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Beware! ReferTowealth has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! To finish off what’s been an otherwise quiet business week in the industry, I have an interview with the admin of a recently launched long term HYI program called ReferToWealth. The admin’s name is Mark and he agreed to answer a couple of questions about the basic premise of his program and explain some of the details.

ReferToWealth have been running for the last two weeks, offering plans of 1% for 150 days, 1.5% for 120 days, and 2% for 100 days all of which include your initial principal as part of the payments, ie do not return it on expiry. If you like what the admin has to say and would like further info on the program, then you can start with the original review first published on MNO here:

1. Hi Mark, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in ReferToWealth. What is your role in the day to day running of the program?

Hello, My name is Mark, and I’m the admin for ReferToWealth. I am the point of contact for support, and I process payments.

2. Can you give us some background information on ReferToWealth? How many others are involved with the program or are you operating alone? How long have you been online?

I’m the one running the website. We have 10 others that work with Forex trades.

3. Explain the investment plans in detail to us. What ROIs are on offer. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest? What payment options are you currently accepting?

We have 3 plans: 1% for 150 days for investments of $10-$99, 1.5% for 120 days for investments of $100-$999, and 2% for 100 days for investments of $1000-$10,000. Investors can have multiple deposits in multiple plans at the same time. Each deposit is treated separately. We do not return principals at the end of the investment terms. We accept STP, Egopay, LR, and PM.

4. How secure is the website of ReferToWealth? What are you doing to protect it and members’ accounts from hackers? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your host? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have?

We have SSL security from Comodo, and a dedicated server with KODDOS that also includes full anti-DDOS protection. Recently our back office was hacked. We had a programmer help us beef up security and we believe this will not happen again.

5. What kind of script is ReferToWealth running off? Where did you get it, how safe is it, and why do you think this one is most beneficial for you as an admin and your members?

We are running a Licensed Goldcoders script. It’s the most well-known script in the industry.

6. Can we see any statistics regarding ReferToWealth? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

We are growing slowly. We have about 80 members currently, with about 15 active. The good thing about our program is we offer more sustainable returns than most other programs, so slow growth is sustainable.

7. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues?

Fill in the support form on our site, or write to

8. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

Our FAQs on our site have covered the most common questions so far.

9. How have you been promoting ReferToWealth so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

Slow and steady wins the race! We’ve joined the most popular monitors. We will continue to add monitors over time. Occasionally we may run a larger campaign, such as adds on MNO or sticky forum threads on Talkgold and MMG.

10. What exactly are you doing with investors money? How are you investing it and how are you generating the profits being made to members?

As stated, we trade in Forex.

11. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview? Also please feel free to comment on the review of your program published on MNO. If there was anything you felt was unfair, mistaken, or in any way in need of clarification then you are welcome to explain this in your own words here.

The most unique part of our program is that we offer larger referral bonuses than just about any program out there. We offer 20-40% on the first level, and all the way down to 10 levels. More details can be found on our site.

Thanks a lot to Mark for that and good luck to him in having a long and successful run with his program. It’s probably true that a lot of admins will see things winding down for the holidays around now (less of an issue for the longer term ones such as ReferToWealth of course) and hopefully come the new year we’ll see bigger and better things there. And best of luck to you too if you already a member there or just thinking about it for now – I hope it turns out to be a profitable experience for you all.


That’s almost it for today guys, but unfortunately I have to end this post with a word of warning. I have pretty solid grounds for believing two shorter term HYIPs may be in trouble today, and would like to suggest you delay any investments with them until I can at least confirm what’s happening there for sure. They are InnovisCorp and FNOCapital. Both have been moved to Waiting Status on my monitor, and while I freely admit they may both be very well returned to Paying Status tomorrow, the general prognosis isn’t good. As ultra short term HYIPs we had to know their life spans would be limited anyway, but I have to say both of them have had exceptionally good runs up until now, completing several dozen cycles in some cases. Hopefully I’m wrong and InnovisCorp and FNOCapital will continue, but do at least be prepared for bad news. I’m looking into the matter further, and will update the status of both programs either to Paying or Not Paying on the MNO monitor by tomorrow. So for now I just suggest you wait.

Enjoy the weekend guys, and see you all tomorrow for another update!

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