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10/12/2011. ProfitableSunrise Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! ProfitableSunrise has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! I hope the weekend has been going well for you so far, whatever you’ve been getting up to. There’s a couple of news stories to get through although being Saturday it’s nothing too hectic. One thing that I want to get to however is one of the most recent programs to get listed on the MNO monitoring page, a return to longer term HYIPs this time with one called ProfitableSunrise. A colorful name for an online investment program I think, so let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer members and see if you think you might like to try them out. It’s not new exactly in the strictest sense of the word, ProfitableSunrise has been running for something like a month by now, but it’s only recently getting more attention from investors and also as a long term HYIP many of them do take a while to get warmed up.

There are three investment plans to choose between on ProfitableSunrise. Well, actually there’s four but the last one is described as “private” and only open to groups. Further information is a bit scarce so I’ll just concentrate on the three options that you can join. The first of these runs for 180 business days (36 weeks) and can be joined for a minimum deposit of $10. It’s called The Starter Plan and offers a daily interest rebate of 1.6% per business day – that’s Monday to Friday only – for the duration. Then at the end of the term ProfitableSunrise will return your principal. Payments will eventually add up to 288% which is then considered your final profit, though you can slap another 100% on top of that (which is your own money anyway).

If you’re prepared to go past $500 with your investment then there’s The Regular Plan which runs for the very same 180 business day term. It just costs a little more to join. Well, a lot more actually, but you know what I mean. The interest rate here goes up to 1.8% per business day with ProfitableSunrise once again promising to return your principal on expiry. So by the time your investment matures your payments will have added up to 324% which can be considered as passive profit after ProfitableSunrise add your own initial 100% to that.

The third option for the bigger spenders is called The Advanced Plan and will set you back $2,500 or more to join with no stated maximum. As with the previous two options this plan will also run for 180 business days, making interest payments every day from Monday through Friday for the term. The rate goes up to 2% per day, meaning investors would expect payments totaling 360% by the end of term. ProfitableSunrise should then add your principal to that amount.

As seems to be the norm with longer term programs the choice of payment processor available to ProfitableSunrise members is quite limited. They handle funds via LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney, neither of whom will entertain the notion of refunds or chargebacks under any circumstances. Like I’ve said many times in the past there are two ways you can look at that, with what gets lost in a lack of options being compensated for with stability and no, shall we say, “unwelcome surprises” being pulled on the admin by other online processors with a taste for freezing accounts without warning. Anyway, that’s a whole other debate we’ll have again and again, only not today. But if you’re happy with the choice of payment processors then you should also note that ProfitableSunrise make manual payments, so you’re going to have to request your money from inside your account area. Once done the admin asks you to allow up to 24 hours to complete the transaction.

I have to be brutally honest here and say that I really don’t care all that much for the program’s layout and design. I mean I know these things are purely a matter of opinion anyway and the effect they have on investors is debatable, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of first impressions in a competitive industry like this. With a thousand websites competing for your money, they have a limited opportunity to convince you theirs is the best option. I don’t want to exaggerate the point or anything but placing images of Jesus Christ on an online HYIP is a questionable tactic that will most likely only distract people’s attention from the investment plans, which is a pity really because in the hands of the right admin they’re probably sound enough could see a decent profit earned by some. On the other hand, who knows? If it stops the program from overheating and helps maintain a slow but consistent level of growth it might actually help.

Anyway, other than that ProfitableSunrise is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by BlockDos. They run off a customized script and have a properly SSL secured website. For any questions or account related issues you can get in touch with ProfitableSunrise either by writing directly to their listed e-mail address or else by filling out the ticketing form and submitting it. Also listed is a fax number but honestly I’m at a loss to explain why you’d need that in a purely internet based HYIP. But if anyone wants to try it out then it’s there for you.

