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Beware! SingInvest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi all! It’s been a week now since the last new HYIP review on MNO though all that’s going to be put to rights over the coming days as there’s a couple of new additions coming up that I want to tell you about (including one I’ll be introducing at the end of today’s news update in a few moments). The program I want to start with today however is one called SingInvest – a longer term investment program that despite running for around a month already can still be considered reasonably new when taking the length of their plans into account.

Potentially SingInvest (the “Sing” is for “Singapore” apparently) could become a profitable HYIP for members based purely on the good mix of investment options available and also considering the good selection of payment options. Too many longer term programs limit themselves in this regard so SingInvest have a certain advantage in that regard. I’ll get to that shortly though, after I describe the plans.

First of all you can join the program for a $20 minimum, though it has to be said for that price you really only have one option. Other plans are in place but they’ll cost you a little extra. Anyway, this first plan is described as a “test” plan, but considering it runs for 50 calendar days and takes a maximum deposit of $200 I’d say a lot of smaller investors will be treating it a bit more seriously than just that. During the term SingInvest are offering a daily interest payment of 1%. At the end of the term that will have added up to a net profit of 50%, at which time SingInvest promise to return the initial principal. So in other words were you to invest $100 you get paid $1 per day up to a value of $50, and then get your original hundred back again.

But if you’re really prepared to dismiss that as merely a test and are now happy to take a more substantial risk with your money, SingInvest‘s second plan runs for a term of 120 calendar days and can be joined for a $100 minimum. During the term’s duration an interest rate of 1.5% is paid to investors every day on deposits up to a maximum value of $999. At the end of that SingInvest will then return your principal, so that would leave you with a total net profit of 180% on top of getting back whatever you spent there in the first place. If the term seems a bit on the long side by the way keep in mind that you will break even (ie earn enough from your daily payments to guarantee that you can’t actually lose money no matter what happens next) after 67 days.

The remaining plans begin to creep away a little bit in terms of affordability for the average HYIP player, as we continue with SingInvest‘s third plan which requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 to join. It too runs for a 120 calendar day term, making daily interest payments throughout. The rate this time goes up in line with the deposit levels to 1.8% per day, with SingInvest returning your deposit on expiry. So that’s a total profit of 216% (having broken even after 56 days) on top of your original deposit. Maximum spend for this plan is $4,999.

SingInvest‘s final option is really one for the bigger, more serious players. The term remains 120 calendar days but investments must range from a $5,000 minimum to a $50,000 maximum (so clearly not suitable for all). But if you want to go ahead with it then there’s a daily interest rate of 2% available. That would see you break even after 50 days and finish the term with 240% interest in total. This is then added to your original investment which SingInvest promise to return.

I already mentioned payment options at the top of the page and SingInvest is as competitive as most of the longer term programs around at the moment in this area. The most popular options are all there with AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay all in use. A less popular option is c-Gold which you don’t see much of in the industry it’s there for you too along with bank wires if you prefer to avoid online processors completely. You’ll have to contact the SingInvest admin for instructions on that, but I can tell you that for online payments withdrawals are made instantly. Just log in and make the request. The money should then appear in your account in under a minute. And by the way, one other thing you may wish to be aware of regarding the SingInvest plans is that compounding is, if you wish, allowed. I was never a great advocate of the practice myself but it’s a matter of personal choice I suppose so it’s there for you if you want.

Security and design issues are up to a reasonable industry standard with the program being hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by Dragonara. SingInvest is running off a customized HYIP script which while not unique – I’ve seen it in use elsewhere by another program recently – is quite effective and easy to use. SingInvest also employ SSL-encryption to further protect the member’s accounts. And for any further questions, comments, or account related issues you can get in touch with the admin by filling in your details on the support form on the contacts page and submitting it. SingInvest also list a postal address in Singapore. Now obviously I’m in no position to personally vouch for this but from previous experience I know that these things tend to be virtual “serviced” offices, used merely for official purposes and mail collection. However SingInvest also have a telephone number so you can always try them there if you want to see if someone will speak to you in person. Failing that you can also try e-mailing the admin directly at the listed e-mail address.

