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Hello everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well and had a nice weekend. It’s been a fairly innocuous start to the week, which to be honest kinda follows on from where we left off at the beginning of the weekend as well. Not much activity as such, but I suppose the biggest and most important news event is just that – calm waters and plain sailing in the industry at the moment, or at least it is with the programs listed on the MNO monitor. No big events but that’s fine by me. I’ll take stability and regular on schedule payouts over controversy and excitement any day. At least in the HYIP industry I will anyway, so I’m pleased to say that again no news is good news. There are still a couple of stories you might like to keep yourselves up-to-date with however, particularly if it’s something affecting your own portfolios. So let’s see what’s been going on in the industry over the last couple of days.


Starting this first news update of the new business week then, I want to look at the to the final results of the latest opinion polls running on the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll also be adding a brand new poll which I’ll get to in a moment, but first let’s see the current results. Of the two questions asked of readers in the last poll, one of them related to online HYIP related payment processors, specifically:
Where are most of your HYIP related transactions done?

I have to say the replies to this question proved something of an eye-opener to me, being so heavily slanted in favor of PerfectMoney. They were the runaway winners with 65% of the vote, which is just slightly under two thirds. Not that there’s anything wrong with PerfectMoney or anything, they’ve always been a very dependable service provider after all, and I can’t remember the last online HYIP that I monitored that didn’t accept them (it must be some years back by now). It’s just that given the restrictions that PerfectMoney have placed on the accounts of US residents and US citizens worldwide, ie barring them from operating PM accounts completely since last year when they closed existing accounts and returned the members money, I’m surprised that they are still in such a commanding position. I don’t recommend doing this myself, but no doubt some of you have found ways and means of getting around these rules. Strictly speaking though, I guess the question was where do “most” of your transactions go through, not “all” of them. And with less programs using STP than there were before Christmas I suppose it’s only logical that PM would be the main beneficiaries. Still though, 65% is impressive.

In second place, and generally my own personal favorite option, was SoldTrustPay. They received a still respectable 29% of the vote. While it’s true that STP are not listed on quite so many programs at the moment as they were in the recent past, the rumor being spread by some disgruntled admins who were rejected by them that STP are not accepting HYIPs, particularly short term ones, is quite some distance short of the truth. One of the best things about STP now from the investors point of view (whether the investor actually knows this or not!) is that they have really been clamping down on the more obvious cheap scams. Most of those complaining about STP refusing them a payments button seem to be those using stolen or forged documents, then getting a bit annoyed when the inevitable request for further documents is required (which shouldn’t be any problem for a genuine applicant, right?) or a refusal follows. There are still plenty of programs dealing with STP of course, but the difference now is that STP is kinda becoming a sort of “badge of quality” for a HYIP. You really only see them on the best, most serious, and well organized programs with serious professional admins in charge. First time amateur fast scams will never be removed 100% unfortunately, but to STP’s credit they have gone a long way towards reducing the ones allowed to use their services.

Also after a long wait and a lot of technical set-backs SoldTrustPay is again the only main HYIP related payment processor offering a genuine working debit card. After the last provider was dropped, it seemed to take forever for PaySpark, the new STP debit card provider, to replace them. But now that it’s finally working, as an STP debit card holder myself I have to say there’s been a big improvement and was ultimately worth the wait. I’ve been able to transfer cash directly from my STP account to a card where I have now successfully made ATM cash withdrawals, over-the-counter purchases in stores, and online transactions as well. Not all of these worked with the old card, but as no one else in the industry is providing any card at all the improvements are only increased.

Way back in third place, and despite the low vote it was still streets ahead of what came fourth and fifth, we see EgoPay with 6% of the total vote. I can’t really add anything to that myself other than to say yes, compared to the amount of business MNO is doing via EgoPay then 6% seems about right. I really thought they could have taken a bigger chunk of the old LibertyReserve traffic by now, especially considering they have their own roots in AlertPay who were quite big at the time. But I guess the investing public seem to have other ideas.

I suppose the thing that EgoPay getting such a low vote only goes to prove is how hard a market this is to crack. There are a relatively small number of processors out there in the first place willing to have any dealings whatsoever with the HYIP world, and if you read MNO regularly you will of course know who they are being the same names turning up again and again and again. But when new names come along, no matter how well organized or user friendly, they often seem to really struggle to make a dent in what we could almost describe as a cartel. With that in mind the remaining two options in this poll received a combined total of 0% between them (no votes from anyone!). These two options included PexPay who have been trying to chip away at the status quo for a couple of years now but are still struggling to make any serious inroads, as well as “none of the above”, a blanket term to include all other payment processors. Again I remind you the point of the question was about where most of your HYIP transactions are done, not all of them. So zero votes doesn’t have to mean there are zero transactions going through those other channels, though my own records would suggest they are few and far between.

A much more balanced result was seen in the last poll’s second question:
Where do you think you will invest most during 2014?
Possible choices here, which were kinda obvious I suppose, were short, medium, and longer term. There wasn’t that much separating the three individual options but I do think the trend is away from shorter term HYIPs for the moment anyway. The single biggest answer with 38% of the vote said “Mostly medium term. 15 to 45 days.” Looking at the article I did on the top five most popular programs on the MNO monitor yesterday (click here to read it) I’m only slightly surprised that this option got quite as many votes as it did, but would still agree that medium term HYIPs definitely have a very strong presence out there at the moment.

