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11/08/2012. Dynasty7 Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! Dynasty7 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! I have a bit more than usual to catch up with today than the average Saturday, due to having to skip last night’s lengthy update from KISnP. Other than that there’s also been a steady flow of other industry related news stories to get through too. But first up for this evening and hot off the presses as they say is Dynasty7, a brand new mid-term HYIP that’s just opened. No prizes for guessing what recent successful program the admin might be hoping to emulate with a name like that, though Dynasty7 should of course be treated like any other HYIP and be judged purely on its own merits and performances. So let’s take a look at what they have to offer us.

To start with Dynasty7 remarkably basic, simple, and straightforward. Not a bad way to start I suppose. They are only offering one investment plan so there’s really not that much for you to think about. You either like it or you don’t. If you like it then join, if you don’t then move on. The only variations to the plan stem from how much you would like to deposit. The minimum amount you have to start with is $10 and the plan itself runs for 20 business days. During that time Dynasty7 are offering members a daily interest payment, made from Monday to Friday only, for the plan’s duration. The interest rate is determined by the size of your principal which will not be returned at the end because Dynasty7 are counting it as part of the payments.

The actual interest rates themselves are calculated as follows:
For deposits between the $10 minimum required to join Dynasty7 and $499 you are repaid 7% interest per day for 20 business days. That adds up to a total return of 140%, or your own money back (which takes you 15 payment days to recoup) plus 40% profit.

Following on from that, higher rates are made available but only for those prepared to gamble a bit more. Deposits starting from a $500 minimum for instance and all the way up to $999 are being offered 7.5% for 20 business days. By the time the term comes to an end your payments should add up to 150% in total, and as Dynasty7 are counting your principal as part of that then it’s your own money plus 50% profit.

Those depositing between $1,000 and $2,999 should see Dynasty7 pay them an 8% daily interest rate for the 20 business day duration, meaning payments add up to 160% by expiry. As your principal is included that means the net profit is 60%.

For a $3,000 minimum the rate rises to 8.5% for 20 business days, which Dynasty7 pay on everything up to a top value of $7,999. Dynasty7 includes your principal and in doing so leave you with payments totaling 170%, or your own money plus 70% profit.

And lastly for anything bigger than that, ie $8,000 or more with no stated maximum Dynasty7 are paying 9% interest for 20 business days. With your principal included in those payments the return adds up to 180% by the end of the term, or 80% net profit.

One thing I like about Dynasty7 is their fine choice of payment options. As well as the almost universal LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney you’ll also find SolidTrustPay which is always a welcome sign, plus Dynasty7 are among a growing number of HYIPs switching over from Payza to EgoPay (though it’s not as if there was much of a choice available in this regard). Payments are made manually by the admin and so will need to be requested from within your Dynasty7 member’s account area. Once done they’re generally pretty speedy in processing the withdrawals for you, committing to have all of them completed in a maximum of 12 hours. Just don’t forget that the program doesn’t work on the weekends, so if making a request on let’s say Friday evening you should be prepared for a wait. The rest of the week shouldn’t take too long though.

Despite only being around for something like two days Dynasty7 have already suffered their first DDoS attack (welcome to the HYIP industry, lol!) and so the admin found it necessary to move the site to a totally new hosting provider. Dynasty7 are now hosted on a dedicated server by CloudFlare, not a particularly common name in the HYIP industry but a dependable one nevertheless. What few HYIP related websites I’m aware of them handling don’t seem to suffer any major downtime, so fingers crossed this is not purely down to good luck and coincidence. Apart from that the program runs off a script under license from GoldCoders and is SSL encrypted for safer browsing and more secure transactions. If you have any further questions, comments, or account related issues then the Dynasty7 admin can be reached by filling out the support ticketing form on the contacts page and submitting it. You may also notice a banner that says “Live Support”. I’m not sure exactly that the admin’s definition of that is, but when you click it nothing happens.

