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Beware! ADSolid has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! While it’s been a slow couple of days in the industry for news events, it seems kinda strange that there’s no slowdown in the launch of new programs. And there’s no lack of variety either with short, mid, and long term projects all vying for investors’ attention, so whatever your preference there’s something out there for you. The trick of course is separating the cheap scams from the minority of high quality programs where your chances of making a decent profit are multiplied. And one brand new program that’s definitely a class above the rest is a long term investment project called ADSolid, and before we get to the day’s main news stories that’s the one I’d like to take a closer look at.

It’s a pretty eye-catching design it must be said with a nice animated video presentation for you when you first land on the HomePage. Which is all well and good as a nice website can do a lot to attract new members to a program while they try to establish some kind of reputation for themselves. But I think there’s a bit more to ADSolid than just that, and there certainly are some extra features to it than you might expect at first from an “average” HYIP, which ADSolid is not. More substance than style if you will, but I myself have always kinda preferred programs that make an effort to distinguish themselves from the pack and be unique and instantly recognizable. So it’s a good start for ADSolid if nothing else, and they look to be working on getting a good foothold in the industry. Are we looking at the next industry giant? Well, that’s impossible for anyone to answer right now, but we’ll see how the investment community reacts to it over the coming weeks and months before we can really say that.

I guess it’s not good to speculate now though so let’s not go down that road. Let’s just stick to the basics for now, and start with the plans – the reason ADSolid are in business at all in the first place. They are as I said a long term HYI program, and they’re offering you one single plan. It makes it a pretty easy decision as to whether you think it’s suitable for your portfolio or not, but there are several variations to it depending on how much you decide to spend.

For anyone going in with the minimum amount required to join of $10 and up to a $499 maximum then ADSolid are offering The Gold Plan. This runs for 150 calendar days, making interest payments of 1.2% on business days only, Monday to Friday, for the duration. Now, that can make exact calculations a bit tricky because the number of business days contained within the term can vary depending on what exact day of the week you join. For the sake of making things easier I’m just going to work off the assumption that there’s going to be 107 business days, though if your own investment works out slightly different you’ll know why, this is just a rough guideline.  On expiry of the plan your initial deposit will be returned in a separate payment, allowing a total return of 228%, or your own money plus 128% net profit. So for example if we say you invest $100 here, ADSolid would pay you back $1.20 per day from Monday to Friday, allowing you to break even after 84 payments. This would add up to $128 by the final payment at which point ADSolid should then add your own initial hundred to that as well.

Investors willing to spend from $500 up to a maximum of $1,999 can look at ADSolid‘s Emerald Plan. The basic workings of the plan remain unchanged, making interest payments for business days only within a term of 150 calendar days before returning your deposit on expiry, but what does happen is the rate improves. ADSolid are offering members here 1.3% per business day, allowing members to break even (ie earn back an amount equal to their deposit and so removing any further personal risk to their own money) after 77 payments. Once they finally add your principal to the payments on expiry the total return come to 239%, or 139% net profit.

The Sapphire Plan is open to ADSolid members investing anything starting from $2,000 up to a top value of $4,999. The term remains 150 calendar days, and payments are made daily from Monday to Friday. The rate is 1.4% per day, and on expiry you should expect to see your deposit returned in a separate payment. The final return therefore comes to 249%, which is your own money back plus 149% net profit. You would expect to break even after 72 payments.

And if all that wasn’t serious enough for you, next we have a couple of options for the really big players. The Ruby Plan for example is only for those prepared to risk between $5,000 and $24,999 in ADSolid. If that includes you then this time for the 150 calendar day duration the daily interest rate jumps to 1.7% per business day, allowing members to break even after 59 payments and complete the term with a 282% return. That number of course includes a separate payment of your own deposit, leaving you with 182% net profit.

Clearly a lot of those options are not realistically suited for the majority of players and even the few that can afford it are unlikely to be playing with numbers that big at the moment. Not until they believe the admin can be trusted with it anyway. But ADSolid is definitely geared towards longer term goals and in time I’m sure there’s going to be a few takers. No need to rush into anything now of course, just make sure that they are the real deal first. But further down the line you may wish to consider your options again as ADSolid will allow you to invest in any combination of the plans you can afford. Obviously you can only have one single account (any more is strictly prohibited and will result in you being thrown out, so don’t even think about it!) but there’s nothing to say you can’t have more than one active deposit within that account.

One option however that’s not likely to get many takers is The Diamond Plan. Not because it’s a bad plan per se, but because it’ll set you back $25,000 to join. Now I don’t know about you, but I can come up with a couple of better ideas for what to do with that kind of cash than put it in an online HYIP. But as we’ve come this far I’ll complete the picture for you and so purely for information purposes I can tell you that the plan runs for 150 calendar days like all the others and ADSolid make payments of 2.1% interest every day from Monday to Friday. Your principal is then returned on expiry leaving you with a total return of 325%, from which 225% is net profit. Maximum deposit for this plan, and anywhere in ADSolid, is $50,000.

