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15/01/2012. PlexCapital Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! PlexCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I was a bit surprised at the amount of news stories I have for you today, it being Sunday and all, so there’s plenty of updates for me to get through. First up however is the addition of a new long term investment program that I would feel reasonably confident about as regards their ability to stay online for the longest possible run and put as many of it’s investors as possible into profit. It’s called PlexCapital and it was added to the MNO Premium List just a couple of days ago when they started. So “getting in on the ground floor” as they say might prove a good idea here, though we’ll see soon enough how it develops. For now PlexCapital are still only establishing themselves and their name in the HYIP industry, and I expect it won’t take them long to do that.

At the moment PlexCapital are only offering one single plan to investors. I really don’t know but I have a feeling this might change. As it stands however there’s nothing wrong with the one they’re presenting, it being both profitable and sustainable all at the same time which is what we need from long term HYIPs. The plan makes daily interest payments to members with the rate being determined by the size of your deposit – the more you risk the more they pay, as is typically the case in the industry. In turn the plan is then broken into three sub-sections based on how much you want to spend, though I think the first one is what’s going to concern the majority of readers here.

PlexCapital will first of all accept a minimum deposit of $10 in order to join. The plan runs for a term of 365 calendar days and by investing anything up to a sum of $1,999 you will earn a basic rate of 1.2% interest every day. It might not sound like much at first, especially in comparison to the more aggressive short term HYIPs, but these things don’t take long to add up and as part of a diverse portfolio can prove very enticing. Particularly to those joining early on. For example, you can break even (ie earn an amount equal to your initial investment, therefore making it impossible to lose money) after 84 days. Relative to the full length of the term which is a calendar year, that’s actually remarkably fast. After completion PlexCapital will then return your principal, leaving you with a net profit of 438% on top of your own money.

For larger investors, and I’d be pretty sure PlexCapital will find a few of them soon enough once they get known, a higher rate of 1.8% per day on deposits ranging from $2,000 up to a maximum value of $9,999. The term still runs for 365 days which will allow you to break even after 56 days and leave you with a total net profit of 657%. PlexCapital should then add your principal to that.

A third rate will apply to any investors prepared to risk a $10,000 minimum or more. This may not be of a great deal of interest to most of you but for information purposes I’ll just let you know that PlexCapital offer 2.7% interest per day for 365 calendar days. Principal is returned on expiry.

Payment options are much the same as what we’ve come to expect from longer term HYIPs such as this one. On one hand the selection of online based payment processors is limited, PlexCapital just taking LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, but on the other hand when it comes to the all important issue of long term stability for the program neither of those two processors are ever likely to pull any unwelcome surprises like blocking accounts and freezing members money and the like. So I would think this present selection is probably unlikely to change.

DdoSWiz are the hosting provider, and they are keeping the website on a dedicated server with their support and protection. PlexCapital is also running off a customized script that experienced investors might recognize as having previously been used by several highly successful programs and has proved to be quite effective. You’ll notice little things like a virtual keypad for instance to protect your log-in details, which all make a difference in the end. As for customer support, you can contact the PlexCapital administration team mostly by filling in the online e-mail ticketing form and submitting it. Also on display is a telephone number, an e-mail address that you can write to directly, or a postal address in Belize where PlexCapital claim to be a registered company if that means anything to long term MNO readers. This is just a PO Box number anyway so it’s not really of all that much importance.

But overall it’s a fairly well organized program with what I feel is an experienced admin. I’m not going to stick my neck out too far for any HYIP because at the end of the day it’s you risking your money, not mine, and I do know that none of these things go on forever. But I’d still be willing to guess that PlexCapital will at least be around long enough for a decent number of you to profit comfortably from. Just always spread your investments around a bit, and most important of all when dealing with anonymous web based programs to only spend money you wouldn’t be in trouble over if you lost it. But I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about PlexCapital in the coming months.



I must say that yesterday was a rough day for TopWallet when the program was first targeted by some scammer sending a spoof e-mail about a non-existent VIP plan and then some monitors (including MNO) changing the status of the program to Problem after it appeared that the withdrawals were delayed. You can read the whole story here and make your own judgment after reading all the details.

