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Beware! StockEvoTrade has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! As promised in yesterday’s post I have another new addition to my monitoring page to examine for you today. It’s a brand new program this time, called StockEvoTrade and online since the start of the week. It’s more of a shorter term program again which seems to be the general trend with new programs at the moment (yes, I know there’s exceptions, I just mean they outnumber new long term programs). If you’re a fan then before we get to the news let’s take a closer look at the investment plans and other features to see if you think StockEvoTrade is suitable for your own portfolio or not.

There’s four plans for you to choose from, though in reality some are probably far too expensive for most industry players to consider seriously. You can however get involved with StockEvoTrade for a $10 minimum which gets you into The Amateur Plan. This runs for a 20 calendar day term, during which you can earn 7% interest on your deposit every day. StockEvoTrade are counting your principal as part of those payments so it will not be returned in a separate payment on expiry. So on receipt of your final interest payment that’s it, you’re finished. Payments should add up to 140% by then, which is your own money plus 40% net profit. Maximum deposit for this plan is $1000.

Your second option is to spend a $1,001 minimum to join what’s called The Basic Plan. This one runs for a slightly shorter 18 calendar day investment term, during which StockEvoTrade are making a daily payment of 8.5% interest. Again they are counting your principal as part of those payments so by the time the last one arrives you should have accumulated a final return of 153%, of which 53% is profit and the rest your own money. StockEvoTrade‘s maximum spending limit for this plan is $4,000.

The Conservative Plan is StockEvoTrade‘s third option, starting with a $4,001 minimum and running for a 16 calendar day term. Interest payments to members are made daily at a rate of 10%, so it’s a pretty simple calculation to see that the final return should come to 160%. StockEvoTrade count your original principal as part of the repayments, leaving you therefore with 60% net profit on top. The upper limit for deposits here is capped at $8,000.

And lastly for a minimum deposit of $8,001 we come to The Expert Plan. Following the pattern set by StockEvoTrade‘s earlier investment plans, the term shortens and the interest rate increases. So for a 14 calendar day investment term members are being offered a daily payment of 12% interest. As your deposit is counted as part of those payments then the eventual return which comes to 168% is your own money plus 68% profit. StockEvoTrade have no upper limit on investments here, though that’s certainly no excuse for members spending money they can’t afford to lose in the event of something going wrong (or perhaps “going right” in the opinion of most HYIP admins, lol!)

Payment options are up to a decent industry standard with all the popular processors in use. You all know the names by now I suppose, which are SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and LibertyReserve. You get that in a lot of HYIPs these days so to make it just that little bit more appealing StockEvoTrade are also offering instant payouts. You will still be required to log into your private members account area and make a request, but once you’ve done so the money should drop into your e-currency account in under a minute. All within reason of course, because as we all know there can instances when instant payouts need to be switched off (account replenishment, security, etc) or get held up due to technical difficulties. In this case StockEvoTrade will process the payouts manually.

On the security and design side of things StockEvoTrade is running off a totally custom made script which I have never seen before. Despite that, it’s still quite easy to navigate and customer friendly. The StockEvoTrade website is SSL-secured by GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions, while hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection by Koddos. If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you can get in touch by a number of methods, starting with either mailing him directly at the address provided, or else just filling in your details on the online ticketing form and submitting it via the contacts page. Better yet, if there’s an operator there, StockEvoTrade comes with a Live Chat feature so customer support is available in real time. You might notice a postal address there too but I’d ignore that. Experience tells us that while the addresses themselves might be genuine, they are typically just for registration purposes or mail forwarding and not where you find whatever HYIP using them actually physically located.

For what it’s worth the alleged business plan backing the whole thing up is supposedly ForEx trading, something we’ve heard a million times in the hyip industry if we’ve heard it once. It was never exactly a guaranteed recipe for permanent success in the past so I wouldn’t suggest you treat StockEvoTrade any differently to any other internet based investment scheme. That means being careful with your money, only spend sensible amounts that won’t do any serious damage to your finances were you to lose it, and of course if joining StockEvoTrade at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Since StallionGold (reviewed here) is allegedly based in Dominica, the administration duly observes all national holidays celebrated in that country. So please note that next week on Monday and Tuesday your account in StallionGold won’t be credited with the regular daily interest of 1.5%-4% for 100 business days plan. StallionGold has been a stable performer for over five months already with instantly processed withdrawals to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, PexPay, OkPay, and EgoPay. The minimum to investment is $1, so it’s affordable to all. You may also be interested in my recent interview with the admin Edward (read it here) who told us in detail of the unique gradual principal withdrawal over four instalments that only StallionGold uses. Anyway, I believe withdrawals will resume on Wednesday comes to an end. For more information please read the update below:

Dominica’s National Days of Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday
Dear investors and website visitors, due to the observed by banks national Dominica’s holidays of Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday within the locales affecting our business operations, no profits will be credited to user accounts for the days of upcoming Monday, February 11th, and Tuesday, February 12th, 2012.


