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06/10/2011. SoaretInvestment Review and Daily News from the Industry


BEWARE! SoaretInvestment has been moved to Problem status! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! Not much news to report today as it looks like maybe a lot of admins seem to be looking forward to an early weekend. And who could blame anyone for that as it’s been a hectic couple of weeks in the industry. There’s still a couple of stories worth looking at of course but before we get to that the last new program added to the MNO monitor that I want to look at in a bit more detail for you before the weekend really begins is a long term one called SoaretInvestment, a new HYIP that just opened a week ago.

Well, maybe instead of calling SoaretInvestment a long term HYIP it might be better to say it’s a “perpetual” one – ie rather than a fixed expiry date on your investment there they continue to pay you until such a time as you yourself decide to leave. Either that or the program collapses, whichever comes first. Of course the million dollar question when it comes to programs like this is always the same – “can they run long enough for me to make a profit?”. I can only say read on, assess SoaretInvestment for yourselves, but to be honest you can only approach any program as it’s presented to you on the day in question. I’ll try and give my own opinion on that in a moment (which you can take or leave) but first let’s see the details of the plan.

There’s only one plan available to investors in SoaretInvestment so the same rules and terms and conditions will apply to all members no matter how big or how small. That should at least make it an easy decision for you if nothing else. So anyway, the minimum requirement for joining the program is a $50 deposit. That’s quite high for the HYIP industry, especially for a new program (more established ones with less to prove might actually pull it off) so might scare off enough people as to delay SoaretInvestment getting popular overnight. However once you join the return paid back to you is 5% per calendar day for an indefinite period of time. Your only obligation is to remain a member of the program for 15 weeks. That’s the lock in period on your principal, so you can only ask for it back and leave the program after that. Maximum deposit is $50,000.

So getting back to whether you think you can make a profit from SoaretInvestment or not, I would have to say that on one hand I don’t believe that 5% per calendar day (that’s a whopping 35% per week remember) can seriously be sustained for long. In fact I’d be amazed if they did it until Christmas or about the time the lock-in period expires. But having said that you don’t really need to worry about the program running that long. Your main priority is seeing them survive for 20 calendar days because that’s all it’s going to take for you to earn back an amount equal to your principal. Every dollar you make after that is pure profit and regardless of what happens to SoaretInvestment after that if you at least reach that point then it will have been a worthwhile venture. Of course that all hinges on a number of other factors, some of which are utterly unpredictable such as the support shown to the program by other investors and the intentions of the admin. And that’s where the gamble comes in!

Payment options for SoaretInvestment are quite good in comparison with their main competitors, and even better considering the admin has listed ll the popular processors right from the start instead of waiting for weeks or months in a desperate attempt to entice new members when perhaps the opportunity was missed. They accept AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Payouts to members are made manually and will have to be requested from inside your SoaretInvestment members area. Once done the admin requires you wait for a maximum of 48 hours before everything is processed.

The program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by Koddos, and is properly SSL secured. They mention their registration in the UK however I strongly suggest you ignore that as it can be bought online for a couple of dollars and is totally anonymous. The postal address listed for the program comes as part of the registration package and serves no real purpose other than the appearance of authenticity, but in practical terms does nothing to secure your investment. Contact with the SoaretInvestment admin is available either by filling out the e-mail ticketing form on the contacts page, or by writing directly to one of the various e-mail addresses offered. There is a Live Chat button but no schedule as to when, if ever, it’s working. I checked it out earlier during UK business hours and it wasn’t open then (telling you something more about their alleged UK “registration” by the way!).

Texts are a straight copy/paste job taken from other online HYIP sites from the past. Therefore it’s highly unlikely that SoaretInvestment is the key player in the international ForEx market that they would have you believe (otherwise they’d surely be able to explain their business in their own words don’t you think?) so as is always the case I would suggest you be cautious with everything in this industry, be realistic in what you really expect to get out of it, keep your spending limit within a strictly enforced limit that’s affordable to you, and try to diversify your portfolio if you do insist on playing the industry anyway.


Sometimes it really amazes me how so many HYIP admins can behave like spoilt brats throwing toys out of their prams. This is how ridiculous it looks when so-called professionals get so low and start attacking each other.
I hope you remember from yesterday when somebody tried to destroy WinnerEarn by sending unsolicited emails to the members of the program pretending to be the admin and reporting about the collapse of the program, calling the admin a scammer. Well, it looks that his attempts were successful as according to the real admin of WinnerEarn the program did collapse due to these attacks. The program has been already moved to Problem status on MNO as the admin of WinnerEarn really showed himself as a real scammer which was truly described – he stopped the instant payouts, disabled his shoutbox and altered the monitoring images on his rating page. But – the most interesting and controversial thing – he blamed the admin of GlobalBankInv for destroying his program and making it collapse prematurely in the farewell newsletter sent out today:
WinnerEarn is closed
Believe me or not – just to let you know that yesterday evening I caught the person who is responsible for all the havoc in the industry and sent all these fake emails including impersonating you yourself – it’s GlobalBankInv admin. He killed WinnerEarn by sending these emails, the damage was too big that I lost all the money because of him. Many investors got scared from these emails and ran away from WinnerEarn, withdrawing all their money. GlobalBankInv admin has also hacked all my past programs with instant payments. I will revenge him and do everything in my power to destroy GlobalBankInv and all his future programs – just like he destroyed WinnerEarn.