Texts are not original, though are not copied from one single source. They appeared to have been culled from a variety of both HYIP and non-HYIP related sources and thrown together accordingly. Not exactly anything new in that by the way and not really that big a deal. Widespread practice in the industry as most longer term players will know by now, but I mention it anyway for the benefit of anyone tempted to believe that SingInvest might be something other than an online high risk HYIP. So as the most important rules for protecting yourself from serious losses by only spending modest sums of money that won’t cause you a problem if things don’t work out and by keeping SingInvest as a smaller part of a wider investment portfolio.


As I predicted earlier SoaretInvestment has collapsed today and withdrawals are not getting processed anymore. The recent change of plans was such a clear sign to me that the program was going to collapse that I issued an update regarding this straight after it happened. Despite the admin’s attempts to persuade investors that nothing bad had happened and even changing the plans once again within hours of the first change the cashflow was already affected by this undoubtedly stupid decision to lower the rates and bury any possible of recovery for SoaretInvestment. Rest assured that MNO will keep providing you the truthful information as soon as the program in question is in trouble or as soon as I get some confirmed information about selective payouts. MNO is not like other monitors and I will do everything possible not to mislead investors about making spends in dying programs. This you can be sure of!

Also ViscoCorp is a proven scam now, though the admin keeps publishing updates on his website trying to lure more members into it. The program was moved to Scam status on MNO a few days ago when the admin refused to address an issue with a few of his members who simultaneously complained of unpaid or uncredited payouts. I was not surprised when this time my requests went unanswered but the admin of ViscoCorp continues to act like nothing’s wrong and keeps issuing updates on almost a daily basis. I would not pay attention to the introduction of the new 15-day plan paying the unearned 450% returns and especially to the news of the upcoming bank wire deposits. It’s funny that the admin can’t even spell SWIFT and instead uses a Switch number (lol!). Please beware of this scam ViscoCorp and avoid it at all costs!

The admin of OnlineInvestmentBank which has been paying 7% for 20 business days for almost six months already decided to publish a postal address for his program along with a phone number. Although OnlineInvestmentBank (reviewed here) is quite impressive and so far pays fine to both LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney I suggest members don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s simply a ponzi game and that the address and phone number are most likely virtual services which will not help you if you lose your money. So, as always, proceed with caution. Here is the latest from OnlineInvestmentBank:
Our real address
Very much people around the world want to know our real address. We have decided to put our contact details on our official website.
Our address:
Portland House, Glacis Road, P.O. Box 208, GIBRALTAR
Phone No. : +350 200 79364
Administration. OnlineInvestmentBank”.

Here is the list of the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours:
SingInvest, PerfectLottery, EurexTrade, ReProFinance, UnitrustDirect, HyperCompound, SapaInv, StableProfit, RapyWealth, NeoProgress, EliteGain, BrantonsGroup, FelminaAlliance, TopsFund, BaseBucks, OneInv, PokerProfits, GlobalFxTrades, SuperHotPay, TopInvesting, WorldwideCapital, LargeProfit, MirexGroup, ProfitsRaise and BonusPayMe (the first payment received).

The newest program added to my Standard listing today is called CommerceWebsite. This extra short-term program just launched today offers a wide variety of investment plans with payments on expiry via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from a $10 minimum. Plans include 105%-127% after 1 day, 111%-180% after 2 days, 136%-780% after 6 days, 197.5%-1890% after 15 days, 310%-2850% after 30 days and 10000% after 60 days. CommerceWebsite is fully SSL-secured and is running off a licensed GoldCoders script on a dedicated server protected by AntiDDos. Withdrawals from CommerceWebsite have to be requested and are paid once daily at a time specified by the countdown timer found on the site. More info on the program and a full analysis of its investment plans will be presented to MNO readers in my next post. So stay tuned for that and see you all very soon!

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