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Beware! PerfectForex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day to anyone celebrating! And if you’re all alone, well never mind, MNO still loves you. I’m taking a day off from the usual cycle of reviews and news updates, but only for today. I’ll have something new for you again tomorrow. But what I do have for you today is the following interview I received last night from the admin of PerfectForex. His name is Jim, and I must say it’s been a good little performer up until now. PerfectForex have been running for exactly a month now, and when you consider the plans they offer – 104%-125% after 1 day, 122%-250% after 5 days, 172%-800% after 15 days, 400%-2000% after 30 days, and 900%-3500% after 45 days, that is a simply fantastic achievement already no matter what happens from this point on. In today’s newsletter the admin of PerfectForex commemorated this event so I before we get to the interview itself I think I’ll just start with that as it’s a great example to all the similar short-term programs to emulate:

30 Days Online
I am very pleased to say that we already passed 30 Days of successful works.
We have a good feedback in popular monitors and I really happy that we can meet your expectations. We are committed to serving you with professionalism, integrity, and sensitivity.
Our Live Chat service always on guard and we are open for discussion in our Facebook page.
I think together we can make our company better and more effectively.
Thank you for choosing our company.
Yours truly, Jim Courtney

As we can see, the program is quite clearly in the hands of an experienced and professional admin. Before we hear what Jim has to say I’ll just remind you that if you would like some further information on PerfectForex you can start by reading the original review first published on MNO here:

1. Hello Jim, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in PerfectForex. What experience do you have in the HYIP industry?

Hello Paul and MNO Readers. My name is Jim Courtney and I am founder and main Administrator of Perfect Forex Investment Company. I’m here today to answer any of your questions with pleasure.

2. Explain the investment plans in detail to us. What ROIs are on offer. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest?

We have different investment packages for our clients including a VIP plan for clients who want to operate for huge amounts. So I think every clients can find comfortable packages to meet all expectations. We have an online profit calculator so you can calculate your profit very easy.
The minimum amount is only $10 and you can invest it in plans A to E.
The minimum amount for our VIP plan is $2000. If you invest in this one you will get good profits after 10 days.
I want to point out that the percentage rate of earnings is dependent on the size of your deposit, so please use our profit calculator for calculate your profit.
The maximum amount for investing is $100000.

3. What payment options are you currently accepting? What’s the time scale between members requesting a payment and actually receiving it to their payment processor accounts?

We try to bring our program closer to our investors so we accept a wide range of e-currencies. For investing we accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay e-currencies.

4. How secure is the website of PerfectForex? What are you doing to protect it and members’ accounts from hackers? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your host? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have?

It more important part for stability work is have a really good server with powerful DDoS protection. DDoS guard it is a good and reliable company who offer powerful servers with strong DDoS protection up to 60gbs.

Also we’re using SSL-encryption for protection our clients from interception of information by third parties.

5. What kind of script is PerfectForex running off? Where did you get it, how safe is it, and why do you think this one is most beneficial for you as an admin and your members?

We are using a GoldCoders licensed script. Perhaps this is the most popular script to automate the management of deposits of our Investors. But it should also be noted that this is the safest and most comfortable of all the script.

6. Can we see any statistics regarding PerfectForex? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

Live statistics can all be seen on our main page. Also we are providing some additional information like Top Investors, Last Investors, Top Referrers and our Paid Out. We always try to be more transparent for our investors and we are absolutely delighted to welcome new ones. At this moment we have more than 2800 members from all around the world. And I’m really pleased that so many people have found interest to our company.

7. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues? I notice a phone number on your website, so during what time (GMT) will members find an operator there? Also can you tell us a bit more about the Live Chat feature you recently added?

Our clients can contact our support staff via Live Chat within a 24 hours per day.
Also we have phone support call center so we are trying to provide a really reliable support service.

8. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

The answers to the most popular questions can be found in our FAQ section. Also we have a profit calculator on our main page but many people don’t wont want to believe our profit calculator and want to contact us directly. We are always try to provide first class support to all our clients.

9. How have you been promoting PerfectForex so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

We have a great advertising plan for 2013 so our advertising stage is only at the beginning of our great journey in the world.

10. What plans do you have for the future of the program? Will there be any changes or improvements coming?

I think it is too early to speak of any significant developments. At the moment, our main priority is a smooth development strategy. Our extensive experience is bearing fruit and the result is a long and productive work for the benefit of our investors.

11. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview? Also please feel free to comment on the review of your program published on MNO. If there was anything you felt unfair or mistaken then you are welcome to explain this in your own words here.

Thank you for interview. I hope we can meet your expectations.

Well, short and to the point I think. Thanks a lot to Jim for taking the time to answer the questions and I hope you find it in some way helpful in deciding if joining PerfectForex is still worth the risk for you or not. Best of luck to the admin keeping the program running for as long as he can and of course good luck as well to the members in making a profit from it while they still can.


Today the admin of SmartChoiceInvest decided to upgrade his listing on MNO from Basic to Standard and that means his program will be reviewed on my blog soon. Tonight I’ll just introduce it but it’s been online and paying for over a week already. SmartChoiceInvest offers several investment plans, all of them short-term – 102%-110% after 1 day, 53%-61% for 2 days, 38%-46% for 3 days, 25%-33% for 5 days, 16%-24% for 10 days. In most cases the minimum to invest starts with $5 and the possible return increases in line with your principal. All the popular payment options – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve – are in use. SmartChoiceInvest is running off a licensed GoldCoders script, so the withdrawals have to be requested and are processed manually by the admin within 12 hours. The website is SSL-secured by Comodo and hosted by MaxAntiDDos which keeps the program on a BlackLotus dedicated server. So far, SmartChoiceInvest has been a good short-term program and I hope stays this way until I’m publish the full review on Saturday. Please stay tuned for that, guys, but if you can’t wait then check out the program right now for yourselves!


MalaysianINC has joined MNO’s Premium listing today. It’s a medium to long term program with several investment plans in which the size of your principal will determine how much you potentially earn. There are four investment plans with fluctuating rates depending on MalaysianINC‘s trading results – 1.62%-2.06% for 15 business days, 1.81%-2.18% for 30 business days, 2.15%-2.43% for 60 business days, 2.63%-2.95% for 120 business days. Compounding is allowed and your principal is returned on expiry of the term. Your principal can be also withdrawn before the expiry date for a 35% fee. Note that the interest is credited to your account on the days following trading days (Tuesday to Saturday) and usually the withdrawals are processed instantly, though may take up to 12 hours to complete. MalaysianINC accepts all the popular payment handlers including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve from a minimum starting from $5. The website is SSL-secured by Comodo, and hosted on SoftLayer servers with DDoS protection provided by Staminus. The script MalaysianINC uses is original and custom-made for them. I’ll share more on that once I get used to it in my upcoming review of the program scheduled to be posted on Sunday. I’ll just add that MalaysianINC was launched only a few days ago and the welcome message appeared is as follows:

We are opened online!
We are pleased to announce that MalaysianINC has established its presence online. After 5 years work offline now our company open to accept investors from around the world. We are welcome to all investors to join us and earn money with MalaysianINC. All information about our company and about offered investment services now you can be found online by visiting our website at MalaysianINC.

That’s all I have for you today guys, but be sure to check back here tomorrow for all the news stories worth hearing about and hopefully a closer look at a new program on my monitoring page called MajestiCrown that already got quite a few sign-ups and is proving a popular choice among MNO readers. Thanks for reading and see you all then!

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