his account for badmouthing the program but the fuss caused by him made some monitoring sites move EarnGroups to Problem status which was really killing it. Instead of fighting Christian obviously preferred to give up for some reason. This sounded really weird to me because he continued his program even after AlertPay blocked his account when it looked like so many investors abandoned EarnGroups. Anyway, EarnGroups can still be considered one of the best short-term programs of 2011 and I believe it will be remembered for that by many investors who profited with them. Let’s wait and see if we have another short-term hit in the second half of 2011. As for EarnGroups, it’s time to move on now. The program has unfortunately collapsed and further deposits there are not recommended.

I guess the extended downtime of SolidTrustPay payment processor which continued for the course of the last two days might also have something to do with the collapse of EarnGroups. Their server was down till recently and the message can be read on the official blog of STP stating:
OOPS – server offline
One of our internal servers went offline early early in the morning. Our tech team is working on getting it back online ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

Well, since STP is back online now I can’t see any further excuses for non-payments from GorgonProjectInvest anymore. It looks like the admin is trying to deliberately mislead the investors by stating on its Twitter that soon all the withdrawals would be processed and that the only reason for the delay was the downline of SolidTrustPay website:
What’s happening with Solid Trust Pay? It was down last night, then we got some payments in, but now we can’t access the site!! More delays!
Well, I wonder how that all to the pending payouts to PerfectMoney and even GlobalDigitalPay which have also not been processed for a number of days now. I don’t see the admin trying to answer these questions properly and only promises that everybody will be paid soon. Well, we all would like to believe this to happen but I don’t see the reason for not processing the payouts now, since ONLY problems with LibertyReserve account funding were actually mentioned in the latest official update. In this case it’s really hard for me to stay positive regarding the future of the program which looks extremely gloomy now since no payments are being done at the moment at all. I will report on MNO if there are some changes but for now there is no way you should invest in GorgonProjectInvest despite all the promises which remain unfulfilled so far.

Unbelievably yet another lame attempt at criminal fraud emerged today from the already infamous admin of SpringPoints. Not only did he stop paying to everybody and tried to steal investors’ money by encouraging them to create an API in their LibertyReserve accounts, he is also responsible for more unsolicited emails whining and asking members to redeposit at least half of their original deposit in the program in order to be paid again. Please note that it’s totally unsafe to do as SpringPoints is listed as a Scam on every single reliable source of information including MNO and the admin is a proven scammer and liar. So don’t buy his stories and don’t allow him scam you twice! You’ve been warned!

You can see that I have also moved JPDaily from Problem to Scam status on MNO tonight. I did so because the admin not only refused to fulfill his obligation to one particular member of his site who wasted his time and money due to the blocking of his account but also because he has stopped paying to MNO monitoring, obviously due to his vengeful nature. Well, if any HYIP admin cannot stand a fair and accurate status of his program on MNO he can at least pay what he owes to his own clients, because I’m not going to sit back and watch as investors are getting scammed. Considering the constant threats received by me from the admin of JPDaily (who’s 100% mouth and no action by the way as I’m still waiting to hear from his imaginary lawyers like he promised, lol!) I can come to a conclusion regarding his true nature and intentions and it’s easy for me to predict that his program will be collapsing soon. His email has now been blacklisted by me so I don’t have to put up with his constant threats anymore. Again, I do not tolerate selective payouts for MNO readers and always move programs to Problem status after complaints submitted to me are verified by me personally. JPDaily is no exception and such admins will not be tolerated. Again, please note that due to non-payment to MNO monitoring JPDaily has been moved from Problem to Scam status on MNO and will stay there till its collapse which I believe is pending. If the admin’s shocking attitude towards his own members wasn’t bad enough – describing one $500 investor as a “whining as***le” (whatever does he think of the $20 investors then!) – his track record in running previous scams has been poor. So it’s not exactly a difficult prediction to make. Please do not invest in this program and do not support dishonest and arrogant admins like that of JPDaily!

Fortunately, there are plenty of other good paying programs remaining on MNO which we shouldn’t forget. As of yesterday I found out that the program that used to accept only direct Bank wires starting from $1,000 – FixedMonthlyIncome – and offering a monthly 10% interest on your deposits has now added LibertyReserve option. To tell you the truth, when reviewing FixedMonthlyIncome program at the time (read the review here) I was wondering why they only accept Bank wires as the returns were significantly smaller than other HYIPs while the huge minimum of $1,000 was also off-putting. Now a short message appeared on the site of FixedMonthlyIncome (reviewed here) stating that LR is also accepted but not giving any further information beyond that. For more details investors can contact the admin at the email address posted on the site:
LibertyReserve accepted
It is our pleasure to inform you, that we have added LibertyReserve as a payment option. For any further information please contact us at”.

