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21/11/2013. DailySharePro Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! DailySharePro has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! After a poor showing to say the least in the industry yesterday with a number of closures, I’m pleased to see that at least some of these have already been replaced with two new additions to the MNO monitor this evening. There wasn’t much else going on in the news today, either good or bad, so I’ll be introducing them to you nearer the end of tonight’s news bulletin. First up though, you’ll have noticed a new program joining the MNO Premium List which was added to my monitor last night by the name of DailySharePro. So let’s start by taking a closer look at that first.

It’s a recent enough comer to the HYIP scene though not entirely a new program as such, having launched just short of two weeks ago. The DailySharePro admin told me he was still ironing out a couple of bugs in the system and making sure it was all working smoothly before adding the program to the MNO monitor, which is fine but once you see the investment plans being made available I thinks it’s still very safe to consider this a brand new program anyway. DailySharePro has much to set it apart from the rest of the HYIP industry however as I shall explain below, so let’s et started and see if you think it might be a suitable addition to your own portfolio or not.

The first thing you will need to know about DailySharePro is that it wouldn’t really be classified as an online HYIP in the classic sense. It’s an autosurf. Essentially this still entails you depositing money from your own pocket in hope of receiving an interest payment in return, the only real difference in practical terms being what you need to do in order to get this payment. The first thing you need to do upon joining however is to fund your account wallet. This means that you start by depositing the amount you wish to invest with DailySharePro, and then re-direct that money into the investment plan in order to activate it and start earning. It’s not just that simple though, as you will be required to do something in return for your payment. In this case that means logging into your members account area every single day and viewing a number of ads. 25 in total as it happens, though it won’t really occupy much of your time because the actual process is automated. You just switch on the surfing function and the ads will skip from one to another on your computer. You can sit there and watch them if you really happen to be interested, of else just go boil a kettle and make yourself a coffee. The whole thing should be over by the time you get back and you can forget about it for another day.

So let’s look at the numbers then. You can join DailySharePro for a minimum deposit of $5. This is treated more like buying a single share or advertising credit, so you can only invest in blocks of $5. In other words one advertising credit will cost you $5, two will cost you $10, and so on. You can buy up to a maximum of 2,500 advertising credits in a day, or $12,500 in monetary terms. Technically yes, you are allowed to invest more than that as long as you do so another day, but in real terms I know most of you will have neither the means nor the inclination to spend anything even approaching that. But the option is there anyway. The investment term then runs for 180 calendar days, with members getting paid a daily interest payment on condition they log into their account and surf the required minimum 25 ads. Then, on expiry of the term, your initial principal is handed back leaving your accumulated interest payments as your net profit.

You’ll notice there I didn’t actually mention the interest rate that DailySharePro are offering in return for surfing, and there’s a reason for that. To be honest this is where the program gets a little tricky to explain, because the rate can vary from one day to the next based on the performance of the program. The most important thing you need to know though is that you are at all times promised a basic minimum payment of at least 1%. You will frequently get more than 1%, but you will never, according to the admin, get less.

The “problem” then (for want of a better word) is that it’s quite impossible to estimate what your final earnings in the program will be. But if you just work off the worst case scenario and assume you only ever get the minimum – as unlikely as that is may sound – then you will at least complete the term with a very achievable 180% return. And that’s 180% net profit by the way, because remember DailySharePro are going to add your principal to that as well.

There are a couple of other quick points I’d like to make about the plan before we move on. First of all the term of 180 days is exceptionally long by industry standards, but when you then consider that you are expected to log into your account and surf every day (even if it is only for a couple of minutes) I know not everyone can commit to that. Especially if you have holidays lined up or can only work from office/university/public computers. It needn’t be that big a deal though as it won’t affect your account if you miss a few days. You simply won’t get paid for the days you miss, and you carry on again as usual whenever you can get back to it. The term will still run for 180 days and DailySharePro will still return your same principal on expiry. What you earn between now and then is basically up to you and how many of those days you can get online to surf.

