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21/12/2012. CashROTOR Review and Daily News from the Industry


Beware! CashROTOR has stopped paying! Do not invest!

Hello everybody! The last weekend before Christmas so I guess you’re all looking forward to that for so many reasons, especially those of you who might have been so lucky as to finish work for the holidays today. Also it’s the shortest day of the year, or the longest, depending on what side of the equator you happen to be on, and if you were following the news supposedly the end of the world according to an obscure Mayan calendar. If you’re reading this then it didn’t happen (phew!) but I thought it was simply hilarious to see the believers on the news earlier expressing their “disappointment” at the whole thing! Oh well, no pleasing some people I guess!

So anyway, for what might just turn out to be the very last review on MNO before Christmas, I want to have a closer look at a newly launched shorter term HYIP called CashROTOR. It was only introduced on my monitor yesterday but already I must say I was taken by surprise by the level of interest in it. Not because of the program itself (CashROTOR is quite good) but because of the timing. But then I suppose the whole idea of the HYIP industry getting so quiet in December is directly related to the holidays, and as they’re practically upon us now more and more investors are less worried about that the closer we get to January. I mean People will always question the motives behind launching a shorter term HYIP so close to Christmas, (to be honest the “motives” are probably much the same as they are for the other 11 months of the year!), but I’d also be a bit less worried about CashROTOR than most of the others. A couple of reasons really, but basically I wouldn’t imagine there’s going to be a whole lot of activity in the industry in general over the next couple of days. So when you see the plan CashROTOR is offering, which I’ll explain in just a moment, it’s going to be at least two cycles and therefore well into January and the industry back into recovery before it’s worth the admin’s while even bothering.

CashROTOR as an investment program is quite simple and straight-forward as one should expect from the better short term HYIPs. They’ve only got the one single plan to choose from, so it’s an easy one to review and even easier for you to decide if you’re going to join or not – you either like it or you don’t. But if it helps you make up your mind then it’s quite affordable to join and needn’t take much of a risk from you in financial terms – CashROTOR charge a $10 minimum to join so despite the risk which is always present it can still be a cost effective addition to your portfolios in what’s an otherwise slow period for the industry. You can always deposit more later on if it suits you once (if) CashROTOR can prove themselves a dependable paying HYIP anyway.

So in return for your $10 minimum deposit the investment term will run for a period of 10 calendar days. During that time you will receive a daily interest payment of 15%. CashROTOR are including your initial principal as part of those payments, so it will not be returned separately on expiry. That makes the calculations pretty simple as well then, with all deposits receiving the same rate of interest regardless of size. You will break even (earn back an amount equivalent to your original investment) after 7 calendar days and complete the term with 150% in total. That’s your own money back plus 50% net profit. CashROTOR limit investments to a $10,000 maximum.

Payment options are quite good, not exactly the full list of processors but nevertheless I think enough to keep most members satisfied. CashROTOR are taking SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. Payments will have to be requested from inside your members private account area, but once done they’re promised to be made instantly by the admin. Just make the request and you should see the cash in your e-currency account in under a minute. However if you do decide to sign up with CashROTOR you should just be aware that due to the unique custom made script the program is running off the process of joining and spending is a little different to most other programs you might be in. It’s not difficult or anything, just different. It’s done in two stages, the first being to fund your account from you’re preferred processor (click the “Add Funds” tab), and then following that by redirecting the money into the actual plan (by clicking the “Make Deposit” tab). And that’s it.

On the design and security side of things, CashROTOR is up to an acceptable standard, with the program running off a custom made script. Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and DDoS protection by Koddos. The website has an extra layer of protection via SSL encryption from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. If you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues then you can get in touch with him by filling in your details on the online e-mail ticketing form and submitting it. You may also notice a Live Support tab on the CashROTOR homepage, however this only leads you to the contacts page and the online e-mail support form.

Website content, ie the texts, while on one hand original are also extremely vague about what if anything is backing up such substantial interest payments. For the record they make the claim that CashROTOR is some kind of private investment company, but I think we all know this to be highly unlikely by now. Certainly there’s nothing there to prove it and nothing you can research for yourself, so there’s no reason to believe it or to treat CashROTOR as anything other than a high risk online HYIP. That means to be extremely careful when it comes to spending, and setting yourself a limit that you can afford to lose and will stay within. And of course if joining CashROTOR then protect yourselves from heavy losses by keeping them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