But I’m glad to report that today the situation is much improved and to my surprise TopWallet‘s admin managed to get his program back on track and the payouts are processed within a normal time frame now. Although in the last newsletter he told us he was extending the waiting time from 6 to 12 hours which due to the workload and his inability to process all the pending withdrawals within such a short space of time. In my opinion, there is nothing to worry about that since a 12 hour period is still quite good compared to other popular short term programs.

By the way, speaking of TopWallet‘s competitors the admin rightly mentioned that his program is the only one to survive in the market since 2011 and is currently running for an astonishing period of 37 days. And I can fully agree with that while they continue to pays to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts at all times – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116%-220% after 3 days, 142%-600% after 7 days, 191%-1100% after 14 days, 350%-2500% after 30 days. This is a double edged sword for many investors though as many of them would consider TopWallet as too old program and could end soon. To tell you the truth, I thought the same thing last night but the admin really surprised me and paid to everyone. Although I have no idea how he managed to do it, I fully support such hard working admins if they are capable of fixing the situations they themselves might unintentionally put their programs in.

While praising TopWallet (reviewed here) for its longevity and an admin who has constantly proven himself as one of the best around, I can’t support the obviously fake stats which claim an unheard of 6,400 members which is almost as unbelievable as the total amount of deposited money. Then again sometimes exaggerations are working in the admins’ favor, but I don’t think that is the case today.

For more information about the redesigned FAQ and a possible solution to forgotten transaction codes please read the latest newsletter from TopWallet‘s admin in full below:
TopWallet #5 Newsletter – “Overview of Current Statistics and New Implements”
So what do we have this time? Let’s take a closer look at our global statistics. TopWallet is running already for 37 calendar days and is still improving day by day. We are definitely the only surviving short-term program from the 2011. With 6400 total accounts and $750,000 invested, we have successfully paid out $330,000 to our investors from all over the world. We are going to reach $1M total invested mark very soon and that’s what we call a great achievement! TopWallet is receiving tons of inspiring on thanking emails on a daily basis and I must say that our clients are really satisfied with our investment service offered. This, of course, motivates our team to work even harder, to establish TopWallet’s name as a strong, solid and reliable investment partner in the industry.
That’s about overviewing our statistics. We have recently redesigned our Help (Frequently Asked Questions) page and some of you may have noticed this already. Most popular questions that we receive on daily basis are being answered there. So, even if you are a member at TopWallet for a while, it may be useful for you to check this page for a full understanding on how we work. Transaction related, affiliate program and all other important facts are being summarized there. Go here:
At this point we would like to address the new, official withdrawal processing time you can count on. So far we tried to process all pending withdrawal requests within 6 hours max, but in some cases we couldn’t deliver on this promise. We are a human beings here as well and sometimes we have some offline tasks to handle. That is the main reason why we find that implementing a 12-hour pending policy will avoid any misunderstandings. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be paid within 6 hours, sometimes you will be paid faster than this. But the idea is to allow us to process your payment within a maximum of 12 hours.
Lastly, some clients couldn’t request their withdrawals because they’ve forgotten their transaction codes. If this is the case, please respond to this email with your inquiry and I will issue you a new one right away. As always, you can respond to this newsletter in case if you wish to share your thoughts, doubts and ideas about TopWallet.
A new week will begin shortly and we are looking forward for some custom and unique features to be implemented. Stay tuned and always take your time to read our newsletters as it’s the right way to stay on the top of recent improvements and major news at TopWallet.
Enjoy your Sunday!
TopWallet Administrator”.


FXMoguls announced an increase in the minimum investment from the previous $0.01 (the lowest minimum I’ve ever seen for any HYIP) to $1 which was made due to the recent addition of AlertPay as a payment processor joining LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. You might remember $1 is the minimum transaction allowed by AlertPay so it looks logical and shouldn’t actually affect any members who can still deposit into FXMoguls’ plan of 2.4%-3.7% for 150 business days with principal returned on expiry. On the brighter side, there is still a bonus available for members joining with at least $50 which can reach as much as 11% depending on the amount.

