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BEWARE! IMakeMoneyNow on Problem status. Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Well, that’s another busy weekend over for me and I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend as much as me. I still have quite a bit to get through today so I’m going to be posting twice. Check back later for the day’s main news stories but I’ll start with an interview I received recently with the admin of a short term HYIP called IMakeMoneyNow.

The program was first reviewed on MNO here and after a controversial error made by the admin it became linked instantly with a scam program that has now disappeared, along with all the money put there by investors. And while I can’t say I agree personally with everything the IMakeMoneyNow admin has to say (in fact I rarely agree with a great deal of what gets said by many HYIP admins) I guess he’s entitled to at least give his version. At the end of the day it’s your money we’re talking about anyway, nobody else’s, so it’s up to you what you freely choose to believe. Anyway, before we here from the admin I’ll just remind you that IMakeMoneyNow (reviewed here) offers terms of 104%-133% after 1 day, 108.5%-170% after 2 days, 124%-300% after 5 days, 152%-650% after 10 days, 220%-1300% after 15 days, and 990%-2944% after 32 days.

1. Hello, admin. Please introduce yourself and tell us what your experience in running HYI programs.

Hi, I’m Dave. I’m glad that you agreed to have this interview after all negative comments about my program. Finally I can say my word. It’s always more fair to hear both sides of conflict. And starting with your question, my experience in HYIPs is a few years.

2. For how long have you been running IMakeMoneyNow and what are the realistic expectations for how long your program is going to stay online?

We are online for two weeks, realistically I’d like to run IMakeMoneyNow for a few months.

3. What are the investment plans your program is offering? How is it possible to offer up to 2944% after 32 days?

We offer 133% after 1 day, 170% after 2 days, 300% after 5 days, 1300% after 15 days, 2944 after 32 days plans. 2944% after 32 days is possible as we are in HYIP industry where all things are possible!

4. What sources of income have apart from incoming spends? Is IMakeMoneyNow a straightforward ponzi-game?

Of course we are not a straightforward ponzi-game. We are investors who invest money in different investment opportunities such as experienced forex traders and marketers.

5. What payment processors is your program accepting now? Do you plan to add more processors in the future?

To process payments, we use Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money payment gateways. If we feel a significant demand in other processors, we would eventually add more of them. As for now, we are fine with this two.

6. Are the payouts processed instantly? If not for how long should members wait for the payment request to be processed?

Payments processed one time every 24 hours. One can see how much time left before next payout using timer on the main page of website. As for now, time left for next payout: 00 (hours): 25 (minutes): 30 (seconds). After that, timer reset and continue counting from 23:59:59 to 00:00:00 again.

7. What is the script IMakeMoneyNow running off? Why did you choose this script for your program?

IMakeMoneyNow is running a licensed script by GoldCoders. It’s very convenient for admins and investors that’s why we use it.

8. What is the hosting provider do you use? Is IMakeMoneyNow properly SSL-secured?

We are hosted on Antiddos hosting provider. It’s simply dependable and reliable place to host your online program with very best DDOS protection. To add additional protection for investors, we use SSL encryption by Comodo.

9. What do you have to say regarding the incident with 1MonthMillionaire? You cannot simply deny the fact that the admin of that program (you?) scammed everyone without even paying after the first cycle. You also cannot deny that in his mass email he mentioned your email address for some reason which was an obvious slip he / you was trying to fix later with sending an edited version. What is your real involvement in 1MonthMilionaire and your version of the controversial story published on MNO a few days ago?

What a story! Paul, sometimes you are getting too suspicious because you already seen too many HYIPs and admins to believe anyone. At least, it feels like from my side. As I told you in private earlier, 1MonthMillionaire’s admin is my online friend. The worst thing is, I knew that his program won’t last long so when mistake happened, I wanted to kill myself. From the start of IMakeMoneyNow, I intended to work as long as I can and I clearly understand that such mistake can ruin reputation very fast. We tried to cover it but no luck. E-mail of IMakeMoneyNow has appeared in 1MonthMillionaire’s newsletter and looks like the entire universe knew about this fact by the time of morning newspaper.

1MonthMillionaire’s admin is bad at English so I wrote his newsletter for him. That’s how my e-mail got there.

10. You also got quite annoyed with me about the whole thing, and about the review of your program. Why so? Because it was based on information that you yourself put into the public domain.

I wonder why you wonder about it. It’s so simple. I know that from time to time people are saying that Paul from MNO runs different HYIPs. If I were you, I’d get annoyed. So I’m. Because you review was so bad for my program’s reputation, which I dedicated my time, effort and money.

11. What are your plans for the future in regards to your program IMakeMoneyNow and should members expect some new features to be added?

I have already added live chat for immediate help. Now I’m thinking about adding internal (back office) chat for members as well. It could help people to communicate with each other, reducing fear of unknown, losing money etc.

12. What would you like to add here to make people invest in IMakeMoneyNow instead of the dozens of very similar ones. What are the, advantages over your competitors?

We are working for two weeks now, I hope to run IMakeMoneyNow much longer. Personally I’m not a greedy person and no matter how much you deposit, if I can manage a stable growth of program, you will see your money back with profit.

13. Thanks for the interview. Here you can say something to the members of your program that you feel might not have been covered already.

Have a nice weekend! And thanks for listening.

Thanks a lot to Dave for taking the time to answer my questions there. Best of luck to anyone either already a member or thinking about it, and I hope this was helpful in helping you make up your mind one way or another. So that’s it for the moment guys, but don’t go too far as I’ll be back later this evening with the day’s main news stories. See you all then!

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