SureInv (reviewed here) has been on MNO for only five weeks but already managed to become one of the fastest growing programs around, reaching #7 on my Premium list recently. I think it’s a really good start and I expect a bright future for them in 2013. The first investors of are in profit from the 5% for 30 business days plan, and anyone in the other two plans paying 4% for 45 business days and 3.5% for 60 business days are about to break even very soon. With a good variety of payment processors taken – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney – and a reasonable $10 minimum the program attracted a lot of experienced investors who liked what they saw. With stable payouts on business days and the recent newsletter from the admin promising the payout schedule won’t be affected by the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations I’m pretty confident that SureInv will get a lot more fans pretty soon. Here’s the latest news from SureInv plus the admin’s Christmas greetings:

Season’s Greetings
Dear clients
As the festive season approaches, we here at SureInv pause to thank you for your continued support since our opening in November.
We would like to express our best wishes to you and your loved ones during this time of celebration. May the season and the New Year ahead bring you and your family continued health and happiness.
Finally, be informed that SureInv is not using the upcoming holidays for excuses to not to pay you:
Interest will be credited as usual each day from Monday until Friday and we will process withdrawal requests on the public holidays in our country as well, which are Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st.
Wishing you a joyous holiday season, SureInv.


A regular newsletter from DiamondAsset (reviewed here) is issued at the end of every business week, and this Friday was no exception. The profit payments to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney for DiamondAsset members have been processed by now which was the main subject of the newsletter re-posted below:

Dear Client,
We are pleased inform you that all Interest Payments for this week has been successfully processed.
Thank you for choosing DiamondAsset.
Best Regards,
DiamondAsset Support Team

DiamondAsset has been running successfully for about four months, paying on a 1.8%-2.5% for 120 business days plan and principal back on expiry. Although the first deposit returns are yet to be processed the first investors of DiamondAsset should be well in profit by now. I hope the project will be just as successful in 2013 and will keep paying for many more months to come.


Unfortunately there’s no good news on the status of the three programs I mentioned on MNO last night – StartUpInvestCapital, Lightraffic, and PlatinumVertex. All were moved to Scam status today.

StartUpInvestCapital stopped paying a couple of days ago, just a few days after some lucky investors finished their first cycle with them. Apparently very few reinvested their principals. So despite the cheering newsletter from the admin marking the first principal withdrawals StartUpInvestCapital has become another Christmas failure as the admin of gave up in his attempts to attract some attention to his otherwise decent program. I’m sure that the program was launched at the wrong time with the first profits paid just before Christmas – a traditionally slow period for the HYIP industry. Even with the best intentions it would be extremely difficult to sustain payouts at this point, so I guess the StartUpInvestCapital admin just didn’t take this fact into consideration when planning the program.

The second failure and a proven scam now is Lightraffic which lasted less than three weeks and left all investors at a loss. The admin didn’t bother to properly update a script which didn’t work that well in the beginning for the non-surf plan and thus he lost the confidence of investors. To tell you the truth I was even surprised that Lightraffic actually managed to stay on Paying status for as long as it did. Still, the program failed to take off with a few noticeable mistakes made by the admin who I don’t think was capable of managing the program properly anyway.

The situation with PlatinumVertex is not so simple with the site returning in 36 hours of downtime caused by an alleged DDoS attack. Still, even after that the admin failed to live up to his promises and my withdrawal to SolidTrustPay remains in pending status for way too long to keep the program on Paying status. Oddly enough I was paid today to LibertyReserve after PlatinumVertex was up, but I don’t consider it to be a serious attempt at revival as the amount paid was miniscule and possibly intended for monitors who’ll keep PlatinumVertex on Paying status for a while. Unlike them, MNO doesn’t tolerate selective payouts and I will have to move the program to Scam status tonight due to the long overdue payouts. This latest update I believe is a stalling tactic before closing. Obviously if PlatinumVertex could pay all the pending withdrawals he would have done so already without posting some nonsensical excuses which clearly indicate a severe cashflow issue and a coming scam, so please stay away from this program now:

Site is Back!
Good day to all PlatinumVertex Members! We are very happy to inform that after a very heavy DDOS attack from some jealous group, we have successful tackled the issue. Please accept our apologize for the said downtime. We have done some upgrades on our protection in order not to have this experience ever again. For the time being, we will be working on some cash out pending that was caused by the said downtime. Allow us up to this weekend to be able to sort everything out and assess the extent of damage caused by the downtime. More updates will be announced soon. PlatinumVertex Team!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Mox, UsdTrading.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, StallionGold, SureInv, BensonUnion, DiamondAsset, ProForexUnionSecureIncome, Nubcoyu, ReferToWealthStravia, CashROTOR (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin.
From MNO Basic list: XtremeRichness, CheeseCash, TrackInvest, PickProfit, PerfectLottery, Fxen, Sun7LifeInvestmentCapital, TheInvestmentBank, MainaLimited, Finance7.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I’m taking a day off tomorrow to do some Christmas shopping, so I hope to see you all on MNO on Sunday. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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