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23/11/2013. MultiPowerVentures Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everybody! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. Being Saturday it was expected to be a slow enough day for news events, though there’s always something going on in the HYIP industry you might want to know about. I have a couple of stories for you in the second half of this evening’s update then, but first of all I want to start off a closer look at a new short term addition to my monitor by the name of MultiPowerVentures. It’s not entirely a new program by the way with ten days online so far, so maybe a few of you will have come across the name already on some of the main forums. If not then I’ll try and describe the main features of the program, particularly the investment plans, for you below. You can then decide whether or not you think MultiPowerVentures is suitable for your own portfolios, however I think I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it will at least have a familiar look to it for frequent users of short term HYIPs. You’ll know what I mean when you see the available plans.

You have five plans in total, all of which carry a very affordable basic minimum and all of which make one single payment on expiry, a payment containing both your principal and profit combined into one. As usual with program’s like this, some of MultiPowerVentures‘ plans are conservative and easily achievable (for a certain number of cycles I mean, but not indefinitely), while others are a bit, well, let’s just say “ambitious”. The first of them however runs for a term of just 2 calendar days, so no matter what happens MultiPowerVentures next it’s clear that at least there was ample opportunity to profit handsomely from this one having completed so many cycles since first launching. The minimum cost of joining is $10, and by spending anything up to $500 you are offered a single payment of 104% on expiry, or your own money back plus 4% net profit. Larger deposits from $501 to $1,000 can earn 106%, and from $1,001 to $2,000 can earn 108%. You are of course free to invest more than that if you wish, and for further details you should check your MultiPowerVentures members account area.

The second plan runs for a term of 4 calendar days and also pays on expiry. The same $10 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $500 MultiPowerVentures are paying back 110% interest, a figure that includes your principal so that’s 10% profit for yourself. For anyone brave enough to go further than that then the following rates are offered:
114% for deposits between $501 and $1,000, and 120% for $1,001 up to $2,000. For the rates available to bigger deposits I suggest you see the MultiPowerVentures members area.

MultiPowerVentures‘s next plan pays on expiry after a term of 8 calendar days and again costs $10 to join. Your final payment will also include your principal. The return will be 125% on anything from that minimum up to a maximum value of $500. If you’re feeling lucky and wish to take a bigger risk then MultiPowerVentures make the following offers:
Spend from $501 to $1,000 and earn 135%, and from $1,001 to $2,000 for an offer of 155%. Again check out your MultiPowerVentures members area to see what they offer to investments bigger than that.

Next is a plan paying on expiry of a term of 16 calendar days which you can also join for a minimum spend of $10. For a deposit up to $500 MultiPowerVentures offer 175% interest, paid on expiry and principal included. Beyond that the rates are:
225% for $501 to $1,000, and 275% for $1,000 to $2,000. Larger investments are accepted (obviously!) so for information there see the MultiPowerVentures members area.

Next up is a plan that’s perhaps best approached with a high degree of caution (some might say the same for the previous plan as well, but that’s up to you). It runs for 32 calendar days and pays once on expiry. The minimum deposit is $10 so if you do feel like a gamble than at least it’s affordable. $10 is about as much as I’d spend on it myself anyway, and that’s only if I really had to join without any choice in the matter. For anything up to $500 the rate being offered is 325%. Higher rates include:
500% for $501 to $1,000, and 700% for $1,001 to $2,000. And if all that doesn’t sound unfeasible enough then check out the MultiPowerVentures members area for even more unlikely figures.

Payment options are better than average by the usual standards, but even more so for shorter term HYIPs like this one. MultiPowerVentures accept all the popular industry processors such as SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay, but are also among the growing number of HYIPs to start incorporating BitCoin. Unusually however for a program like this one they also list bank wires as an option. Not something I would envision that many of you taking them up on, but if interested then you’ll have to contact the admin for details.

Payouts to members are handled by the admin manually and so will need to be requested from inside your private MultiPowerVentures account area. Once you’ve done this you should then allow anything up to a further 48 hours for the admin to complete the transaction. In my own experience monitoring MultiPowerVentures there have never been any delays and payments have always been prompt. Much less than the stated maximum but do remember that this is laid down in the program’s terms and conditions so if it comes down to it then do allow the full 48 hours before raising any questions.

