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Hi guys! No new programs to introduce tonight but I do have quite a lot of news to catch up on from the HYIP industry. To tell you the truth, due to publishing an interview last night I still have a couple of overdue stories to catch up with. There’s a lot going on in the in the HYIP industry now so let’s get started.


ForkStrategy (reviewed here) was added to MNO monitor seventeen days ago, which means that yesterday the first investors in the shortest plan paying 115% after 15 days were able to collect their profits to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, or EgoPay. I must say that it was a very good beginning as the first payments were processed fast enough and I received mine in no time. Now we should wait for a while and see if ForkStrategy is serious enough to pay on two longer-term plans, which are 150% after 30 days, and 200% after 45 days. As per the admin’s newsletter sent after the first payments were done, ForkStrategy is going well with over $45K in deposits. Results are shared with members so that might make them more attractive and help them run for longer. So far the beginning has been promising and I would like to congratulate all the first investors of ForkStrategy on their first profits with the program and express my hope that the admin Mark will keep up the good work. His latest newsletter is below:

ForkStrategy first earnings!
Dear investors,
First of all, we would like to thank you for your reactions after our latest newsletter. We received several messages from some investors already in profit and from investors who also operate in sports arbitrage themselves and wanted some advice and/or share their experiences; it is a pleasure to have this type of relationship with you.
Our program was launched on February 4th which means investors who registered during our first days online and invested in plan A are already collecting profits. About ten days ago we sent you a newsletter mentioning that our investment results were outstanding and today, once again, we have nothing but good news. Below you will find a table with several positions we invested at in the past ten days and their corresponding profits.
Press here https://forkstrategy.com/new-003.php to see betting table.
Tennis was the dominating sport for our investments in the past few days as two very important international tournaments were happening. The SAP Open 2013 that happened in the USA between February 11th and 17th included over 20 matches from the first round to the final and we we were able to spot several arbitrage opportunities in these matches. The other one was the Qatar Total Open 2013, which is a women’s tennis tournament that happened in Qatar for its 11th edition also between February 11th and 17th and included over 40 matches out of which we also took a lot of advantage and made almost 25% of extra profit since ForkStrategy was launched, which means we made enough money to pay all your profits and running expenses of our website and still generated a reserve fund of 25% of the total invested so far.
As I write this message, ForkStrategy has over 45 thousand dollars in total investments. Our investments in marketing are paying off and we see a big increase in the number of people joining us every day, specially because now we have some investors already in profit spreading the word about our investment pool.
For me it is very clear that 2013 will be a great year for the sports arbitraging world and, of course, for ForkStrategy. If our program keeps growing at the current rate, we will have more than 15k investors by the end of the year and we are looking forward to that!
Keep the messages coming, it has been a pleasure to work with you all so far!
Best regards, Mark Flecher
ForkStrategy CEO


Today I got the second official newsletter from Elyssa, the admin of CostaAlliance. In it she promised to answer the MNO interview as soon as possible and also promised to strengthen the protection of the website after receiving threats from blackmailers who want to bring the site down. At the moment CostaAlliance is paying fine and though Elyssa claims 24 hours for the payments to be completed it’s usually done in only 3 to 4 hours at the moment. I can confirm this personally as I receive payouts from the 7% for 21 days plan quite fast to my SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, LibertyReserve, and PerfectMoney accounts which are all accepted by CostaAlliance from a $10 minimum. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it continues. Whenever I get the answers back it will be published immediately, so watch this space! Meanwhile, you should know that CostaAlliance also pays a 7% instant deposit bonus which can be withdrawn straight after you make a deposit in the program, and you can read more on that in my detailed review published here. The full newsletter is below:

