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BEWARE! IMakeMoneyNow on Problem status. Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend’s been going well for you so far and you’ve been enjoying whatever it is you’ve been getting up to. Things are still busy for me with MNO and already even on Sunday I have new articles planned right up to next weekend already. Not a bad complaint I suppose and to me it only indicates how much the HYIP industry has recovered after the annual summer slowdown. Anyway, for tonight’s update I want to start with a closer look at a short term program called IMakeMoneyNow. This has proved a controversial subject this week following the admin’s accidental revelation about his involvement with another current short term HYIP. While this came as no surprise to me (in fact I suspected it anyway) admins don’t generally like for these thins to become public knowledge. Though I would only approach every HYIP on an individual program by program basis when reviewing them anyway, it has to be said that when one program encounters a problem the days of the other one are very definitely numbered if the members suspect the same admin in charge. I’m not trying to make too big a deal out of this you understand but the fact it that the story is out there now and it’s pointless ignoring it or pretending it didn’t happen.

The plans will no doubt have a familiar look to them as there has been many many online HYIPs by now that closely resemble IMakeMoneyNow and their plans only differ in some very minor details. So as is typical for programs like this some plans are good value for a quick if small but realistic profit, while others are best avoided as they are unlikely to achieve anything other than raising money for the admin. The first of these plans which has already put the first investors, myself included, into profit runs for a term of just 1 single day. So in other words join today and get paid tomorrow. IMakeMoneyNow require a minimum deposit of $10 to join and for anything up to $1,000 the return is 104%. Your principal is counted as part of this so it leaves you with a net profit of 4%. Larger rates are on offer to larger deposits, for example 106% is paid on anything between $1,001 and $2,000. For information on anything larger than that you can see the IMakeMoneyNow members area.

The second plan runs for 2 calendar days, paying on expiry for deposits starting again from a $10 minimum. The return however is only very marginally better than redepositing in the one day plan for two cycles. For anything up to a $1,000 deposit IMakeMoneyNow pay 108.5%, principal included, or 8.5% net profit for the investor. Depositing amounts between $1,001 and $2,000 gives you 110% interest, which I have to say is exceptionally badly organized as this one actually pays you LESS than what you would have earned spending the same amount for two cycles of the one day plan. For information about bigger deposits check the IMakeMoneyNow members area.

Next is a plan that pays on expiry of a 5 calendar day term. You can sign up for a $10 minimum and receive a 124% return for anything up to a $1,000 investment. Again IMakeMoneyNow count your principal as part of the payment so it’s 24% profit for yourself. Deposits from $1,001 to $2,000 are offered 132%, and for anything bigger than that you can see the details in the IMakeMoneyNow members area.

Following that IMakeMoneyNow‘s fourth plan pays on expiry of a 10 calendar day term. It works just like all the others, costing a $10 minimum to join and including your principal as part of the payment. You are offered a return of 152% for anything up to a $1,000 deposit (a rate that’s probably stretching it a bit now in terms of sustainability) and a rate of 170% on anything between $1,001 and $2,000. Check the IMakeMoneyNow members area for details on larger spends.

After that I don’t know how highly you regard the remaining plans on IMakeMoneyNow, but as it’s your money we’re talking about and only you with the authority to spend it then I’ll describe them for you. The next option pays on expiry of a term of 15 calendar days and for an investment between a $10 minimum up to $1,000 the offer is 220%. For investments between $1,001 and $2,000 the offer is 250%, and for anything higher than that you can see the IMakeMoneyNow members area for details.

The final investment plan from IMakeMoneyNow and also the one most obviously to pass on, runs for 32 calendar days. You can still join for a $10 minimum but the structure is a little different this time. Not that I’d recommend joining it anyway but for anything up to a $100 deposit the rate offered is 990%, from $101 to $200 the rate is 1400%, from $201 to $500 it’s 1990% and from $500 to $5,000 it’s 2944%. Looks nice when you write it down but in reality it’s clearly unobtainable and in my opinion only offered at all in order for the admin to collect a little free money from the newbies, the naïve, and the downright greedy. Experienced investors will of course have already made their mins up about IMakeMoneyNow at the first or second plans.

