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Beware! Lightraffic has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! There wasn’t much news in the industry today so it won’t be too long an update for you tonight, but before I get to that I want to continue with the newer programs joining the MNO monitoring list with one by the name of Lightraffic that just launched a few days back. It’s a not so common combination of an online HYIP and an autosurf website, but nothing unique either as we’ve seen a couple in the past, even recently, so I guess some of you will already be familiar with the concept. So I’ll take a closer look at the plans for you below, as well as Lightraffic‘s other main features, and see if there’s anything there you’re interested in.

So there’s two plans on offer in Lightraffic. One is just a traditional HYIP style plan that gives you an interest payment for doing nothing other than joining, and the other that requires you to surf in order to be paid. Although the surfing option pays a higher rate for a shorter term, putting you in profit much earlier and therefore carrying a smaller risk, the HYIP style plan runs for longer and returns your principal on expiry (which the surf plan doesn’t). For anyone new to the HYIP industry who doesn’t know what surfing is, it means you are required to log into your Lightraffic account every day and view a series of paid advertisements, ten of them in total for ten seconds each, before qualifying for a payment. In this case it’s done in automatic mode so you need only click on the surfing button and the ads will just run by themselves without you physically sitting there watching them. Just be aware first of all that due to the script not being exactly what most players will be used to, if joining Lightraffic – and it doesn’t matter which option you’re going for – you’ll first need to deposit money into your account wallet, and then afterwards re-direct those funds into whatever plan you’ve decided to join.

As for the numbers, well you can join either plan for a $10 minimum. The non-surf HYIP style plan runs for 60 calendar days, during which time Lightraffic are offering a 2.5% daily interest payment on all deposits, regardless of size, up to a maximum value of $50,000. That should hopefully see you earn back an amount equal to your investment after 40 days at which point it becomes a risk free income, or at least for the remainder of the term it does anyway. Payments will add up to 150% in total, at which point Lightraffic should return your initial principal making that your net profit.

The first difference you will notice between this and the second plan is that you are required to surf in exchange for your payment which for some reason some people don’t seem to like. But the fact is that you’re going to have to log in to Lightraffic every day to withdraw anyway, and the entire surfing process takes 1 minute 40 seconds, so I just don’t see what the big deal is. The other main difference of course is that only the HYIP plan returns your principal, the surfng plan does not.

So just to give you the figures, you can join Lightraffic‘s surfing plan for the same $10 minimum. Once you surf the agreed ads, you will be paid 5% interest on your deposit every day. This goes on for 30 calendar days and Lightraffic are counting your principal as part of the payments. That leaves you with a total return of 150% from your payments, and should hopefully have broken even after day 20, though the actual profit is 50%. Please note that interest will only be credited the day after you surf.

Payment options are pretty good, or at least up to the minimum standard demanded by most investors these days anyway, with Lightraffic taking all the main popular processors. For now these include SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Interest payments to members will be made manually by the admin and so need to be requested from within your Lightraffic private account area, and once done the admin asks for 24 hours to ensure all transactions are completed.

On the more technical and design side of things, the Lightraffic website is SSL encrypted by GlobeSSL and is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of BlackLotus who have a solid enough reputation in the HYIP industry anyway and whose recent performances have been solid enough. The script is from Gotenks and if you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues to be dealt with then you can contact him by filling in the online support ticketing form and submitting it, or else by writing directly to one of the e-mail addresses listed. You’ll also find a telephone number you can try calling if you expect to speak to someone directly. Regarding the design of Lightraffic there really is a lot that needs to be cleaned up, such as links that take you nowhere and a postal address where they’ve even gotten the country wrong! I mean I know these things are generally just serviced offices in the event that they ever even exist in the first place, but I can assure the admin and anyone else not in possession of a map that Glasgow is not in “north west England”. Or anywhere near it. Also you’ll find a tab for “Live Chat” if you need to discuss something with a Lightraffic operator in real time, but clicking it simply takes you back to the homepage. And if that doesn’t make them look like a totally amateur set-up, there’s an entire page devoted to social media networks, but then the program’s own tabs for Facebook and Twitter pages don’t link to anything and only take you back once more to their own homepage.

All of which makes the programs claims to be a “global, leading, advertising” company a bit unlikely. You should all be well aware by now of the risks involved in this industry but as always for the sake of anyone coming across this for the first time (and we all have to start somewhere) I would just ask you to always exercise extreme caution when dealing with anything over the internet, but nothing ore so than online HYIP schemes. Set yourself a spending limit that you can definitely afford to lose if it comes to it (and it might!) and of course if joining Lightraffic at all then it might be better to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



One of the most popular e-currencies serving the HYIP industry SolidTrustPay (read my recent interview with its CEO Stella here) announced their upcoming holiday schedule for the Christmas and New Year season. Please note that during that period you might experience delays with support tickets and processing deposits and withdrawals so allow some extra days for that. Here’s the official statement from the STP blog recently:

Office Closure: Holiday Customer Support Schedule
With the holiday season nearly upon us we would like to advise customers of some upcoming office closures.
SolidTrust Pay Customer Support will be closed on the following dates:
Monday, December 24th
Tuesday, December 25th
Wednesday, December 26th
Monday, December 31st
Tuesday, January 1st
Although we always strive to provide withdrawals and deposits as quickly as possible, with the limited number of banking and business days through this period, requests submitted as late as December 21st, for example, may not be finalized until the first week of January (5 business days). As such, members are reminded to allow extra time for their transactions to be processed during this period and request their transfers early if needed.
We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our patrons safe & happy holidays!