A couple of other important points concerning the plans you’ll need to know before joining include obviously the payment methods. As with all new programs hoping to be taken seriously by potential clients, ADSolid are starting off with all the popular processors accepted right from day one. You can join with either SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. It actually took a few days to add STP due to their more rigorous verification process, but everything is in place now. Also available is the option of direct bank wires, though as a totally different set of terms and conditions are going to apply there, such as a $1,000 minimum deposit for example, it’s best you discuss this in a bit more length with the admin first. But for the majority of investors using the more routine methods you’ll be pleased to see that ADSolid are using a limited form of instant payouts. I say limited but it’s not a bad thing in this case – smaller payments will reach your account in under a minute as you would expect, but for security reasons the larger withdrawals will be made manually. Not to worry though, as even this is still quite fast and should take no more than 24 hours to be completed. Either way the request will still have to be made from within your ADSolid private members account area. Withdrawals of $50 or less will be instant, while anything bigger is manual. Please note that the 24 hour processing time does not include weekends, so if making a request too late in the week be prepared to wait until Monday.

This leads nicely onto the next point about refunds and early withdrawals from the program. With a term lasting for over six months, it’s a pretty tall order for many people to commit their money to an online HYIP for such a long time. A lot of investors who might not generally wish to leave the program would probably at least like to have the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can leave if you wanted to. Even if you never take the option, just knowing it’s there is always a comfort. ADSolid do have an early withdrawal feature that allows you to collect your principal and leave the program completely at any time, however this does come at a price. The earlier you wish to leave the more it’s going to cost you, so please consider this carefully before you join, and let it be a lesson to you to not to spend money that you might need back in an unforeseen emergency. It can cost you anything from 20% to 50% depending on how soon you try to leave, so I would suggest you not joining ADSolid at all if you are doing so with the deliberate intention of not staying the full term.

One other quick point I want to make on the plans before moving on is about compounding – if you’re a fan and think it genuinely worth the risk then ADSolid will allow you to do it.

Design and security features are strong enough. Like the majority of good online investment projects the script is unique and has been custom made especially for the program and not like anything I’ve seen before. And for a little extra peace of mind SSL encryption by Thawte is also in place. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of CloudFlare and on servers from Staminus. If you have any further questions not dealt with in the FAQ, account related issues, or any other reason to get in contact with the ADSolid admin then you can reach him by filling out the online e-mail support ticketing form and submitting it. If you prefer you can try one of the direct e-mail addresses also included on the website, or try your luck with the phone number listed there too. ADSolid have a postal address in Panama, and while I have no reason to think it’s not genuine, it’s much more likely to be merely a registered virtual office for message mail forwarding and not where you find anyone actually working. Fans of social networking sites will find ADSolid keeping Facebook and Twitter profiles as well, but more unusually on YouTube as well, though the only feature there is the short one minute presentation I already told you about on the program’s homepage when you first visit. But who knows, it might be a handy tool in the future if the admin is experienced enough to know how to make the most efficient use of such things.

OK, so far I guess that sounds like a fairly run-of-the-mill HYIP website, and the features I’ve described above are generally the things that most potential investors want to check out before getting involved with any program. But there’s a lot to set ADSolid apart from the rest of the industry as well, and that’s what I want to describe here. Some of it’s largely cosmetic, even if it is quite clever. For example on logging in to your account area you can hear a voice recording telling you some very brief information on your account that you might have been going there to check, such as how many referrals you now have in your downline (of more interest to monitors than investors I’ll admit) or what your current account balance is.

But as for a business, a way of generating traffic and interest in the program, plus a way of generating a little extra income to support that being paid in directly by investors, ADSolid is also making money from paid advertising. Paid up investors are allowed a certain amount of free space to advertise their own websites, so if you have one then you might one to get involved though keep in mind that it’s going out to a mostly HYIP orientated audience so if it’s not related to the industry results might be mixed. But if you don’t have your own website there’s nothing to stop you putting let’s say a ref link to your own favorite other HYIP in there for instance. There’s no obligation on you to advertise anything at all by the way, so if you’re not interested just skip that part if you want. Commercial advertising is also for sale on the ADSolid website, so in addition to the free spots put aside for members you may also pay for advertising there if you wish (again keeping in mind that it’s mostly a HYIP audience that you’re going to be reaching).