On the web design and security side of things, most of you will probably recognize the script immediately as that of GoldCoders, and it’s a licensed version. For whatever reason not everyone seems to like this, perhaps feeling it doesn’t show enough originality or whatever, but it does make the program more user friendly and to be honest I don’t really remember hearing about any serious security issues with them in the recent past. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection from malicious attacks by BlackLotus, and the website is fully SSL encrypted in both public and private areas by Comodo.

For any further questions you think weren’t explained here or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you can get in touch with the admin directly through the online support ticketing system. You can create your own ticket, submit it via the contacts page, and be given a receipt/reference number which you can then use to track your question’s progress. Built-in to the MultiPowerVentures website is a Live Chat feature though I can’t say in the short time I’ve been monitoring the program that I’ve actually seen it online myself. Still, it might be worth just taking a quick look before submitting a ticket, as you might be lucky and catch someone online that can deal with your questions in real time. And lastly MultiPowerVentures include a profile on Facebook too so fans of social media sites can track them there as well if they wish.

There’s really not that much of interest in the alleged business activities in MultiPowerVentures. Original texts maybe but these are sketchy at best and very very vague about how any business could genuinely come up with the huge payouts being offered here. What we really need to remember is that the only place you ever really see this happening is in the world of online and anonymous HYIPs, and therefore for all intents and purposes a form of gambling. That means establishing a sensible spending limit that you can afford to lose and easily earn back elsewhere, and also if joining MultiPowerVentures then you keep them as a smaller part of a balanced and diverse portfolio.



I have to start with some bad news for members of PipsinInvestments. Apparently it was designed to scam fast, as even before the first principals on expiry of the shortest plan were returned the admin decided to pull the plug and run away with the money. I can clearly see it now that the alarm signs were there when the admin suddenly issued a newsletter praising himself for 20 days online before even completing the first investment cycle. I was rightfully skeptical about this “achievement” as it was before the 15 business day plan was completed. PipsinInvestments stopped paying yesterday and the admin never responded to my email sent this morning, already after moving his program to Problem status on MNO. Please note that PipsinInvestments has become another pre-Christmas fast scam so do not invest there!


As you may know it’s particularly risky at the end of the year to invest in the oldest programs that have been online for over six months now, because you may face the high risk of potentially losing your investments due to shortage of the new money coming in during the month of December when investors are getting more cautions. Programs like RFIGroup, for example, are thinking about introducing new more attractive plans for their investors. That might sound as a good idea for some, but for me personally new plans almost always signal possible cashflow issues. In any case, RFIGroup has been a truly great performer as it’s been paying since February 2013 even surviving LibertyReserve closure back in May. All good things must eventually come to an end and I believe the new shorter-term plans introduced today with 7 and 15 day durations and variable returns are aimed exactly at enticing less experienced investors to sign up. I understand that as a sign of the potential trouble in RFIGroup this is not an absolute surefire sign, as it’s impossible to make a 100% prediction in this industry. Perhaps, it is going to survive the festive season, who knows, but then the question arises – why introduce new plans now? To me it’s only means that RFIGroup has some severe cashflow issues, as none of the programs in my memory would try to make new plans after nine months online simply because the admins start feeling generous. On the contrary – such new plans are usually designed to entice newbies into financing the admin’s Christmas shopping. I might be wrong and RFIGroup might survive into 2014, but for the smart investors I would suggest holding off for now. I’m saying this fully in the knowledge that RIGroup is still paying instantly on PerfectMoney and EgoPay deposits (while also accepting deposits via BitCoin and bank wires). However at this point I don’t find it necessary to analyze the new plans introduced by RFIGroup (reviewed here) in a bizarre and alarming newsletter posted which I’m re-posting below for your information:

