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Hi guys! Hope you’re keeping well today. Unfortunately this week was really awful as many programs have already collapsed and more will definitely follow as a result of the domino effect. Smaller programs are always prone to closure under such circumstances because of piggybacking. I’m talking mostly about the current issues with SafeDepositary, the current leader among long-term programs and whose inevitable collapse will shake the entire industry within the next couple of weeks.

So, what happened to SafeDepositary? Just a week ago there was a strange piece of news posted on their website about the inability to credit investors’ accounts due to their traders being off on some imaginary junket to a traders conference which never took place. As you remember I pointed this out on MNO last week and wondered if they were putting on this pretense to cover up some cashflow issues. Well, shortly after that it looked like the payouts were back to normal until two days ago I received an email from an MNO reader saying (and I verified this) that his account had been suspended by SafeDepositary on the grounds of an alleged dispute over his account’s ownership. They then asked him to mail the necessary documents via the postal service which as you can imagine was a stalling tactic just to hold the money. Unfortunately, it looks that the financial problems faced by the program were more serious than first anticipated. I have evidence to suggest larger payouts have stopped after a number of readers allowed me access to their accounts leaving me with no choice but to move SafeDepositary to Problem status on MNO for selective payouts. As you can imagine, the admin stopped replying to emails and anyone lucky enough to still get paid are strongly discouraged from reinvesting or making any additional deposits in this pending scam. In addition to that, the admin of SafeDepositary is playing tricks now and started blocking the accounts of members with significant amounts in them and demanding they send identification information which I would also not recommend doing. People will (justifiably) complain on forums about that leading to even more panic within the next few days resulting in only one possible outcome – the total collapse of the program and the halting of all payouts very soon.

I can’t deny that SafeDepositary became one of the best long-term programs over the last year, but as you know there is a beginning and the end for every HYIP and now it’s time for SafeDepositary to leave the stage. But the collapse of this program will inevitably lead to some bad consequences with problems with payouts coming for many other programs. This is a part of the much needed renewal of the industry and change the leaders which happens periodically. I don’t know who they’re going to be but I look forward to finding out and will definitely welcome all quality programs on MNO.

Also in trouble this week was BetForInvest and iForexGain. The first program tried to cheat me and sent the last withdrawal without a batch number which as you can imagine never arrived to my account. The second program went offline more than 24 hours ago and there was absolutely no feedback with the admin since then. In both cases the admins of both BetForInvest and iForexGain remained silent which only confirmed their bad intentions. Any further deposits in both programs are not recommended at the moment.

What really surprised me though is the fast collapse of AssetsBank that stopped paying late last night, forcing me to move the program to Problem status on MNO. Of course, there were some investors who managed to profit as it offered 105% after one day, but for the majority of investors AssetsBank was a fast scam which was kinda unexpected considering the level of advertising the admin bought. Well, I guess the temptation to close the program too soon was too much as obviously many investors tried to get into the new program in order to get fast profits as usually happens. However, it looks like in this case the admin of AssetsBank outsmarted them and caused losses for many investors. In any event, AssetsBank is a proven scam now the admin of which stopped any communication with his members and already replaced the real monitoring images on his rating page with fake ones. So, please note that any further investments in this program are not recommended.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why telling the truth and breaking the myths of the HYIP industry provokes such a strong reaction from some admins. If I share my own experience and feel the need to show investors how the industry really works why should I be blamed for it? I don’t know what is wrong with the admin of HitNRunMasters NB (he was first interviewed on MNO here) but he decided to make a newsletter out of a simple comment posted about his previous newsletter on MNO last night. Before commenting on his latest newsletter (an overreaction to to my article I think) I will let you read it first. Here is the latest update from HitNRunMasters (reviewed here):
Don’t Misinterpret our Words!
Yesterday’s news letter was misinterpreted by some of those that published it. I never said we:
“do not need any money from the investors and would pay profits to anyone even if there are no new investors.”
What I said was,
“We are satisfied with our current level of growth.”
“We made tons of money in this industry before we opened HnRM!”
“We make tons of money now!”
“We will make tons of money without another new member joining.”
“Since we are not trying to further impress anyone, the members are getting paid without any problems, and we don’t care if those of you that haven’t joined or invested ever join or invest (although we make more profit if you do). We are going to keep ‘MAKING MONEY’ as our top priority.”
What is often not considered is that we MAKE MONEY from the HYIP Industry. Our ability to pay you is NOT dependant on new members coming in. It is however dependant on MAKING MONEY. And that is the difference between HnRM and 99.999999999999% of the rest.
Do we want new members? YES! Do we want you to invest? YES! Will we stop making money if we receive neither? NO!
Your investments earn returns, and the majority of those returns are paid to you. The rest of the profit we make from your investments … WE KEEP! If you decide to remove your investment then YOUR investment no longer earns a return, BUT, WE STILL MAKE MONEY from the HYIP industry. We still MAKE MONEY from our OWN investments. We MAKE MONEY from our Exchange Services. We MAKE MONEY from our ecurrency associates. We MAKE MONEY from our monitoring services. We MAKE MONEY from your investments. We will continue to MAKE MONEY with or without you.
We would rather MAKE MONEY with you than without you.
So, once again, don’t misinterpret our words.
I guess to sum it all up, I could just say … WE MAKE MONEY!
Until next time … Good Luck! … Without us you are going to need it!
Admin NB”.