There was quite a lengthy update sent by the admin of PlatinumVertex today. Christmas was again the theme as the admin mentions two days when the program won’t be paying in December (10th and 25th), praised those brave investors who despite instability in the industry dared to invest over $700 in PlatinumVertex and promised not to disappoint them. We’ll see soon enough if PlatinumVertex (reviewed here) is going to survive Christmas or not, but for now the program is paying fine to a 4.5%-6% for 40 business days plan via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney. Let’s hope this continues for quite a long time and the admin lives up to his promises and exceeds the expectations of those who trusted him with their hard-earned money. The full newsletter from PlatinumVertex is below:

Newsletter from the CEO # 2
Good day to all PlatinumVertex Members,
First of all, we would like to say thank you so much for the MASSIVE and IMMEASURABLE trust and support you have given to PlatinumVertex.
Since early this week, we have been receiving a lot of deposits from the Palladian and Rhodic plans. We absolutely know your concerns when you invested your money in these plans, most especially that the Christmas season is coming near. Just to picture things out for us all, Christmas is also the time of the year wherein we spend our cash buy precious gifts and stuff for ourselves, or our love ones. Instead, these people have entrusted a part of their savings to PlatinumVertex. You can be at ease because your money is safe with us here in PlatinumVertex.
We will make sure that you, as our partner, will benefit from the profits we also are making from the offline business. This is the most demanding time of the year for us all and a lot of our brothers and sisters are buying PlatinumVertex‘s products and goods. We are also starting to increase the production because our franchises are booming too! We are very glad about these great developments and we could not have done it without all you guys! Indeed, it is an absolute WIN-WIN scenario for us all.
This time around, it is our turn to return the favor to you guys! As promised,we will keep our word by staying true to our promise of providing you innovative and exciting developments every time.
Here are the things in store for you:
1. Depositors Hall of Fame Page – investors of the Palladian and Rhodic plans are our PREMIUM members and deserve the RIGHT TO BE RECOGNIZED. I have already assigned PlatinumVertex‘s personal IT Team to create a very special page for you all. Should you not want your name to be included in the list for whatever reason is, please inform us via email at
2. The PlatinumVertex products slideshow will be temporarily suspended this month because we will be replacing them with the Christmas Events!
3. All Event Mechanics can now be found on the different banners so watch out for them!
Lastly, I would like to announce the two days that PlatinumVertex will not be paying this December. This is to prevent any losses while maintaining the sustainability of our online company during the unproductive days of our offline company.
1. December 10 – PlatinumVertex will not be doing any business transactions during this day for the Company Christmas Party. Please be informed ahead also that there will not be processing of cash out requests since all departments, including the financial sector will be busy preparing for the company Christmas Party.
2. December 25 – PlatinumVertex will not be doing any business transactions this day in honor of the most celebrated season of the year, Christmas Day. All business transactions will resume on the 26th.
If you have some suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via our Ticket Support and we will send you a response right away.
Happy Holidays!
Geother. CEO – PlatinumVertex


Unfortunately it looks like another decent program is not going to survive Christmas and most probably is already gone south. I’m talking about TheMoneyGalaxy that stopped paying to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney after 110 days online which wasn’t a bad result at all as the first investors managed to make a profit. Of course the disappointment will be reduced for those in EgoPay or SolidTrustPay as following the old tradition the instant withdrawals to those payment processors have not been affected yet and are still being paid. I don’t believe though that it will continue indefinitely, therefore I would like to warn you against any further investments with TheMoneyGalaxy which apparently was extremely short of funds lately as just two days ago the admin announced a few more options that one could use to invest, some of which were totally unknown to me. Apparently, he was in an urgent search for money to prop up his program from collapse, but seemingly couldn’t find any as Christmas approaches (dipping into his own money of course was out of the question for him!). Anyway, it’s very sad to see the project go, and if anything changes regarding the pending payouts I will let you know. So far the admin hasn’t replied to my email which I sent to him this morning, and I doubt that I’ll be hearing from him. So, I have decided to move TheMoneyGalaxy to Problem status on MNO – please do not invest there!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ProsperaNova, Mox.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, StallionGold, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, ProForexUnion, DiamondAsset, FNOCapital, TureProfit, SureInv, StartUpInvestCapital, GuaranteedProfit, Lightraffic.
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, BGTGroups, SigmaSum, PlatinumVertex.
From MNO Basic list: XtremeRichness, InnovisCorp, TrackInvest, Fxen, TheInvestmentBank, InvestmentCapital.

That’s all for tonight, guys. See you tomorrow with the full review of Mox and the daily news from the HYIP world. See you then and thanks for staying with MNO!

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