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Hello everyone! I want to start the last news update before the weekend with the latest from PrimFix. Their website went down and was not accessible for the best part of yesterday and today. It’s amazing but even with the admin of PrimFix Derek (interviewed here) constantly communicating via the program’s Facebook and updating us on an almost hourly basis there were still some people screaming scam before knowing what was wrong with the site. Apparently, they don’t know that Derek is quite serious and a responsible admin running his program for over five months and still successfully paying on three investment plans on expiry – 120% after 15 days, 160% after 30 days, 210% after 45 days – to all the major payment processors including AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Most recently a brand new plan for larger investors paying 15% weekly forever has been added to PrimFix, but the most anticipated new feature was certainly the addition of the Betting platform which according to Derek has already become extremely popular with members. Really, what can be easier than verifying your account in PrimFix by entering a code sent to your mobile number by text message and then trying your luck in predicting the results of sports events which you can find in your members’ area. If you get lucky you will collect your money plus the usual 3%-5% profit from your investment. But there will no losers because if you bet on the wrong team the money will simply be deposited in one of the major plans specified by you prior to making the bet. I’m sure that PrimFix (reviewed here) still has enormous potential to grow further and all the attempts at spoiling its reputation from their competitors will fail. And I believe Derek managed the situation in the best possible way and the site is now back online. Still I wish this didn’t happen and I hope that the site is secure enough now to handle all the attacks from jealous competitors that have really something to worry about. Please read the latest newsletter from PrimFix below:

Dear investors,
As you may have noticed, our site was slow or even inaccessible in some parts of the world during the past 24 hours. PrimFix is a very big program at the moment and this type of problem is something we just have to deal with in the HYIP market. We hate to see the page offline as much as you do as our server has the biggest server our hosting provider offers but still that might happen sometimes, some activities are out of our control. We already made some changes to our server settings and our site is back, our competitors and haters won’t shut us down and time will prove us right. We have a big team working together with PrimFix in order to keep our site alive and nothing will stop us, problems will always come along with developments just like in any business but this team is ready to work on them and provide a secure environment for all of you.
The response to our recently launched Betting Platform has been very good, many people e-mailed us saying thanks for the bonuses they earned. We intend to improve that platform in the future but first we want a bigger part of our membership to participate on it. We are going to add many new matches in a near future for you to bet on.
Also, we would like to thank everyone for the support over Facebook and forums while our site was having some problems, it feels great to know that our members have such a good faith in PrimFix. In any other program, everyone would simply freak out and think they lost their money but you remained calm and waited for our updates, you’re all part of a great team to work with. If, in the future, you notice a problem loading our page, please go to our Facebook page as emergency updates will always be posted there, it’s a very efficient way to communicate with our investors.
We decided to send this newsletter just to let you know our site is fully functional again and all withdrawal requests have already been paid. Enough said, I wish you all a great weekend and thanks once again for being a part of this big family called PrimFix!
Yours, Derek Rochester
PrimFix Administrator”.

It has come to my attention that some members of EarnGroups received their pending payouts to SolidTrustPay since it came back online last night. Please note these payouts don’t mean that the site is back to normal and definitely I didn’t try to mislead in putting EarnGroups to Problem status yesterday. The program is really a scam now and it was even confirmed by the admin himself of which I already reported on MNO last night. There’a a simple explanation for the payouts to STP – non-payment could raise some complaints leading to (just like AlertPay) the blocking of the EarnGroups account in no time. So, I guess the admin tried to avoid this happening by paying some refunds to STP investors. But please do not let this mislead you as the payouts to other payment processors – LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – have stopped and will not be processed anymore. So do not waste your time with EarnGroups anymore – the program has finished already and it’s a confirmed fact 100%!

I cannot say the same for GorgonProjectInvest which surprisingly paid some SolidTrustPay and GlobalDigitalPay withdrawals to many investors and monitors (including me). This does not mean they’re going back to Paying status on MNO yet as payouts to other payment processors are not being done. I might assume the admin of GorgonProjectInvest kept paying to that payment processor in order to keep their account active and unblocked for as long as possible. Anyway, it’s a good news for all the investors of GorgonProjectInvest who deposited via SolidTrustPay and some encouragement for those who are awaiting their payouts to other payment processors. Don’t let this fool you though as payouts to STP usually don’t mean anything for other investors and the administration of GorgonProjectInvest is yet to prove that the program is worthy of Paying status on MNO. By the way, I noticed a very lively debate among GPI members on MNO Chat that recently become the area where you can find all the latest news (and rumors!) about GPI‘s supposed revival or just share your thoughts about the HYIP industry in general. I really appreciate your activities there, guys, so keep it going. In order to access the chat you can simply follow this link and there you can log in as a Guest and read all the messages. However, in order to be able to post and share your comments with others you will have to become a member of MNO Chat. The process will not take much time and all you need to do is to wait for my activation of your account on which will happen within 24 hours (although I try to activate the members as soon as I see them). I will try to participate there myself more often provided I have some spare time. So, see you all on MNO Chat!

Please note that I have to move another program to Problem status on MNO tonight and this time it’s AudivaTraders. To tell you the truth, I was not aware of the fact that the program had stopped paying as I have a deposit in their two weeks on expiry plan and don’t get paid on a daily basis. Since AudivaTraders is not popular I don’t have a lot of referrals there either who might have submitted a complaint about the pendings. Thanks to one of my vigilant readers who questioned the status of the program and asked me to check out other monitoring sites for Problematic statuses. Seeing all this I have contacted the admin of AudivaTraders and will wait for his reply on this, but judging from my previous experience with this admin the chances I’ll get a reply are quite slim. Anyway, I will keep you updated if I hear anything from AudivaTraders, but for now I think it’s best to hold off from all the investments in the program for the time being.

As you might noticed on my monitoring page IceProfit has been promoted to Standard list as the admin wished his program to be reviewed on MNO which doesn’t happen for programs on my Basic list where IceProfit was previously listed. Well, the full review will be published tomorrow but for now I would like to give you just a sneak peak of which this program really is. So, IceProfit was launched two days ago and is based on a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on a dedicated server with GeniusGuard DDoS-protection. The only two payment processors accepted are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and you can invest starting from $10. There are several plans on offer from short- to medium-term all returning your deposit on expiry – 1.5% for 5 days, 1.8% for 10 days, 2% for 20 days, 2.5% for 35 days. As you can see the returns offered by IceProfit are not so high but it will add to the sustainability of the program in the long run provided the admin has good intentions. The interest is credited to your account on a daily before being withdrawn. Payments are promised to be processed within 12 hours but so far all mine were extremely fast and I was paid well within an hour. More on IceProfit you will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned for that, guys!

Here is the list of programs that paid me today and remain on Paying status on the MNO monitoring page:
CommoditiesCapital, SafeDepositary, BruyetteInvestment, ReProFinance, PerfectLottery, InvestNetGroup, PowerfulStrategy, EurexTrade, OnlineInvestmentBank, After60Days, IceProfit, NeoProgress, BrantonsGroup, StockBiz, HitNRunMasters, HyperCompound, SportEarn, GainRace, FIPO, AGSTrade, BaseBucks, ViscoCorp, SuperHotPay, TopsFund, MirexGroup, BetForInvest and UnitrustDirect.

That’s all I have for you tonight, everyone. I hope you will have a great weekend, and I will see you on MNO tomorrow as usual with the latest updates from HYIP industry. See you then!

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