The admin of Nubcoyu (interviewed here) reported a security breach that allowed hackers to get access to several members’ accounts. Apparently it happened only to careless members who always use the same password when they join any HYIP which is practically an invitation for hackers to steal your money. Anyway, Nubcoyu took the situation with great seriousness and decided to return withdrawal requests back to balance. The recommendations for members whose accounts in Nubcoyu were compromised were given in the newsletter, so please read carefully and do not be careless next time about using the same password for everything. Of course after checking on your payment processor accounts and changing your passwords if necessary, you’re welcome to submit another withdrawal request. I remind you that Nubvoyu (reviewed here) has been working online for over five months providing investors with the profits paid via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts on the single 1.4% for 200 business days investment plan. More on the hacking report please read below:

Emergency! Hacking Incident and Withdrawal Reset
Dear Valued Investors,
Greetings to all of our NY family members. I hope that everyone is doing fine as always and keeping good wealth and health. I’d like to announce to our dear members about the hacking incident that happened yesterday night (GMT+9 Time Zone)
I’ve been contacted by around 6-7 people that their accounts have been compromised, not only in NY, but also in other programs too. I’ve provided assistance to them, however I have noticed that the problem roots from them using the same set of usernames and passwords for different programs. Amongst those, their usernames might already fall into the hands of malicious admins who never know when to stop stealing their clients money. This has become our central focus today. So, we’d like to ask for everyone’s cooperation with this issue, for our and your own sake. We’ll cancel all the pending withdrawal requests up until this point. The reason is, it is going to take ages to check the validity of account by account and this will result in complication. We’d like you all to follow these steps for your own security:
1. Change your password at Nubcoyu.
2. Verify if your payment processors are correct.
3. Change the password of your own email address (important) and try not to use the same set of passwords for every one of them.
4. Re-request the withdrawals
The withdrawal reset procedure will begin in 2 hours, so please standby for it. Please note that support tickets regarding the withdrawal bouncing back to the balance will be completely ignored and please don’t expect the reply. In the meantime, we’ll be completing site surveillance to ensure safer investing environment.
We’d like to apologize for inconvenience.
Regards, Nubcoyu Umezawa
Head Administrator of Nubcoyu.


Please note that two more programs were moved to Problem status on MNO today – RoyalIncome and BerkeleyFinanceGroup. RoyalIncome was no real surprise, as the program was hopeless with constant problems and delayed withdrawals which should have been processed instantly. The admin stubbornly refused to change the rules in favor of manual payouts and because of that I already moved it to Problem status. After that the instant withdrawals resumed but not for long, as they stopped in less than 24 hours and RoyalIncome went to the Scam folder, now for good.

BerkeleyFinanceGroup proved another nasty failure as it managed to last for 16 days only which was barely enough for the first investors to break-even on its 7% daily plan. Without any warning the program stopped paying investors, but possibly still keeps paying monitors. I was paid promptly today and yesterday, but it only took a couple of emails from readers who were not paid within the 24-hour timeframe to realize that BerkeleyFinanceGroup is turning into an ugly scam. Please do not invest there anymore, as the admin obviously has nothing to say in response to the selective payouts when I confronted him on it. So avoid BerkeleyFinanceGroup as well!


AxiomInvestingGroup is a new program that was listed on the MNO monitor’s Standard Category today after being online for a week already. The program accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay starting from $10. Depending on the invested amount you can earn from 1.5% to 3% interest for the duration of 100 calendar days with the original principal returned on expiry. Pre-term contact cancellation is allowed for a 30% fee, so you can get your principal even earlier. The site itself is bi-lingual and has both English and Russian versions. There’s a wide variety of communication methods available on the AxiomInvestingGroup website including a support ticketing system, Skype support, the program’s own forum, and Facebook and Twitter accounts. The site is SSL-secured by Thawte and is hosted on a dedicated Staminus server by GeniusGuard. DDoS protection is not very strong as today the site was inaccessible for a few hours due to DDoS attacks. I’ll have a more detailed review of AxiomInvestingGroup later, so stay tuned for that.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listProForexUnion, MGProfit, OilOfAsia.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, SureInv, StallionGold, TureProfit, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, Nubcoyu, VisitAd, Stravia, PerfectForex, GoldenPayment, Xgolding, AirCargoXpress,  Black&WhiteFund, FatProfit, Profitable2013RewardsWeekly, ADSolid, HurricaneAssets, StockEvoTrade, ExpressProfitShares, ForkStrategy (the first payment received), AXAIndustries (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: AustralianBusinessGroup, TradExFund, PureIncome.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest,  EasyGrowth, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank.

That’s it for today, guys. See you all tomorrow with a detailed review of ForkStrategy and all the latest news updates from the industry. Bye for now!

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