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Beware! Daily2Profit has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I have a number of new additions to my monitoring page to cover this week. So tonight before we get to the news section I’m going to continue with a pretty simple long term HYIP which is brand new after launching just over the weekend. It’s called Daily2Profit and if you’re interested in hearing more – some of you may like it, some of you may not – then I’ll run through some of the program’s main features for you below. See if you think it’s worth taking a gamble on.

And to be perfectly honest it is bit of a gamble as there are some flaws to Daily2Profit not generally seen in the majority of premium listed programs on my monitor, but to be fair they still work pretty much like every other online HYIP in the sense of the basic mechanics of the whole thing, ie you join in the hope that you will be one of the ones taking more money out than you put in. But the first drawback to Daily2Profit, and I am by no means the first to comment on this, is the relatively high minimum required to join in the first place. It’s $50, a figure you might get away with after six months of stable work and if you were one of the top two or three programs on the net, but not really if you are still brand new with everything still to prove.

Of course that’s the admin’s decision. It may well frighten off a lot of the smaller players, but there you go. As for the investment plans themselves, well that much is pretty easy because there’s only one of them. For your $50 minimum deposit the investment term runs for 100 calendar days, during which Daily2Profit offer a daily interest payment of 2%. So that would allow you to break even (earn back an amount equal to what you spent in the first place) after fifty days, and eventually complete the cycle with payments accumulating to 200%, or double your money back. There is no stated maximum limit put on investments.

At this point I have to say that the plan itself is very poorly explained on the program’s website and it’s not made clear if Daily2Profit will return your principal on expiry or not. I did take this matter (and others) up with the admin and asked if this was the case. At the time of writing I have now been waiting four days for him to answer the question, but for whatever reason best known to himself he has decided not to reply. So I can only work off the safest assumption and guess that no, your principal is not returned on expiry.

Well at least things improve a little with the choice of payment processors. Apart from usual HYIP admin first choices of LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, you can opt to go through SolidTrustPay if you prefer. Payments are made manually by the admin and should be requested from inside your Daily2Profit member’s account area.

Other areas with vast room for improvement are to be found in the design and security of the program. Granted it is SSL secured (though that should be only a bare minimum requirement anyway). The script is rare enough but far from unique as I have seen it use by a handful of other programs in the last few months. What I dislike about the Daily2Profit website is its poor and rather muddled layout. Added to that its half finished descriptions with an FAQ page that causes more questions than it answers. Hosting on a shared server with no apparent protection from DDoS attacks that I can see, and in this industry that may as well be an invitation for trouble as you’ll get absolutely nowhere without some professional defense. Again I did give the admin ample opportunity to explain this, but again four days later and he’s still preferring not to answer. Though if you’d care to raise any support issues or questions with him yourself then you can contact Daily2Profit by filling in your details on the support form and submitting it via the contacts page. You may also notice a Live Chat feature though I myself have yet to see it turned on.

But whether he deems it necessary to answer me or not isn’t something I particularly care about one way or another. It’s his business to run as he sees fit, not mine. All I will say is what I do care about is that for the sake of the investors there that he will at least do something to address the drawbacks there and take a more serious attitude to running Daily2Profit. Just for the record texts are copy/pasted so I wouldn’t put that much faith in the claims of Daily2Profit being anything other than a high risk online HYIP and certainly not the investment company they claim. So as always behave sensibly when spending your own money in an arena where refunds and recoveries are rare if things don’t work out for you and try to protect yourself from heavy losses in one program by keeping a diverse and well balanced portfolio.



Some STP customers had been asking me recently about the official blog of SolidTrustPay and why it was unavailable, but it came back online yesterday with a new more appealing layout. The official relaunch of STP blog was also announced briefly:

Welcome to the relaunch of the STPay Blog.
Check here daily for up to the minute announcements and news!

And the first post on the relaunched blog was dedicated to the issue which made many US customers of SolidTrustPay concerned regarding the ability of the payment processor to deliver uninterrupted service and stay on top of the competition. Some readers even complained to me and said that the had been waiting for their ACH to get processed for weeks already and that the STP support didn’t answer their questions. Well, it looks like the clarification and explanation of what has happened is now available. And the most important and encouraging thing is that the pending withdrawal requests for US clients are already being processed and I can see that the first seven days of August payments are being made. By the end of the week there shouldn’t be any outstanding ACH withdrawal requests left and STP also stated the regular timeframe for processing such payouts which was severely disrupted by the issues with their former ACH provider. It took a few weeks to get back to normal after finding a new ACH provider, so now there shouldn’t be any further difficulties on that front. Please refer to the latest newsletter from SolidTrustPay for more information on that:

United States ACH Update
SolidTrust is pleased to announce that with the addition of another United States ACH (direct bank transfer) option, we will be completely caught up with all pending ACH withdrawal requests by Friday, August 17th. This update applies to member requests dated July 20 to August 7 (all requests after these dates are not experiencing any delays).
Please make note of the following clarifications:
if you have more than one pending transaction per day they may not all arrive in your bank account on the same day; expect them to arrive daily until completed
clearing times for requests dated from August 8 on are:
5 business days NOT counting the day you make your request
3 business days for Trust Card members NOT counting day of request
The strain, frustration and extreme inconvenience caused by the 3 week delay is fully acknowledged and recognized by SolidTrust Pay. Our primary ACH provider went offline on July 11 and despite their advising us it would only be a few days, they never came back online. SolidTrust worked feverishly to acquire a new provider which it has accomplished on August 3. We are extremely pleased to again be able to provide the fast, efficient and reliable bank transfer services that we have always been famous for.
We thank all our USA affected members for their patience and understanding.