In this case it was not an empty threat and I received a few emails from someone claiming to be the admin of GlobalBankInv which were supposedly sent from but in reality the return path of these emails shows, so you might guess that the admin of WinnerEarn put his plan into action already. The emails might look to be genuine but they are kinda funny and sometimes stupid. Obviously, the aim at sending these emails is to destroy the trust and good name of GlobalBankInv (reviewed here) the same as happened to WinnerEarn. The spoofing mail is below:
GAME OVER! Sorry!!!
Dear members,
This is a disaster! Someone just hacked the database of GlobalBankInv and stole all the money in my LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts! So sorry to say, but the game is over, and GlobalBankInv is now closed because of the hacker. Sorry for any kind of inconvenience caused to you, but I can’t send you any refunds because he stole all the money! Bye.”
“I have a pending withdrawal of over $700 in GlobalBankInv and the admin deleted my account and blocked my IP address! GlobalBankInv is a HUGE SCAM and paying only very small amounts. Don’t invest a dime there!
Hello Members,
I lost thousands of dollars already because all these fake emails! Many investors of GlobalBankInv ran away and withdrawed all their money, and the balance is close to 0 now! Please help me and invest big amounts to GlobalBankInv so I will at least have enough funds to open the next project! Rich people, please support me and invest large amounts! My program is going to collapse now because of jealous people!!! OH MY GOD”.

At the same time I can see that the real admin of GlobalBankInv is trying to combat this and sent a genuine email stating that those fake emails do not originate from him. He also mentioned the Indonesian translation of his website coming soon. However, if you ask me I believe those fake emails will definitely affect the performance of GlobalBankInv though the admin may deny it. I would not recommend investing in GlobalBankInv right now due to the possible consequences of this conflict in the very near future, as I don’t believe the admin of WinnerEarn will leave it at that. Running a profitable short-term program like GlobalBankInv is simply impossible and no admin will run a program at such expense. GlobalBankInv is not worth the risk at the moment. Although the possible role of the admin in the collapse of WinnerEarn is yet to be proven those attempts will destroy the program if there is nothing done about it very soon. Here is the email from the real admin of GlobalBankInv:
GlobalBankInv – Read, Important!
Hello again. Please note: We always mention your first name in email. Never trust any jealous admin who can’t compete with other programs fairly.
Please read this page
And give the link to your friend and post in forums, we are not closing. We are stronger than ever.
It’s very easy to send email pretending to be even Bill Gates. Please ignore emails coming from us if we do not mention you by first name in email.
You can see our paidout page here
Stay tuned for more news today. Working on adding new language (Indonesian) in our website. Hopefully will be ready within 6 hours.
Best Regards”.

I guess there will be a lot of emails from GlobalBankInv to calm any investors scared off by the fake emails spread by WinnerEarn. Here’s another one:
GlobalBankInv – #5 NEWS
Payment proof page finished.
Starting from today we will add biggest Withdrawals in last 24 hours. The biggest payment so far is $13001.3
Indonesian language will be added only tomorrow. A lot of texts to add.
We added new feature where you will be able to change languages. Check in header.
I will also promote our best monitors –
Best Regards”.

And this angry little man from WinnerEarn is also targeting SuperHotPay now and sending nasty emails which again originate from as you can see if you click on Show original in your gmail account. I wonder if he’s totally insane and is now trying to ruin every short-term program that are paying for longer than his Here is the fake email about the “closure” of SuperHotPay (reviewed here), so please do not believe it if it arrives in your mailbox:
SuperHotPay Hackers Attack!
Dear SuperHotPay members,
I am shocked! Someone just hacked the database of SuperHotPay and stole all my money! What can I do now?? I lost all my money! Sorry guys but SuperHotPay is closed now and I can’t send you any refunds! I am so sorry!!!

And the real admin of SuperHotPay has already issued an update stating that the fake email was not from him:
Dear investors.
We can not send emails guards!
Be vigilant and do not believe that you sent purporting to be from us.
I remind you that SuperHotPay has been paying to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for over a month already on the following plans – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116.5%-245% after 3 days, 142%-645% after 7 days, 197.5%-1100% after 15 days, 317%-2650% after 31 days and 8920% after 60 days.

The administration of MirexGroup warned investors in advance about the coming maintenance on next Monday-Tuesday when the usual daily profits would not be credited. MirexGroup is running off an original script and the original deposit made in the program depends on the prices of commodities which can change every day (please read more about this unique concept in my review published here and the interview with the admin posted here). MirexGroup usually pays instantly to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and returns the original principal on expiry of the following offered plans – 0.75%-2% for 200 business days, 1.1%-2.1% for 180 business days, 1.3%-3% for 160 business days and 1.5%-3% for 140 business days. Here is the news from the MirexGroup website about the coming maintenance:
Important System Upgrade. Oct 10 – Oct 11
Greetings everyone! We’ve got an important announcement to make – we are upgrading our system and are trying to do it as fast as possible. Upgrading period will take about 2 days, from Monday October 10th until Tuesday the following day October 11th. You will not see profit for the two following days due to script and server update. Please accept our apologies and we appreciate your co-operation.