Payment processors accepted by IMakeMoneyNow are limited to just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Payments are made manually so will have to be requested from inside your account. Once done you are asked to wait for up to 24 hours by the admin before he can get everything processed. The exact time can be seen on the built in timer on the website. It’s a little clock that counts backwards from 24:00 every day, and upon reaching 00:00 when it resets, payments are then processed.

IMakeMoneyNow is running off a script under license from GoldCoders and for more secure transactions they have SSL encryption installed throughout the website in both public and private areas. The hosting provider is AntiDdos who are probably widely known by now as specializing in the hosting of such short term programs, but their reputation is fine and they are keeping IMakeMoneyNow on a dedicated server. Customer service if you need it can be reached by filling out the ticketing form on the contacts page.

It’s pretty pointless for anyone to deny this now (though understandably the admin is trying anyway) but it’s now quite clear that the IMakeMoneyNow admin is also running at least one other online HYIP at the same time. Personally I have no problem with that as I have long been aware that most admins run multiple programs, however they would prefer if you didn’t hear about it. The obvious reason is that when/if there is a problem with one it pretty much destroys the credibility of the other, forcing it to collapse as well regardless of how it might have been performing. How much that – and combined with the fact that IMakeMoneyNow has already been online for a week already – will have on IMakeMoneyNow remains to be seen. Though I find it hard to believe it’s going to be universally positive. But then again that’s up to the investors and I think as the majority of MNO readers will have a fair idea of how the industry really works and will accept the fact that HYIPs are basically a form of gambling then most people will probably ignore the admin’s connection with other programs when thinking about joining. Because regardless of what you think about each individual case anything you find in the HYIP industry is always going to carry a certain degree of risk anyway, so once again as I always try to remind you if joining IMakeMoneyNow do so with a deposit that won’t affect you too badly if you lost it and try to keep a diverse portfolio.


First of all I would like to start from some good news for LibertyReserve users which I believe make up the vast majority of HYIP investors as it remains the single most popular e-currency online. Last night’s problems issuing verification codes that gave headaches to both users and admins alike has finally been solved today. Little by little the verification PIN emails started coming to people’s email accounts along with the confirmation emails of payments made and received. While this issue was a major inconvenience for some it was also threatened the survival of a few programs the admins of which were fully dependent on these codes being delivered to them in order to process the payments to their members.
The danger for the members of FIPO (reviewed here) was fully eliminated as the admin started paying to LibertyReserve accounts once again. Actually she (her name is Joyce Wilson) issued two updates today. In first, members of FIPO were asked for more patience since the issue was not solved at that time with LR yet, while the second one already reported the processed payouts after it was solved. Both updates are below. FIPO has been paying successfully for four full weeks on the two investment plans via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – 2.2% for 22 days and 2.4% daily forever:
FIPO Latest update!
Hello Members,
This is the latest update on the Liberty Reserve issue that we have been facing for the past 24 hours. We have contacted the Liberty Reserve staff again today (a few hours ago) and were informed that they are still working on rectifying the issue.
We do have some good news on this front. We have been receiving some payment notification emails that were due 24 hours ago. So, we are hopeful that the issue will be resolved soon.
As soon as we are able to work with our account, we will start making all the pending payouts the very next moment. We have tonnes of work to complete once we cross this hurdle.
We thank everyone for your patience and kind co-operation.
Regards, FIPO Administration”.
FIPO Latest update followup!
Hello members,
Finally, the Liberty Reserve issue that we were facing for the past 24 hours has been resolved. All the payouts are done.
We would like thank all FIPO members for your patience and kind co-operation.
We also would like to thank our Exclusive Monitor Admin Paul of for explaining the situation to everyone in his blog yesterday.
Regards, Joyce Wilson. FIPO.

By the way, since LibertyReserve is back online I received a lot of new monitoring requests and with the three new programs added to MNO tonight the number of programs on MNO monitor increased to 45 which is the highest number for a very long time now. This is definitely indicative of the full recovery of the industry and I was even prompted to increase monitoring prices by 20% starting tonight. Please note that I do not need so many programs to be covered on my blog – I need only the best. I hope this decision will lead to only the highest quality programs being added to MNO in the near future which will help you when deciding what to join. The new prices for the HYIP admins can be found here.

