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Beware! WinnerEarn has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! As I’ve got quite a lot to catch up with on MNO over the next few days I’ll be posting twice today, so anyone looking for the news update please check back a little later tonight and the full round-up will be here as usual for you. Before that however I have an interview with the admin of a popular short term game that launched recently called WinnerEarn. I suppose it falls nicely into the category of so many other short term HYIPs that populate the industry nowadays, except this time the admin is actually prepared to be interviewed. You can find more information about WinnerEarn by referring back to my original review of the program first published here, but for now I’ll just remind you that the offers available include 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-219% after 3 days, 137%-600% after 7 days, 180%-1075% after 15 days, 270%-2550% after 30 days, 8890% after 60 days.

1) Hello, admin. Please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us what kind of experience you have in the HYIP industry.

Hello Paul and all MNO readers! My name is Andy Lenon and I am the admin of the hottest program in the HYIP industry – WinnerEarn! I started in this industry as an investor and since few years ago I managed a wide variety of successful projects. I have a lot of experience in this field and always learn from the past.

2) When did WinnerEarn start and what investment plans does it offer to online investors?

WinnerEarn started on September 11th, 2011 and offers 6 investment plans in which the percentage returned depends in the amount invested by the member. Everything can be found in the “Make Deposit” page in the members area but I will just mention that the most popular plan among investors is 8890% after 60 days since it is the most profitable plan and the first plan, 130% after 1 day, is also very popular since investors can withdraw money everyday.

3) Do you honestly believe the 8890% after 60 days plan you’re offering is a viable plan or it’s just a method to keeps people investing? I cannot believe that you can turn my $100 into $8890 after just two months. Please explain.

Yes it is Paul, my financial strategies and huge success in the aggressive forex trading field surely enables me to provide my members with such high returns.

4) What payment processors do you accept and do you have plans to offer more options in the near future? What is the minimum and maximum to invest in WinnerEarn?

WinnerEarn accepts LibertyReserve & PerfectMoney payment processors and I have no plans to add more options in the future.

5) What hosting provider do you use and why did you choose them? Is SSL-encryption enabled on your site?

WinnerEarn is hosted on the most powerful dedicated server by Dragonara with the highest level of DDOS protection and also SSL encrypted. I am extremely satisfied from the service Dragonara offers and they always the best for me.

6) What script is WinnerEarn running off and do you find it safe and secure enough to handle online investments from your members?

WinnerEarn is using licensed, customized GoldCoders script with 100% level of security.

7) Unlike other short-term programs WinnerEarn offers instantly processed payouts to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, and some investors can have justifiable concerns about how safe they are. Can you please elaborate why you changed the payouts from manual to automated instant payouts after just a few days online?

Hahaha and that’s exactly my advantage compared to all the other admins in the market! WinnerEarn pays INSTANTLY while all the similar short-term programs pay MANUALLY because their admins are afraid to use instant payments due to lack of experience. The reason why I changed it from manual to instant is very private lol, it’s a long and interesting story that I will be happy to discuss with you privately when I have some free time. Nobody can hack WinnerEarn, I wouldn’t use instant payments if I wasn’t 100% sure of that.

8) What investment activities are WinnerEarn involved in (if any) and what other sources of income except new spends have you to pay investors in the long run?

As I said I am a very experienced aggressive forex trader and making huge profits every business day. My financial strategies are the best and hence, it’s totally a piece of cake for me to pay my members such returns on their investments. Many investors already invested huge amounts into WinnerEarn and definitely it’s all a matter of time until more and more investors will become fully confident and realize that WinnerEarn is the most reliable and trustworthy program they ever saw in their life.

9) What kind of advertising strategy for your program are you practicing? Where do you advertise and why?

You can see that WinnerEarn has the biggest advertising campaign right now and is heavily advertised on many monitors and listed on the most popular blogs. I have countless of experience regarding advertising and I know exactly how to get the best results from my advertising campaign. And you can see the results! Fastest growth I have ever seen in my life and HUGE potential! 

10) I noticed that there were some scamming attempts from someone impersonating you by sending emails to your members from a different address. What would you like to advise members who got such emails and how can one be sure that it’s not coming from you?

LOL, you are asking me interesting questions Paul, and this one is also connected to the story I mentioned before. I will just mention though that I know exactly who is the person that is sending these fake emails and that he is EXTREMELY frustrated right now.

11) There are dozens of the programs online offering very similar investment plans to yours. Where do you see the unique points of WinnerEarn? Why does an average investor have to try your program before all others?

Nobody provides such fast support like me, I am almost always online lol, and answers to support requests as fast as I can. Also none of the similar programs uses instant payments, and this is the main advantage of WinnerEarn. Investors don’t like waiting for payments, and when they see that their money is paid instantly to their e-currency accounts, they feel so good that many of them reinvest the money immediately and contribute to the growth of WinnerEarn a lot. WinnerEarn is growing at an amazing pace and is getting stronger and stronger from day to day. This is totally fascinating and I have never been so optimistic in my life!

12)Do you plan any to implement any new features in the near future that will make WinnerEarn a more popular choice?

Everything is working perfectly well and just as written in the website – this is a WINNING FORMULA!

13) For how long realistically are you planning to stay online and what do you intend to do to achieve this goal?

I can see WinnerEarn lasting for an extremely long period of time without any problem. WinnerEarn is now 2 weeks old and this is not even the beginning for me, lol! I am very eager to watch the growth of it in the coming months. So far so good! It is just getting stronger and stronger and never slows down! Many new investors are joining everyday and it will get much stronger as time passes.

14) If there is anything I have missed in this interview which you feel needs to be mentioned you can do so here. Thanks a lot for your time and your answers. I wish you the best of luck in running WinnerEarn for as long as possible.

Thanks a lot Paul for this interview! It was really a pleasure for me and I highly appreciate this opportunity you give! I will do my very best with WinnerEarn! Nobody can deny that it’s already the best and fastest growing program in the market!

And thanks a lot to Andy also for taking the time and effort to answer my questions today. Good luck to him in running the program and good luck to anyone who’s considering joining the program. I hope it goes as well for you as the investors who have already gotten paid. That’s all for now guys, but as I said make sure and check back again later on this evening for the days news stories. Stay tuned for that and see you all then!

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