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Hello everyone! Before this evening’s news I want to take a closer look at a program that’s been causing quite a stir among some of the more experienced industry players since first hitting our screens over the weekend. It’s called GSAOnlineInvestments and a lot of folks are tipping them to be the next big hit in the industry. I wouldn’t like to be the one standing over a statement like that myself, but to be honest it’s not hard to see where this enthusiasm is coming from so I’d certainly agree the potential is there if nothing else and GSAOnlineInvestments does have a lot going for it. Whether this excitement is warranted or not is something we’re going to find out over the coming weeks and months though they are off to the best possible start. So before we get to the news section let’s see what the program has to offer and if you think it might be suitable for.

We’ll start with the plans and I must say they’re an eclectic bunch to say the least. It’s not often you see such a wide variety contained within such a small group, but I guess that can only be a good thing as GSAOnlineInvestments have something for everyone. Before we get to the finer details I just want to point out that are free to invest with your choice of either dollars of euros. For the sake of brevity I’m going to describe the plans using dollars as I know that’s how most readers here will operate, but just keep it in mind that euro deposits are perfectly OK if that’s what you find more convenient.

There’s three plans in total, though in actual fact the first of these is divided into three distinctive sections all by itself. They’re all named after famous mountains for some reason, including Mont Blanc in France which I once climbed a couple of years ago. OK, I didn’t really climb it, I just got the cable car to the top but you know what I mean. This is the first and perhaps the most complex of the GSAOnlineInvestments plans. It’s also likely to be the most popular so please pay close attention to make sure you understand what exactly you are getting into and the terms and conditions entailed.

You can join for a $5 minimum which makes GSAOnlineInvestments one of the most affordable programs around if nothing else, and for a deposit of anything up to a $100 maximum you get into The Mont Blanc Starter Plan. This runs for a term of 15 business days (three weeks) during which you are paid 0.75% interest every day from Monday to Friday. That will be 15 payments in total adding up to 11.25% which you can count as net profit once GSAOnlineInvestments return your initial deposit as promised. I imagine a lot of the more experienced players may dismiss this one as more of a test plan, but still, if you’re only in the industry for the fun of it and not interested in high risks then it’s not a bad return and easily achievable in HYIP terms anyway.

For a larger deposit starting from a $101 minimum and up to a $500 you get into The Mont Blanc Regular Plan. The term is extended to 20 business days (four weeks) when GSAOnlineInvestments make daily interest payments on your principal of 1.25% from Monday to Friday. These will add up to 25% in total profits by the conclusion of the term making this a far more attractive option for the smaller investor. GSAOnlineInvestments do of course return your principal on expiry.

The third option under this category is The Mont Blanc Trust Plan which is really for the more serious players prepared to go in with anything from a $500 minimum up to a $1,000 maximum. The term runs for 30 business days this time (six weeks) with GSAOnlineInvestments making interest payments of 1.75% every day from Monday to Friday. That come to 52.5% in total which can be deemed net profit once your principal is returned as promised.

Everything I’ve just described above comes under the umbrella of one single plan, so as I said do be careful to make sure you are aware of the rules in the particular option you feel is best suited for you. The second plan in GSAOnlineInvestments is an altogether more straight forward operation, however with a $1,000 minimum requirement to join it’s really only for the big spenders. It’s called The Mount McKinley Plan and it runs for 50 calendar days, and please note that I did say calendar days here as opposed to business days in the first plan. All deposits up to a $5,000 maximum receive a 2% interest payment every day. Payments add up to 100% in total by the time the plan expires, and then GSAOnlineInvestments offer to return your original principal in full. The same rate applies to all deposits regardless of size (subject to the stated min/max levels that is) so assuming everything goes according to plan a deposit here should double your money. Granted it’s a much more profitable plan than GSAOnlineInvestments previous one, but the two main drawbacks are of course the cost and the fact that it takes you longer to break even. But still, if this is a typical sized investment for you as I know it is for many, there’s plenty to think about.