You’ll find next to no information on any kind of serious business plan backing the whole thing up by the way, so don’t bother looking too closely into it. Just three short sentences that are already directly copy/pasted from other HYIP websites, so obviously that’s exactly the way you need to handle Dynasty7 and any investments you make there. And I know I repeat this in every single review (and I’ll continue repeating it as long as people choose not to listen to it) but if you want to play in this business you have to set yourself a sensible spending limit as you would when making a bet on something you don’t know anything about, and if joining Dynasty7 at all then it’s better to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Something I didn’t cover last night, due to it being too late and simply not having enough time, was quite a lengthy news update from Zepp, the admin of KISnP. I don’t really think I’m going to help anyone understand it by overanalyzing it myself here first, (it’s already long enough without any help from me!) but I will try to give you just a brief summary of what the whole thing is about first. Incidentally Zepp did quite a decent job in explaining KISnP in my interview with him first published on MNO here, so you might like to check that out as well. I also wanted to say that as there are some significant improvements in the pipeline for KISnP that I might do an updated review of the program when I have a free day. Currently the program pays out on plans offering 1.1% per business day forever, 6.25% weekly forever, 30% monthly forever, optional principal return after 150 days, and for larger investments 4.5% for 50 business days or 3.75% for 80 business days. It’s become one of the undisputed hits of the summer and since first opening last May have stormed their up the MNO Premium List to the #2 position. You can read the existing review of KISnP here.

But getting on to the subjects raised in Zepp’s newsletter, as you can see in my description above KISnP have a varied selection of plans, some that have fixed investment terms that expire on a fixed date, and others that pay on a perpetual basis, ie they pay for as long as you choose to remain a member and what the admin refers to as Forever Plans. Very soon however in order to make a deposit in the daily paying plans an investor must first have a deposit in one of the Forever plans. There are various reasons outlined for this but basically they can all be summed up in one simple line – maintaining tighter controls over the program’s cash flow. And that of course is the best way to keep the program as strong as possible for as long as possible.

Now, despite this being for the greater good of the program as a whole and its collective membership, there will always be a number of members who won’t like it. So in the second part of the update Zepp is introducing what might be described almost as a kind of incentive scheme. Basically what happens is that he sets a target for the day for how much money he would realistically expect to see deposited in KISnP. I imagine this target will rise and fall based on his analysis of industry conditions, what’s going on with the competition, what day of the week it is, and so on. Now, assuming this target figure is met, Zepp then takes a predetermined percentage of that money and redistributes it among the members who deposited on that day and therefore helped generate the pot. I suppose it’s a bit like getting a referral commission payment for your own deposit in a way.

Keep reading for the full update from KISnP, but do remember that if you need to contact Zepp with any further questions he can often be found logged-in to the MNO shoutbox which he occasionally uses as support tool to chat with members and deal with any issues:

