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Hi everybody, and welcome to the final blog post on MNO for the year! Maybe it’s been kind of a bumpy road in the HYIP industry, but for me personally it’s also been a year of great achievements and new heights. All my dreams came true and the goals set for this year were successfully achieved. So I’m finishing 2013 in an upbeat mood and thinking of the new personal goals and ambitions to work towards in 2014. Hope your own experiences in 2013 were also positive, but if not then let’s hope things balance out a bit better for you in the new year. I am going to spend this New Year on the Dead Sea in Israel where I’ve relocated for the next couple of months and tomorrow will be both a day of reflection and celebration of the new opportunities in the coming year. I can also assure you that I won’t be forgetting to raise a glass for all MNO readers as well, because it’s you who made MNO truly the most successful website in the HYIP industry, with that position hopefully strengthened in 2014 as well.


As this is my final post for 2013, I find it necessary to update all HYIP admins on the price increases coming into effect starting midnight GMT on the first of January. Everyone who is going to list their programs on MNO starting anytime after that will pay at the new rates, be it for Basic, Standard, or Premium listing. Everyone who manages to pay before that will be still pay the existing price. I believe there is no need to explain the main reasons for the price hike. I simply do not want to waste my time reviewing fast scams where the admin never intends you to get a fair chance of making a profit, and I’m sure that my readers deserve to see some really top-notch programs listed on MNO for 2014. I’m sure that this coming January will see a flow of new programs once again (as usually happens in the industry) and I want to make sure only the most elite programs with experienced admins will be listed here.

So what are the changes to the price list for 2014? Generally speaking, prices for three main types of listing are going to be 5% higher. So, the Basic Listing therefore will cost you $420 (instead of the current $400). The Standard Listing will require a pre-payment of $840 (instead of the $800 which is still available for the next 24 hours). And finally, for the Premium Listing an admin has to pay $1,260 instead of the 2013 price of $1,200.

These are not all the changes though. The re-investment amount will be changing in 2014 as well. For instance, for the programs listed on Premium the reinvestment amount will be $360 (while $900 will be kept as a monitoring fee). For the programs listed on Standard the reinvestment amount will be $240 ($600 will be kept as a monitoring fee). And for the Basic listed programs the reinvestment amount will be reduced to $120 (while $300 will be a monitoring fee). As you can see that structure actually significantly changes the pricing principle and I believe it will benefit the readers and HYIP admins alike more extensively and will result in fewer programs monitored by me, but which will be of the highest possible quality. I am really pleased to see how MNO shifted in the direction of being a more elite monitor, considered as such by professional HYIP admins as well as experienced HYIP investors.

Everything else will remain the same and anyone can read the monitoring rules on my advertising page here. The banner prices remain the same and you will see them under each available banner spot. The price for Sticky Listing remains the same and will only be available for the programs already listed on Premium status – $500/week or $1,500/month. As usual, please note that I do NOT provide discounts for listings on MNO and NEVER solicit money from HYIP admins or contact them first. Note that you can ONLY pay for the listing or banners on MNO at the prices you can see on my Advertising page and ONLY to the e-currency accounts specified there. Be very cautious as there are some scammers out there that may impersonate me and note that in doubt it’s always better to contact me first either directly to my email or via the Contact page form. I wish you all the HYIP admins a successful new 2014 year ahead and hopefully, you will bring some really good programs for the attention of MNO readers as we really missed something great that could last for months to come. I’m pretty sure that MNO blog and monitor will meet your high standards in delivering only the best programs to your attention and I will work really hard to maintain the high status and elite place to list the programs to the HYIP admins in 2014 as well.


If some of you wondered what income sources MyGoldNestEgg will use to pay such high investment returns to its investors (where you can multiply your money many times) you can read my review here. I hope that will explain at least to some extent how this seemingly overcomplicated program might benefit those who invest at least $50 via any of the payment methods MyGoldNestEgg accepts – be it PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, BitCoin, HD-Money, Pecunix, or C-Gold. Actually one method the admin of MyGoldNestEgg Andy is going to use as an income stream is to open a feeder program, with higher returns and higher risks. Of course, that new program is not going to be run for as long as MyGoldNestEgg but everyone will have a chance to profit from it, plus all the members of the main program will see 10% of their investment deposited into the new program. So, here’s another advantage to joining MyGoldNestEgg. As Andy promised to list the new feeder program on MNO as well, I hope to review on my blog sometime in the new year. For now you can sign up in MyGoldNestEgg to be the first to take advantage of the new program that will be available soon. Here is the latest newsletter from today:

MyGoldNestEgg Update 1
A warm hello to all MyGoldNestEgg Members
We took a small break over Xmas but we’re back fully functioning today.
We’ll be working through all support emails and will be focusing on a very special project.
We are working on a sister program to MyGoldNestEgg that will standalone but will also act as a Feeder into MyGoldNestEgg. It will have a shorter timescale for returning profits to members and it will have a defined set of benefits. MyGoldNestEgg is more open ended and will ultimately pay you higher profits as a result, but we think this new sister site will compliment what we have already perfectly and act as a brilliant growth booster.
We’ll give you full details as and when the sister program is ready, and we’ll be importing the MyGoldNestEgg Downline fully before the program launches and will give everyone who has invested in MyGoldNestEgg 10% of their investment amount in the new program to get you started.
The feeder program will then be the initial focus of our own promotional activity as it’ll be a double whammy – new members into the sister program will automatically feed through into MyGoldNestEgg.
We expect it to take a few days to be fully ready, and will update you again in the New Year.
Regards, Andy


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: -.
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, SclassInv, Financ, RemiTrade, DailySharePro, FinMutual, TataAgroHolding, StableCapitalGroup.
From MNO Standard list: –.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, ThaiMonetaryFund, GoldDailyPay, InsideForexGroup, IndigoHillInv (the first payments received), GoldenCabrio (the first payment received).

That would be all I wanted to report today. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page as the results of the poll asking your expectations of the HYIP investors for the new year will be drawn in the next update. Also be sure that in 2014 year you stay with the best possible monitors. Monitors that can save you a lot of money by changing the status of programs immediately when any problems start so you won’t invest in a collapsing program. Monitors that won’t insult your intelligence by posting their own selective payouts on the investment boards like robots while the real investors get scammed. Monitors, that will take your side rather than the admin’s and might be able to confront them at the first attempt to scam and defraud you. Monitors that will tell you the truth openly and with no bias towards HYIP admins. I truly believe that everyone of my readers deserve the best monitors and blogs. If agree, then stay with MNO and see you in what I hope will be a very prosperous 2014 for all of us!

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