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Beware! RichesBank has stopped paying and has been moved to Problem status on MNO! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I don’t know what you’ve been doing over the weekend (though I do hope you enjoyed it) but I can tell you that one person that was kept extremely busy was probably the admin of RichesBank. That’s a brand new short term HYI program that opened on Friday and which I’d like to take a closer look at for you tonight before we get to the day’s news. Before we start however it’s worth pointing out that the program was barely a few hours old before it came under DDoS attack. This has now been successfully mitigated by their hosting provider who put them on a more advanced level of protection but clearly somebody out there feels that RichesBank is a big enough threat them. But anyway, at least it’s out of the way now and by happening so early it only means that almost nobody was seriously inconvenienced by the whole thing.

So as I said, RichesBank is a short term HYIP and they offer five investment plans in total. As we shall see the plans are typical of what we see from shorter term programs these days with some being quite good and maybe worth a gamble while others are a bit more unrealistic and perhaps best avoided. Still, the shortest term plan which I joined has already completed a couple of cycles so I can at least confirm that many investors including myself have already seen a profit.

This first plan runs for just one single day and costs a $10 minimum to join. Interest is returned to you on expiry – ie join today and get paid tomorrow – and will count your principal as part of the one single payment. The rate will depend on the size of your deposit. For anything up to a $300 investment RichesBank are paying back 105%, which is 5% net profit for yourself.
Or if you want to take a chance on earning a higher rate then it will cost you a deposit between $301 and $750 to earn 106%, and between $751 and $2,000 to earn 107%. There’s no maximum put on the amount you can spend but if you’d like more information about deposits bigger than $2K then check out the RichesBank members account area.

RichesBank second plan runs for a 3 day investment term and also pays on expiry. Profit and principal are again combined in one single payment and you can join for a $10 minimum. Anything up to a $300 deposit this time gets you back a return of 116% making it only just marginally more profitable than redepositing in the previous plan for a third cycle. If you wish to earn a higher rate of interest then you are required to make a larger deposit. RichesBank has no maximum limit put on deposits and their rates are as follows:
119% on amounts between $301 and $750, or 122% on amounts between $751 and $2,000. See the RichesBank members area for rates offered to anything over and above that.

The next short term option runs for a 7 calendar day term and makes one single payment on expiry that includes your principal. It still only costs a $10 minimum deposit to join but it’s never a bad idea to spend a little less as the term increases anyway, especially in the higher risk short term ventures. By investing anything up to $300 RichesBank offer a payment of 136.5% interest. Higher deposits can expect the following rates:
143.5% on amounts between $301 and $750, and 150.5% on amounts between $751 and $2,000. Again if you’re serious about spending anything more than that you can see what the rates are from inside the RichesBank account area.

The next option available to you makes one single interest payment on expiry of a 14 calendar day term. As usual the minimum spend is $10 and for anything up to $300 the RichesBank admin offers 174%, principal included. If you’re prepared to take a bigger risk then 187% is offered for deposits from $301 to $750, and 220% for anything between $751 and $2,000. Check the RichesBank members area for details on larger deposits if interested.

The final investment plan, which truth be told is a little bit harder to swallow than any of the other four, runs for a term of 30 calendar days. With a $10 minimum you really don’t have to risk that much but honestly I’ll be mightily impressed if RichesBank complete more than cycle here. It’s best to take advantage of what their real selling point is which is fast low profits for short investment terms. But if you like a gamble then For a deposit between $10 and $750 RichesBank are offering a 360% interest payment. Other rates include:
1300% on amounts between $751 and $2000, and the maximum (and most unbelievable) rate of 2150% offered to anything over and above that.

Predictably, payment options available in RichesBank are limited to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, something I doubt very much will change. Payments will not be instant and are made by the admin manually. You will need to request it from your account area and after doing so the admin requires up to 24 hours to have everything processed.

RichesBank is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on a dedicated server by DdoSWiz who provide technical support and DDoS protection for the program. In fact they’s already successfully overcome the first attack as mentioned earlier. For any comments, questions, or account related issues you will be able to contact the admin by filling out the e-mail based ticketing form on the contacts page. There is also a Live Chat feature though it’s unclear as to when, if ever, this operates. From inside your account area however RichesBank members will notice a shoutbox where you can also share your comments with other members or put your own questions and suggestions to the admin who seems to have been reasonably active there this last few days.

Texts are not original and can be found copied word for word on countless other online HYIP websites, so I think you know exactly what you’re dealing with here. At least you should by now if you’ve sent any amount of time playing the online HYIP industry. So don’t pay any attention to whatever claims being made about the RichesBank business activities, don’t go looking for guarantees, treat it like a gamble, and spend accordingly. And of course try to protect yourself from severe losses by keeping smaller deposits in a wider more diverse portfolio if you do insist on playing the HYIP industry, with RichesBank just a small part of that.


