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25/07/2012. Absolutiva Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! Absolutiva has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi guys! Quite an eye-catching longer term program to look at before we get to tonight’s updates in the news section, not all of which are good by the way so be prepared. But first I want to discuss Absolutiva, its investment plans, and some of the other features offered to investors. If you like it you might see some room for it in your portfolios, so let’s take a look anyway.

The program has two long term investment plans. One that pays by the day, one that pays by the week, and both returning your original principal on expiry. There are in turn three subsections to each plan which determine what rate of interest you earn according to how much you spend. Starting with Absolutiva‘s daily plan, it runs for a term of 120 business days (24 weeks), and will cost you a $10 minimum to join. Payments are made from Monday to Friday for deposits up to $499 are calculated at a rate of 1.4%. That adds up to 168% by the time the plan expires, and you can expect Absolutiva to add your principal on top of that. Probably a more important statistic however is that you should break even (ie earn back an amount equal to your original deposit) after 72 business days.

For the bigger spenders prepared to spend from a $500 minimum up to $4,999 then the offer goes up slightly to 1.7% per business day. Over the course of 120 business days however this would result in a substantially larger profit of 204% which is on top of your initial principal when Absolutiva return it. The break even point is 59 business days, or less that half way through the term.

And for anyone prepared to gamble with upwards of $5,000 (with a $50,000 ceiling) Absolutiva are offering a rate of 2% per day for the 120 business day duration. That sees you break even after 50 payments and complete the term with 240% net profit which is in addition to your principal getting handed back.

Moving on then to Absolutiva‘s weekly plan, it’s a little more profitable but it’s difficult to see if it’s going to be popular due to the higher risk and it being questionable as to whether it’s worth it or not. But I’m sure there’s going to be a few takers out there. The term is 30 weeks so it’s a bit longer than the last one, but you can join for the same $10 minimum. Indeed there’s nothing stopping you splitting your money between the two plans if that’s what you prefer. But anyway in return for your money Absolutiva are offering a weekly interest payment of 7.5% on all deposits up to a maximum value of $499. That allows you to break even after 14 weeks and complet the term with payments totaling 225%. Absolutiva should then add your principal to that.

Deposits from $500 up to $4,999 and offered a weekly rate of 9% which will amount to 270% in total by the end of the 30 weeks, all of which can be deemed net profit once Absolutiva return your principal as promised. The break even point comes after week 12.

And then for the big spenders laying out from a $5,000 minimum to a $50,000 maximum, Absolutiva are paying 10.5% interest for 30 weeks. You should break even after 10 weeks and finish up with a total of 315% in profit in addition to your principal getting returned.

Just one other thing you might like to know about the plans before I tell you about the payment options is that Absolutiva do have an early withdrawal clause, however if you really need to use it you may actually be much better off ignoring it depending on how far into the term you’ve gone. I know some investors, generally those who stick to short term HYIPs, are a bit wary about having their cash tied up for months at a time so usually they welcome the early withdrawal features. In some programs the terms for making an early withdrawal can be a bit punishing to say the least and that’s definitely the case with Absolutiva. Not only will you have to pay a 25% penalty fee on the full amount of your principal (which to be fair is a fairly standard industry measure) you will also be deducted all previous withdrawal payments. So like I said, depending on far into the term you’ve already gone you will probably be better off just biding your time until it matures and your principal is returned in full.

I suppose one of the things that really sets Absolutiva apart from much of the rest of the HYIP industry is the choice of payment options. And not necessarily in a good way, either. The thing is that they are using PayPal, something that you almost never see in the industry for one simple reason – they have a strict anti-HYIP policy. I’ve said this to the admin in an e-mail so he knows exactly what my feelings about it are, but he thinks otherwise. In the event of his PayPal account getting blocked he assures me he can refund everyone. How exactly I don’t know, but that’s what he says. So while I would question the wisdom of taking PayPal in the first place, I’m not the Absolutiva admin so it’s none of my business. Otherwise however there are some more conventional choices available in LibertyReserve and EgoPay which still isn’t a great choice. Payments are made manually and so will need to be requested from within your Absolutiva account area. Once done the admin requires you allow up to 24 hours for the transaction to be completed.