In the newsletter the admin of FXMoguls (interviewed here) also reminds us about the program’s own forum and encourages investors to post there and other major forums with testimonials about your good experiences for a chance to win a $10 weekly prize which three lucky members (monitors are excluded from this competition) will have as a deposit in 2.4% for 150 business days plan. This will definitely increase the number of real members of FXMoguls, rewarding them for loyalty and helping them earn more money at the same for simply showing support. So take a chance and start posting as the contest has already begun! For more details on the contest please read the latest newsletter from FXMoguls (reviewed here):
FXMoguls Newsletter for 1-15-12
Dear FXMoguls Clients,
As FXMoguls dives into our second month I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a few updates on where we will be going from here. So please read the entire email in its entirety as it also includes a fun little contest at the end.
As many of you have noticed we have made the minimum deposit 1$ now. This was our plan all along and since we have added Alertpay as a deposit option this was the natural time for us to implement this feature. At our inception we wanted to make sure that everyone could afford to be a member of FXMoguls and could test our services, we are at the point now where we have established ourselves quite well and we felt that it was the right time for this move.
I’d also like to remind all members that we are still offering our deposit bonus of up to 11% for new deposits into the FXMoguls system. This is a bonus that is offered to us by our broker and we are going to continue to offer it to our members for as long as we have it available to us. You can get more information on the bonus structure and its features by visiting –
I’d also like to remind all members that FXMoguls does have its own forum. I’ll have to admit that the activity on our site forum has been slow. But we hope that it will pick up in the coming months. Please remember that when registering we do ask that you use the same username as you use for your members account.
As of this writing FXMoguls has 829 members, 511 of which are upgraded members who have made a deposit into our system. This is a great accomplishment and upon this thought we wish to launch a small testimonial contest.
We will choose 3 members weekly who have posted a testimonial about FXMoguls in one of our threads on either MMG, TalkGold or DTM and we will award each of the chosen members with a bonus $10 upgrade into the 2.4% daily plan.
When posting in one of our forums, please be sure to mention your username in your post so we know who to award the prize to. We will try this contest out for this week and if it goes well then we will extend it for another week.
Here is a list of the forum threads which are eligible for this contest:
This contest is only open to upgraded members who are not monitors.
As we always do we wish to thank you for your continued participation and support of FXMoguls LTD and we look greatly forward to what the coming months have in store for us and our members.
Sincerely, FXMoguls LTD Staff”.


As you might know, many HYIPs actually use public holidays as a perfect excuse not to pay investors. Tomorrow sees another bank holiday in the USA – Martin Luther King Day – and I’m sure many “Forex-based” HYIPs will use this opportunity to not credit the members accounts. The first announcement about that came from WorldwideCapital (reviewed here) which made it early enough so as not to allow any panic among investors to spread by tomorrow:
Martin Luther King’s Day in the USA
Due to Martin Luther King’s Day in the USA, profit will not be accrued on Monday, 16th of January.
I remind you that WorldwideCapital is a popular long-term program that has been paying consistently for nearly four months now on LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney deposits made into 1.5%-2.3% for 150 business days with principal returned on expiry. The very first investors of WorldwideCapital should be in profit by now and hopefully the program will continue its good work and pay for many more months to come.


You might remember that I told you about some problems with the daily earnings in WinningProfits brought to my attention by one MNO reader. The core of the issue can be read in the full update from yesterday, posted here.

Well, by now everything looks to be resolved and accounts are credited properly. Payments were accidentally set to business days instead of calendar days, but this has now been fixed by the WinningProfits programmer. As you might know from my review of WinningProfits (click here to read it) which is exclusively monitored by MNO the program offers two investment plans which can be joined via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – 5% for 24 calendar days and 120% after 20 calendar days. The project is made with stability and sustainability in mind and the first interview with the admin is expected after the first cycle is successfully completed.

In the last newsletter from WinningProfits sent today the admin Bruno further emphasized the necessity to use the unique script which they put a lot of time and effort into. Here is the full update with the explanation of the issue and the measures that were undertaken to fix it and prevent it from happening again:
WinningProfits Interest Update!
Dear members,
Let me first thank you for your patience with the slight delay that we had yesterday with interest being credited. Allow me to also apologize for sending 3 emails within a 24 hour period but in an effort to keep you up to date on everything that is going on I felt that it was necessary.
The issue that we had yesterday where some members were not given their daily interest has been fixed. My programmer assures me that he found the issue and that it will not happen again. Everyone who didn’t get interest yesterday has it sitting in their account balance ready for withdrawal immediately and will get their interest at the normal time today.
As many of you I’m sure realize, we use a custom script and not a generic script that is sold on the market for a few hundred dollars. This means that a lot of time and effort has been spent in customizing it into being what we believe will be the best and most convenient functioning script for you. But because of this on occasion there will be a glitch and this is to be expected.
Please rest assured though that we are always here ready to deal with any issues as they arise and will make sure that any problems are fixed immediately upon us hearing about them. But, because of our desire to use a much more expensive and custom made script we have secured your experience with WinningProfits far beyond what a generic retail script can provide.
Thanks again for your patience and if you spot anything that you feel is out of the ordinary with your account then please feel free to send us a contact request and we will look into it immediately.


