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12/09/2011. FreedomFxStrategy Review and Daily News from the Industry


BEWARE! FreedomFxStrategy has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! Hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend. It’s beginning to look like the traditional autumn surge we’ve come to expect in the HYIP industry this time every year is well under way. The week has barely started and already I’ve got plans for MNO up until at least Friday and I’d be hopeful of this being indicative of the business right into October and beyond. So there’s definitely some interesting times ahead I think. So the first new program I want to look at this week is called FreedomFxStrategy, and unlike a lot of the newer programs seen recently this one is a longer term opportunity. And come to think of it September is probably not a bad time at all to launch longer term HYIPs so we’ll see if the FreedomFxStrategy admin can take advantage of the heightened activity in the industry.

That will become apparent over the coming weeks and months, but let’s just stick with the facts about the program as they stand today, starting with the investment plans. It’s basically just the one plan really, with three different variations and FreedomFxStrategy basing your income on how much you’ve deposited. Some of those options are by no means cheap, by the way, but that much is up to you. You can join however for a $25 minimum, and anything up to $2,500 comes under The Basic ForEx Partner Plan. This runs for 150 business days (that’s 30 weeks, or approximately 7 months) and pays you interest every day from Monday to Friday. The rate is 1.3% per business day and at the end of the term FreedomFxStrategy will return your principal. Interest payments should reach a total of 195% before that happens so that can be considered your net profit.

So if we take a sample deposit of let’s say $100 that would mean you get a daily payment of $1.30, break even (ie reach a point where you can’t possibly lose money) on receipt of the 77th payment, and finish the term with a total of $195. FreedomFxStrategy will then return your initial hundred on top of that.

That’s pretty much where the program starts and finishes for the majority of investors I think, given that the cost of joining the other plans is a bit more prohibitive. But if the money isn’t a problem to you then take a look at The Professional ForEx Partner Plan, FreedomFxStrategy‘s second plan. This option is only available for a minimum deposit of $3,000 and takes a maximum of $15,000. The term is 150 business days during which FreedomFxStrategy will pay you a rate of 1.8% interest everyday from Monday to Friday. That would allow you to break even after 56 business days and finish the term with a total of 270%. This can then be considered profit after FreedomFxStrategy return your principal as promised.

The third option open to the really big spenders starts with a $20,000 minimum deposit and accepts anything up to a maximum $68,999, which is a strange number to stop at but as nobody’s going to be spending that much it’s hardly important. Anyway, it’s called The Freedom ForEx Partner Plan, and for the 150 business day duration you are offered a daily payment of 2.3%. If you’ve managed to accumulate that kind of money then you probably know enough about numbers to not need me to do any arithmetic for you, but just for informational purposes this would give you a total of 345% by the end of the term, on top of FreedomFxStrategy returning your original deposit.

Payment options are fairly average with the choice being down to just LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. What FreedomFxStrategy lack in choice they try and make up for with convenience, and have opted for instant payments. Just log in to your members area and request it, and your payment should be in your chosen payment processor account in a matter of seconds. And while it’s true of any HYIP that if anyone makes a profit then it’s the first investors that take the biggest part, in this case it’s even more true because the FreedomFxStrategy admin is offering a 5% bonus to the first 1000 members to deposit, eg join with $100 and get paid for $105. There’s no way of predicting how long this will last of course but at least keep it in mind.

FreedomFxStrategy is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and hosted on a dedicated server with Koddos providing support and protection. Their website is also using SSL encryption. If you have any questions for the admin or account related issues then you can contact him through either the online support form or through the Live Chat section on the contacts page.

Overall it’s not a bad looking website, but unfortunately texts are copy/pasted and used in quite a large number of other online HYIPs. Most likely that’s because of the designer and not the admin, but the end result is exactly the same regardless – any information contained there is unlikely to be true. So as always you know the risks and you know how to treat them. Set yourself an affordable spending limit, stick to it rigorously, and try to keep a more diverse and varied portfolio.


It’s really hard to believe that After60Days (reviewed here) has reached 10,000 members after only 18 days online like the admin claimed in the latest newsletter issued today. In my experience even most popular programs running for months can barely achieve this, let alone short-term games. I know that HYIP admins always tend to exaggerate the real statistics but it’s totally ok with me as soon as a program is paying. And we can say that for the first 18 days online After60Days is yet to miss any single payout to its members. The program is paying on the deposits made via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10 on the following plans – 104%-120% after 1 day, 122%-200% after 5 days, 200%-700% after 15 days, 10,000% after 60 days. The admin seems kinda optimistic about the future and insists he will do anything to stay on top for as long as possible. Here is the latest from After60Days:
After60Days – Make The Most Of Now
Hello dears!
I am here to tell you good news from After60Days!
Our program has been online for over 18 days and today, ?e`ve reached 10,000 members and more importantly, we continue with our stable growth, day by day.
Those results were possible only because of your good support at forums and monitors.
I always try to do all my best, and I am sure we can achieve together much more.
I will continue this hard work to make After60Days one of the best programs in the market, and I am sure that there is much more time to come.
Thanks for your great support and I hope you are enjoying with your After60Days income!
After60Days is the excellent online investment opportunity, and we hope it will always remain the number ONE choice of investors.
Best regards and happy investing,
Arnold, After60Days”.