For some odd reason RegularBee which is allegedly based in NewZealand opened an account in one of the most popular social networks in Russia – A company positioning itself as a New Zealand honey producer making such an obvious connection with a Russian-speaking HYIP audience is a little strange, no?. Most likely the real owners are from Russia and that might explain their recent issues with AlertPay when their original account was verified to some obviously English name which put them in danger when AP obviously asked to confirm the identity which they couldn’t deliver. So RegularBee (reviewed here) recently dropped AlertPay and was left with only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney where anyone can join it 1.2% for 25 days, 1.5% for 60 days and 1.9% for 90 days with principal returned on expiry. The latest news from RegularBee about opening their Vkontakte account is published below:
Dear investors!
Now, RegularBee‘s personal page is also available to users of the social network We are constantly developing our project, and strive to make cooperation with our partners as comfortable and convenient as possible. Today, we have many people from Russia among our project participants. is the most popular communication resource in this country, thus administration of the project has decided to open its own group on this social network website. Be first to learn all the project news, socialize and earn with RegularBee!

To my surprise, OnlineInvestmentBank (reviewed here) remains quite strong and keeps its paying status on MNO after more than 70 days of monitoring. Its lifecycle is even more impressive than that and today is exactly five months since OnlineInvestmentBank first came online and started paying 7% for 20 business days with no principal returned on expiry and fast payouts on LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from a $10 minimum. Updates are not that frequent, but I guess it’s ok as long as investors are getting paid. I guess OnlineInvestmentBank is a really good example on how a kinda average mid-term program can become a really long-lasting success and a perfect example on what other admins can achieve with hard work. The latest email from OnlineInvestmentBank issued today addressed the issue of members not receiving emails from them:
How to receive mail from us!
If you are facing problems getting my mail from our project,please check your “Spam” or “Junk” e-mail folder . Also do not forget to mark it as “Not Junk/Spam” to receive future communication emails from us.
Support Department. OnlineInvestmentBank”.

The admin of CosmosInvest (reviewed here) had to clarify the rules under which referral commissions are credited to members’ accounts. The rate is currently 5% of the deposited amount made via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney to one of the two plans on offer – 103%-105% after 1 day and 120%-130% after 5 days. CosmosInvest has been paying instantly for a few weeks already and I hope the admin will continue doing so. Here’s the latest email clarifying the situation with referral commissions, so if you are promoting the program this update will be of interest to you:
Newsletter 5: Referral Commissions
We have received recently many email asking about referral commissions for investing from account balance or for 2nd level of referees; in fact, we would like to clarify the following:
– Referral commission is NOT APPLICABLE for referees investing from their account balance.
– Our referral commissions are ONLY APPLICABLE for the first level of referees; as example, if X refers Y, and Y refers Z, then X will get the referral commission for amounts invested by Y, and Y will get the referral commission for amounts invested by Z, but X will not get any referral commissions for amounts invested by Z.
We hope we have clarified these points; shall you require any additional information, feel free to contact us via our support ticket system at any time.
Regards. Joe. CosmosInvest“.

I would like to issue a warning regarding investing in BruyetteInvestment. Apparently the admin was caught today making selective payouts. Anyway, I have received a verified complaint from one MNO reader today with a pending withdrawal made three days ago and still not paid to his LR account. I might add that the withdrawal is a substantial amount of money confirming that BruyetteInvestment may have some severe issues with cashflow. I gave the admin of the program until tomorrow to fix this problem and pay what he owes. Unfortunately, there was no reply yet, although usually the admin is quite fast in answering. That is why I have made a decision to temporarily move BruyetteInvestment to Waiting status on MNO based on the suspicion of selective payouts. If the case is not resolved by tomorrow BruyetteInvestment will be moved to Problem status on MNO, so I would suggest to hold off your investments until further notice and completion of pending payouts!

The following programs from my monitoring page paid me today:
BaseBucks, BIA, GlobalFxTrades, HitNRunMasters, SuperHotPay, SoaretInvestment, BrantonsGroup, EurexTrade, SafeDepositary, ReProFinance, UnitrustDirect, BruyetteInvestment, AdvantagesCapital, BrandDaily, HyperCompound, NeoProgress, SapaInv, CosmosInvest, GeniusIncome, iForexGain, FelminaAlliance, PowerfulStrategy, GlobalBankInv, KistFunds, StockBiz, FirstCoasts, PokerProfits, OnlineInvestmentBank, OneInv, TopsFund, ViscoCorp and MirexGroup.

That’s all for tonight, guys. See you on MNO tomorrow with more news, meanwhile whatever you do let’s hope it’s profitable!

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