Since today is the end of the week and the HYIP industry is usually quiet on Sunday there isn’t much to report. However, I still have some interesting info to share with you and a couple of new programs to be introduced. So keep reading to find out more!

I’m glad to report that I have moved AudivaTraders back to Paying status on MNO earlier. I remind you that the program was moved to Problem status two days ago due to concerns over the possible selective payouts. Although I did not have any complaints submitted to me personally one of my readers was vigilant enough that AudivaTraders had been moved to Problem status on some monitoring sites. Since I deposited in an on expiry plan and was not paid daily I could not verify this information personally and placed the program on Problem status just in case, before I heard from the admin. Well, better later than never and I got a reply today which totally satisfied my curiosity and confirmed my suspicions about some malicious monitors showing an incorrect status without any reason. Anyway, the status of AudivaTraders has been restored to Paying and for future reference I decided to not consider statuses on other monitoring sites and will only investigate complaints directly from MNO readers and my personal payment record with the program. It will be a good lesson for me not to trust any other monitors except my own because too many obviously have some hidden agenda and the vast majority of them cannot be trusted. Here is the latest email I received from the admin of AudivaTraders today prior to the restoration of his Paying status on MNO:
Hi Paul,
There is no problem at all with the payouts and AudivaTraders. Everything is on running smooth thus far and it will only grow into a bigger and better business for you and your followers. If there is any feedback you would like to recommend, the team and I are always welcome to your members. More updates will be sent out and our interview will be sent back to you hopefully within 2 weeks! If any of your members have a a issue with AudivaTraders, just let me know and I will be sure to help you out.
As for the monitors, there are a few monitors on the bottom of the page that are not paid monitors and closer look they don’t even have any deposits into AudivaTraders. They will be taken down. There is one monitor, HyipExplorer that had double withdraw issue and his account is all up to date now and paid.
Best Regards, Dale Taylor”.
Just to remind you – AudivaTraders was first reviewed on MNO over three months ago (read the review here). The program offers moderate returns paid to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10. The original investment plans included three paying on expiry – 108% after 2 weeks, 131% after 4 weeks, 196% after 8 weeks, while recently a daily plan has been added paying 0.5% return for 15 calendar days and returning principal on expiry.

One program that has been moved to Problem status on MNO today is GlobalFxTrades. I don’t know what is really happening there as the admin didn’t reply to my email yet. All I know is that the payouts are delayed which is never a good sign. One of my readers reported a payment delay yesterday and I can see from my own experience that my payout has also been pending for more than 48 hours which never happened before. So I have decided to move them to Problem status on MNO and warn readers not to deposit there. It’s better be safe than sorry in the HYIP world, you know. So please do not invest in GlobalFxTrades unless I get some more positive info regarding the pending payouts.

Another program which I am receiving some complaints quite often is MGFunds (reviewed here). The program remains on Paying status on MNO but I must warn you that today the admin of the program was informed by me about two complaints from MNO readers which I have successfully verified. I must say that I was already answered by the admin and he promised to look into these accounts containing pending payouts tomorrow. I will update you about the outcome then but for now I think it’s better to hold off your investments in MGFunds. The program’s status might change on MNO tomorrow and will depend on the situation with my readers getting resolved or not. Stay tuned for more information, guys!

I must say that it was really weird for me to see the reaction to my changing the status of JPDaily to Problem and most recently to Not Paying status. Please note that the status of the program was changed due to a confirmed complaint from an investor whose money was stolen by the admin and whose situation was carefully verified by me personally. The admin was warned about that well before moving JPDaily to Problem status on MNO and he was given a choice to pay the member what he was owed. Since he refused the program was moved to Problem status like I do with EVERY program listed on MNO (no exceptions!). Surely, after the admin not only refused to pay the guy but also stopped payments to my monitor I had no other choice but to move it to Scam status. I believe that even one complaint should be taken seriously and any admin that disrespects his members, steals their money and calls them “whining a**holes” has no right to work with decent people. You’re to judge if your money is safe there but if I were in your place I would think twice before throwing money away on it. I’m very grateful to the victim in all of this who took the time and effort to write about that on MNO forum and explain the situation with him at length. The truth hurts but be sure MNO will not change its stance on admins that pay selectively. That program is not the first and will not be the last to get moved to Scam status on MNO due to selective payouts. Please think twice before submitting your program to MNO next time because I do not and will not tolerate selective payouts or threats like I had experienced from the admin of JPDaily. And make sure to read the whole truth on MNO Forum here. If you have any interest in more information about the story please contact me at and I will gladly send you more info that will make you twink twice about keeping a deposit in in this pending scam. One more time – click here to read the first part of the story, because it will be continued soon.
The admin’s track record is pretty dismal by the way, as prior to JPDaily he ran a string of low grade scams. All of them were complete failures where countless investors got robbed (though that would be described as a successful result by the admin as that seems to have been his intention). If you don’t want to become one of them then avoid his latest ponzi.

