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 Beware! EndlessProfits has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all been having a nice weekend so far. Just like yesterday, Sunday’s been a typically quiet finish to the break, but hopefully things will start to pick up again by Monday or Tuesday as they so often do with the start of the new business week. But for now before moving on to the news I want to look at a program called EndlessProfits that has recently been added to my my monitor’s Premium List and has been covered since last Wednesday, it’s a short term HYIP which although claiming an online presence for the last couple of years you won’t find any real evidence of them before September. Since then however they’ve managed to complete a good number of cycles on a very sustainable investment plan so a few of you who’ve been aware of them might be in profit already.

What you have in EndlessProfits is basically one investment plan broken down into three sub-categories depending on how much you are prepared to gamble. It all sounds quite straight forward and simple, which it is, but the clever thing about EndlessProfits is how differently it’s been organized compared to its main competitors. The whole thing is set up to resemble a short term program (which strictly speaking of course it is) but offer a sustainable “longer term style” profit may well make it more appealing. In other words it pays you a modest profit more akin to a long term HYIP but gets you there a lot faster without you making long term commitments to your money. I’ll explain it better with the numbers below.

To start with you can join EndlessProfits for a minimum $20 investment. After that the term runs for 6 calendar days, with members receiving daily interest payments for the duration. Your initial principal is included as part of those payments, so on expiry of the term will not be refunded. That means that the interest payments, while at first glance would appear to be excessively high, do in fact return a much more manageable and modest net profit. Take the first option for example. EndlessProfits are offering a daily payment of 17.8% interest on all deposits from $20 to $2,999. Six days later on expiry that will add up to 106.8% in total. And as that includes your own money it means your net profit is 6.8%.

Or to put it another way, let’s pretend you invested $100. EndlessProfits then pay you back $17.80 every day for six days. At the end you’re getting $106.80 back for yourself. This is compare favorably with the most stable longer term HYIPs around at the moment, though with the added advantage of not asking insisting you leave your principal in place for months and months at a time. I mean if you want a longer term return then you are free to re-invest for another cycle as many times as you like, but the ultimate decision where and when to quit EndlessProfits lies entirely with the individual investor.

The remaining options I think are really for the bigger industry players and are priced outside the reach of the average investor I think. But if they interest you then I’ll give you the figures here anyway. For EndlessProfits‘ second plan you will need a $3,000 minimum to play. For the same 6 calendar day investment term they offer you a daily return of 18.4% which again includes your principal. So upon receipt of the final payment the total will come to 110.4%, which is your own investment back plus 10.4% profit. The maximum allowed here is $7,999.

And lastly for the really big spenders looking for the diminishing opportunities to make a fast buck before the December slowdown and willing to spend upwards of $8,000, take a look at the final EndlessProfits offer. For a 6 calendar day term this time they offer 20.8% interest per day. That adds up to 124.8% by the time you receive the final payment, and as that includes your principal it means a 24.8% profit. Usually I’d say that’s kinda at the top end of what HYIPs could generally sustain for the number of cycles to make the whole program worthwhile for anyone to join at all, and will eventually prove difficult to meet. However given the enormous cost of joining ($8K) it’s very unlikely to attract many investors and therefore unlikely to put much of a strain on the admin’s cash flow/reserve. I mean it can theoretically run for years if they never have to actually pay anyone, right? EndlessProfits have no upper limits placed on investments in this plan.

Your payment options are up to a good standard, not quite all the popular processors are listed there but I think it’s enough to satisfy most investors anyway. And considering that EndlessProfits have already made some improvements since first opening there’s nothing to stop them from expanding it further if enough members start asking. Originally they only accepted PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve, but this has now been expanded to include SolidTrustPay as well. Withdrawals are processed manually by the admin and will have to be requested from inside your EndlessProfits private members area. Once done you are asked to allow anything up to a 48 hour maximum for all transactions to be completed.

Slightly better though would be the design and security features. EndlessProfits are running off a script that’s licensed from GoldCoders, though it wouldn’t really surprise me if not many people were to recognize it. It’s been very heavily customized to meet the program’s own needs which is fine. The website is using an additional layer of SSL encryption by Thawte, and is hosted on a dedicated server though in an unusual move not just one but two individual providers are responsible for their DDoS protection. And not just anyone either but two of the most recognizable names in the HYIP industry in BlockDos and BlackLotus both providing a higher level of traffic filtering. I can’t imagine that being cheap so I do hope it’s worth it and makes for a more stable longer term program. For any further questions or account related issues the EndlessProfits admin can be contacted by filling in the online support ticketing form and submitting it. The EndlessProfits website is also available in multilingual versions with Spanish, Russian, French, and German translations in addition to the default English one. From reading the Russian version I don’t believe these will be exact professional translations but rather some kind of online auto-translation tool just copy/pasted, but it will at least be good enough to give non-English speakers the general idea of what the program is all about, hopefully opening it up to a much wider audience in the process.