All in all it looks a highly professional set-up. Very slick and well set up, but better than just that. I think it’s also been better planned, better organized, and better executed than the average online HYIP. Of course whether or not the wider investing public take to the program is a whole other matter. One thing that I would still be skeptical about however is their business model. For instance I don’t see that the money raised by selling advertising is enough to cover the interest payouts to members. The texts are original but despite that of course ultimately when you join any online investment program you do surrender control of your money, so they’re all something of a shot in the dark to a greater or lesser extent. But if you still like the industry and still enjoy participating then ADSolid has as good a chance as any new program I’ve seen recently to make some real waves in this business. It’s certainly unique and distinctive enough to find a willing audience over time, but it doesn’t change the way you should behave in any way. This remains a very high risk activity and one you need to think about very carefully. So as always set yourself a sensible spending limit that you will not go past, and if joining ADSolid then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I believe many readers are already members and possibly active investors of ProForexUnion (reviewed here). The program has been running now for almost four months and has proved to be one of the most popular medium-term projects with stable payouts and already many principals returned on expiry on the three investment plans – 1.2% for 20 days, 1.7% for 30 days, or 1.9%-2.4% for 60 days. The program has currently reached #1 spot on MNO Sticky listing and taken a prominent position among others. The main secrets of ProForexUnion‘s ongoing success is not only fast and prompt payouts to all payment processors – EgoPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay – but also a constant expansion to include more payment gateways such as Bank wires, LiqPay, and many direct Russian-based internet-bank options. And just today it was announced that WesternUnion payments are now also accepted. Please read the latest update from ProForexUnion on this and if you’re interested in making a deposit via WesternUnion please contact the admin for more details:

ProForexUnion. Western Union!
ProForexUnion, adds opening deposits and withdrawal of funds through money transfer – Western Union!
For instructions, please contact us. support@proforexunion.com
Sincerely, yours The ProForexUnion team.


Despite the malicious attempts (probably by competitors) the website of Stravia has not been taking down for long and after a few hours of downtime is back with the admin Peter claiming to have upgraded their DDoS protection to the highest level available. There was a special newsletter issued today to explain the situation and the reasons for the downtime experienced by some before the protection upgrade was completed. It didn’t stop Stravia from delivering instant payouts to its members and I can confirm that the payouts in the 2.7%-3.5% for 70 business days plans with principal return on expiry are still instant to the three processors accepted – EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney. I appreciate this professional approach taken by the admin today and his determination to continue running his project as usual after six weeks online. Here’s the latest from the Stravia admin on that (read my full review of the program here):

Stravia update
A lot of our users have reported not being able to access the site within the last 24 hours. We wanted to let you know that our site has been under constant attack since last night. We were forced to take the site offline for several hours this morning, since our host had to null route the traffic.
Since then, we have upgraded Stravia‘s DDOS protection to the highest level available at Blacklotus to Mitigation Critical and our site has been online since then with a few minor hiccups. The attack is ranging between 12-28 gbps over different carriers as reported by our host. The DDOS attack has now shifted to our DNS as the attacker failed to take down our website.
What this means for you is that the site might load a bit slower than usual, and at times it might fail to load. If that happens just retry accessing the site several minutes later. Rest assured we and our host are doing everything possible to keep the site up and running.
Instant withdrawals are still available as usual, however at times if the server is too busy to handle the request, the withdrawal request will get queued and we will process them manually.
Regards, Stravia Support Team


By announcing his program’s review on MNO blog posted a couple of days ago (click here to read it) the admin of TradExFund also boldly promised that he’s going to make it the best program of this year. This is a very ambitious statement and only time will be tell if he’s going to live up to it. I remind you that TradExFund offers one investment plan paying you 5% for a duration of 30 business days starting from $10 via EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney automatically, while you can also pay manually for your deposit via SolidTrustPay if you wish. Recently the TradExFund website had some database issues but by now everything is fixed according to the admin and I was paid once again promptly today. The latest newsletter from TradExFund is below:

TradExFund MNO Review
Dear TradExFund Members,
We just want to inform you that our TradExFund project has been reviewed by the most popular hyip monitor money news online (MNO) You can visit this link to read details http://money-news-online.com/blog/2013/01/19/19012013-tradexfund-review-and-daily-news-from-the-industry/ or visist money-news-online.com. TradExFund will be one of the best Program in the year 2013 and beyond as all our members have started receiving payments and are all happy with the project. If you are yet to make deposit please do so and you will be glad you did.
Best Regards, TradExFund Team