Despite the amateur looking design ProfitableSunrise is still actually quite original, and that’s not something I could say for a lot of their more slick looking competitors. Texts relate to the company being a provider of short term business loans to their customers, but how exactly that enables anyone to pay returns to investors of the size on offer here isn’t really covered as I suspect those loans would have to carry mafia loan-shark style interest repayments to make a profit for admin and investor alike. Not that I pay much attention to such things anyway, nor have I for a good many years now. Suffice to say anything you come across on the internet offering easy money comes with a degree of risk attached and ProfitableSunrise is no different from any other HYIP in that sense. The exact degree of risk however is something that needs to be assessed by you alone as it’s your money we’re talking about and no one else’s. So as always try and stay safe by spreading your investments between a diverse portfolio and always stay within a sensible budget that you can afford.


The administration of FxMoguls issued their first weekly newsletter late last night. After reading it I think it only further confirmed what I already believed that we are dealing with a professional team here with clear long-term goals in mind and prepared to work hard in order to achieve them. The first newsletter sees the admin Jason discuss the reasons for adding more than 30 monitors (MNO was specially singled out, by the way) and introduced the support staff for FXMoguls. He also took time to explain how the program is able to generate a 900% return for one year (it’s up to you to believe and verify such bold claims, of course) and gave the link where members of the program can get more information on the matter. FXMoguls also emphasized that the original principal from investments via LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney made into the 2.4%-3.7% for 150 business days would be returned on expiry and that the program only pays on business days and reserves the right not to process payouts on Saturdays and Sundays. By the way, in my opinion FXMoguls is a unique program when it comes to the amount one can invest, it’s only a $0.01 minimum which is significantly less than what other programs offer making them compelling even for smaller investors. Anyway, if you wish to learn more about the investment plans or other details on the program please refer to my recent review of FXMoguls published here. Below the full newsletter:
FXMoguls LTD Weekly Newsletter for 12-9-2011
Happy Holidays and welcome to all new members. We, the management of FXMoguls LTD, wish to extend our thanks and gratitude towards all of our members and the support that we have seen thus far.
In this newsletter I will announce a few upgrades that have been made to our site as well as introduce our client services staff members.
Let’s first start with the introductions. Our client services will be staffed by myself and Leanna. We are both well-seasoned professionals with myself having a 10 year marketing background and Leanna being a 14 year veteran of customer service at the corporate level. We can be reached either through our support form or through live chat. Live chat will be available Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 5PM PST.
We have added over 30 monitors to our program including Money News Online. We firmly believe that while monitors serve a good purpose they are more for your comfort. We are certain that over time you will come to realize that you have endeavored into a realm of earnings that will not only be fruitful but safe as well.
Along these lines we have decided to create a due diligence page outlining a bit more about our EA and the potential earnings that it can make. We have shown its backtest from 2011 where it earns over a 900% return in less than 12 months. We have also provided a brief synopsis of the history of our system and how it came into being.
You can view the due diligence page as well as more information on our company Here –
To clarify a few points regarding your investment with our company, your principal investment is returned at the end of your 150 business day contract and the principal portion of your investment is guaranteed.
Our set hours for withdrawal are on business days only. We will be doing payments over holidays and weekends at times but we ask that you allow us our weekends if we so choose.
We will attempt to send newsletters each week to keep your up to date on all of the activities with your investment. Please feel free to contact our support team at any time and you can be assured to have a reply to your question within 18 business hours.
Sincerely, Jason Barillo
FXMoguls LTD. Managing Director”.