The third plan, and for various reasons including cost I imagine to be the least profitable of the three, is called The Everest Plan. It’s going to cost you a $5,000 minimum deposit to join so straight away I know that rules out the majority of players, though the choice is yours so I’ll describe it for you anyway. The plan runs for a term of 90 calendar days and is open to anything up to $50,000, the maximum accepted by GSAOnlineInvestments. What’s really unusual here though is the payment schedule employed by the program. You see what they offer you is a 3.5% interest payment which is credited to your account every day. The catch however is that you are not actually allowed to withdraw it every day. The money still gets paid into your GSAOnlineInvestments account at the 3.5% daily rate, but you as a member only get to withdraw it twice per month. Due to the huge amount of money at stake here I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you are fully aware of this before agreeing to anything, though to be fair to GSAOnlineInvestments they do make this perfectly clear on their website and no one is trying to trick you. Anyway, payments will eventually add up to 315% upon which you should expect to have your principal returned. Payouts in The Everest Plan are made on the 15th and the 30th of each month, but you are required to make a withdrawal request at least 24 hours before, so don’t forget to do that or else you’ll be waiting for another couple of weeks. Incidentally it’s not explained how this schedule would work for February which of course only has 28 days to begin with.

I have to say at this point that whereas I’m quite positive about most of what I see in GSAOnlineInvestments, the payment options are a bit disappointing. There was a time when medium and longer term HYIPs could comfortably get away with limiting their list of payment handlers to just LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney as GSAOnlineInvestments are doing here, but that’s not really the way things work anymore. Not with high standard programs that wish to be taken seriously by the bigger investors anyway, so I do hope the admin will get to work on this and expand that list. It would help open what’s an otherwise above average program to the wider audience it deserves. One feature that does at least go some way towards compensating for the lack of choice there is the actual payment schedule. Not exactly unique, but still exceptionally rare these days is the use of automatic payouts. If you prefer, and it’s up to you to clarify this upon joining, GSAOnlineInvestments will make your payments for you automatically. There’s no need for you to log into your account and no need to make any requests, just tick the appropriate box when joining and forget about it. You’ll then receive your payments every day direct to your e-currency account without ever going near the GSAOnlineInvestments website again. And if you have a downline then any referral commission payments will be made in the same manner. I don’t believe this applies to The Everest Plan anyway (and have no intentions of spending the $5,000 to find out, either!), but if for some reason you do not with to receive automated payouts and wish to continue accessing your account area and requesting the GSAOnlineInvestments admin to pay you manually in the traditional way then you are free to do so as well. Again it’s simply a case of clicking the appropriate box on joining to indicate your preference.

On the design and security side of things GSAOnlineInvestments seems to be pretty packed with all sorts of interesting and unique features. I suppose the first thing to say is that aside from English you’ll find the GSAOnlineInvestments website available in German, Russian, and Chinese. And not just by online auto-translation tools either, but professionally written by someone who understands the language. The website is using SSL encryption from GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions and the script being used to run the program is a totally unique and custom made creation. Despite being unique however the entire process of joining up is still quite simple and not really that different from any other online HYIP you might have joined recently. Hosting is on a dedicated server and while I’m not able to guarantee this myself, the admin says he has DDoS protection by BlockDos. The graphics are all quite nice too, but in a more practical sense the website is also full of handy educational videos embedded from YouTube that will give you step-by-step instructions on every aspect of your time spent as a member, from funding your account on the first day right up to getting your principal back and leaving on the last.

As you can see communication is very high on the agenda which is very important for the success of any program and so there are plenty of ways to stay in touch. From inside your members account area you can fill out the customer support form and submit it, or else if you prefer just mail the admin directly at the address provided. Also included is a postal address in Germany though generally speaking these things are just so-called serviced offices used for message forwarding and not where you find many people working. GSAOnlineInvestments do however have a telephone number listed on the site so you can try that if you think it will help. A callback service is available (where you give them your number and they phone you at a time that’s convenient for you) but only to the larger investors. Fans of social media outlets will like seeing that GSAOnlineInvestments have linked to several networking sites, though currently only Twitter leads anywhere. The program is still brand new don’t forget so hopefully this is something else the admin will get around to fixing soon. One other thing, and I’m not really sure that I should even include this in a review because it hasn’t happened yet, is that the admin says we can expect a GSAOnlineInvestments members only forum in about a month or so. I’ll give you more news on that as it emerges.