The admin of OnlineInvestmentBank (reviewed here) informed investors of possible issues with deposits which might not be credited automatically in their 7% for 20 business days plan via LibertyReserve. If you’re one such investor please contact the admin asap with the payment details and the deposit will be credited to your account manually. Here is the latest from OnlineInvestmentBank:
On the website had been technical problems with the SCI. We have just finished adding all the missing LibertyReserve deposits that were not credited instantly in accounts up to this point. Please check your account. If you make a deposit but do not have it on your account then please send us your payment details. We manually add a deposit to your account balance.
Support Department. OnlineInvestmentBank”.

Sorry to say this guys, but everything going on with GorgonProjectInvest right now reminds me more and more of the stalling tactics used by many HYIP admins before. Payments have completely stopped and the occasional Twitter update does nothing but enhance the growing sense of helplessness among members. Nobody cares about why GorgonProjectInvest stopped paying and everybody wants to know when the payouts are going to be processed. Unfortunately I do not believe what anybody says on Twitter as I suspect the real admin of Gorgon stepped down a long time ago, abandoning the site for his assistants and support employees to scavange whatever they could from what was left. But why be self deceived if there is so little hope left? Even today there was a strange update on Twitter posted by someone that didn’t address the payment issues at all!:
There is no ‘announcement’ on Tuesday. We do not know what started this rumor, but only news announced here or on the web site is true.
Please remember many people will try to stir up trouble on Forums and Blogs. Do not believe what you read. Only read news that appears here.
So what have we learned from this update? There will be no announcement on Tuesday. What kind of announcement? What’s that supposed to mean to investors waiting for LR withdrawals for so long now? So I’ve decided to move GorgonProjectInvest to Scam status on MNO. The program has been good, you should agree, but there is absolutely no reason to display anything other than Scam status at this point. I’m sure many readers will share my feelings of disappointment over GorgonProjectInvest, but as we all know no program can last forever and unfortunately, we have to finally admit that GPI has collapsed. I will therefore consider my monitoring of the program finished and will not update you on the status of the program anymore unless some real news about successful payouts emerges.

I’m glad to report that GlobalFxTrades (reviewed here) has been moved back to Paying status on MNO today as I finally got a reply from the admin regarding the delay. Strangely he denied receiving my email even though he replied to the same email I sent the query to! Anyway, I’m glad to report that the incident is now over and that GlobalFxTrades has been restored to paying status. Sorry for maybe confusing anyone, but it’s always better safe than sorry and err on the side of caution. I’m glad that it all worked out with GlobalFxTrades and the program is back to Paying on MNO. Let’s hope it stays there for a long time!

As for MGFunds I received a reply from the admin who said that he would fix the issue and pay the pending requests to LR to one of my readers, while also mentioning that another complaint was justified. The pending amount was to STP and the admin is still waiting to receive this to his own SolidTrustPay account. So I guess there is nothing to worry about and I will leave MGFunds (reviewed here) on Paying status. If you have any question about that please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you remember last night I gave you a link thoroughly explaining the situation with JPDaily and my decision to put them to Scam status. Well, today the person who started the topic and was abused by the admin of JPDaily apparently losing money there started more threads and actually gave proof of the admin’s malicious plans, censorship on his own forum and his other scam programs he ran in the past. I was really shocked to find out more facts revealed about that scammer and if you are still considering investing or continue to invest with JPDaily stop for a minute and read all the six topic started on this thread of MNO Forum. It will be really worth your while as you will find out some interesting things and facts about the program. The whole discussion was actually split in six different sections and you can also read them in parts if you prefer. The first part which I already gave you the link last night called “My testimony and support to MNO & Paul Part 1” and you can click here  and you can actually start there if you haven’t read the first one. Then the second part called “Exposing JP-DAILY Part 2 (a long story…)” can be read if you click here. The third part is here and it’s called “Exposing JP-DAILY Part 3 (establishing my case)”. The fourth part is located here and it’s called “Exposing JP-DAILY Part 4 (Proof of being zeroed out)”. Then follows the fifth part calling “Exposing JP-DAILY Part 5 (proof of admin’s past)” which you can find here. And finally the last part of the article contains video evidence and is called “Exposing JP-DAILY Part 6 (video evidence)” which can be found here. I would like to sincerely thank that guy for doing what he did and expose all the lies the admin of the program is spreading. Hopefully it will open many people’s eyes on the nature of this scam and save a lot of investors from throwing their money in this pending scam.