Try new plans Smart Forex and Smart Stocks
Now a wide range of various profitable investment tools is added to the armory of online investors. Owing to these new tools now an investor can be closer to the stock and forex market and earn profits that depend on trading results.
The RFIGroup has effectively restructured proven portfolio RFI index stocks and turned it into a powerful investment product enabling to invest money either for 7, 15 days or the unlimited investment period. New investment plans are as follows:
– Smart stocks 7 (investment period: 7 days)
– Smart stocks 15 (investment period: 15 days)
– Absolute stocks (investment period is not limited and min. period is 1 day)
The portfolio RFI Index Forex beloved of numerous investors has also been restructured and now includes 3 investment plans:
– Smart Forex 30 (investment period: 30 days)
– Smart Forex 50 (investment period: 50 days)
– Absolute Forex (investment period is not limited and min. period is 1 day)
Important information for investors is the fact that the time-limited investment plans are much more profitable compared to the plans Absolute Stocks and Absolute Forex. The longer the investment period you choose, the higher the average dynamic profit percentage you get. This happens owing to the internal algorithms of trading terminals for which the specified investment period is a key factor.
New funds enable all the investors, regardless of the amount invested, to make short-termed investments, profit from trading in the markets and build an effective investment strategy, both for large and for small investors.


Perhaps even more alarming and a more obvious attempt to scramble for the last few dollars was seen today today in PureIncome. OK, the program is still paying investors like clockwork, but I genuinely believe the end is very near. PureIncome (reviewed here) has been paying to investors since January via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, OkPay (plus bank wires) to a variable rate daily paying plan with principal return after 180 calendar days. Unfortunately today’s newsletter sees the admin blatantly trying to grab some really big money before possibly quitting. He offers bigger returns to investors who stupid enough to spend $2,500 or more. Please note that such newsletters in 99.9% cases mean the program has severe cashflow issues and is ready to scam soon. Possibly as soon as the first couple of investors are duped. It looks like the admin is trying to get the best out of his work – and I mean the best for him and not you, the potential victims of this fraud. Please note that despite the current Paying status of the program on MNO I cannot possibly recommend any new investments. Please wait at least until January 2014 before deciding whether you would like to continue with PureIncome. It could collapse at any time. Here’s the latest newsletter from for your information:

New premium investment plans
I hasten to share the excellent news with you. As you may have noticed the PureIncome is doing great so far. Thousands of customers all around the world are making great money with our platform on a daily basis. However, we cannot rest on our laurels because we’ve got to move forward. I am very pleased to introduce our new premium investment plans of Shares and Bonds to you. The concept behind those plans is pretty much the same as with the regular PureIncome shares and PureIncome bonds. The difference is that you can get paid a fixed amount each day and thus, know your exact profit in advance!
PureIncome Shares:
Advanced Plan
Minimum investment – $2,500
Fixed profit rate – 2% on weekdays and 0.6% on weekends
Holding period – 180 calendar days.
VIP plan
Minimum investment – $10,000
Fixed profit rate – 2.3% on weekdays and 0.7% on weekends
Holding period – 180 calendar days.
VIP+ plan
Minimum investment – $50,000
Fixed profit rate – 2.5% on weekdays and 0.7% on weekends
Holding period – 180 calendar days.
PureIncome Bonds:
Advanced Plan
Minimum investment – $2,500
Fixed profit rate – 1.5% on weekdays and 0.6% on weekends
Holding period – 180 calendar days.
VIP plan
Minimum investment – $10,000
Fixed profit rate – 1.7% on weekdays and 0.7% on weekends
Holding period – 180 calendar days.
VIP+ plan
Minimum investment – $50,000
Fixed profit rate – 2% on weekdays and 0.7% on weekends
Holding period – 180 calendar days.
By the way, the daily limits on new premium plans have been lifted up to $250,000
Happy Investing!
Mark Cobe. Marketing Director of PureIncome


PokerByProxy is possibly the only program from tonight’s news issue which I can take seriously. The profit reported for today came to 3% which is an exceptionally good result by any standards. Here’s the latest update from their website:

Saturday 23rd November 2013
Result 3.00%
Report A good day at the online poker tables today, with the team racking up a return of exactly 3%. Quite impressive given the fact that the total investment in PokerByProxy has reached a point that we’re almost always playing in the high limit tables, against arguably better players. From what we’ve seen, there are two types of players that frequent the high limit tables on the online poker sites. The first group consists of professionals, such as ourselves, who are able to play rationally, and win on a regular basis. The other group of players are ones that have “more money than brains.” Basically wealthy individuals who think for some reason that they are skilled and poker, and end up losing a fortune to us. We like them, and as long as theres a steady stream of them, we’ll continue to pump out the profits.
Anyway, all accounts have been updated with today’s result.