All that remains to be said I think is the alleged business activities of the program and what they are supposedly doing with your money to maintain such enormous profits. Well, good as GSAOnlineInvestments is, this is probably the one area where they are identical to all other online HYIPs. I mean it’s all quite original but then it’s also quite vague in equal measure and very little is actually spelt out for you before they accept your money. So as with everything else in the HYIP industry, think before you leap, be realistic in what you think you can get back from it, and always establish a spending limit that you won’t exceed under any circumstances. And if joining GSAOnlineInvestments at all then try to make them part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I must admit that ProForexUnion (reviewed here) is undoubtedly one of the best medium-term programs now and running for over five months providing prompt and fast withdrawals to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and a few lesser known payment handlers. Several cycles were completed in all plans with investors paid their principals back on expiry from offers including 1.2% for 20 days, 1.7% for 30 days, and 1.9%-2.4% for 60 days. From time to time the admin tries to improve the program by adding more payment options or new features like today when a rare newsletter announced a built-in calculator, investors testimonials, and an offer to exchange LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney funds to SolidTrustPay with a 15% bonus. Please note that the exchange with STP is not recommended and I would urge you not to take them up on this offer. No disrespect to ProForexUnion but SolidTrustPay is very strict towards unauthorized exchange attempts and may suspend your account with them if you attempt to try it. So it’s better not to risk your LR and PM funds transactions in which are totally irreversible and stay on the safe side, especially as you could lose 100% of your funds and not just those you wished to exchange. Anyway, the links where you can find the calculator, exchanger, and members feedback about their undoubtedly positive experience with ProForexUnion so far can be found via the links in the latest newsletter below:

ProForexUnion. Profit calculator, Exchange, Customer reviews!
At numerous requests of ProForexUnion adds new possibilities.
The profit calculator – Now you can calculate the income!
Exchange: You can buy at a favorable course SolidTrustPay!
Customer reviews: Write that you think of us and about quality of work with us!
Sincerely, yours The ProForexUnion team.


As you might remember from my recent interview with the admin of the popular short term program AirCargoXpress (click here to read it), compounding was not available for either of the two plans paying 2%-3% for 10 days and 3%-4% for 15 days and principal back on expiry, the admin was considering adding it. Well, that’s whet he’s done. Deposits start from $5 via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or LibertyReserve and can now be compounded. The program itself has been online for 70+ days already and so numerous cycles have been completed already. AirCargoXpress has been a slow burner and investors only notice it in bigger numbers much later, when gradual advertising and word of mouth takes effect. I see that with more aggressive advertising on MNO and taking banners and Sticky listing for a month AirCargoXpress has been more noticeable among readers who prefer stable and quality programs to the obvious fast scams. I bet that the newly added compounding option will attract more attention from the risk seeking investors who don’t mind the increased risk for the chance of a higher reward in the end. And as the admin of AirCargoXpress Dylan pointed out such an option does most damage in longer term programs but could be useful for a short term one. The full newsletter from AirCargoXpress (reviewed here) is below:

AirCargoXpress Compounding Added And Other News!
Greetings Dear Investors,
We would like to share some news on our improvements.
The first feature we would like to talk about is compounding. It has been requested to add this option right from the beginning of AirCargoXpress‘ road. Therefore we are happy to announce that this feature is now available for both plans! As you can see we are always keeping our program up to date and listen to your desires to create best opportunity for You. Considering we offer short-term plans it won’t cause any type of cash-flow which could appear with long-term programs. We really hope you are glad and excited to hear about this option since it’s been created with you in our mind.
Also we would like to inform you about status of our progress on regional representatives. We are still working on it and as soon as our list will have enough countries we will add it to our webpage. You can still send us your curriculum vitae to manager@aircargoxpress.com in order to be one of our team.
AirCargoXpress is also working at questionnaire at the time that will give you a chance to express your feelings and desires towards AirCargoXpress. You’ll have a chance to add your own opinion and advise us what you would like AirCargoXpress to work on in the future. Therefore giving us foundation to do everything possible to improve our organization the way you want it to be. As we mentioned from the start we want to walk the road to success together!
AirCargoXpress team always appreciates expression of your gratitude by voting on monitors and posting on forums.
Kind Regards, AirCargoXpress Team


It looks like ADSolid is looking to Asia for new customers because after the translation of their site to Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese today another language was added – Japanese. You need only click on one of the flags located on top of each page on the site to change the version you are reading. I can see that six more European languages are coming soon too and hopefully, that will attract more customers internationally. I must add that ADSolid is quite a unique program positioning itself also as an advertising platform in addition to the regular investment plans paying you from 1.2% to 2.1% per day for 150 days with the interest credited on business days only and the original principal back on expiry. ADSolid take a $10 minimum and make instant withdrawals to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve accounts. For more information you can always check my detailed review published here or first-hand from the admin Timoleon interviewed here. This is the short message appearing in the news section of ADSolid today:

We have just launched localized site for Japanese language!