CostaAlliance ~ NewsLetter#2
Greetings CostaAlliance Member,
We hope all has been well with you since our last newsletter.
We have been kept busy with work and some not very pleasant mails. We have been getting many threat mails that claim to attack our website and keep it offline.
So, we have been stepping up on the site protection ferociously to keep these people away from us.
Additional security and protection has been installed to keep our website away from these anti-social elements. Our technical people have been keeping a close watch on every area of the website including the member support services to make sure no stone is left unturned.
As you may all already know, that we have 2 backup servers available for CostaAlliance. Now, even the backup servers have gone live. But the links in the backup servers will not be active but should anything affect the main server, the backup servers will automatically function.
Backup server links are available in the website and you can access it.
Also, we have been approached for an interview by Paul from MNO and we are planning to respond to the questions and send them across in a day or so. So you may want to stay tuned to that as well.
As for the withdrawal processing, usually it is processed within a few minutes but the maximum waiting period is 24 hrs. Should you need to contact us about any missed payouts please do so after 24 hours to be sure. However, under any normal circumstance, they are processed within a few minutes to a maximum of 3 – 4 hours. This entirely depends on our workload.
Should you require any guidance with CostaAlliance, please contact our support and we will be glad to be of service.
That is all we have to share today.
Have a great week ahead.
Elyssa Hamad. CostaAlliance


FelminaAlliance (reviewed here) has announced three more winners of their weekly promo contest. The program is still doing well after being online for over 19 months now since July 2011 paying fine on two investment plans both of which return your principal on expiry – 0.8%-1.4% for 90 business days, and 1%-1.6% for 180 business days. Apart from some unconfirmed bank wires delays, the payments to all the payment processors accepted by FelminaAlliance – SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve – are still processed like clockwork and I believe can go on for quite some time and has the potential to be one of the longest paying programs in the industry. It has already reached #4 in the Premium List on MNO after having been monitored for 525(!) days which is an incredible achievement. While I’m not sure about the genuine winners of the contest please note that according to FelminaAlliance‘s newsletter which can be found below, the contest runs on a weekly basis and you can read more details about it in one’s member’s area:

[FelminaAlliance] Official Newsletter
We would like to inform you that the 3 winners of last week’s Best Promo Contest have been selected. The lucky winners have received $1000.00, $500.00 and $200.00 respectively.
The 1st place and the $1,000.00 prize goes to ‘Atangs’.
The 2nd place and the $500.00 prize goes to ‘afmailpt’.
The 3rd place and the $200.00 prize goes to ‘mvcdeal’.
Let us remind you that the Best Promo Contest for the next week has already started, everyone is invited to participate.
You can find detailed terms of the contest inside your FelminaAlliance account.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Best Regards, Marketing Department,
FelminaAlliance Inc.


Although the latest newsletter from AxiomInvestingGroup was signed by Susan Williams I seriously doubt a person with such an obviously anglicized name but such a mediocre level of English could be a real person. Anyway, judging by the second version of the website in Russian I tend to believe that the administration of AxiomInvestingGroup has more to do with Russia than the UK. The extended list of the payment options that are accepted for the 1.5%-3% for 100 days with principal back on expiry plan include a couple of Russian based bank transfers and a Russian payment providers QIWI. These payment options will be definitely convenient to AxiomInvestingGroup members living in Russia and and will definitely offer a good alternative to anyone preferring to avoid the more traditional HYIP-based payment processors the program uses like SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve. An expansion of their alleged business activities was announced today, although this information cannot be verified and should be taken with a grain of salt. The most important thing for every investor of AxiomInvestingGroup would be the fast and prompt payments which the program has been making for three weeks already. Deposits with AxiomInvestingGroup (reviewed here) can start with a $10 minimum. Heres their latest newsletter:

News AxiomInvestingGroup
Dear customers,
A bit of interesting news from the AxiomInvestingGroup.
1. We have diversified the business by opening a new direction – the stock market Forex. To positions of traders were invited professionals with more than seven years of experience.
2. On February 25 we started a daily and weekly activity reports on three areas: NASDAQ and Forex, real estate.
3. At the request of investors from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan introduces new payment systems: QIWI, bank transfers Alfabank and PrivatBank. QIWI system will be operational by the end of the week.
4. Unforgettable participate in our loyalty.
Best regards, Susan Williams
Public relations specialist


Please note that two programs have been moved to Problem status on MNO today and no further investments are recommended at the moment – MGProfit and PremierLeagueProfits.