Another savvy professional in the HYIP market and simply an interesting person to talk with is the admin of HYIPInnovation Sean (he was interviewed on MNO here). I always expect his regular newsletters with anticipation to learn some interesting facts from the HYIP industry which I’m sure will be of interest to all MNO readers. The last newsletter was dedicated to a topic widely discussed throughout my site for the last couple of weeks which is Black December and the end of the year which can be a tricky time for investors to profit from online investment programs due to many closures and fast scams. There is quite an interesting division of investors into two groups analyzed by Sean in his last email to HYIPInnovation members. The main factor being the seasonal cautiousness of some investors and that the program would be still online in January waiting for new investors returning from winter holidays. Here is what he was about to say on the subject in more detail:
HYIPInnovation News Release 6
 Dear HYIPInnovation members,
We have been receiving a good number of support inquiries regarding the performance of HYIPInnovation (as well as other investment programs) during this current, supposedly unfavorable for HYIPs time of the year. For this reason, we thought it will be worth it to dedicate separate press release on this matter and offer a set of very simple answers to these types of questions.
The main theme of these inquiries is revolving around the question – how to behave financially in the HYIP industry during the end of the year season. I think that the answers are actually very simple because they depend on which of the three categories of people I am listing below you belong to. All you have to do, is simply pick one for yourself.
The first group of people is in our opinion relatively small and it is those who believe in the so called “industry crisis”. We do think that their opinion should be respected and what this group of people should probably do is to simply forget about HYIPs, go and do other useful things and then come back after this period is over. This shouldn’t be too difficult, especially because the “crisis” period seems to be well defined. I can’t speak for other HYIPs, but HYIPInnovation, all grown and developed by that time, will for sure be happy to greet all of these HYIP vacationers back in January.
The second group of people is in our opinion represented by the majority and it is those people who will be including HYIP participation activity into their every day lives, throughout the year, with no seasons. The reason why I believe that most people interested in HYIPs belong to the latter group is because I don’t think that anyone will be spending less time in front of their home computers, laptops, various Pads, smart-phones and whichever else gadget there is to connect to the Internet. This is why people will keep looking for better HYIPs such as HYIPInnovation, no matter what others are saying about “HYIP seasons”.
Lastly, there are always those people who are in the “maybe yes, maybe no” category – those who cannot decide. The solution for them is in fact as simple – just be more conservative with you HYIP participation level and invest moderately. If you are still hesitant, then January IS the time for you to revisit your considerations and to make up your mind.
I hope everyone finds these opinions being helpful.
Sean Mebokan and HYIPInnovation Team”.
Well, that was quite interesting, wasn’t it? I’d just like to remind you here that HYIPInnovation was first launched four weeks ago and shortly afterwards was reviewed on MNO (read it here). The program offers quite moderate but sustainable rates of interest to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney investors of 5% for 25-40 business days depending on the size of your principal. Note that the original deposit is not returned on expiry and the maximum amount to invest in HYIPInnovation is capped at $1,000 which will hopefully help the program and its investors successfully survive Christmas and start January at full force to win the hearts of investors from any of the three groups mentioned by Sean in the newsletter posted above. Anyway, I sincerely wish him luck in doing so!

As usual on Saturdays to compensate for the slow down in program activity I want to look at the latest developments in the payment processor world, an integral part of the industry and popular among the investors and admins alike.

First, let’s have a brief look at the latest news posted on the official blog of AlertPay which has been struggling for a long time when it comes to using such an important deposit and withdrawal features as credit and debit card processing. The regular users of the payment processor possibly know about such difficulties which cost AlertPay dearly during the period when Visa and MasterCard processing was on hold. Well, there was no good news for anyone hoping for a positive outcome on that front but only the assurance that progress was being made. Many would say they’ve heard it all before of course, but unfortunately that’s how things are going for AlertPay users. I’ll update you when the credit card option is back for AP users, so watch out for my regular Saturday payment processor news section carefully in the future:
Status update: VISA and MasterCard processing
As you know, over the last weeks, we have been continuously striving to find a definitive solution to re-enable VISA and MasterCard processing.
Our team is enthusiastic and relentless in their resolve to provide the best service possible. Although VISA and MasterCard processing is not available in the time-frame we had all hoped for, we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that progress is being made.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this service outage is causing. In the meantime, we urge you to explore the other payment options AlertPay offers.
Thank you to all our loyal customers who have stuck with us through this time, your support further strengthens our resolve!