I’ve always been quite proud of the fact that MNO is an independent blog and monitoring source and I always say exactly what I think and don’t much care if others don’t happen to like it. For some reason it seems there’s always a few admins who happily advertise on MNO but prefer not to see any constructive criticism. And when they can’t reply to genuine concerns about the safety of investors money they try to change the subject, making more of an effort to accuse others than it would have taken to answer some questions about why their members should be very very worried about their deposits now. In the latest newsletter from HYIPInnovation its admin Sean (interviewed here) decided it would be a better idea to hurl schoolyard insults at the one who is going to warn you about there being no money left to pay investors than to actually do something about the problem. Then again I guess that problem is yours and not his. I’ll let you read the following email from him first before I reply:
HYIPInnovation – WHICH HYIP Monitor?
Dear HYIPInnovation members,
As promised earlier, we have compiled a list of top 20 HYIP web resources that most of you are using and it is provided below. This list is actually taken directly from our web traffic analysis software for better presentation, but it is very closely resembles the list of the website, which you submitted so far.
The list below reflects the web traffic data for for the latest two weeks. The sorting order is from high to low, based on referred user visits from each indicated website. Read the list as follows:
Website name/number of referred visits/percentage of total referred visits.
You can see the screen-shot of the above data here:
The remaining approximately 35% of total referred visits is shared by additional about 200 web resources combined.
The number of visits shown above does not include direct access of HYIPInnovation and it does not include search engines mediated visits.
I hope this list will help you all immensely with your investments and I am only regretting that the website of money-news-online (MNO) is taking way too high place on this chart. As it turns out, the administrator of this website Paul Abramson is rather self concerned individual, who is also quite a shnorrer. But I guess, there is nothing one can do about it because people like to watch the ugly as much as they do the beauty. It’s a pity though that regular investors cannot see true MNO’s greedy selfishness and that it takes to be the HYIP admin to understand how morally low this person is.
Sincerely, Sean Mebokan on behalf of
HYIPInnovation Team
P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out our program video presentation here:”.

Well, here we have all the bad words about me – “self concerned individual”, “shnorrer” (which means a person constantly looking for free handouts), having “greedy selfishness” and “morally low” person. But what do you think is really bothering the guy about MNO? I mean he says he “regrets” my monitor occupying such a high position, but expressed no such regrets at the traffic and referred investors this brought him. But I want to put aside personal feelings for a minute and just present you with some undeniable facts illustrating the true situation with HYIPInnovation. But was the real trigger for this nasty email only an update on MNO which the admin might not like (assuming it’s true and AlertPay will not be added as promised as I suspect)?

If it’s true and the AlertPay addition was used as bait to bring HYIPInnovation more deposits to other processors, then I hope to expose it. However, just before that one of my referrals in HYIPInnovation which the admin no doubt “regrets” that I brought him (lol!) told me his withdrawal had been pending for over 36 hours and asked for my assistance in raising it with the admin. While of course realizing that the program’s terms state a 48 hour time frame I was nevertheless concerned. Because when I checked his account to verify the complaint I clearly saw that the pending was not made for 36 hours. I myself on the other hand was paid within 12. Well, it usually means that an admin tries to pay monitors first and delay for as long as possible payments to regular members, which to me indicates a selective and discriminating mindset. To be fair the admin handled the situation properly and paid what he owed to my referral who heartily thanked me for the support afterwards. At the same time he reminded me that the withdrawals might take up to 48 hours as per HYIPInnovation‘s ToS which was fine, apart from the fact that monitors were clearly paid faster and receive preferential treatment to regular members. That plus the highly questionable business with AlertPay made me suspicious about the ability of the program to maintain payments.

