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Beware! HurricaneAssets has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Before this evenings news update, which I can tell you now includes another new program being added to my monitor, I want to start off by continuing with the latest round of program reviews that have been added to MNO since things got back to normal after the holidays. Today it’s the turn of one called HurricaneAssets, a long term program which seems to be of good quality and up to a reasonable standard on most of its features. Room for improvement mind as I shall be explaining in just a moment, but still good enough to make a lasting and positive first impression. So let’s take a closer at HurricaneAssets and what they offer potential investors, and see if there’s anything there you might like to add to your portfolios.

Starting with the investment plans, HurricaneAssets have two of them. Well, the website describes itself as having six of them, but in fact you can separate them into two categories – the first one being more of a test style plan for small deposits worth less than $60 only (and with a low ROI to go with it), and the five remaining plans which operate the same way only to pay higher returns to larger deposits. The Starter Plan as it’s called can be joined for a $10 minimum and runs for 30 business days, which is six weeks. During that time HurricaneAssets will pay you 0.9% interest every day from Monday to Friday, adding up to 27% in total by expiry. This then becomes your net profit once HurricaneAssets return your original deposit. 27% profit for six weeks is pretty damn good in my opinion by the way, at least in comparison with what you find in the “real world”, but unfortunately the admin has seen fit to limit investments here to a Maximum $59.

For deposits of $60 and upwards then there follows a series of plans that all run for 150 business days (30 weeks) and make a daily payment based on how much you invested. The Advanced Plan includes all deposits up to a maximum value of $999 and so I guess will be the only one of any serious interest to the majority of you. HurricaneAssets daily interest rate is 1.1%, paid Monday to Friday, and coming to 165% in total by the end of the term. At that point HurricaneAssets should add your original deposit on top of that, leaving the 165% as your net profit.

Or to put that in monetary terms let’s say you were to spend $100 in this plan. HurricaneAssets offer to pay you $1.10 every business day until that adds up to $165 in total, at which point they then add your original hundred on top of that again. You would break even after 91 days, meaning you’ll have earned an amount equal to your deposit and so there’s no further personal risk to you from that point on. Not unless you’re using compounding that is, which HurricaneAssets are making available for all their plans.

Further investment options start at a $1,000 minimum deposit so I hope you’ll forgive me for taking the lazy way out and just giving you the most basic description. I mean if you have that kind of spare cash lying around to spend on HYIPs chances are you hardly need me to tell you much about anything! But for your information, the next level up in HurricaneAssets is The Professional Plan, offering 1.3% interest for 150 business days on deposits between $1,000 and a $4.999 maximum. This adds up to 195% in total which can be deemed net profit after the admin pays you back your principal as promised.

This is followed by The Expert Plan which is for investments ranging from $5,000 to $9,999. For the 150 business day term HurricaneAssets are offering a rate of 1.7% per day, Monday to Friday, with your principal then added to that on expiry. Net profit should hopefully add up to 255% net profit.

Next is The Senior Plan which sees HurricaneAssets offer 2.1% per day for 150 business days on deposits between $10,000 and $19,999, adding up to 315% net profit before your principal gets added to that as well.

And finally The Ultimate Plan is for any deposits of $20,000 or more. Unlikely to get many takers but if you’re wondering why programs even bother offering plans like this it’s probably because the admin is only hoping for one. Anyway, the offer if 2.4% per day for 150 business days, adding up to 360% profit in addition to your principal being returned as well.

Nothing unusual about the plans I think you’ll agree, all fairly standard for a long term HYIP of this style, but I am a little disappointed with HurricaneAssets choice of payment processors. Or should I say lack of choice, because right now they are only handling deposits via PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve. I mean there’s nothing there that can’t be fixed, or at least improved, but at a time in the industry when most of the bigger spenders expect all the most popular processors be available as a minimum requirement for them to join, it might just act as a barrier and slow things down a bit for the program. Payouts were promised to be instant, but I have to tell you that in the three days I’ve been monitoring HurricaneAssets I have yet to receive one single instant payout during that time myself. If in the event that instant payouts need to be disabled (and it often happens for some perfectly legitimate reasons, such as security issues, replenishing accounts, and so on) then the HurricaneAssets admin says he’ll be doing them manually and will have all transactions processed in no more than six hours. And that’s noteworthy for a longer term HYIP, as generally speaking they’re not usually as fast as that. It just seems a bit strange that instant payouts have been switched off for as long as they have. Transactions are allowed in your choice of either Dollars or Euros by the way, as HurricaneAssets are happy to receive both. I’m just describing the plans using Dollars for the sake of convenience, and because that’s what most readers favor. But if you prefer to deal in Euros then you’re more than welcome to spend them here.