One of the programs that is quite stable and paying daily at the moment is CommoditiesCapital (reviewed here). The admin of the program James (interviewed here) is already well-known not only for fast payments to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney but also for issuing regular daily updates to members. So in yesterday’s newsletter he announced the winners of the referral contest and at the same time introduced two new contests in which everybody can participate and win some nice prizes. In today’s update James mentioned adding a testimonials section on the newly added CommoditiesCapital forum, announced hiring local representatives, and plans to introduce Live support in Russian (at the moment such support is only available in English). Well, as we can see there is some actually great news for all the members of CommoditiesCapital which pays very fast on four investment plans which you can join for just one single dollar – 1.8% for 100 days (principal back), 3.2% for 45 days, 5% for 30 days, 6.5% for 25 days. The most recent updates from CommoditiesCapital can be read below:
Referral contest ends and other news
Our referral contest ends now. First i need to announce that user anggraini89 has been disqualified from this contest for cheating so he won’t get any prize. Now the winners are:
First prize (500$ deposit bonus) goes to user Second prize (300$ deposit bonus) goes to user Alert1 and 3rd prize (150$ deposit bonus) goes to user TopPlacements.
We also offered a prize to user luckyvoy (100$ deposit bonus) for being first normal member (not blog or monitor) who entered our top 10 referrers.
Congratulation to all winners.
We also launch now a new contest who will take place on our forum. Who will bring us (refer to us) the best designer (better then Doris who doesn’t want to answer our emails) will win 600$ deposit bonus prize.
Rules are like this: the designer that you will refer must post on our forum (in a separate topic for him) a screenshot with his design. Members will then post (vote) for each designs (designers). From first 3 best designs (with most votes) we will choose the one we will like the most. The designer also must post in his topic the user who referred him to us and of course the designer chosen into the end will be paid for his work apart from this contest. As a clue for designers: we want a design similar with our forum design but appropriate for our site. Designer chosen by us into the end will have to deliver us just html+css (template) but to be original one (custom made). So go ahead and start referring a great designer and ask him to post screenshot with his design and your user on our forum. This contest will last for two weeks.
Apart from this contest, we will launch another contest on our forum. The more members will post there, the more points they will get. So every day we will choose randomly from members with the most points, a daily winner (10$ cash prize). This contest will take place daily on our forum apart from the best designer referrer contest.
Also we are looking to hire moderators for our forum. Who ever has experience for this please apply to our email:
Thank you all for your great support and good luck to everybody.
Regards, James. CommoditiesCapital”.
Testimonials and other news
We added a testimonials area on our forum as members requested it. You will find the button on top menu or directly on our forum. Also we’d like to announce that we are hiring local representatives from all continents. Please who is interested apply for it either directly on our forum or the button from top menu on our site. We will choose after few days the best of you for these jobs.
Please also don’t forget about our two on going contests. Bring in a best designer and you will win 600$ deposit bonus or post more on our forum (no spamming) and you will have the chance to win 10$ cash daily (random chosen members).
Also from this weekend we will offer few hours per day live support in Russian language too. We will let you know when it will be ready and you’ll see it on home page.
We are doing our best to improve our site every day. Thank you so much for your support.
Regards, James. CommoditiesCapital”.

The following programs from my monitoring page paid to me yesterday and today:
CommoditiesCapital, BrantonsGroup, PerfectLottery, SafeDepositary, GainRace, NeoProgress, PowerfulStrategy, OnlineInvestmentBank, HitNRunMasters, HyperCompound, FIPO, SportEarn, After60Days, PermanentProfit, PrimFix, InvestNetGroup, BruyetteInvestment, EurexTrade, AGSTrade, ViscoCorp, MirexGroup, TopsFund, GlobalFxTrades, SuperHotPay, BaseBucks, ReProFinance, StockBiz, BetForInvest and IceProfit (the first payments received).

That’s all the news I have for today, guys. I hope to see you on MNO tomorrow for more news and updates from the HYIP industry! Stay tuned for more on the hottest programs and always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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