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 Beware! PrimeX7 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! I have a number of shorter term HYIPs that joined the MNO monitor in the last few days to look at for you in more detail between now and the end of the week, and I guess like most things you find in this business are of varying degrees of quality. In other words some are always better than others, so that’s why I’ll be going through all the main features and you can then easily separate what you like from what you don’t like. So this evening I’m going to continue with one called PrimeX7, and we’ll see if you think it might be worth taking a chance on or not.

There are five investment plans in PrimeX7 for you to choose from, all of which pay on expiry of varying, mostly short, terms. The first of these plans runs for just 1 calendar day, so in other words join today and get paid tomorrow, and I have to say I can’t really see any compelling reason to join any other plan in PrimeX7 apart from this one. Assuming you’re going to join at all that is. The minimum deposit is $10 and the final return is 107%, principal included. So spend $100 and get $107 back in return. Even for similar one day style plans which have often been so popular in the past 7% does look to be very much at the higher end of things, so I do have to wonder how long this can be sustained, especially when the later plans have even more difficult targets to meet. The maximum allowed here is $1000. For your information I will of course give you the details of the other plans. Information is free after all, and it’s up to you what you do with it.

So also coming with a $10 minimum price tag for joining is PrimeX7‘s next plan which pays on expiry of a 7 calendar day term. The final return is 157% and that includes your principal, ie your own money back plus 57% net profit. The maximum deposit for this plan goes up to $10,000.

For the third plan PrimeX7 are asking for a minimum deposit of $100, and in return are offering investors a once off payment of 207% on expiry of a term lasting 14 calendar days. Again this should include your principal. Deposits up to a maximum level of $30,000 are permitted.

The remaining two plans are even more unrealistic, but given the high cost of joining would be unlikely to attract many members anyway so are in turn unlikely to have much of an affect on how the program fares. $1,500 for example is the minimum required to join PrimeX7‘s fourth plan, which runs for 21 calendar days and offers one single payment on expiry of 267%, principal included. Maximum deposit is $40,000.

And finally for a minimum spend starting from $2,500 you may join the fifth plan from PrimeX7, which runs for 28 calendar days. On expiry you are offered a single payment of 307%, principal included, and with a maximum limit of $45,000.

Payment options are fairly solid with PrimeX7 taking deposits via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve prior to now, and most recently being joined by EgoPay just today. Members are paid manually by the admin and so you will need to log in to your PrimeX7 account area and make a request. Once you’ve done that you are then requested to allow a maximum of 24 hours for the admin to process all payments.

Something that I have to be completely blunt about here is the design and security of the website, and the fact is I just don’t like it. I mean there’s nothing that can’t be fixed, but it does seem the admin’s opinion is different from mine so I’m not really expecting him to do so. Specifically I’m referring to PrimeX7‘s choice of hosting provider. Even though they’ve only been online for a matter of days PrimeX7 has provided a very intermittent service with a lot of downtime. Even as late as this afternoon I had to write to the admin and ask what was going on, expecting I may have to postpone this review due to the instability of the website. The thing is they are hosted by a company called Snoork, who wouldn’t really be that well known in the HYIP industry. They in turn may also be unaware of the frequency and severity of DDoS attacks encountered here compared to more mainstream business. But I have come across Snoork a couple of times in the past with other programs, and every time I saw them there was nothing but constant problems, with the last program I saw there being forced to leave in order to survive. Some features are more positive, such as the SSL encryption of the PrimeX7 website by Comodo and the script which is licensed from GoldCoders. If you have any further questions for the admin or need to get in touch for any reason then PrimeX7 can be reached by filling in your details in the online support form and submitting it.

The actual content of the website contains nothing of substance, and there’s really not much to look at beyond the plans, deciding whether you think it’s worth a gamble or not. For the record PrimeX7 are describing themselves as a “wealth management” company, but I think we all know who’s really intended to get wealthy from this, right? Other than that there’s not much in the way of texts or even of any news of note, therefore it’s pretty obvious to everyone of you that PrimeX7 is an online HYIP and should be treated as such. It’s extremely high risk so just make sure you are comfortable with that before going any further, though for the sake of being even-handed here it also needs to be noted that a fair number of people will have seen a profit here already, given that PrimeX7 are paying after one day but have been online for four. Provided those people only joined the one day plan that is, and if I’m honest I’d have to say if you do insist on joining PrimeX7 at all I can’t really see many good reasons for looking into anything there past the one day plan. All the plans have a risk but this is clearly the option that will put more people in profit than any of the others, unless you feel like waiting for seven days of course which I for one do not! So as always establish a sensible spending limit that you will stick to and that won’t cause you any major problems if you lost it, and if joining PrimeX7 at all then do keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



It looks like the admin of the above reviewed PrimeX7 is really satisfied with his program’s growth after only four days online. He posted the latest stats showing 245 accounts and about $10,000 deposited. Well, at least the stats looks more realistic than the majority of the admins use to lure in more investors and that inspires some cautious optimism that the program might be more honest with investors than others. By the way, the admin today asked me to create an account for him on MNO ShoutBox and he’s ready to answer your questions if you have any.