The other thing is that is you can’t really afford a big deposit then there are some bonuses available. You are obligated as I said to surf 25 sites per day, however you can if you wish surf anything up to a maximum of 50. Why would you want to do this? Because once you reach 100 sites surfed you become eligible for a $5 bonus. You don’t get to withdraw it, but in the long run that’s actually better for you. DailySharePro add the bonus in the form of an extra advertising credit, which is valued at $5. You start earning interest on it immediately, however it’s not necessarily added to your own original principal as such. For instance, my own deposit with DailySharePro is through SolidTrustPay, however when I got the $5 bonus it was given to me through EgoPay. Now, I don’t believe there’s exactly a fixed set of rules that says you get this bonus through specific payment processors, maybe it’s just what the admin has the biggest surplus of at the time, but it’s costing you nothing so don’t complain. Over the course of the term then, assuming you can get it early enough, you can earn more than the nominal value of the bonus in interest payments, so think of it in that sense as free money.

If you’re satisfied with the investment plan then and are willing to participate in the surfing process required to earn, then the next thing you’ll probably want to know about is what the payment options are. DailySharePro have a better than average selection it must be said, and like a growing number the more serious longer term programs includes some of the more fringe, non traditional options. All the usual industry handlers are there of course, so that will be enough to satisfy the majority of investors. These of course include SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and PerfectMoney, however DailySharePro are also using OkPay as well. More interesting though is that the script DailySharePro is running off has a tab built in to accommodate users of BitCoin as well, seen by many as one possible future for the online HYIP industry. I can’t say if that’s going to be the case or not but there’s certainly no denying its growth in popularity. If you’re already familiar with the mechanics of BitCoin by the way you’ll know that it’s a separate currency in its own right, meaning deposits ant withdrawals are going to fluctuate according to the exchange rates of the day, but will still be made in whatever the dollar value is on the day. Anyway, payouts to members are processed exceptionally fast, sometimes instantly though that’s not explicitly promised, but if not instantly then manually by the admin a number of different times per day. You will as is generally the case still need to log into your DailySharePro private members account area and make a withdrawal request yourself before you can receive it. Smaller investors take note that the minimum withdrawal is $1, and this will also apply to any bonus advertising credits you might be awarded to payment processors other than what you joined with as well.

On the subject of security and web design then, DailySharePro is running off a script created for them by HYIP Craft. You’ll have seen that name a couple of times over the years I’m sure if you’re a regular industry player, even if it isn’t one of the best known names in the industry. In fact even the surfing version of the script is barely recognizable compared to the HYIP version. The website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for an extra layer of security and hosting is on a dedicated server with a high quality degree of anti DDoS protection supported by Staminus Communications. If you have any further questions for the DailySharePro admin that you think weren’t really covered in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you can get in touch by filling in your details on the online support form and submitting it via the contacts page. Fans of social networking sites can also find DailySharePro with a profile on Facebook.

From the inside of your DailySharePro account then I have to say everything is flawless in terms of layout, organization, and basically how easy it is to use. A row of tabs across the top of the page after you log into DailySharePro cover just about everything there is to know about the program, from depositing, getting started with the surfing process, and withdrawing. Despite being easy to work out for yourself you’ll also see it explained in plain talking English throughout the DailySharePro website as well as obviously the FAQ.