The recent decision by the admin of GoldenPayment Dennis (interviewed here) to offer a private exchange to his members from LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney into SolidTrustPay and EgoPay with no fees will certainly raise some eyebrows. Everyone knows that the admins usually prefer more liquid LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney to the stricter SolidTrustPay and EgoPay processors, and such a decision could indicate a pending collapse as the admin tries to dump funds with less value to him than others. One should definitely consider the age of GoldenPayment that has been paying for about a month already on four plans – 105% after 1 day, 120% after 3 days, 150% after 7 days, 325% after 15 days. That’s an incredible achievement for a program like GoldenPayment (reviewed here), but the last email looks more than suspicious and could raise the concerns of experienced investors. On the other hand, the payments from GoldenPayment are still processed on time and I have no complaints so far. In the latest newsletter, apart from the ill advised exchange offer the admin also asks members to check their e-currency accounts are specified correctly in their profile, so that the payments could be processed in an uninterrupted manner. So please double-check when requesting your payouts:

Currency Exchange from GoldenPayment – STP and EgoPay
We would like to announce the addition of a currency exchange system for SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. To participate in free currency exchange for SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, all that needs to be done is send us an email before you make a deposit with your username, what amount you are going to convert through a deposit and what e-currency you wish to convert to. We will then respond to you with an email saying confirmed and you can then continue with the deposit. Remember for this free currency exchange for SolidTrustPay and EgoPay deposits, please send us an email prior to making the conversion deposit.
Another item we would like to mention is there are about 2 dozen or so accounts that have incorrect payment processor info in their profiles. This means withdrawals continue to fail when we process those. Please login and make sure your account profile is correct so you do not find yourself waiting for a withdrawal that won’t complete due to an error.
Thank You, GoldenPayment.


In the recent announcement from AxiomInvestingGroup (reviewed here) it was stated they’d be moved to a different hosting provider today and would be inaccessible for the next few hours. I think it will be better to check tomorrow first if the payments resume and the site is actually back to normal before assuming it’s relatively safe to invest there. I remind you that AxiomInvestingGroup pays on the 1.5%-3% for 100 days plan with the principal returned on expiry and a $10 minimum via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, and Russian based payment processor QIWI. The program has been online for almost four weeks but apparently the services of GeniusGuard hosting are not satisfactory anymore, prompting the admin to make a move to BlackLotus. I’ll update with the latest news on AxiomInvestingGroup tomorrow, but meanwhile for all the latest news please refer to the latest newsletter sent today:

News AxiomInvestingGroup
Dear investors.
Some important news:
1. Today from 16:00 London time our site will not be available for up to 12 hours. This is due to move to a new, high-performance and reliable server from a company Bla?k Lotus. Forced measure as the current server does not withstand loads generated.
2. Withdrawal in SolidTrustPay payment system will be available only from 6 am tomorrow in London. Regulation of payments (24 hours) will not be disturbed no one investor.
3. We have published the first working reports.
4. Added Payment System QIWI.
Best regards, Support Dept.


Xgolding proved a huge disappointment yesterday when the admin stopping all payouts and failing to respond to my email asking for an explanation. So I have to move Xgolding to Problem Status on MNO today and issue a warning to readers not to join that scam. The program was a total failure after two months online which was not enough even for the first investors to break even on its 2% for 150 business days investment plan. To tell you the truth, Xgolding failed to attract a lot of attention from investors and went almost unnoticed from the time it first appeared online on Christmas day last year. Despite the admin apparently being a professional (or so went the rumors), this time he couldn’t get it right and will only put himself in profit now. You have been warned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MajestiCrownOilOfAsiaProForexUnion, PerfectForex, AirCargoXpress, GSAOnlineInvestments.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, SureInv, StallionGold, TureProfit, 4FXInvestment, BensonUnion, GoldenPayment, Stravia, FatProfit, AXAIndustries, CostaAlliance, Black&WhiteFund, ForexPlaza, ADSolid, EmpireFinanceGroup.
From MNO Standard list: TradExFund, AustralianBusinessGroup, PureIncome, AxiomInvestingGroup.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, XtremeRichness, CheeseCash, InvestmentCapital, MainaLimited, Finance7,  PerfectLotteryMoney&Credit, VenturInvest, TheInvestmentBank, ZenithUnion.

That’s all the news for today, everyone. Please come back tomorrow for a full review of the 1000+ days long running program called EmpireFinanceGroup and the latest updates from the programs monitored on my site. Check out the TalkBack page for the last chance to cast your vote to show your attitude towards interviews with HYIP admins on MNO and if you have a spare minute you can also check out my Games page to entertain yourself a little! See you tomorrow, guys!

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