But apart from a fairly pedestrian set of payment options, something I do like about Absolutiva is its total originality. With 90% of programs running off the same script they begin to look a bit the same after a while. Not so with Absolutiva who seem to make every effort to set themselves apart from the rest. The program runs off an original unique script developed especially for them which is always a welcome feature. The website is hosted on a dedicated server by LiquidWeb with CloudFlare hosting and DDoS protection and is also properly SSL-secured. If you have any further questions, comments, or account related issues then you can contact the Absolutiva admin by filling out the online ticketing form and submitting it. Alternatively you can just mail them at the address provided. Also listed is a postal address (though what exactly you’d find there were you to walk in is anyone’s guess!) a telephone number, and the website comes with a built-in Live Chat feature.

For all the originality of the Absolutiva website which is great, a lot of that is undone by copy/pasted texts. In one case the admin even neglected to change the name of the HYIP the texts were copied from which is exceptionally sloppy. OK, this may be down to the designer rather than the admin, assuming they are two different people, but essentially it’s the admin’s responsibility. Another thing is the Absolutiva Careers page, where the “job” that’s advertised there is taken directly from a Canadian third level educational institute, making it a pointless exercise to even place the page there at all. Well, I guess it makes it look more professional in the eyes of less experienced players so in that case it might help the cash flow, but there’s very little there for the longer term more urbane investors with a knowledge of the industry to sit up and take notice of. Not to go on about it too much, but my point is the same as it always is – to treat Absolutiva as you would any high risk online venture. Set yourself a spending limit that’s affordable to you, and if joining then use Absolutiva as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. Because if any single program in your portfolio collapses the remaining programs will shield you from heavy losses.



Two more programs are having problems now, and investments in them are NOT recommended since they were officially moved to Problem status on MNO. Their advertising banners have been also removed so not to mislead any readers. I’m talking about InvestForia and MetalROI.

InvestForia seems to be struggling recently with all kinds of problems coming their way during the last few days – delayed STP withdrawals, missing STP deposits, and finally unreturned principals. The last “issue” was actually the main reason I have moved them to Problem status on MNO tonight. I could understand that the admin cannot be held responsible for payment processor issues but there is no excuse for not returning the original principals as clearly stated in his terms of service. He is fully aware of that, by the way, since last night and didn’t do anything to rectify the situation and credit or pay manually the original deposits. I’m not the only one complaining about this either and at the moment it looks like he set this up deliberately hoping investors will forget that they are also owed the principal back on expiry of the program’s 60 day investment term. Some small withdrawals to LR and PM are still getting paid by InvestForia (mostly to monitors, of course!) but please don’t let yourselves be fooled. The program is in trouble and will go soon for sure unless the admin does something urgently which I doubt he intends to. There were more complaints also about the missing STP deposits still being made despite the fact that this shouldn’t be a problem anymore as the payment processor is back to normal now. Plus one of the members told me that he was paid by InvestForia but not to LibertyReserve as he requested by to STP, which just answers another question – the admin doesn’t want SolidTrustPay funds but he will most probably keep LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. I believe it was his original plan from the beginning to finish the program before the first payouts on expiry had to be processed. Anyway, the admin of InvestForia is aware of all this but apparently is either doing nothing to rectify it or doesn’t care because he knows his program is collapsing. In any case, it would be dangerous to keep investing in InvestForia at this point and I will let you know if anything changes there!

MetalROI just stopped paying today and the admin stopped replying to my emails ignoring requests and not providing an explanation for pending withdrawals from his program which have already exceeded 36 hours (promised payment timeframe was 24 hours). MetalROI was in the same position as InvestForia now and it was about to return the first deposits on expiry of its first cycle in a few days. Apparently the admin has no money to fulfill his obligations to investors and that is why he has decided to pull the plug just in time. Just in a couple of days after the program with very similar plans and setup – SilveStructure – was gone it was expected from MetalROI to have cashflow issues too as many believed the program might be closely connected with SilverStructure and possibly run by the same admin. Just rumor and speculation which we can’t prove, but the collapse of another popular program became yet another blow to the HYIP industry which was seemingly unaffected by the usual summer slowdown before. MetalROI is a 100% scam so please do not invest there and spread the word about that!