Overall it’s quite a well built and original website with a lot of work put into it if that means anything to you. On the business side of things DailySharePro describe themselves as “an online advertising company which also specializes in BitCoin trades”. In this case I would simply regard any mention of trading BitCoin that’s made by a HYIP admin the very same way I’d regard a claim about trading ForEx. Not to be a total cynic here, but years of experience in this business lead me to believe what I see, not what I am told, and in this case I see about as much evidence backing this up as I do in any other program running now. In this case though there is at least the slight advantage of being able to advertise your own website if you have one in the surfing section. And if you don’t have your own site then I guess you could always try adding your ref link to a favorite HYIP you are a member of and see what happens. You never know your luck, right? So having said all that the same basic rules of investing online apply to DailySharePro as every other program – always stay within a budget you can comfortably afford to lose and if joining at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Although there wasn’t much news from other programs monitored by MNO, I can’t leave you without the regular update from PokerByProxy. The program is set to take the #1 spot on my monitor tonight which I believe after two and a half months online was a long time expected. Even now the program keeps amazing me and many others with stable and prompt payouts for the last eleven weeks. PokerByProxy was listed on MNO right from the start (click here to read the full review) and after a few weeks online the admin Patrick gave an interview to MNO (read it here) describing how the program works and his future plans. Now it’s very clear to me that Patrick didn’t just brag about the enormous success PokerByProxy has been enjoying for all that time, he actually delivered. Now that its an established program (and we could even talk about them in terms of the leadership of the industry) he can simply relax and let the program take its course. PokerByProxy allows members to choose the investment term for themselves, and, if you don’t claim your profits at the end of the day, compound them automatically so you earn even more the following day. At any time can withdraw your principal and leave. Profits are variable and only depend on the program’s results, reports of which are posted on the website daily. Profits may possibly reach 25% per day and losses which can also happen are capped at 5%. Overall a typical figure would be around 2% daily profits. How much does it cost to join PokerByProxy? Well, you can start from as low as $25 if going through PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, HD-Money, BitCoin, and for higher amounts PayPal is accepted along with Bank wires and Western Union transfers. The latest payment report is below and indicates a 2.1% profit for today:

Thursday 21st November 2013
Result 2.10%
Report Applying the lessons of yesterday’s review of our poker gameplay, the team had another successful day today. It came almost entirely from Poker Stars Zoom Poker, which is our team’s favourite avenue to generate quick, and stable profits. When we have a day that the team can’t devote hours and hours to play, they usually head straight for the Zoom poker, which as the name suggests, is much faster than regular poker tables. Today was no exception to our usual Zoom outcome, with the team generating a healthy result of 2.1%. Accounts have been updated with today’s result.


The first program added to Premium listing on MNO tonight is called MultiPowerVentures. This is a short-term program with payment on expiry plans that first launched exactly a week ago. Plans are, however, slightly more conservative than the majority of similar programs offers to online investors. I will just name them briefly here and will tell you why I think so in the upcoming review of MultiPowerVentures within the next couple of days. So, the investment plans are – 104%-150% after 2 days, 110%-250% after 4 days, 125%-400% after 8 days, 175%-850% after 16 days, 325%-2,000% after 32 days. The minimum to invest starts with the usual figure of $10 and the more you invest the more the potential profit. The choice of payment methods accepted by MultiPowerVentures is quite broad and along with the usual PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay you can also deposit via BitCoin and Bank wires. The withdrawals are done by the admin manually and it can take up to 48 hours to get paid, so please keep this in mind. The program is running off a licensed script by GoldCoders, is hosted on a dedicated BlackLotus server with DDoS protection, and is also SSL-secured by Comodo. As MultiPowerVentures has been online for an entire week already the admin really keeps developing and you can see it on the news page which posted updates for the last few days and outlining the challenges and improvements along the way:

Official Launch of MultiPowerVentures
It is with excitement and eagerness that we open our gates and doors including windows to everyone who wish to invest with a stable company. Welcome to MultiPowerVentures.
Registration Page Fixed
We are very sorry for the inconvenience that our registration page caused to our interested visitors. The website designer sent us an erroneous signup page template. But this has already been fixed. So please continue to register now.
Link to Facebook Page
We have a facebook page where you can like us, please go to thank you in advance for liking us.
Live Chat Available
Because we value customer support, we have available live chat support to our investors. Contact the live chat operator only when you have questions regarding our program. Technical support is the main priority.

I guess now that MultiPowerVentures is on MNO it means the admin is ready for the further boost that Premium listing on my site can bring. Hope it won’t disappoint and will become a hit. Fingers crossed anyway!