Well, PremierLeagueProfits has almost no chance of recovery I suspect. After a devastating DDoS attack the database was held by their old hosting provider who refuses to give the admin access to the files due to some alleged breach of agreement between them. In any case, the admin Tony assured me that the database would be rebuilt from scratch and the refunds would be processed to every investor who wishes to receive them instead of going on with another site. Let’s wait and see if that works out, as he promised everything to be clear by the weekend. As you might remember, I was skeptical about PremierLeagueProfits from the beginning and apparently was right to not be satisfied with the protection from attacks and overall security. Well, if the admin does manage to re-build the site from scratch and make it more secure I believe it might get back the trust of the investors that has been definitely lost by now. Even if the site is back to normal soon, I would recommend staying away until payouts fully resume. I’ll keep you updated ion further developments, but for now the program stays on Problem status on MNO!

MGProfit was yet another disappointment. The program was not able to finish the first investment cycle of paying 3% for 50 days, however online for 47 days it did at least make a profit for the first investors. A few days ago the site was hit by a DDoS attack which I believe may have brought about its premature ending. Even though the site managed to return on a new hosting provider, it looks that might be the reason why investors lost confidence. Of course it’s only speculation and perhaps the admin of MGProfit even planned it this way, with DDoS attacks only speeding up the process. Anyway, please note that there’s a lot of reports on forums about selective payouts from MGProfit, going only to monitors while regular members are left waiting. That’s unacceptable behavior for any professional investment program, and therefore MGProfit has been moved to Problem status on MNO today. I would not recommend any further investments there, especially to the new investment plan they opened today. It is only available for investments starting from $200, but such new investment plans are always taken by experienced investors with a grain of salt and if we add pending payouts, we can see that MGProfit is in deep trouble and perhaps the new plan is just a tool to collect more money before disappearing. I would like to re-post the last newsletter I received from MGProfit below, but am warning you that you must not invest there:

15% daily for 5 calendar days
Hello Dear Customers,
We have something special for you all, that will only last a limited time from now on. Our traders and employees introduces a special investment plan to thank our customers for the great support and continues business.
The new investment plan pays 15% daily for 5 calendar days and returns the principal at the end of term. The minimum investment amount is $200 and maximum $100,000. The compounding feature is also enabled for this investment plan.
Kindly login to your members area and go to “Make a Deposit” page like you always do and select the desired investment package you wish to invest in.
You may act now to participate in this limited-time opportunity! The new plan will be available only for a few weeks.
Best Regards,
MGProfit LTD. customer support.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: OilOfAsiaProForexUnion, PerfectForex, AirCargoXpress.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, SureInv, MajestiCrownStallionGold, TureProfit, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, GoldenPayment, Stravia, FatProfit, Xgolding, Black&WhiteFund, ExpressProfitShares, ForkStrategy, AXAIndustries, CostaAlliance, RewardsWeekly, ADSolid, HurricaneAssets, MalaysianINC.
From MNO Standard list: AustralianBusinessGroup, TradExFund, PureIncome, AxiomInvestingGroup.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, EasyGrowth, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7, Fxen, Money&Credit, TheInvestmentBank, VenturInvest.

That’s everything from around industry for today. I’ll most probably have a break for tomorrow but only from news as I still have an interview with the admin of ADSolid which he sent last night. I hope it will be of interest to you, as ADSolid has been a steady and solid performer so far processing instant withdrawals for over a month while at the same time positioning itself as not only a HYIP but as an advertising platform for members. So what’s so special about ADSolid? You can read it in my detailed review here and the upcoming interview on MNO tomorrow. Stay tuned and see you all then, guys!

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