KISnP IMPORTANT Update: Details of the 2 Major Features
Hi Members,
Let us go directly to the most important part of this Newsletter.
The information everyone is waiting for.
Last week, I mentioned in my Newsletter that within the next 2 weeks I will be sending a very important Newsletter that will contain details of new features we will implement into KISnP to ensure sustainability and stability of the program for a long time.
Today is that day.
So there will be 2 major features soon to be implemented into KISnP that will ensure sustainability and stability of the program.
They are:
1. Tiered Investment System
– So what is this feature?
First allow me to say that the main offered Solution of KISnP is the Forever Plans which composed of 3 Plans:
Forever Daily, Forever Weekly and Forever Monthly
So this feature is to boost them and be utilized by our members.
So in short, this feature will force everyone to invest first into Forever Plans before they can invest into Daily Plans.
– Why this feature is needed?
Before anyone think negatively, NO we are not experiencing any cash flow issues or problems at the moment.
In fact we are growing daily in terms of deposits.
And we have a very good amount of reserve funds which is growing steadily as we are adding profits from our different investment portfolios and I am also putting percentage of profits from my own personal investments.
However, we feel the need of implementing this feature because majority of the deposits are in Daily Plans and if we will not put a control on it at this early stage, it might soon create cash flow issues which I am sure no one wants to happen.
So before that happens, we are going to put preventive measures already.
This way, in the long run, KISnP will be more sustainable and can pay to our members even when the time comes that there are no new deposits coming in already.
And as per our evaluation, this will ensure that KISnP can be sustained not only for months to come but for years to come.
– How this feature works?
Weekly we will set a percentage of how much deposit a member must have first into Forever Plans before they can make a deposit into Daily Plans.
We will base the percentage needed to implement from the total profits added into our reserve funds from the previous week.
So it can go as high as 100% or as low as 0%.
Every Sunday, we will determine the percentage to run for the coming week and new percentage will be set every 12:01AM of Monday server time and will run until 11:59PM of Sunday server time.
The system will check the active deposit each member has into Forever Plans and will determine how much a member is allowed to deposit into Daily Plans.
An eligibility status message will be seen inside the member’s area which will be located between the set of buttons and account summary.
Best Example:
Week of August 20th to August 26th.
Set percentage is 50%.
1. Member has a total active deposit of $100 to Forever Plans, eligibility status will be:
You are not allowed to make a deposit into Daily Plans
2. Member has a total active deposit of $300 to Forever Plans, eligibility status will be:
You are eligible to make one of the following deposits:
– $500 up to $600 to Daily Plan 1
3. Member has a total active deposit of $600 to Forever Plans, eligibility status will be:
You are eligible to make one of the following deposits:
– $500 up to $1,200 to Daily Plan 1
– $1000 up to $1,200 to Daily Plan 2
Now, if a member did not make any deposit to Daily Plans even if he is eligible to do so, once the week ended and a new week started, any eligibility he has from previous week will not be counted or rolled over to the present week.
Week of August 20th to August 26th.
Set percentage is 50%.
Member has a total investment of $1,500 to Forever Plans that made him eligible to deposit $500 up to $3,000 to Daily Plan 1 or $1000 up to $3,000 to Daily Plan 2 but he did not use or did not make any deposit to Daily Plans.
Week of August 27th to September 2nd.
Set percentage is 50%.
Member will see that their eligibility to deposit up to $3,000 to Daily Plans 1 and 2 is no longer there and eligibility status message will now go back to:
You are not allowed to make a deposit to Daily Plans.
2. Forever Plans Hit-a-Goal Incentive
– So what is this feature?
This feature compliments the implementation of the forced deposits to Forever Plans.
– Why this feature is needed?
To soften the blow of forcing members to make a deposit first into Forever Plans before allowing them to deposit into Daily Plans, we feel that giving an incentive is a must.
This way, members will still have fun even though being obligated to follow the rule of first feature.
And every type of members, small and big investors, will benefit from this.
Also this feature will help members to work as a team which is definitely beneficial to each and every member of KISnP and will also add into the program’s stability.
– How this feature works?
Daily we will set a target amount of deposit to Forever Plans needed to achieve.
Take note, only new deposits to Forever Plans will be counted and all members who made a deposit into Forever Plans will receive an incentive which will be distributed equally.
An indicator bar will be seen inside member’s area which will be located between the set of buttons and account summary and above the Eligilibity status message.
Best Example:
Monday, August 20th
Set Target Amount: $10,000
The indicator bar will show the percentage of what has been achieved already and what percentage is still needed to hit the 100% goal.
Once the indicator bar hit 100%, that means the target amount of $10,000 deposit for the day is already achieved.
Now, 5% of the target amount will be set aside to be distributed equally to all the members who deposited for the day. So 5% of $10,000 is $500.
Let say there are a total of 100 members deposited into Forever Plans then $500 will be equally distributed giving each member $5 as their incentive for helping on reaching the daily target.
This is regardless of how much each member deposited individually.
And this incentive will be credited into the member’s account which can be withdrawn anytime.
Our target implementation of these 2 major features is between August 20th and August 22nd.
Our programmer is now working on them and by next week will be finished and we will do some testing to make sure they are both working perfectly.
Also these features will not affect current deposits and deposits made before the implementation.
I made everything clear as much as I can but I know that members will still have questions, so to those who are a member of MNO Shoutbox you can go there because I will be there to answer questions.
To those who are not a member of MNO Shoutbox, if you have any questions and clarifications, please do not hesitate to send me an email and I will do my best to answer them all promptly.
Admin, Zepp.