Gener8Profit is a program that has been online for about two weeks now but only was added to Premium listing on MNO tonight. Most probably the delay with listing was caused by the late addition of SolidTrustPay which surely won more attention from investors over the last few days. Here’s what the admin of Gener8Profit Jack told investors when announcing the STP addition three days ago:

UPDATE: SolidTrustPay | Gener8Profit.
Greetings members,
Hello, This is the Update that many have been waiting for.
It is my pleasure to inform you that you can now invest with SolidTrustPay. Our merchant account has been approved and fully integrated with Gener8Profit.
Deposits are credited to your account automatically and Withdrawals are processed in the same manner as all of our other approved e-currencies.
Please remember you need to add your STP ID to your account from back office.
As part of our security you will need to enter your transaction code and then the system will e-mail you a confirmation code that you need to enter to complete the process.
I recommend you update this information at the time of deposit. This will make your withdrawal effortless.
As a side note, The growth of our membership base has nearly doubled in the past 72 hrs.
Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
Sincerely, Jack Tyler

SolidTrustPay was added to the list of payment processors which already included PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and OkPay starting from a $10 minimum. Gener8Profit only has one investment plan – 8% for 15 calendar days – which means your final profit will be 20% after 15 days, as the initial investment is already included in the payments. Such a moderately paying investment plan although can make Gener8Profit last longer, of course, if the admin has that intention. Judging by his cheerful tone shown in the first newsletter dedicated to the program’s first week online (even before STP was added) we can see that we’re dealing with quite an experienced person which will hopefully help him run Gener8Profit for longer:

1st Newsletter
Greetings members,
Hello, This is our 1st newsletter and serves the purpose of welcoming everyone to Gener8Profit.
I’m happy to announce that we have passed our 1st week online with absolutely no issues. I credit this to the choices we made during the development of our program. From our secure, dedicated server to our tried and tested script, while also being coupled with a competent team of professionals, we are well on our way to becoming the highly profitable program that others will try to emulate.
Some of you may have noticed that we are only using a few monitors. This is by design. We started with only a couple and have been gradually adding other premium monitors. Soon you will see us reviewed by some well known bloggers and you will be able to read their reviews on the support and rating page.
Along with adding promotion, we will be increasing your funding options via the popular e-currency SolidTrustPay. We expect this to be approved and integrated into our program by early next week.
Our philosophy is simple, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. We understand that many investors are apprehensive about joining a new program but in time those of you that have not yet invested will see that we are here to stay.
I would like to personally thank everyone that has been showing their trust and support. Please keep it coming. Remember, the greatest form of advertising is word of mouth.
Sincerely, Jack Tyler

I’ll have a more detailed look at Gener8Profit within the next couple of days, but for now I’ll just briefly run through their main features for you. Gener8Profit is running off a licensed version of GoldCoders script, meaning that the payouts have to be requested manually and the payments are processed within 24 hours. I heard on the forums that the payouts are processed instantly in most cases, but can’t actually confirm or deny it until I receive my own first payment tomorrow. Gener8Profit has a decent website SSL-encrypted by Comodo and hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by MaxAntiDDos. The program has a working Live chat and accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and I believe by joining MNO the admin wants to take Gener8Profit to a higher level. If you wish to read more about them then don’t forget to check out my blog for more information soon!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: IncomeAlways.
From MNO Premium list: PokerByProxy, PureIncome, CatenaFinance, RFIGroup, BillionairesGroup, DeltaTraders, DublinCryptoriumLimited, GreenHillHoldings, InvGlobal, WealthersInc, DailySharePro.
From MNO Standard list: PipsinInvestments.
From MNO Basic list: InvestAge, BallInvest, WelorTrade, WindStockEnergy, ValuePathFinance, ThaiMonetaryFund, Financ.

That’s it for today. Hopefully there was something useful there for you. Tomorrow I’ll have a more detailed look at one of the new programs on my monitor plus all the news from the HYIP industry. Stay tuned for that and always be on the money with Money-News-Online!

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