The admin of BaseBucks (reviewed here) offered members a complicated scheme offering 6% weekly instead of usual 7% but at the same time it will double iyour deposit faster. Confused like me? Then keep reading and see what the admin offers:
BaseBucks – Update and new Payments Idea!
Hello everybody,
First thing, todays result is paid;
And I’ve just posted a thread in our forum with a little update and an idea i’ve had to speed up our overall turnaround times;
Take a look, post questions and feedback here:
We’re now approaching 400 cash payments per day! (We’ve made nearly 18,000 in total since relaunching. Pretty impressive!) But it’s got me thinking, namely about how to keep this number as small as possible.
What do you say to the following idea, that I intend to test from this Tuesday onwards;
During this interim period, whilst we’re waiting for MTV to launch and our re-investment fund to kick into full gear! We’ve been paying 1%+ a couple fast track payments each day;
Mon = 2%, Tue = 1%, Wed = 1%, Thu = Day Off, Fri = 2%, Sat = 1%, Sun = Day Off
Now… here’s my idea.
I’m proposing to elliminate the Tuesday 1% return. And instead of this, plough the entire 1% return exclusively into Fast Track Payments… So rather than you all getting a 1% rate of return. We can instead auto-complete the oldest $130-$140 worth (or whatever the 1% value is) of investment every Tuesday… So basically every Tuesday, we’d loosely work our way up from the bottom of the logs page ( ), auto-completing as many as we can.
I’m certain this will have a net benefit on your overall turnaround times.
(You’ll get your 200% faster) As the fast track system uses growth and continuity to speed things up, rather than you having to wait the full 200 day term. And obviously the faster we repay you, the more attractive we become, and the more investors we get. Which allows us further opportunity to employ our “time offset devices” to even more effect.
And obviously, the more fast track payments we pay. The more our members, especially smaller investors, save in LR fees!
And as a final bonus, this is less work for me, less strain on the system, database and less load for LR to struggle with!
So to sum up, rather than earn 7% per week, plus about $70/wk (~0.5%) in Fast Track Payments.
We’d instead pay 6% per week, with over $200/wk (~1.5%) in Fast Track Payments.
And of course, whenever our ad revenues spike, or those occasional re-investment dividends come in, there’ll be big boosts to the number of fast track payments – like we’ve done 2 or 3x before already.
Jo. BaseBucks”.

I was paid today by the following programs listed on MNO:
GainRace, IceProfit, GlobalFxTrades, HitNRunMasters, After60Days, BrantonsGroup, UnitrustDirect, HyperCompound, NeoProgress, PowerfulStrategy, FIPO, ReProFinance, InvestNetGroup, MGFunds, PermanentProfit, TopsFund, ViscoCorp, RichesBank, PerfectLottery, PrimFix, BruyetteInvestment, BaseBucks, MirexGroup, SuperHotPay, Divatri (the first payment received), FreedomFxStrategy (the first payments received), TrustIncome (the first payment received), LargeProfit (the first payment received) and WinnerEarn (the first payment received).

As you can see from that list there are two brand new short term programs listed on my blog today both of which have similar plans and just launched over the last couple of days.

The first is WinnerEarn. They started yesterday and accept LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10 and offering multiple plans with interest and principal returned on expiry – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-219% after 3 days, 137%-600% after 7 days, 180%-1075% after 15 days, 270%-2550% after 30 days, 8890% after 60 days. I’ll have more in my upcoming review but I’ll just say for now that payouts are not instant and are processed within 24 hours of request. WinnerEarn is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, is SSL-secured, and is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS-protection provided by Dragonara.

The second program only started a few hours ago and is called LargeProfit. We can see similar design and plans here as they offer: 105%-130% after 1 day, 122%-300% after 4 days, 142%-850% after 7 days, 204%-1932% after 16 days, 317%-3624% after 31 days, 10000% after 60 days. Only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are accepted starting from $10 and the program only pays once per day with a countdown timer displayed. LargeProfit is also running off a licensed GoldCoders script, SSL-secured but is hosted on a dedicated server by the Ukrainian provider AntiDdos. I’ll have more in the review so stay tuned for that, guys!

That’s all I have to report tonight guys, but I hope to see you all on my blog tomorrow with more news from the industry and the most popular programs online. Stay tuned and always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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