Last night I reported about the coming scheduled maintenance for LibertyReserve which planned to be finished within two hours, but as usually happens with this messy payment processor the maintenance resulted in disaster as for many hours (not two as claimed!). Sometimes it was totally inaccessible and sometimes with limited accessibility displaying multiple errors. Some HYIP admins including Denise from AProfit (reviewed here) complained about this and cited these issues as the main reason why the payouts requested to LibertyReserve are going to pending status instead of being paid instantly like AProfit usually does on all the investment plans it accepts via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay – 10%-20% for 15 days, 250%-500% after 30 days, 3000% after 60 days. Mass payment system is not working well at the moment and Denise asks members for patience until a resolution. For the time being the withdrawals to LibertyReserve are processed manually, so it will take more time for you to get paid. And here is the latest one from AProfit (reviewed here):

About Libertyreserve Withdraw Again
Hello everyone,
We have sent out newsletter about 20 hours before about the Scheduled Maintenance of Libertyreserve. It seems that till now there is still a problem with their mass pay system. We have tried to process pending withdraws manually,but every time it saying ‘504 bad gateway” which has been happened about 2 weeks before. So please be patient. We also hope this problem would be resolved asap by Libertyreserve.
Best Wishes
AProfit Team”.


I wasn’t even aware that the site of the above reviewed program Dynasty7 was offline due to DDoS attacks. Maybe I was offline while this was going on but I myself haven’t noticed any interruptions. Anyway, the new hosting is CloudFlare as I already mentioned in my review and hopefully Dynasty7 will be working stable and without downtimes. Here is the latest newsletter from the admin of Dynasty7 regarding this:

DDoS Attack and Network Upgrade
At approximately 6:05 AM on 8/9/2012, Engineers were alerted to an inbound PPS (packet per second) attack against dynasty7. At 6:15 PM, Snoork Hosting Engineers identified the attack and continue to mitigate all prefixed being attacked, effectively controlling the attack.
At 09:48 on 8/10/2012, under a large scale flood attack targeting GET pages on Dynasty7 Due to the size of the attack, we were forced to stop web service , in order to upgrade necessary network / Server infrastructure to control DDoS attack.
After few hours of site upgrade, We are back online. Please note that your withdraw requests will be accomplished ASAP, and within 48 business hours. Please be patient.
Business Days are: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays);
Working Hours: 8:30AM – 6:00PM.
Thanks for your join and patient.


I must say that after a few days of silence from the admin of StockFunds I have finally received an answer today where he sounded really surprised to see his program on Problem status on MNO. He also admitted he failed to reply to my emails regarding the delayed payouts for over 48 hours to me and some of readers and assured me that he would do his best to prevent this from happening again. I have accepted his apology and moved StockFunds (reviewed here) back to Paying status on MNO as my readers have now also confirmed that they are paid by the program on time. I sincerely hope that these delays won’t happen in the future, and if you wish to wait for a while in order to make sure the admin is up to his promise it’s totally understandable. If he’s serious about running his program and he told me that in his email that he’s going to run it for a very long time he would not mind the members’ approach to test his good will with timely payouts over some period of time. StockFunds pays from 1.35% to 2% for the duration of 150 calendar days with 10% of your deposit automatically being reinvested back into the plan (some sort of compulsory compounding if you wish to call it that). Note that StockFunds accepts SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and the minimum to invest starts from $10 which is the price of one share.