For MNO readers I would like to say that I’m fully aware of the recent error due to which the daily news was not delivered to my subscribers for the last couple of days. Please note that my programmer is looking into it ans is working on a solution. But temporarily for the next couple of days news will not be sent to MNO blog subscribers. I will do everything in my power to fix it but it might take some time and I can’t promise anything. That is why the only way currently to get the latest updates will be to check my daily news and reviews posted on MNO regularly. I hope that would not be a huge burden for you and I guess it’s worth the effort. That’s why you’re advised to bookmark this blog page and check back often because I post at least once every 24 hours, and you might find very important information. So, please do yourself a favor – check out MNO more often and get updated from the most up-to-date source – you won’t be disappointed!

If you weren’t able to check out my blog over the weekend I would like to remind you that yesterday I reviewed a program which has been on MNO for over a month but only recently upgraded its listing – BruyetteInvestment (click here to read the review). Today the admin of the program Peter took the decision to upgrade his listing even further and is now on Premium status following his revelation of MNO being the best promoter for his program. Well, I’m glad that BruyetteInvestment got the attention it deserved but I think it wouldn’t be possible without the processed daily payouts on 4%-6% for 40 days plan and without accepting all the major payment processors including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and even GlobalDigitalPay. Here is the latest short update from the admin containing the link to the recent review posted on MNO:
BruyetteInvestment Review by MNO.
Hello, the review of BruyetteInvestment program has been posted on MNO and you
can find it here:
Best regards, PETER SCHNAKENBERG. BruyetteInvestment Inc.

You might notice that I published twice today with an interview with the admin of WinnerEarn done earlier (click here to read it). The program is a rare gem among short-term programs that pays instantly to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney which seldom happens anymore due to the admins’ fear of being hacked. The admin of WinnerEarn Andy admitted in my interview that he’s quite sure his program would not suffer from such attempts. In the most recent newsletter you will also see that the enemies of the program to whom the admin refused to pay extortion money will start sending some phishing emails to investors soon, taken from a database of HYIP investors. So if you ever invested in any other HYIP there is a big opportunity you might receive something phishy allegedly sent from WinnerEarn. Please ignore all such attempts as the admin said that this newsletter where he also included the link to the today’s interview on MNO would be the last one and that he doesn’t see any reason to update his member about anything anymore. But please mind the warning and ignore all the phishing email that might appear like they were sent from WinnerEarn. Remember that the program doesn’t need any special promotion as it pays instantly on the following investment plans – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-219% after 3 days, 137%-600% after 7 days, 180%-1075% after 15 days, 270%-2550% after 30 days, 8890% after 60 days. Here is the latest news from WinnerEarn (reviewed here):
Interview on MNO!
Dear members,
Paul, the owner of Money-News-Online, has published my interview with him on his blog. Please read it:
I would also like to remind everyone, to totally ignore any email that appears to be from WinnerEarn. Even if the address appears as, it’s not. The person who has a huge database of email addresses can fake it easily. Therefore, I will not send anymore emails to my members (this is the third and last real one). So this way, you will not be confused, and totally ignore any future email that appears to be from WinnerEarn. The program is growing extremely fast and is getting the most popular in the market now, that many people are jealous of it and blackmailing me that if I won’t pay them a big amount to their LibertyReserve account, they will send dangerous emails to my members that will look real. So I am telling you right now and warning you, that you must ignore any future email that appears to be from WinnerEarn, because I will never send any future emails.
Best Regards, WinnerEarn Admin”.

The admin of IMakeMoneyNow responded to my article last night where I noted that the latest email from 1MonthMillionaire looked like the admin of the program was also in charge of IMakeMoneyNow which was just reviewed on MNO above. So, the explanation in a nutshell was that the admin of IMakeMoneyNow and the admin of 1MonthMillionaire are “just friends” but since the latter couldn’t write English properly he asked the admin of IMakeMoneyNow to write a newsletter for him as he was concerned about phishing emails. This was an unfortunate mistake made in a hurry which actually exposed that IMakeMoneyNow and 1MonthMillionaire have something in I believe it’s not an uncommon practice among HYIP admins to run two and even more programs at the same time and I’m totally OK with that as soon as it doesn’t affect payouts. So far, both IMakeMoneyNow and 1MonthMillionaire keep paying fine and tomorrow I will report if I receive the first payment on expiry of my 120% after 6 days plan with 1MonthMillionaire, so stay tuned for that!