Overall EndlessProfits as a website leaves a good first impression. There’s quite a lot of reading material and the fact that it plays out a little differently from most short term programs probably won’t hurt them either. I have to say though that despite all the reading material you still won’t find any verifiable solid evidence of any real business project supporting the payouts, nor any publicly accountable figures to explain it or be held responsible if things ever went wrong. Just like any other online HYIP in that sense, you will need to keep firmly at the front of your mind that you must always set a spending limit for yourself that is both modest and affordable to lose because there was never any guarantees, and if you are joining EndlessProfits then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Please note that tomorrow is a national holiday in Dominica where allegedly StallionGold is located. And since the program is paying on business days only the interest usually credited to members’ accounts on Monday will be skipped tomorrow due to the National Day of Community Service celebrated in that country:

National Day of Community Service
Dear investors and website visitors, due to the National Day of Community Service holiday celebration within the locales affecting our business operations, no profits will be credited to users accounts for the day of upcoming, November 05, 2012.

I would like to remind you that StallionGold has been listed on MNO for about seven weeks now and paying 1.5%-4% for 100 business days with principal back on expiry to EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney. Most withdrawals are processed instantly, however a different set of rules applies to direct bank wires which is just a small part of what you can read in my detailed review of the StallionGold published here.


Exclusively for members of TureProfit (reviewed here) today two brand-new features were added to improve your experience with them. The first allows you to exchange between the four available e-currencies – EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve – within your account at a fee which can be from 0% to 30% depending on the direction of your exchange. I know it’ll be very convenient for some members to convert the e-currencies if you don’t have an account in a particular payment processor. But you can also use it for converting your weekly earnings from the only plan available in TureProfit – 8% for 50 weeks – to an alternative processor to the one you joined with. The second feature allows you to send money to anyone with an account in TureProfit directly from your balance, avoiding withdrawing it first and saving you on fees if you wish to transfer funds to your downline, for instance. As you can see the admin is doing everything to maintain investors’ confidence in the program which has been running for a very long period of nearly 11 months bringing nice profits to hundreds of investors who prefer sustainable and reasonable returns over faster but high risk returns. Joining TureProfit a few months ago was definitely a great choice and opportunity for them, and though we cannot predict for how long the program will last I hope that it will be at least a few more months. Here’s the latest newsletter from them:

Currency exchange and internal transfer function is available now
You have received this email because you are our membership. Glad to contact with you once again, because we have good news to share with you. As we have promised, we will open currency exchange. Now we formally inform you, we support currency exchange. This will means that you can use one e-currency investment, through the function, exchange another e-currency, and then withdraw. In fact, every day we receive a large amount of mails, which ask us allow currency exchange. From now on, you can use currency exchange function.
In addition, we now allow internal transfer between members freely. In other words, you can be completely free to put you in our company account money transferred to other members. This transaction is instant. If your friend wants to join us, to invest here. But because they do not know how to deposit money to their e-currency account. This time, you can help him. You can put account money earned in our company to them in our company’s account, they can give you cash face to face. Then they can use the account money to invest. This will give a lot of investors bring a lot of convenience. Of course also saved a lot of expense.
If you still have any questions, don’t forget to contact us online support. Or you can call our representative.
Best regards, TureProfit CEO”.


A new program called GoldenGambit was added to Standard Listing on MNO after being online for five days. They position themselves as a gambling program with a card playing theme. Even their investment plans have casino style terms, with two of them offering daily payouts with no principal return – 7% for 31 calendar days and 9% for 15 calendar days – while another plan offers 114% on expiry of 7 calendar days. Depending on the plan the minimum starts from $10 to $30 which I believe is affordable for most. Four payment processors are accepted – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, PexPay, and EgoPay. Withdrawals are made manually and are promised to be paid within 24 hours maximum. There’s also a gambling plan available once per week on Fridays only paying 110% on amounts from $100 and $500 which I wouldn’t recommend because of high unlikelihood of winning. GoldenGambit is properly SSL-secured by RapidSSL, is hosted on a dedicated server with BlockDos protection, and running off a modified ProBiz script which the admin claims was bought not directly from the website but rather from some outside source. Anyway, the full version of the review of GoldenGambit will be in MNO very soon, so stay tuned for that, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ForexEarn, Phinanci, EndlessProfits, FNOCapital .
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, FelminaAlliance, CarbonDeals, PerfectFinance, MajesticProfits. Tivsol, CaspianCapital, BensonUnionDiamondAsset, LLLtd, FinanceCore, ProForexUnion, Nubcoyu, Finnexia.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, Frmoeg.
From MNO Basic list: RoiChoice, InvestLand.

That’s it for today. I hope to see you all on MNO tomorrow for more updates from the industry and another review. Thanks for reading, guys!

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