The admin of 711Finance Amanda made investors nervous yesterday when a newsletter was issued announcing delays with payouts to LibertyReserve which is one of only two payment processors (the second one is PerfectMoney) accepted by her in the 12% for 12 days plan. Here’s the update:

LR again with Access Problems – Payments affected
Dear 711 membess, as all of you know, LibertyReserve does not work as usual since it’s site maintenance 2 days ago. That affects directly processing of payments. We are most of the time not able to access LR to process requested withdrawals. I try to get in contact with LR support to get some essential updates. Meanwhile it is safe to invest and withdraw using PM, as PM is not affected at all. Even if a few of you may be able to access LR randomly, it doesn’t mean it is accessible for others. As you all know me: I am dedicated to 711Finance and you, it’s members and investors, and will do what is necessary to continue where we left of 2 days ago. Thank you for all your support ____________________________ Amanda Russel -Admin- 711Finance.
PS: I will update you later on today. Don’t submit any tickets regarding this matter as we do not reply.

The fact is when I checked LibertyReserve with other programs later on it was working properly with all of them and I was even paid instantly by many. So, that excuse looked kinda unconvincing to say the least and even made me and some other investors doubt the admin’s good intentions and suspect a scam. However, Amanda managed to prove me wrong and later admitted to me in the private email:
As for now things work faster then before LRs site maintenance.
I am going to pay every one , and then we simply move on as we did before
that LR chaos.
Payment processing is done beginning from the oldest request to the newest one.

Amanda came to the MNO ShoutBox as well and was updating the investors of 711Finance there while processing the payouts to LibertyReserve later on. I appreciate her professional approach and I believe investors will reward the program for it. Anyway, it looks like 711Finance is back to normal and is processing withdrawals to LR as usual. For more information please refer to my review of the program posted here.

Finally, today is the official confirmation of resolved issues with LR was posted on the 711Finance website, asking for patience while she was trying to process withdrawals every 8 hours. Here is the very latest update from 711Finance:

Good News: Issues with and caused by LibertyReserve have been resolved
And here are good news: All issues with and caused by LibertyReseevre are resolved. We went through all your WD requests in shorter time than usual Please bear in mind: If LR and PM are working normal, we are processing withdrawals every 4-8 hours. That means, you should wait at least 8 hours before you can ask about your WD requests. Should we encounter probems with PM or LR, we will announce that as a reson for incresed WD time. Thanks Amanda


It seems I will not be reviewing PerfectLiberty on my blog neither tonight as I originally intended nor on any other night. The thing is the program has turned into a scam already and the admin is now paying only to monitors which is totally unacceptable for some decent monitors like MNO but it looks to be perfectly normal to all the others that keep displaying PerfectLiberty on Paying status despite all the complaints. MNO was again one of the first monitors moving PerfectLiberty to Waiting and then to Problem status after I made sure that the admin didn’t want to comment on the situation. I really appreciate all the monitoring sites that did move PerfectLiberty to Problem status already and would advise you to avoid all others that put their profits before the investors’ interests. Remember that by checking out statuses on quality monitors you’re saving money and will not let the admins fool you even if they keep paying to monitors. It’s bad to see PerfectLiberty go but it’s even worse to keep the current members in the dark while the program is already a pending scam. Please be aware of that and do not invest in that program!


You might have noticed a program that was listed on MNO’s Basic Listing about six days ago – YachtWealthClub. Today the admin has decided to make another step forward and upgrade his listing on MNO straight to Premium. Since I already received a few payments from them I’m going to review it already tomorrow. For now I will just introduce it and give you a brief outlook at its main features. YachtWealthClub accepts all the popular payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay – and also direct bank wire deposits. The minimum starts from $10 into the first plan paying 3%-3.5% for 7 days, and $50 for the second plan offering 4%-5% returns for 10 days. The interest is credited to your account every calendar day and since the program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script you have to login to it and make a withdrawal request. After doing so the money will be in your e-currency account within 24 hours. The original principal is returned on expiry in both plans, so you can see that they both offer you 21% pure profit minimum in a week and 40% profit minimum in ten days. These returns are not so high and can be sustained for some time, and YachtWealthClub has proved it already by running for nearly four weeks and always paying on time. As for security, everything is up to standard – SSL-encryption is provided by Comodo, and a dedicated server with DDoS protection by Koddos. More on YachtWealthClub will be in the full review to be published on my blog tomorrow.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list711Finance.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, KISnP, OneInv, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, BensonUnion, DividendService, FelminaAlliance, PlexCapital, Finvance, Ivecon, GeniusCapital, SafeRisk, InflexCapitalMegaProfitAds, WestFinanceGroup, MutualAssets, Absolutiva, YachtWealthClub, KBSInvestment, Daily2Profit (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, Dynasty7.
From MNO Basic list: GoldTradeFunds.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. See you on MNO tomorrow for more news from the HYIP industry!

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