The admin of the above reviewed Absolutiva knows how to keep everyone wondering what is going on and keep up interest in his program. Today there was a short update informing members of server maintenance which will not affect the performance of the site (for me it worked perfectly ok, so I can confirm that) but at the same time will do something important which the admin can’t disclose for security reasons. I have no idea why issuing this update at all then, but I guess it’s always good to remind your loyal customers about your existence and make sure you to know that something is always going on behind the curtains. Here is the latest news from Absolutiva issued today:

Server Maintenance – 07/25/2012
This email is to inform you that we are currently performing a server maintenance. This maintenance is needed in order to maximize the level of protection. The maintenance will last approximately 24 hours but it will not affect your surfing experience. For security purposes, we are unable to disclose, in details, the tasks that will be performed.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.


It looks that another mystery has been revealed today in regards to the multiple messages sent by the admin of EzyProfitHome to the membership for the last couple of days. The messages were more than weird and had only “test” and “testing message” contained with no real content or meaning. It appeared today that it was done by the script developer working on a problem with undelivered messages but such a strange practice looks more like spam to me.

Anyway, as you know EzyProfitHome pays you 10% daily until you decide to cashout and most possibly the program is experiencing some cashflow issues now as the admin announced about the bonus shares which would be added to your account when purchasing 10, 20.50 or 100 shares $10 each worth. The fifth payment processor accepted by the program became EgoPay which joined SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Payza (surprise-surprise) which are all still taken by EzyProfitHome. Here is the latest from the program which was first reviewed on MNO here:

If you don’t know where you’re going, look on the bright side, you can never get lost!
Hello EzyProfitHome family, and a special welcome to our new members! My name is Linda, Admin of EzyProfitHome.
First, I want to apologies for the recent delay to support tickets /updates. I have been having problem in sending out mass email to all members. I just got hold of the script developer yesterday who has been on holiday. He finally fixed the error.
Just want to touch base with you and affirm that all is super-well on the “home front”. Payouts are 100% up-to-date at this moment, all support mails will be answered shortly, and EzyProfitHome is ROCKING !!! We feel this is a reason to hold up our heads and be proud of EzyProfitHome ‘s accomplishments. As long as our members stand behind us as firmly as they have always done, there is no limit to where we can go!! We sincerely thank you for your commitment to EzyProfitHome!
As a way to show our appreciation to our members we are offering a 2 days special upgrade bonus. Below are the details.
1. Buy a shares worth $100 and receive a 1 free share worth $10
2. Buy a shares worth $200 and receive a 2 free shares worth $20
3. Buy a shares worth $500 and receive a 5 free shares worth $50
4. Buy a shares worth $1000 and above and receive a up to 10 free shares worth $100
We strongly encourage all free members to upgrade their account, If you’re serious about succeeding online, then this really is the way to go. Upgraded members earn far greater profits than Free Members for the same amount of effort.
We add new payment processor EGOPAY.COM
Your promotional link
“If you don’t know where you’re going, look on the bright side, you can never get lost!”
Very Proud EzyProfitHome Support and Plat Member”.


It looks like some members of KISnP trying to win the third referral contest held by the admin Zepp (interviewed here) do not clearly understand the rules and are sending spam and self-referring (joining the program under their own referral links) which is strictly forbidden by the rules. Only yesterday the rules of the contest were posted and a huge cash prize of $2,000 was promised to the lucky winner who brings 60 active referrals to the program first but already some violations were detected. Again Zepp had to warn everyone for the last time that cheating would not be tolerated and the members of KISnP doing so would not only be disqualified from the participation but their accounts will be closed and the funds forfeited. I believe that after a second warning posted in the newsletter tonight the admin has every right to take action. To those still trying to cheat in order to win the next ref contest with KISnP (reviewed here) please read the following email carefully:

KISnP URGENT Update: Referral Contest Rule
Hi Members,
I clearly stated in the contest details that we will not allow any kind of SPAMMING and abusive way of getting referrals.
To those who does not know what spamming is, you can go to the links below for its definition:
We are not joking with the punishment to be given to those who will not follow the rules.
I received complaints already from people who received 100+ emails telling them to join KISnP.
This particular member will be given a very strong warning along with disqualification from the contest and followed by the punishment if did not stop.
Here is the part that everyone MUST remember:
We’ll not allow any kind of spamming and abusive way of getting referrals.
You can’t refer yourself also.
Anyone caught spamming and making different accounts just to take advantage of this contest won’t only get disqualified but his/her main account deleted and any earnings and/or funds on it confiscated without any refunds to be given.
I hope that we are now all clear about this issue.
Please use proper method to get referrals and win in this contest.
Best of luck to everyone.
Admin, Zepp