Well, here is my open response to HitNRunMasters – like it or not! I can guarantee you that NO program in the HYIP industry including HitNRunMasters can exist without new investors. I’m stating that ALL the HYIPs are ponzi based games where the returns for the existing members are paid from the deposits of the newer ones. NOBODY was able to prove me wrong for the last seven years I’m in this industry and of course, the admin of HitNRunMasters hasn’t provided a shred of evidence backing up his story of making money on piggybacking on other HYIPs based on some kind of insider information either. NOBODY in the offline world can legally multiply your money five fold within a year like you can supposedly make if you join HitNRunMasters (the programs pays 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days with principal returned on expiry to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney). The admin tries to somehow prove that he’s able to make $500,000 out of $100,000 within a year. I mean he may very well do it for himself but if so what is the point of offering it to investors then? Why does he need your money rather than his own to do so? Do you know why HitNRunMasters are not making this offer offline where such ridiculously high returns can only be competitive to the revenue received by gangsters? Surely, because it’s VERY convenient to accept ONLY LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney which are totally untraceable and anonymous e-currencies the transactions in which are irreversible. If a bank offered a 500% annual return to the offline investors they would sell their own mothers to get such returns. But I’m afraid it’s not going to happen, as otherwise he will HAVE to prove to such investors what he’s really doing with the money and account for every cent. WHY? Because he’s running a ponzi-HYIP which is backed up with nothing other than new investors’ money. And after that he’s trying to prove me wrong saying that his words were misinterpreted. NO! I meant exactly what I said – HitNRunMasters NEED new investors and it will NOT be able to pay existing members if there is no new sign-ups. I’m ready to eat my hat if what they say is true. We all know how the HYIP industry works so what is the point to argue if you can’t provide a shred of evidence anyway? Yes, HitNRunMasters WILL make money in the long run, but only to the point when the incoming spends are not exceeding the outgoing withdrawals. After that any HYIP will collapse, and HitNRunMasters offering HUGE returns are no exception because their revenues are NOT backed-up by ANY solid business plan. I know that I’m totally and utterly right when I’ say this and I know that experienced investors will agree with me. I think I could speculate on this issue all day but I guess you can read the issues of MNOFridays to understand what I’m talking about where I proved with some hard facts which can’t be disputed that ALL HYIPS are PONZIES. Investors who think otherwise are totally deluded and will never be able to win against the admins in that game. So you’d better stay realistic and do not swallow such claims.

The admin of ProfitsRaise Andrea has issued a newsletter marking the one-month anniversary her program. I’ve recently sent some interview questions to Andrea and am ready to publish it on MNO as soon as I get the answers. Tomorrow I should receive the first payment on expiry of the 115% after 5 days plan of which I’m going to report on MNO. The other two plans include 145% after 10 days and 170% after 15 days (the latest plan was adjusted after the review of the program was published on MNO which you can find here). As of this moment ProfitsRaise is paying its investors to all the payment processors accepted – AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. I can confirm that though the payments are not instant they are processed quite fast. The admin of ProfitsRaise is kinda optimistic about the program’s future and is pleased to see a lot of support on the recently opened Facebook page and promised to implement many new features soon. Stay tuned as MNO will definitely cover this, but meanwhile you can read the latest newsletter from ProfitsRaise here:
ProfitsRaise News
Dear investors,
ProfitsRaise went trough another wonderful day and that makes me feel great. Program keeps growing day by day and surely we will achieve big success soon. I must say I was surprised by a such a heavy Facebook support within just few days as we got already 250+ fans. Keep going guys, we really need your support, you make ProfitsRaise much better.
Another important thing is that we reached one month online today! We aim to deliver you first class investment service and surely we will keep developing our project. Many interesting features will be implemented in near future so I am sure you all will be impressed. First month showed us what can we achieve and I have no doubts now that we are ready for a big things.
Best regards, Andrea
ProfitsRaise Support”.

Here is the list of the programs that paid to me today:
PowerfulStrategy, PerfectLottery, ReProFinance, HitNRunMasters, EliteGain, AdvantagesCapital, HyperCompound, NeoProgress, SapaInv, TopsFund, ViscoCorp, OneInv, ProfitsRaise, BrantonsGroup, SoaretInvestment, FelminaAlliance, OnlineInvestmentBank, PokerProfits, EurexTrade, GlobalFxTrades, KistFunds, MirexGroup, StableProfit, SuperHotPay, LargeProfit and PaidJack.

The newest program added to Premium listing on MNO today is a long-term program called WorldwideCapital which launched three weeks ago. They accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Bank wire deposits in both Dollars and Euros. The minimum for LR and PM deposits start from $10 while Bank wires start from $1000. The investment plan is assigned to you automatically depending on the amount invested. Daily payments can vary from 1.5% to 2.3% for the duration of a 150 business day investment term. On expiry you will get your original deposit back and if you wish you can use any level of compounding which you can set up when making a deposit. WorldwideCapital has a very good website with a lot of questions answered in a very comprehensive manner and a decent design. The site is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by unquestionably the best provider BlockDos and has SSL-encryption throughout the site. All in all, it’s got quite a professional look and I will discuss the investment plans and all the other features in more detail in the upcoming review which will hopefully be published on MNO tomorrow accompanied with the regular daily news from the HYIP industry. So see you all then!

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