Being the newest payment processor in the HYIP industry and currently being only accepted by market leader NewGNi, PexPay surely needs a boost in membership that will help them get off the ground and compete on a par with the industry leaders. As PexPay is a payment processor which requires verification one of the main funding methods direct bank wires which is available for all verified members. So for the duration of August PexPay offers a promotional campaign and reduced fees to $10 (from the current $25) on all wire deposits starting from $200. A step-by-step guide on how to do the wire transfer is given in the latest newsletter sent by PexPay which you should follow it to get it done properly and apply for the discounted fees rate. I remind you that you can create your new PexPay account here, then fund it and make a deposit into NewGNi or any other program that will accept this payment processor in the near future. Please read more on the bank wire promotion below:

Bank Wire Promotion
Hello PexPay Customer,
We wanted to send a very short email to everyone about some exciting news. For the rest of this month we are lowering our wire deposit fee to 10.00 for all customers that send in a wire for 200.00 or more. We are doing this as a way for you to try PexPay’s wire deposit feature. We have a good number of new customers joining daily now, and many of them are also either verified or submitting their verification documents, so we thought this would be a great time to allow everyone the chance to fund their account by wire with a discounted price.
To make a deposit using a wire you will need to do the following:
Login to your PexPay account.
Click on the deposit tab at the top of your main account page.
Complete the required fields on the wire deposit page
Enter your Security Guard Pin, and then click the add wire funding button.
Click the link for the printable wire instructions.
On the instructions page click the print wire instructions link.
Take the printout of the instructions to your bank.
Wait 2-3 business days for a deposit notice from PexPay and your done.
We must have all wires in and processed by 8/31/12 to get the discounted rate. As soon as 9/1/12 EST is here the fee will return to the normal 25.00 fee.
This is not something we will do often, but we feel it is a great way for people thinking of using PexPay to give us a try at a discounted rate.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and thank you for choosing PexPay.


The first program added to MNO’s Premium listing this morning is PerfectLiberty which is a short-term game paying both hourly and daily. The admin also chose quite an aggressive advertising strategy on my site by applying for Sticky listing for one month and also buying the big banner on MNO index page for the same period of time. The most interesting thing about PerfectLiberty is its longevity as the first mention of it on the main investment forums date back to the end of March 2012 meaning the program has been up and paying huge returns for four and a half months (!). Well, don’t get too excited about that as it’s a well-known strategy of slow advertising and accepting only monitors’ money and paying them so they could post on the forums and the HYIP owners would wait for the perfect time when they can make the site more well-known and show off their established records to potential investors. Well, I guess the time for PerfectLiberty is now as the admin is now pretty serious in featuring his program on popular advertising resources like MNO and promoting it heavily. I believe PerfectLiberty is a popular enough program and surely first of all one should pay attention to its hourly plans paying 8% for 13 hours and 14% for 14 hours. Then there are also a few on expiry plans available as usual ranging from the decently priced to the outrageously expensive minimums to invest and potential profits to bring – 104%-130% after 1 day, 125%-200% after 5 days, 200%-800% after 15 days, 5,000% after 23 days, 10,000% after 33 days. Since PerfectLiberty website is running off a licensed GoldCoders script you have to make withdrawal requests which are promised to be paid within 10 hours. Obviously, as it derives from the name of the program PerfectLiberty accepts only two payment processors – LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – starting from ` $10 minimum which can be higher for some plans. I will discuss more on those plans in the upcoming review of PefectLiberty on my blog next week, but can already confirm that I have received the first payouts to both LR and PM within the mentioned timeframe and so far am pretty satisfied with the level of service provided and fast payouts. The security of the website is also pretty good with SSL encryption by Comodo and hosting on a dedicated server provided and supported by AntiDdos which name is kinda famous for its quality protection against DDoS attacks and hosting of many successful short term games in the past. If you’re really unsure if you want to believe that PerfectLiberty managed to survive with such high-paying plans for over four months you can check out the forum threads yourself. In addition to that, I have found the news update dated a couple of weeks ago and posted on PerfectLiberty‘s website commemorating the first achievements on the first four months online. Here is the newsletter for your attention:

