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Beware! BetMoney has stopped paying and has been moved to Problem status on MNO! Do not invest there!

Hi all! It’s been a slow enough day for news this wednesday which is kind of unusual for mid-week at this time of year, but nothing to complain about either. Plus the fact that there’s no shortage of short, medium, and long term HYIPs springing up all the time now so there’s enough to keep us all occupied anyway. One of those new programs is called BetMoney, a high risk high ROI program that just launched a couple of days ago and yet another site that will have a familiar appearance to fans of the game.

BetMoney has six plans to choose from, and is normally the case with programs like this some are reasonably priced and can easily make a modest profit for experienced players who know how to “work the system” as it were. There’s a couple of others best left to one side as they are unlikely to yield much more than an easy couple of bucks for the admin. Admittedly they all carry some degree of risk some plans carry a much better chance of getting paid than others as we shall see.

So to start with the first plan runs for a term of just 1 single day and makes one interest payment on expiry, a payment that includes your principal. So join today and get paid tomorrow. The minimum cost of joining is $10 and for anything up to a deposit of $199 BetMoney offer a return of 105%, or 5% profit. You may make a larger deposit if you can afford to, and expect a higher percentage in return. The rates are calculated as follows:
Deposits of $200 to $500 will earn 106%, form $501 to $1,000 will earn 107%, and from $1,001 to $3,000 will earn 108%. Check the BetMoney members area for information on larger investments if interested.

The second plan runs for a term of 4 calendar days and also pays on expiry. The same $10 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $199 BetMoney are paying back 122% interest, a figure that includes your principal so that’s 22% profit for yourself. For anyone brave enough to go further than that then the following rates are offered:
126% for deposits between $200 and $500, 130% for anything between $501 and $$1,000, and 134% for $1,001 up to $3,000. For the rates available to bigger deposits I suggest you see the BetMoney members area.

BetMoney‘s next plan pays on expiry after a term of 8 calendar days and costs $10 to join. Your final payment will also include your principal. The minimum cost of joining is $10 and the return will be 148% on anything up to a maximum value of $200. If you’re feeling lucky and wish to take a bigger risk then BetMoney make the following offers:
Spend from $201 to $500 and earn 156%, from $501 to $1,000 and earn 164%, and from $1,001 to $3,000 for an offer of 172%. Again check out your BetMoney members area to see what they offer to investments bigger than that.

As you can see the plans get more and more risky as the terms get longer. So it’s time to maybe start considering how realistic these figures are before getting too excited at the enormous rates available. But at least you can still join for a minimum spend of $10 and for BetMoney‘s fourth investment plan which runs for a 16 calendar day term that can supposedly earn you 204% interest, paid on expiry and principal included, if depositing up to $200. Beyond that the rates are:
220% for $201 to $500, 235% for $501 to $1,000, and 252% for $1,000 to $3,000. Larger investments are accepted (obviously!) so for information there see the BetMoney members area.

Next up is a plan that’s perhaps best avoided (some might say the same for the previous plan as well, but anyway). It runs for 31 calendar days and pays once on expiry. The minimum deposit is $10 and for anything up to $200 the rate being offered is 317%. Higher rates include:
348% for $201 to $500, 500% for $501 to $1,000, and 1,000% for $1,001 to $3,000. And if all that doesn’t sound unfeasible enough then check out the BetMoney members area for even more outlandish figures.

BetMoney‘s final plan is something I’ll just mention briefly for a combination of information and amusement reasons. For a $10 minimum investment (though I think minimum “donation” might be a more suitable word) up to a maximum of $50,000 they offer one single payment of 11252% after 60 calendar days. It may as well be a billion percent as far as I’m concerned because it ain’t gonna happen, though I hope it doesn’t distract you too much from let’s say the one day plan which may actually put some of you in profit while the program manages to survive.

Payment options are very limited here but to be fair once you accept it’s a gamble before getting involved in the first place you should also accept there’s no refunds if things don’t quite go your way. So just don’t spend too much if that bothers you. BetMoney accept LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney only. Payments are not instant and will have to be requested from inside your members area. You’ll notice a little 24 hour clock on the right hand side of the BetMoney website counting backwards to zero. Once that happens the clock is re-set to 24.00 and the payments are processed. So not only will you know when the next payment is due, you’ll also know when the last one was made so you can look around the main forums for independent payment confirmations.

If the BetMoney investment plans remind you of so many other programs of the last year then so too will the design. The program runs off a licensed GoldCoders script which most will spot instantly anyway, and is also SSL secured to give safer transactions. Hosting is provided by AntiDdos who themselves seemed to have carved out a profitable little niche for themselves in the industry, hosting dozens of programs similar to BetMoney (but very little else that I can see). Their track record is solid enough though remember that that only applies to the actual website and has no bearing on the safety of your deposit. AntiDdos are keeping BetMoney on a dedicated server. If you have any further questions or just want to make some suggestions to the admin then the only point of contact with him is by filling out the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page.