In less encouraging news there was a blackmail note sent by someone claiming to be able to attack the site and take it offline at will. Indeed, the PrimeX7 website was offline for a few hours today. After the upgrading of his protection level the hosting provider Snoork was allegedly able to mitigate the attack. The site is back to normal and paying for now. Here is the first newsletter I got from PrimeX7 today:

Don’t be jealous
4th day of PrimeX7 Online !!
We have already
– 245 total accounts
– $9,989 total deposited
– $2.064 total withdrawal
** We are planing to add Egopay as our payment processor** Stay tuned !
Today we want to share you something about our site.
Two days ago we received a BLACKMAIL email , a guy who is asking me to pay him $50 otherwise he will attack out site.
No, we didn’t pay him.
It is because we have awesome hosting – Snoork, they fixed everything for us in a very short period of time and also upgraded our site security.
According to my hosting, they have attacked PrimeX7 for at least 24 hours non stop.
Please, there is nothing to worry about.
PrimeX7 is safe and is your best wealth management company.
Have a good day.
PrimeX7 Admin”.

In the second newsletter the addition of EgoPay as the fourth payment processor accepted by PrimeX7 was announced. This is certainly good news that will make the program more popular and you can read it below:

EgoPay Added
Received some support tickets that asking about EgoPay.
Started from today, Egopay will be our payment processor too.
PrimeX7 Admin”.


As you can see, Bull&BearCapital recently purchased more banners across MNO. And it appears that the program is not only extending its advertising efforts but also working on the addition of more payment options. Bull&BearCapital already takes LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay for two investment plans – 3% for 58 days and 200% after 58 days. Very soon according to the latest newsletter I received tonight you’ll be able to join via OKPay and direct Bank wires. The process will take less than five days according to the admin during which more languages will be added to make the site multi-lingual. Bull&BearCapital has been running for about seven weeks now and the first investors in the daily plan are well in profit. In ten days the first deposits on the expiry of the 200% after 58 days plan will be paid of which MNO is also going to report as it will mark the completion of the first cycle in Bull&BearCapital (reviewed here). Here’s the latest newsletter outlining some of their plans for the near future:

Bull&BearCapital – OKPay and Bank Wire deposits
Hello, dear Bull&Bear Capital members.
We are announcing our new Deposit options – Okpay and Bank Wire, both deposit options will be available within 5 days, our programmer started to adding them in our website. Also we planned to add another languages in our website. Please reply if you have any other suggestions.
Best regards.


Undoubtedly the most popular payment processor in the HYIP industry – SolidTrustPay – was finally added by the admin of OdoFx (reviewed here) joining LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay in the 1.9%-3.5% for 210 business days plan with the original principal back on expiry. The admin planned this addition since his program first started twelve days ago. For the existing members of OdoFx an email sent to the admin will be necessary if you wish to invest via STP as the addition of new e-currency accounts or changes to ones there already was disabled for security reasons. New members of OdoFx however simply need to specify their SolidTrustPay account during the registration. This is the latest newsletter from the program:

We accept STP now
We have start accept Solid Trust Pay from now. You can make investment & withdraw with Solid Trust Pay from now.
We are constantly looking for make better program .We also looking for some other payment option so investor can make investment suitably.
Thank you for Believe is us.
Best Regards. OdoFx Team”.


I moved MonetaryClub to Paying status on MNO today after being paid from the after one day plan. The withdrawal was processed within 24 hours. It will be fully reviewed on MNO tomorrow but now I’ll just remind you that it’s been running for over a week now paying on various plans including 103%-130% after 1 day, 54%-75% for 2 days, 120%-330% after 5 days, 150%-500% after 10 days, 350%-800% after 20 days, 500%-1200% after 30 days. MonetaryClub accepts all the main processors including LR, PM, EP and STP, and the minimum to invest starts from $10. It looks odd but despite quite a long run the admin of MonetaryClub Jesse only issued the first newsletter tonight. In it he gave links to the program’s Facebook and Twitter pages and announced that he was looking for an assistant. The latest news from MonetaryClub is below:

Social Networking Accounts – Support Position Available
Greetings to everyone. This is officially our first newsletter to our investors.
Welcome to MonetaryClub Inc.
We officially have our Facebook and Twitter accounts now. We have added a Facebook Like portion on our webpages. Please like our website by clicking the like button. Additionally, we have social network share buttons right on the footer on all of our webpages. Links to our official Twitter and Facebook pages are just right below the news box.
Link to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/monetaryclubinc
Link to our Twitter page: https://www.twitter.com/monetaryclubinc
I want to introduce myself to you, my name is Jesse Snyder (administrator).
Good news to everyone looking for positions in our company. I am looking for a support specialist who is very diligent and dedicated. If interested, please contact me by sending an e-mail to admin@monetaryclub.com .
Thank you very much for reading this e-mail.
Much regards,
Jesse Snyder”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: RoyalUnionTheMoneyGalaxy, IntraFunds, ProsperaNova.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, Finvance, RightFive, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade,  TheBig5, FelminaAlliance, PlexCapital, SkyCrown, PipsFund, BensonUnion,  JustTripler, ROInvest, PerfectFinance, DiamondAsset, ForexEarnCEmobility, SiriusUnion, OdoFx, ProfitTrustedForexBank, MonetaryClub (the first payment received), Nubcoyu (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, PrimeX7, Alconoil, BGTGroups, Hero10.
From MNO Basic list: PerfectLottery, StallionGold, 10For25Ads (the first payment received).

That’s it for tonight, guys. Just wanted to confirm that both AtlanticVision and BeeGold are total scams now, so please don’t invest. I’ll be back tomorrow with two reviews of short-term programs recently added to my monitor so you won’t want to miss it for sure! Stay tuned for that and see you then!

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