Now I’d like to introduce you a few new programs that were listed on MNO monitoring today.

The first program is on Standard listing. It’s called FreedomFxStrategy and it was just launched today, so we can safely call it brand new. This program is a long-term one offering instantly processed payouts to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for deposits starting from a $25 minimum. The daily rates are fixed, depend on the deposited amount and return 1.3%-2.3% for the duration of 150 business days. Principal is returned on expiry. FreedomFxStrategy is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and hosted on a dedicated server with Koddos protection and SSL encryption. Please note that currently on the website the admin also announced a 5% deposit bonus that will be added to the first 1,000 members:
Deposit Bonus
We like to announce for a temporary time, starting now, we will give a bonus of 5% for each deposit you made.
The bonus duration can be some weeks or when we reach the 1000 members. Thanks”.
To find out more about FreedomFxStrategy please check out my review which I plan to publish tomorrow.

The second addition (Premium listing this time) is a short-term program called TrustIncome which has been online and paying for 3 days already. It pays to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and you can start your investment for a $10 minimum. There are a lot of plans to choose from all of which are paying on expiry – 105%-125% after 1 day, 116%-220% after 3 days, 140%-450% after 7 days, 200%-1000% after 14 days, 450%-2500% after 30 days, 5000% after 45 days. The payouts are not instant and are processed once every 24 hours (you can see a timer counting down to the next payout). The site is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, is properly SSL secured, and is hosted on a dedicated server from AntiDDoS. More about TrustIncome will be in my review to be posted on MNO after I receive my first payout on expiry. Stay tuned for that, guys!

Finally, the last program for today – Divatri – joins the Exclusive listing on MNO and that means there will be no other official monitoring sites for it and you will only be able to find it on MNO. The program has just launched and from what I can see it looks extremely promising, especially for those who join it during the first days. Divatri has a very sophisticated graphic interface which can be seen in a professionally designed website which has been a long time in preparation. The admin of Divatri first contacted me almost a month ago and for all this time he spent developing the site and I must say it’s totally worked for him. Divatri is using a custom made script with some interesting features (for more on that read my upcoming review) and is hosted on a dedicated server by LiquidWeb protected from DDoS attacks. The website of Divatri is secured throughout and bears a Verisign trusted logo which is quite difficult to obtain compared to what other HYIPs use (if they bother using anything that is) and requires additional verification. Other features I have noticed on Divatri and am impressed with are Live support with actual working hours given and a support ticketing system for more efficient customer support, anti-fraud center with BlockScript enabled that will disallow proxy servers from accessing the website and an extensive FAQ section that will answer every single question an investor might have. There is much more to talk about but I will leave it for the review of Divatri that is going to be posted on MNO in a couple of days.

First let’s see what investment plans Divatri has to offer. They include 1.4%-2% for 150 business days, 7.5%-10.5% for 36 weeks and 30% monthly forever. Note that your principal can be paid back to you either on expiry or earlier if you prefer (though this will incur a 25% fee). The minimum to invest is $10 and the payment processors accepted are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and even PayPal which I never saw in other HYIPs. Compounding is also available and you can choose the required rate when joining. More detailed information will be posted in my upcoming review, but meanwhile you can read the greeting message from the Divatri admin just a few hours ago:
We’ve Gone Public
We would like to announce you that Divatri has gone public on 9/11/2011. In this event, we would like to commemorate the tragedy event of 9/11. If you have any question or comment, do not hesitate to contact us at your any given time. We are open Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

To finish I would just like to quickly mention the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours and are listed on Paying status on MNO as of today:
RichesBank, GainRace, HitNRunMasters, ViscoCorp, TopsFund, PrimFix, InvestNetGroup, SafeDepositary, UnitrustDirect, BrantonsGroup, PerfectLottery, HyperCompound, FIPO, NeoProgress, PowerfulStrategy, After60Days, BruyetteInvestment, StockBiz, SuperHotPay, BetForInvest and OnlineInvestmentBank.

That’s everything I have for you tonight, guys. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via this page or check out MNO Chat here I’m always glad to see you on MNO and thanks for reading! See you tomorrow, everyone!

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