PokerByProxy was first reviewed on MNO here with an interview with its admin Patrick published a few weeks later (here). I believe that everything is perfectly well explained in these articles, but if you’re too lazy to read I’ll just remind you of a few key points. PokerByProxy has been listed on the MNO Premium List for about 80 days and reached the #2 spot on my monitor due to the enormous enthusiasm for it among my readers. Why so popular you might ask? Well, you see PokerByProxy is much better than a traditional HYIP in the sense that an experienced investor can choose his own investment term and then quit whenever he feels the time is right. As PokerByProxy offers an enormous level of flexibility, you can withdraw principal, profit, or any part of it at any time without fees. Unclaimed profit becomes part of the principal, so on the following day the profit will be credited on the increased sum. Please note though that among the vast majority of profitable days (PokerByProxy offers daily profits of up to 25%) occasional losses can happen as well, though capped at 5%. Minimum investments in PokerByProxy start from $25 via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, HD-Money, with higher minimums required for BitCoin, PayPal, direct bank wires or Western Union transfers. The withdrawal times can be from 24 to 48 hours. Hopefully PokerByProxy maintain this pace for longer, as unlike other programs I haven’t noticed any obvious warning signs just yet.


After over a week in pre-launch mode while displaying advertising banners on MNO monitor, today FutureYieldsIncome has finally officially launched and was therefore listed straight away on my Premium list with a more detailed review coming tomorrow. The program offers a mix of investment plans starting from a $10 minimum via three payment systems – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay. Please note that apparently, SolidTrustPay has not yet approved the program’s SCI, but you can still deposit there manually by following the instructions on the FAQ page. The daily plan in FutureYieldsIncome offers a 12% return for the duration of 20 business days with the principal included, resulting in a 140% net profit by the end of the term. Other plans pay on expiry with the following rates of interest – 110% after 3 days, 130% after 8 days, 170% after 16 days, 290% after 32 days. FutureYieldsIncome runs off a licensed GoldCoders script so you need to manually request your withdrawal which will be then processed by the admin within 24 hours. Despite the long pre-launch period FutureYieldsIncome looks unfinished. Specifically I mean despite advertising a Russian language version of the site this remains unavailable. I imagine the admin will iron things out in the coming weeks, but then it makes me wonder why bother with such a long pre-launch period in the first place. Anyway, FutureYieldsIncome is SSL-secured by Comodo and what I especially like about it – the site is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from BlockDos – the leading anti-DDoS provider that already mitigated the first attack launched on the website during the first hours online. Hopefully, FutureYieldsIncome will be a good performer and bring some decent profits to investors, but I guess only time will tell. The first short newsletter officially announcing the program’s launch can be read below:

This is an email to all FutureYieldsIncome members top let you know that FutureYieldsIncome is now open.
Please read the FAQ page before investing. We hope you like and enjoy the site.
Barry – Admin


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: IncomeAlways.
From MNO Premium list: PokerByProxyPureIncome, RFIGroup, DeltaTraders, DublinCryptoriumLimited, MutualWealth, DailySharePro, MultiPowerVentures, Gener8Profit.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, InvestAge, WindStockEnergyThaiMonetaryFund.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I hope you take the warnings posted tonight seriously, as I really tried my best to help prevent possible losses during the sometimes unpredictable end to the year. By the way, the poll that you can find on my TalkBack page is aimed at finding out your own feelings about the month of December in the industry which many investors still consider a bad month for investing. Are you one of them? Please check my TalkBack page for preliminary results of the poll that will continue for another week and submit your vote to let others know what you think. See you again tomorrow and stay tuned for more news and a more detailed look at FutureYieldsIncome!

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