A number of weeks ago my original deposit with HYIPInnovation expired. I withdrew it as is my right, and redeposited a smaller amount for anther cycle. This is generally what I do with all programs I monitor. The admins are made aware of that first, and agree to it before they ever pay a cent. Anyone who has a problem with that is free to look elsewhere for monitoring, and indeed many of them do. But it seems now that a full two weeks after I withdrew my principal, the admin of HYIPInnovation has only realized it now. Yesterday he demanded I reinvest the full amount into his program despite agreeing to the terms and conditions of monitoring that explicitly state that I will deposit at my own discretion. I know the admin had his programs on MNO before so I know for sure that he knows this policy.

It got me wondering what the real reason was for this. So I honestly explained everything to him in my email and asked him privately (note that I didn’t want to make it public until he played dirty) why his program had cashflow issues as this is always the case when admins ask me to re-invest. And I mean this is 100% the case every single time it’s ever happened, no exceptions. Below is my email to him to which he reacted so badly:
Hello Sean, I do not see any problem with that and I can monitor your program properly as I do maintain an active deposit of $10 there as per my terms and conditions which you should have read and agreed to first before proceeding:
I wonder if this email means that you have some kind of cashflow problems now? Because this strange request together with that weird AlertPay announcement and extending the payout timeframe to 48 hours would make anyone think that this might be the case. Please correct me if I’m wrong in this and have a nice Saturday night.

So this private inquiry went unanswered. Until this morning of course when the above newsletter was sent. Very clever of the admin to recognize the only source of traffic that has clearly identified his program as having severe cash flow problems, and then discredit that source in case they were to make it known publicly. Quite a stroke from him I must say, shooting the messenger before the message gets delivered. Except in this case all he did to me was to confirm what I had in reality only suspected. I had only commented to Sean privately (not on my blog) about the health of HYIPInnovation, but his public reaction tells me what I wanted to know.

All my readers know that I always monitor the programs listed on MNO honestly and always display an accurate status for all programs listed on my site. But that doesn’t make the admins require any special treatment. It’s strictly business and nothing personal. I will display the real status of the program on my monitor and will speak my mind on my blog regardless of how much an admin pays for advertising. If Sean has any personal issues about my “selfish” behavior he might want to consider not adding his future programs to MNO despite good results which he so grudgingly admitted. I know I was getting along just fine without him. I do not ask him or any other admin for money. I do not offer them monitoring services. I do not offer to sell them advertising banners. They do it themselves. They all come to me first and they all agree to my terms. Not the other way around, and HYIPInnovation was no exception.

If that is a problem for the admin of HYIPInnovation he shouldn’t have come to MNO in the first place, and hopefully he will not do it again. But let me warn readers that if an admin allows personal issues with me to cloud his judgment then he may not be much of a businessman. Something you need to worry about because it’s your money he’s handling, not his own. But I can tell you for sure, what I will not allow him to do is to blame MNO for his failure. The money is running out and like so many other scam artists in the past he is trying to distract you from that in order to prolong the scam and squeeze the last few pennies from it.


It looks like payments from TopWallet are now processed quite fast and I believe it’s a good sign after some delays reported yesterday. At the same time, I’m aware that some of my readers might have issues receiving payouts from both ReProFinance and PaidJack – two programs that might be paying selectively now. I myself don’t have any clear proof of that yet, but hopefully with your help by tomorrow I will be able to determine the real status of ReProFinance and PaidJack where I currently would not recommend MNO readers to invest.

All other programs listed on MNO seem to be paying and here is the payment report from the programs I got paid for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: APEnergyInvest, EVBusiness, TopWallet, JunixOverseas, RelaxCapital.
From MNO Premium list: TopsFund, OneInv, FXMoguls, HYIPInnovation, GeniusVenture, WinningProfits, PlexCapital, IncomeInt.
From MNO Standard list: StrongDollarsLuxorAlliance.
From MNO Basic list: EtoroGainClub, PerfectLottery, AmbrianInvestment.

That’s all for tonight, everyone. I hope you found the information helpful. As usual I’ll be here again tomorrow for the beginning of the new business week in the HYIP world, so stay tuned for that, guys, and see you all tomorrow!

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