That is not all though as the second of tonight’s newsletter from KISnP dealt with the very recent issue of some deposits via SolidTrustPay which were not credited properly to members’ accounts while the money had actually been sent in the STP system. A temporary glitch in STP was already reported and the admin advises anyone affected to click the special link in your member’s area and submit all the details via the form provided. It will be handled asap by Zepp and your deposit should be then added manually within 12 hours. I would like to remind you that KISnP has also started to accept EgoPay recently which became the fourth payment processor taken by them along with LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and STP. The current investment plans offer you 4.5% for 50 business days and 3.75% for 80 business days returns for larger deposits. As for smaller investors they can try one of the non-expiry plans with the possibility to withdraw the original principal after 150 calendar days – 1.1% per business day forever, 6.25% weekly forever, or 30% monthly forever. The latest newsletter from KISnP in regards to the current STP issue is posted below:

KISnP Update: STP Deposit Error
Hi Members,
Pardon me if I am sending a lot of updates today.
This will be the last for today…
Anyway I am done processing all payouts for today. So I will resume tomorrow.
And just almost 2 hours ago, deposits made through STP are not being posted in member’s area.
Our programmer already checked what causing it and found out the error is at STP’s server side.
The fund is not missing and transfer to our STP account is successful.
We even are receiving the payment notification email from STP.
But somewhere in between some data is missing and not being posted back to us.
So the best solution for this, to all who will deposit using STP, after you are done sending the deposit and it was not automatically posted in your member’s area, just click the Report a Missing Deposit link and give the needed details then submit it.
Once received, I will cross check them then will manually activate it.
Please give me up to 12 hours to process it after submitting a request.
I am not always in front of the computer but will do my best to process them in the fastest time I can.
I know this is just a temporary glitch with STP and hopefully it will be fixed ASAP by them.
Ok this is getting too long.
Again click the Report a Missing Deposit if your STP deposits are not posted automatically in your member’s area.
Ok end.
Admin, Zepp.


Due to the growing danger of phishing emails soliciting personal information about your account the administration of SolidTrustPay recently posted a very interesting article on their official blog. Basically it contains all the necessary precautions which you can take to avoid the theft of your personal info not only from SolidTrustPay but in other payment processors too and even your bank and credit card details. So please read the article and closely follow the tips given to avoid being scammed and robbed which is very unpleasant. Take note of those security tips and always be alert about emails even if they look genuine:

Please be advised that a number of phishing scams have recently been reported by SolidTrust Pay members.
In light of these reports, we would like to remind members to be cautious when responding to messages asking for account details. Although we will, from time to time, ask you to provide a detail or two to confirm that you are the account holder, SolidTrust Pay will never email you asking that you confirm your personal account information by reply email or by typing it into an online form.
Some Tips to Help Avoid Phishing Scams
1. Check the reply-to address of suspicious emails asking you to confirm your personal details. Often times phishing emails appear to be coming from a familiar email address, but the replies are actually being directed to a suspicious email address.
2. Look for domain based email addresses. SolidTrust Pay will email you from addresses ending in . Emails claiming to be from our company but which are generated from a free email service should be regarded as suspicious.
3. Avoid clicking on unexpected embedded links. If you receive a link in an email, it is often safer to copy and paste the link or type it direct into your address bar, rather than clicking on the link directly. Links embedded in emails can be masked so that what looks like a friendly URL will actually connect you to a malicious or phishing website.
These are just a couple of tips to help guard your privacy from phishing scams. In addition, we encourage all members to stay educated about phishing techniques and other malicious activity online, as well as over the phone.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listAProfit.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, OneInv, EurexTrade, ProfitableSunrise, BensonUnion, KISnP, FelminaAlliance, DividendService, PlexCapital, PrimeXCash, Ivecon, Finvance, SafeRisk, Invest7Pro, GeniusCapital, DonaldsGroup.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, Absolutiva.
From MNO Basic list: PerfectLottery, GoldTradeFunds, OffshoreGain, HippoWin.

That is all I have for you tonight, guys. Unless there is something really important to report tomorrow I will take a day off which will be the last day before the Olympics start here on Friday (though the Ladies Football event started already). So I will try to enjoy the last day of peace and quiet before the public transport system goes into meltdown and the parks all become overcrowded and have a picnic somewhere along the river. I hope your day will be as pleasant, and stay tuned for more news from MNO very soon!

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