Incidentally, while I’m still on the subject of the investment plans and moving money form one account to another, please note that there’s just one other feature you will have to be aware of when joining. The process of depositing itself is done in two stages – first you will need to fund your account in HurricaneAssets by clicking the “Deposit Funds” tab in the member’s area menu. It’s only after that that you make the actual investment via the “New Investment” tab. This is merely to re-direct the funds from your wallet to the plan you intended joining. I know it sounds simple to experienced investors but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this, so remember that your money will just be sitting there doing nothing and not earning you any interest until you do this.

I must say though that things improve a bit with the security and design, which at first glance looks nice and sleek. HurricaneAssets is running off a unique and customized script for instance, which despite that is still quite user friendly and easy to navigate. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of BlockDos, and if you have any further questions about anything to do with the program not covered here or any account related issues for the admin to deal with, then you can get in touch with HurricaneAssets by either filling in your details in the online support form and submitting it through the contacts page, or else by writing directly to one of the e-mail addresses listed.

As for the program’s alleged business activities, HurricaneAssets is supposedly involved with ForEx trading (which no doubt sounds familiar to most regular HYIP players by now) though very little evidence is offered to back that up. Texts have been copy/pasted and have been used in numerous other HYIPs long before this one came along, so that kinda puts an end to that story for me anyway. Not that I mean there’s a connection between HurricaneAssets and any other program, in fact it’s much more likely down to the designer than the admin, but I just make the point for the benefit of industry newbies that if someone can’t explain their own business in their own words than the business is unlikely to be genuine. HurricaneAssets, like any other online HYI program, comes with no small degree of risk attached, so make sure you behave accordingly. That means setting a strict spending limit that you can afford to lose, and of corse if joining HurricaneAssets at all then it’s better to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



StallionGold (reviewed here) keeps adding more translations to the website and in addition to Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese there is now also a German version available. StallionGold is currently ranked #5 in popularity among the Premium listed programs on MNO and for over four months of listing has never failed to impress me me with daily instant payouts to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay, and OkPay. I remind you that StallionGold offers 1.5%-4% for 100 business days with the original concept of the principal being returned in four instalments. This was discussed along with many other things in my interview with the admin of the project Edward posted here. There can be no doubt that the recent extension of the list of payment processors along with adding more and more language versions for StallionGold‘s international clients has helped them grow further and make some good profits for their members. Here’s the latest newsletter from StallionGold‘s website today:

Website in German
Dear investors and website visitors, in further continuation of our efforts to meet the needs of the international community of our clients, it is our great pleasure to announce that the website of StallionGold is now available in German. To access the translated version, please use the link located at the top right corner of the site.


I have no idea what the admin of OilOfAsia meant when he said in the latest newsletter sent to the program’ members today about the blackmailing attempt from the admin of some rival program which I never heard of myself. He called the project in question a cheap scam that doesn’t pay anyone and tried to dissolve any allegations about the involvement with this project. Here’s the newsletter from the admin of OilOfAsia Adam containing the blackmail warning:

OilOfAsia Ltd Newsletter
Dear members, after receiving several notices from our members about recent blackmail by scam program called Goldenarium, I decided to make an announcement. We are not connected with this scam project and their claims that we said that we are related with them are totally false. We never did so and there is no point of doing this, since they just a cheap scam who are not even monitored by anyone. I think that they just trying to get some attention by blackmail one of the most popular project those days. Please be careful and stay away from such a cheap projects.
Yours, Adam
OilOfAsia Ltd

I hope the incident will not affect the program’s performance which has been perfect so far. OilOfAsia (reviewed here) was on MNO for eight days and from day one has paid fine on the only investment plan on offer – 3% for 75 business days with the principal returned on expiry. Deposits in OilOfAsia start from a $25 minimum via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. The admin recently expanded its advertising on MNO and purchased a Sticky listing for a month and a few banners. I can see already that it’s positively affected OilOfAsia‘s growth and hopefully the advertising on MNO will bring more investors into the program and make a good profit out of it.


The admin of VisitAd which is to be reviewed on MNO tomorrow shared some success stories, claiming that over two thousand members had registered their accounts for the first 48 hours online. The investment plan offered by VisitAd offers some lucrative returns of 7%-9% paid for the duration of 20 calendar days on deposits starting from $10 and accepted via all the popular e-currencies – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. However I believe most of the audience were attracted not by this or fast payouts but rather by the opportunity to earn $1 even for free members for surfing 50 websites daily on manual mode and then getting paid their earnings to STP. I think it will be a nice supplemental income for some of MNO readers some of which already got their payments as free members of the program. Possibly realizing the role of that surfing feature for the free members of VisitAd, the admin talked more about the times of crediting your daily $1 interest, the possibility of being paid also to EgoPay and plans to open an exchanger within the program very soon. There’s certainly something special about VisitAd that makes it different from other programs so I’l try to expand an that more tomorrow. The first official newsletter from VisitAd program issued today is below:

VisitAd Success Story !
We are Delighted and somewhat Astonished to inform that we have 2k+ members registered on board within 48 Hours of Official Launch.
Let me admit that our Team at VisitAd are extremely satisfied with the results and my Team specially need a big applause for the effort they have put in in order to get this beautiful program before you
We would like to inform 9% Huge ROI per day is easily manageable as we do not repay capital at the end of the plan. So the real ROI is comparatively manageable.
We have received many support tickets regarding 1 $ Free Credit for surfing (Start Rating).
1) $1 daily surfing bonus will be credited directly into your cash balance at GMT +1 server time if you have completed surfing 50 websites.
2) For those Users and whose countries got blacklisted by STP we are discussing the same with our developers and we would do necessary chances to get credited to a different Processor. In the mean time who earn 1$ for surfing 50 days can raise a support ticket and get it paid to Egopay
3) We are soon opening an exchanger within our site and hence users having balances in different payment processors can get it exchanged to single processor.
Finally we wish everyone a good success and one can take benefit of Promoting your program & business opportunities that can be viewed by many Potential Investors.


The admin of Nubcoyu (interviewed here) issued a plea to members of his program to participate in a brainstorming session and share any ideas they think will transform the future of the program and turn it into some more exciting. I’m not quite sure why the investors who put their STP, PM, LR or EP funds into the 1.4% for 200 business plan offered by Nubcoyu (reviewed here) are supposed to be able to offer some great ideas, as most of them would lack the admin’s and manager’s experience. Still the admin encouraged everyone to share their thoughts in exchange for a nice cash reward, so if you have some – go ahead and share them with Nubcoyu to make the program bigger and more exciting. The latest newsletter from Nubcoyu is below:

Contribute Your Ideas To Our New Hybrid Revolution!
Dear Valued Investors,
As you’ve probably seen in the previous newsletters, we’re transforming into a hybrid based program in the near future. We’d like everyone to contribute your ideas and thoughts on the program for everyone by everyone. Please include a complete blueprint and structures, including possible loopholes. Please don’t forget to include how to probably manage the funds for extra external income. Your ideas can be sent to ideas@nubcoyu.com, and the greatest contributors will receive private prizes from me personally.
Regards, Nubcoyu


First, let me emphasize that I’m absolutely aware of the waiting period of 24 to 72 hours required for all the members of UsdTrading to receive their payouts. Although knowing this, I have still decided to move them to Waiting status on MNO today due to several complaints from readers regarding pending withdrawals. I myself don’t think that such a delay can be somehow justified given it’s the middle of the business week now. I contacted the admin of UsdTrading already and if he doesn’t reply by tomorrow and the payouts do not resume I would consider the project a scam and move it to the appropriate section of my monitoring site. That’s all I wanted to say regarding UsdTrading for now, but be cautious and do not invest any money into this project while the situation remains unclear.


40Daily is a brand new short term investment project that has been listed on Premium status on MNO today. The program is paying instantly to SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and the admin promises to add EgoPay within the next few days too. There is only one investment plan available which pays from 39% to 40% daily (depending on the size of your deposit) for a period of 3 calendar days. Thus, you have the opportunity to get from 17% to 20% pure profit within a 3 day period. It’s quite a lucrative return, so don’t expect your original investment with 40Daily to be handed back to you as its included in the daily payouts. I can confirm that payments are instant to all the payment processors, as I have already withdrawn some ref commissions. The program is hosted by BlockDos which is the leading protection against DDoS attacks, the site is SSL secured by Comodo, and is running off a licensed script provided by GoldCoders.

The most interesting feature about 40Daily is the admin’s claims that the project was established in 2009 and then disappeared. The new domain was registered just a couple of days ago, although the admin still claims that the site has been running for 1000+ days. Pretty stupid, I must say, as the first monitors only listed them today and the threads on investment forums only contain info about 40Daily from 2009 and 2013 and nothing in between. What happened in the middle? Not much I’m guessing so despite of the nice legend and a few years online I would suggest treating 40Daily as a brand new program which for all intents and purposes is essentially what it is. The full review of 40Daily will be posted on Friday, so stay tuned for that!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, MGProfit, OilOfAsia.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, SureInv, StallionGold, TureProfit, DiamondAsset, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, Nubcoyu, Stravia, AlevrasInvestments, Xgolding, GISolutions, AIOFinanceVisitAd, ADSolid, 40Daily (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: AustralianBusinessGroupAirCargoXpress, TradExFund, PremierLeagueProfits.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, XtremeRichness, PerfectForex, InvestmentCapital, Fxen, MainaLimited, Finance7, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank, FinanciaLtd.

That’s it for today everyone. Thanks for reading and see you all again tomorrow with the review of VisitAd and the regular daily news from the industry!

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