Apparently, with continuing card issues for AlertPay users its main competitor in the market of verified and not-anonymous payment processors SolidTrustPay is currently taking the lead in providing a convenient way of funding your account and withdrawing via credit cards. It makes them a good alternative for those who still want to invest in HYIPs accepting SolidTrustPay but can’t due to credit card issues in AlertPay. STP is also concerned about the level of security offered to its clients preferring credit card transactions and therefore is now offering 3D level of security which is an additional layer for Visa and MasterCard holders aimed at preventing fraudulent transactions and making online transactions safer than ever. Here is the full description of that taken from the payment processor’s official blog which I’m sure will be of interest to all credit card holders:
SolidTrust adds Verified by VISA and 3D Securecode
Announcing the addition of 3D Secure extra security layer for VISA & MasterCard Payments
SolidTrustPay & 3DSecure
Commonly known as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, 3D Secure ensures an extra layer of protection for online credit/debit card transactions. Participating financial institutions are able, during the course of the transaction, to recognize if the transaction is being done by an authorized card holder. This enhances security when making payments online.
How 3D Secure impacts STPay users
1. Active Members, when adding funds to their account via their VISA or MasterCard, will be redirected to the 3D Secure area and prompted to enter their pre-chosen 3D password. (They are able to enroll during the transaction and choose a password if they do not already have one).
NOTE – if the card issuer’s bank is not a 3D Secure participating institution, the member will not be presented with the 3D option.
after a successful transaction, members will be returned to their STPay account where they can the transaction as pending in their Overview area.
2. Online shoppers interacting with any of our verified merchants will also be redirected to the 3D Secure area and prompted to enter their pre-chosen 3D password.
after a successful purchase directly at the merchant’s website, the shopper will be returned to the merchant where they can review their purchase.
if the transaction is unsuccessful it will be declined
Security Benefits of 3D Secured Transactions
The inclusion of these new security measures fit wonderfully with SolidTrustPay’s long history of customer & merchant protection practices. Online shoppers are protected from abuse of their cards and merchants from unauthorized transactions.

Another main obstacle in using SolidTrustPay over AlertPay by HYIP investors was a strict and sometimes lengthy verification procedure required in order to verify accounts and take advantage of the benefits that go with that. This process has now been simplified by SolidTrustPay recently as posted just a few days ago on their official blog. That step also might significantly increase the number of investors and HYIP admins using SolidTrustPay and therefore pose some serious competition to AlertPay. I’m very pleased with the latest developments in STP and hopefully that will make it as popular as it previously was. Here is the full description of the process you need to go through before getting your account verified:
New, Simpler Verification Option Added
SolidTrustPay is pleased to announce a NEW and EASIER Verification Level – Credit Card Verified status. No need to submit any paperwork !
CREDIT CARD VERIFIED – Upgraded Status allowing members to use their credit & debit cards for deposits & withdrawals.
Credit Card Verification only requires the following:
1. completion of our Card Authorization Form (found in your MY BANKS & CARDS area)
2. completion of a small incoming deposit from the card(s) you wish to verify
HELPFUL HINT – complete the online Card Authorization Form BEFORE attempting your incoming deposit.
This new and easier way to verify your STPay account allows you to do what you want even faster!

I hope this overview of payment processors news was helpful and if you want to hear more news from that side of the business please tune in again next weekend.

Here is the list of the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours and are maintaining their Paying status on my monitor as of the moment:
EurexTrade, HYIPInnovation, APEnergyInvest, EVBusiness, HyperCompound, FXMoguls, TopsFund, OneInv, StableProfit and LifeTimeProfits.

That’s all the news I have for you today, guys. I hope you enjoy reading MNO on a daily basis for updates from your favorite programs and the general state of things in the industry. I hope to see you again on MNO soon – stay tuned!

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