I find it quite ridiculous that the admin of EveryHourPaid managed to run the second round of his program for seven days only (while even the first one ran for eight days!) as today it was officially announced that Round 2 was closed. I don’t believe the stats he has provided because not even one full 10-day cycle was run. And I believe that even though he claims to be “honest” about running a ponzi-game from the beginning, it’s hard to believe that other regular quality short-term programs paying even higher returns but not coming in rounds have much better results of 2-3 investment cycles at least, while EveryHourPaid couldn’t manage to complete even one properly. And since it’s not the first time it happened I don’t believe the admin should be excused for those poor results and suspect it’s either due to a lack of experience, or due to some information tweaked in his favor in deposited / withdrawn stats that allows him to announce the closure of the round whenever he pleases. In any case, I find this approach inappropriate and am not going to be listing his future programs on MNO while moving this one to Scam status immediately. I don’t think poorly designed programs that can’t complete one full cycle should be monitored on MNO, even if they are straightforward games. I’m sure readers would not appreciate me listing such a low quality programs and I’m surely not encouraging such unprofessionalism by allowing EveryHourPaid to list round three which is by the way is going to be announced by the admin in a couple of days. Such easy income is much more profitable for him than for his investors as they can’t ever profit from it, but it won’t stop him from doing it again and again in the future. So MNO is not going to be a part of it anymore. This is the farewell newsletter from EveryHourPaid with the shockingly poor results:

Round 2 is Finish
With regret I have to announce the closure of Round 2 of EHP.
Right now we have reached 80% of deposit / withdraw + account balance that need to be withdraw.
Earning from your deposit are now deactivated!
Here the stats:
Total Members’ balance: $777.75
Total Members’ deposit: $14,722.47
Total withdrawals: $11,000.81
Pending withdrawals: $0.00
Here the Math:
Total Deposit * 80% – Total Withdraw – Total Members balance = ???
$14’722.47 * 80% – $11’000.81 -$777.75 = -$0.58
80% of Total Deposit: $11’778
8% Loser Pot: $ 1’177.80
7% Advertisement Pot: $1’030.60
5% Admin Pot: $736.10
20% of Admin Pot: $147.22 (Last investor Bonus)
The Loser Pot and Last Investor Bonus, i will now calculate exactly how much everyone get and will pay to account.
This will be done in the next 10 Hours.
As soon everything is calculated i post in Results Page!
Please request withdraw of your account balance in order to reach $0 in account balance.
AutoWithdraw will rest active in order to process account balance withdraw request also instantly.
Thank you for having participated numerous in Round 2, I hope you are not angry with me as the round ended quickly.
If it’s any consolation I too am at a loss as Admin, I invested approx $ 3000 in promotion.
I am confident that Round 3 will be a success for all of us …
Round 3 will start in next 36-48 Hours, i will advice you all as soon it is ready.
In Round 3 there will be great news with some feature to take a Round life Longher.
Hope to see you in Round 3.
Best regards, Pasky EHPAdmin


That is a very important message for everyone with a Yahoo e-mail address using the MNO Daily News subscription which is going undelivered. While investigating it I noticed those complaining still had their email addresses shown as subscribed to my FeedBurner updates (for those unaware, it’s the most popular subscription tool provided by Google for managing daily feeds). I asked readers affected to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe again using the same email address. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have solved the issue at all, and it seems there’s some compatibility issue between Yahoo and FeedBurner. Please note that I am unable to determine the source of the problem, and suggest the best option to receive your subscription again is use an alternative e-mail address. Otherwise you can still visit the MNO website every day which contains the very same information as the e-mail updates.

For more daily updates I would suggest you follow me on Twitter and Facebook accounts which I actively maintain and post links to the new posts on MNO every single day. If interested please follow me on Twitter here and on Facebook here. I also have the MNO Community group on Facebook now, and if you wish to join it too please click here. I guess you saw already a few useful widgets added to MNO blog page that will also give you an opportunity to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. You can also stay in touch with me over the usual Contact form here and are always welcome to submit your messages or feedback there. I would also suggest to email me via the Contact form or directly to my email address abramsonp@gmail.com if you wish to access the MNO ShoutBox with your username and password to participate in lively discussions and share your opinions on the HYIP industry. So there’s plenty of other communication channels to stay in touch with MNO and please note that in a few weeks I’m planning to open my own private forum where participation will be limited to approved members only. Stay tuned for that and again sorry for email subscription interruptions for readers with Yahoo, but it’s beyond my control! Hope the suggestions above will be enough for you to stay in touch.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, MGProfit.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, SureInv, StallionGold, TureProfit, DiamondAsset, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, UsdTrading, Stravia, AlevrasInvestments, Xgolding, AIOFinance, ADSolid, HurricaneAssets, VisitAd (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: AustralianBusinessGroupAirCargoXpress, PremierLeagueProfits, TradExFund.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, XtremeRichness, PerfectForex, Sun7Life, InvestmentCapital, Fxen, MainaLimited, Finance7, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank, FinanciaLtd.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Stay with MNO and check out my blog tomorrow for a detailed review of HurricaneAssets and the usual news updates from the HYIP industry. See you all then!/aProfitableSunrisea href=”https://proforexunion.com/index.php?ref=moneynews”/a

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