Three new short-term programs were added to MNO’s Premium list tonight and I would like to introduce them to readers with detailed reviews to be published next week.

We will start with EsplinoGroup which just launched four days ago and is offering multiple payouts with payouts made on expiry – 103%-110% after 1 day, 117%-160% after 5 days, 155%-290% after 15 days, 215%-700% after 30 days, 600%-1200% after 45 days. EsplinoGroup only accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney deposits starting from $10 and process the withdrawal requests within 12 hours. The site is hosted on a dedicated server DDoS protected by AntiDdos and is properly SSL-secured. It’s running off a licensed GoldCoders script and the payouts have to be requested. More on EsplinoGroup will be posted in the upcoming review on MNO blog.

The second is a short-term one called BrandDaily paying 120% after 7 days and 150% after 15 days on LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay deposits starting from $4 only. Actually, BrandDaily cannot be considered a new program because it launched almost eight months ago and I’m quite impressed that it’s still paying such big returns. Well, apparently the admin of BrandDaily kept the program under the radar for the last few months and now believed it was good timing to go ahead and introduce it to the wider investors’ audience like MNO readership. Anyway, BrandDaily is quite a nice-looking website which unfortunately doesn’t feature SSL. It’s running off a licensed GoldCoders script, is hosted on a dedicated server by DdoSWiz and has four different domain names registered which was probably done in case of the main site going down for some reason. I’m not familiar with the payment structure yet but BrandDaily promised to pay your withdrawal requests within 12 business hours which is quite a reasonable timeframe for such type of programs. More on BrandDaily will be in my blog soon, so stay tuned!

And if you think that 8 months online for a short-term program is a long-term you’d better reconsider and have a look at the third program added to MNO monitoring tonight – AdvantagesCapital. The program started back in summer 2010 and has been paying for over 14 (!) months. This achievement will look even more impressive if you consider the plans it’s offering – 121% after 7 days and 150% after 15 days. The minimum to invest in AdvantagesCapital is $5 which is accepted via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay. The payouts are said to be processed within 24 hours of request, although it took me mere seconds to be paid for the first time. AdvantagesCapital is hosted on a dedicated server by DdoSWiz and is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, despite being mentioned on the website SSL encryption is not currently present though. It looks to me like the admin of AdvantagesCapital knew from the beginning that he would list his program on MNO since I can pre-made banners on his site for MNO review and interview which are yet to be published on my blog. That thing resulted in me being asked by some of my readers why those banners are not active and if I actually monitor AdvantagesCapital. Well, till today I was not able to reply positively but I believe that soon those banners will contain active links as I’m planning both review and interview with the program’s admin. I’m impressed by over than a year program’s lifecycle. And I believe AdvantagesCapital will become an even more popular option with investors in coming weeks. So, read more about the program on MNO next week!

That’s everything for tonight, guys, and to finish I will as usual give you the list of programs monitored on MNO and paid me for the last 48 hours:
PowerfulStrategy, PerfectLottery, RegularBee, UnitrustDirect, BruyetteInvestment, StockBiz, SafeDepositary, ReProFinance, AuruMoney, NeoProgress, WinnerEarn, EurexTrade, 1MonthMillionaire, BrantonsGroup, iForexGain, FaithDeposit, HitNRunMasters, OnlineInvestmentBank, FreedomFxStrategy, HyperCompound, RoliteIncome, ViscoCorp, TrustIncome, After60Days, RichesBank, TopsFund, OneInv, AGSTrade, FelminaAlliance, PokerProfits, BaseBucks, GlobalFxTrades, SuperHotPay, BetForInvest, FIPO, LargeProfit, FixedMonthlyIncome, IMakeMoneyNow (the first payments received), BIA (the first payments received), KistFunds (the first payments received), EsplinoGroup (the first payment received) and AdvantagesCapital (the first payment received).

Hope to see you on my blog tomorrow, guys, with the latest news from the industry and the review of RoliteIncome. See you all then!

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