PL – Over 4 month online!
Hello, PL Members!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
This is me here again, to bring you some fresh news and updates. PL website has been online for 130 days as of now, and it’s really an amazing feat to have achieved. We are getting more than 1000 member registrations on a daily basis, which obviously, will increase at an exponential rate, in the next weeks to come.
Some of PL members, who are new to hyip industry, ask us how PL website works.
All they have to do is, register on our website, login to their own account, and invest the amount they wish, in the investment plan they like.
Investments into the “130% after 1 day” plan, will give you back a total of 130%, of which 100% is your principal amount, and the rest up to 30% is your profit.
Investments into the “14% hourly for 14 hours” plan, will give you back a total of 196%, of which 100% is your principal amount, and the rest 96% is your profit within only 14 hours!
For example, if you invest $10000 in the “130% after 1 day” plan, you will be returned back a total of $13000, at the end of the 1st day, of which $10000 is your principal amount, and $3000 is your profit. Your withdrawal will be processed within 10 hours after request.
We have over 50000 members now, out of which over 25000 members are active, with 64% of them with high deposits, making high incomes. Deposits to PL are soaring high, and so is growth and level of excitement.
 We would like to congratulate each and every member who is making profits with us, and moreover, we would like to thank every single one of you, for your continuous support and promotion.
Together, we will re-write the history of high yield investment programs. When the other programs become a history, we will still be here, and our members will still be earnings a lot of money from us.
All payments are processed as usual. See you really soon in our next newsletter!
Best regards,
as usually your Rico Ganj.


The second program added to my Premium listing is called Daily2Profit. This is a brand-new HYIP launched just today. The admin promises to pay investors 2% for the duration of 100 calendar days. As far as I can understand your principal is included in daily payouts and is not going to be returned on expiry. Although the plan is not explained very well on the website and I’m still waiting for a clarification from the admin which I hope to receive before the more detailed review of Daily2Profit is published on MNO next week. The minimum to invest in the program is quite high for a program with low returns and starts from $50 while the choice of payment processors is pretty good with SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney all accepted as payment processors. Daily2Profit is an SSL-secured site running off a very rare script which name I don’t know but which I spotted in a couple of other programs before. I might just assume that they were all run by the same administration as it usually happens in the HYIP industry which is not necessarily a bad thing as with every new program an admin becomes more experienced and could run them for longer periods of time. What I dislike about Daily2Profit website is its poor and unattractive layout, very brief plan description and hosting on a shared server with no apparent protection from DdoS-attacks. I hope all the drawbacks will not affect the site’s performance and it will run for enough time to make some profits. More on the program please read on MNO blog in the upcoming review soon!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listAProfit, 711Finance, PerfectLiberty (the first payments received).
From MNO Premium list: EurexTradeDividendService, Ivecon, GeniusCapital, SafeRisk, WealthFreedomFund, StockFundsWestFinanceGroup, KBSInvestment.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, Dynasty7.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds, YachtWealthClub, Profit4Saving.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Tomorrow I’m taking a well-deserved day off and heading into Hyde Park to watch the closing ceremony for the Olympics on giant screens which I’m sure you will join me at home. But don’t forget to check MNO anyway as an interview with the admin of Finvance is going to be published and possibly even another new program introduced! Don’t miss the interview with Finvance which recently started accepting EgoPay and SolidTrustPay in addition to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney where first investors were already well in profit from its 8% for 20 business day investment plan (click here to read my full review of the program here). So, have a really nice Sunday and watch for the interview with Finvance on MNO. As for the regular daily news I will be returning to publishing it on MNO on the following Monday when the new business week begins. See you all on my blog soon and enjoy what’s left of your weekend!

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