At this stage there’s probably very few of you actually expecting to find some kind of business plan in operation behind BetMoney. It would be naïve of anyone to believe it if it were there anyway so I’m glad they’ve skipped it. The texts merely invite you to join and say they’ll reward you if you do. And they will, only not indefinitely. There’s been a lot of HYIPs like this in the recent past and in all fairness considering the huge rates they offer some of them haven’t been all that bad, but not forgetting that none of them can sustain themselves forever you need to act accordingly, take advantage of it at the right time, use BetMoney only as a smaller part of a wider investment portfolio, and always always stay within sensible and affordable spending limits.


RegularBee (reviewed here) recently went social and opened their own Facebook page where existing and potential members alike can get to know more about the program by looking at their certificates and some photos of the company. I remind you that according to their texts RegularBee is involved in making natural honey in New Zealand and due to its expansion is offering investors willing to help them increase the number of their apiaries the following investment plans – 1.2% for 25 days, 1.5% for 60 days, 1.9% for 90 days with principal return on expiry. The payment processors RegularBee accepts from investors are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay and the minimum to invest starts from $1 only. The most recent newsletter from the program can be read below:
RegularBee is now in social networks
Dear investors!
We inform you that now information about the company RegularBee is also available in social networks. We will be glad to see our partners and investors on our Facebook page.
We try to do everything to make our co-operation simple and convenient. Now we will constantly update information on our Facebook page, informing you about project news and development progress.
Stay tuned with RegularBee Company!

BaseBucks (reviewed here) is another program listed on MNO that utilizes Facebook for the program’s presentation and communication with members. And though I have a general idea on how the program works – you actually get paid some interest daily until you reach 200% of your original deposit at which point your investment expires. However, I really have only a basic idea of how the cycler also available for members of BaseBucks works as my latest investment didn’t manage to cycle at 118% and therefore was moved to the main investment plan. I have also no idea of what the admin was talking about in the latest update posted on the site when he mentioned the so-called MTV which is supposedly launching soon. Well, if I have no idea about such things I believe many other less experienced investors also are having some difficulties trying to get to grips with it. So, in order to clarify some issues I will be sending some interview questions to the admin very soon. I have already some questions in mind but first I would like to hear also the suggestions of my readers so if you have any questions for BaseBucks yourself please do not hesitate to submit them to my email address In the latest update Jo also gave the link to the payout page where everybody can see the latest payouts (I remind you that the minimum to invest in the program via LibertyReserve is $3). Here is the full newsletter containing all the necessary links which you might be interested in:
Basebucks – Update
I’ve just posted a little update that’s worth a read;
And all of todays payments and fast track payments are done! Todays 1% was announced like normal. And yesterdays 1% was issued exclusively as fast track payments (13 of them!)
View todays 500+ LR cash payments here:
Jo. BaseBucks
Follow us on facebook:”.

The admin of BruyetteInvestment has finally decided to upgrade his program to Standard listing on MNO and have the full review of his program published after almost four weeks of monitoring. Well, I guess that he had his own reasons for not doing it straight away as just two days ago the investment plan in the program was changed. Investors are now paid 4%-6% daily for 40 calendar days with principal included. The daily interest is fixed and depends on the size of your deposit which can start from as low as $10. Since its first introduction BruyetteInvestment started to accept every popular e-currency and the current list includes AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and even GlobalDigitalPay – literally everything you wish to spend. The program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on a dedicated server with Koddos protection. More about BruyetteInvestment will be in the upcoming review published on MNO over the weekend, so stay tuned for that!

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no news about PrimFix so for me it’s as good as dead now. The payments totally stopped not only to AlertPay but to other payment processors too, so we can well consider the program as gone. Despite all the trouble, PrimFix used to be one of the most popular programs online and ran for almost six months which is quite a good achievement that allowed many investors to be in good profit. But just as with any other ponzi-game there are some losers in PrimFix too who would probably be better off filing disputes with AP and STP in hope of receiving at least a partial refund. I wish you good luck with that, guys, for others my advice would be is just to move on – there will be more even better programs than PrimFix in the future and you will be able to recover your money in them if you play smart.

Here is the list of the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours:
BruyetteInvestment, HyperCompound, HitNRunMasters, BrantonsGroup, ReProFinance, SafeDepositary, UnitrustDirect, 1MonthMillionaire, WinnerEarn, RegularBee, After60Days, NeoProgress, BaseBucks, FelminaAlliance, PowerfulStrategy, TopsFund, ViscoCorp, StableProfit, AGSTrade, FIPO, RichesBank, EurexTrade, StockBiz, AuruMoney, PokerProfits, PaidJack, SuperHotPay, BetMoney, FaithDeposit (the first payment received) and OneInv (the first payment received).

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. I hope to see you on my blog tomorrow with the review of 1MonthMillionaire and daily news from the industry. Stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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