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Beware! TrustIncome has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! As I think I already mentioned in an earlier post I have quite a lot of work lined up this week on the MNO monitor, with brand new short, medium, and long term programs joining those already listed. You’re bound to find at least one that you like so try to keep an eye on my blog over the next few days for more information. The one I’d like to look at before we get to today’s news is one of the shorter term ones called TrustIncome, and it’s one I think most fans of short term HYIPs will recognize instantly as it’s basically a carbon copy of what’s come to dominate that corner of the industry in recent times. What I can tell you about TrustIncome for sure though is that while it’s undeniably a gamble and a high risk business, they have been online long enough to complete several cycles of their shortest term plan, therefore putting all the early investors well into profit by now. And as is usually the case with programs like this some of the plans are just ridiculous and best avoided but there are others that can make an easy if more modest couple of bucks for you if you get in at the right time.

The first plan runs for a term of just 1 calendar day and pays you once on expiry, so in other words join today and collect your profits tomorrow. You can join for a minimum spend of $10 and your final return which will include your principal will depend on how much you spend. The rate for anything up to $1,999 will be 105%, of which 5% is your actual profit. For information on bigger investments if you feel so inclined then see the TrustIncome members area. I’ll just tell you that the top rate is 125% for a maximum spend of $50,000.

And that’s pretty much how the rest of them work as well. The second TrustIncome plan runs for 3 calendar days and also pays on expiry. Unfortunately I don’t see the return on a profit per day basis making it any more attractive than let’s say re-investing in the one day plan for three cycles to justify the extra risk, but that’s up to you. A $10 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $1,999 TrustIncome are offering 116%, principal included. Higher rates apply to bigger deposits with a top rate of 220% going to the maximum $50,000 investment, so check the members area for further details.

Your third choice runs for a term of 7 calendar days and can again be joined for a minimum deposit of $10. Interest payments are made on expiry and will include your principal. For anything up to $1,999 TrustIncome offer a rate of 140%. For anything beyond that see the members area for more info. The top rate is 450% and the top deposit is $50,000.

Next is a plan that runs for 14 calendar days. You can join for a $10 minimum and payment on expiry for any deposit up to a value of $1,999 is due to be 200%, principal included. That’s a difficult one to call but if the only deposits made are small then the payments might not put that much of a strain on the programs cash flow when the time comes to pay off. I mean it’s possible but not for too many cycles so personally I wouldn’t go sinking too much cash into this one. You can see the rates being offered to larger deposits from inside your account area, but the maximum investment is $50,000 attracting a somewhat more unfeasible top rate of 1,000%.

From this point on what was already a high risk activity gets a little riskier with TrustIncome‘s plans getting longer in duration and requiring to think more seriously if this is still how you expect to make money. So the next plan now runs for a term of 30 calendar days and still costs a $10 minimum to join. For anything up to $1,999 the rate being offered is 450%, principal included. You can see the members area for the rates being offered to larger deposits but honestly they’re unlikely to be workable.

And finally for information purposes only, TrustIncome‘s final plan pays (so we’re told!) a rate of 5,000% interest on all deposits ranging from $10 to $50,000 on expiry of a 45 day term. As is generally the case with HYIPs like this one there’s always one or two options worth a serious look if you can be fast enough and TrustIncome is no exception, so if you’re thinking about spending a few bucks on them then don’t waste your time even looking at plans like this and get straight into something with a better chance of actually working.

Payment options are as you might expect a bit limited with only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney being handled. Payments are not made instantly as is so often the case in the short term games, but you will notice a clock in the TrustIncome website counting backwards from 24:00 hours. You need to request your payout from inside your account area and when the clock reaches 00:00 payments are made and the clock resets.

The TrustIncome website is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, and is properly SSL secured. The program is hosted on a dedicated server from AntiDDoS who you’ll probably be familiar with by now if you like this kind of HYIP as they seem to host a lot of them (and nothing else that I’m aware of). If you have any questions or comments for the admin then the only way to contact him is by filling in your details on the form you’ll see on the support page and submitting it.

Texts are original though contain nothing of any value or interest concerning any kind of business plan, though it’s fair to say with rates like the ones mentioned above being offered by TrustIncome I think we all know exactly what we’re dealing with here. One thing I just can’t help myself from mentioning though is a wonderful phrase I read on their homepage – “Using our methods you will not need to wake up early in the morning and go to work in the overcrowded buses.” Now clearly I wouldn’t advise anything like that as obviously the only one going to make enough money from TrustIncome to quit his job is probably the admin! The expression just made me laugh, that’s all. As if going out to work in the morning was like some sort of vision of hell, lol! Anyway, as is always the case when dealing with online HYIPs accept that you are gambling and don’t go past a risk that you’re not comfortable with, don’t spend money that would cause you financial problems if you lost it, and if you do insist on playing then try to keep a diverse portfolio to protect yourself from serious losses if any one program were to collapse.


I would like to start today’s news section with a scam warning. It has come to my attention that several readers of MNO received emails pretending to be from MNO ‘ disguised to look like they came from me in the form of the daily news as sent by Feedburner. The address this email originates from is which was never used by me in the past. Native English speakers will notice the poor language skills, and it tries to trick you into downloading some malicious software. This program claims to help you manage your e-currency accounts and has an archived file attached to that email. Please I urge you under no circumstances to download this software and not to install it. Otherwise, it will be too late and your e-currency accounts will be compromised and emptied as well as the security of your computer. I heard of these emails circulating for quite a long time and pretending to be from other famous monitors . I don’t know how the spammer managed to get the addresses but it’s likely that it’s either a HYIP admin using his own database of emails or else he’s using one sold by them on the black market for spammers. So please beware of such malicious emails and NEVER download any files to protect your computer, your identity, and your finances. This is the email sent last night with the malicious software file attached:
MNO Daily News -Onlinekeeper
from money-news-online
subject MNO Daily News -Onlinekeeper
13/09/2011. Daily News from the Industry
We present to your attention the program, through which you will not have to go to the sites of payment systems Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, V-Money, each time to check Ballance, view payments, view payment history, etc.
With this software, all these actions are carried out in a few clicks … Directly in the program you will see your current balance: payment history (for a given filter you) as well as making payments on accounts that you wanted …
– The program has a simple and mass payment;
– The program communicates with sites of payment systems via a secure
protocol https;
– The password to access the API is not stored in the program or elsewhere (if you do not want);
– No hidden data, the program does not pass”.

Since I’m publishing the update today earlier than usual I don’t have usual daily payment report from the programs I was paid by today, but I will definitely have it tomorrow when you can expect two articles published due to an increasingly long line of programs added on MNO. See you tomorrow morning, guys!

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