In second place with 32% of the vote, readers said “Mostly long term. 45 days or longer.” Getting back to yesterday’s article just mentioned above, I would have though this option would come out on top, but then again not everyone votes and the difference was close enough anyway.

And finally with 30% of the vote, which granted may be in last place but is still a very respectable number that made for an overall close contest, the third option available to readers was “Mostly short term. Up to 15 days.” As I said, the trend does seem to be away from them at the moment, but experienced players know these things can often go in cycles and no doubt will change at some point, maybe even several times, during 2014.

Speaking of 2014, that brings me on to the topic of this week’s brand new opinion poll. Not so much what’s coming for the rest of the year, but what’s already passed. As we are now done with the first business day of February, the “New Year” isn’t really all that new anymore, is it? So how did the first month live up to your expectations? Did you see a good profit in terms of percentages on the money you invested? Or were you hoping for better? Maybe you are in longer term programs that haven’t quite put you into profit just yet but you are confident?

So the exact question I want to ask MNO readers which you can vote on here is this:
What was your experience in the HYIP industry for January like?

And your possible answers are:
a) Satisfied. I’m pleased so far.
b) Average. About what I expected.
c) Disappointed. I was hoping for better.

Before you answer I just want to remind you that under some circumstances it can be tricky to come up with an exact answer that suits everyone. For example like I said above, it’s possible that you are in all long term HYIPs so strictly speaking may not have seen a profit yet. But that doesn’t mean you’re not “satisfied” with your portfolio, which is why I’m asking you to rate your actual experience and NOT if you are in profit or not. Anyway, hope that makes sense and as always guys let me thank each and every one of you who takes the spare few seconds needed to cast a vote. It’s completely anonymous, and I hope you find sharing your opinions with your fellow MNO readers as interesting as I do. And by the way, remember if you have any suggestions of your own for future opinion polls on MNO TalkBack then you need only ask. Contact me with your ideas, and if I feel it’s relevant then will consider adding it in the future.


Perhaps the biggest news event in the industry over the last 48 hours was also the most unwelcome in the opinion of investors, namely the unscheduled downtime of the biggest payment processor PerfectMoney that happened yesterday for several hours. I guess if it happened on a business day when the HYIP industry was more active then it would have had more of a negative impact on a greater number of programs, but on Sunday it seemed not many investors even noticed. In fact from the HYIP admins only Ryan from Leancy bothered to devote the following short update posted on his blog:

Perfect Money maintenance
Perfect Money goes to the non-scheduled maintenance until 2th Feb, 15:00 CET (which is 14:00 UTC)

Speaking of Leancy, it’s a rather unique program enjoying a steady growth in popularity, having a sort of countdown in their script that allows you to see your earnings in real time and allows you to withdraw anytime after your balance reaches a $1 minimum in any currency. The rate of interest Leancy pays can vary from day to day, but on average it’s around 5% per day which is the maximum you can earn in the program allegedly involved in startups and crowdfunding projects. The advantages of investing with Leancy are numerous and are analyzed in the full review of the program posted here. I just want to say from personal experience investors are enjoying the instant payouts from Leancy via various payment methods, including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. The minimum to invest in Leancy starts from $10 and you will keep earning until your account reaches 150% of your initial investment which may happen at different times depending on the various daily returns being paid. I don’t believe the potential for growth in Leancy is exhausted just yet. Far from it in fact, as I can see that it’s slowly becoming one of the most talked about programs online. I wish the admin every success with the program, and the same to his investors.


The current #1 program on the MNO Premium List, FinMutual (reviewed here), has been enjoying consistent popularity among readers since it was first added to my monitor more than two months ago (being online for over six in total). During this period a huge number of investors have already made good profits from the investment plan paying from 1.8% to 2.6% interest for the duration of 160 business days. It’s worth noting that unlike many other programs the initial principal in FinMutual is already included in the daily payouts and is not returned on expiry, therefore encouraging further stability in the long term. The abundance of payment processors you can use to join FinMutual is also impressive, and includes PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, BitCoin, and OkPay with the admin already working on more options to be implemented in the future. As with any other programs it’s always important to remember that the investment term and the break-even point are two different things. This was the main topic of discussion in the latest newsletter from the FinMutual admin which you can read below and which will hopefully be useful for you in understanding how HYIPs in general works if you’re a newbie in the industry:

FinMutual Term and Break Even Point
We will be on occasion sending email newsletters out relating to subjects that we tend to see over and over again asked. The subject of this newsletter is involving our investment period of 160 business days and the break even point.
It is important to remember you can withdraw daily. The investment term of 160 business days is purely just the day you will stop earning interest.
As for the point you will begin earning pure profit, this is called the break even point (the amount you actually invested). This point depends on the amount you invest which puts you in one of our three interest rate points and three different break even points. Once a break even point passes, you are earning pure profit till 160 business days have passed. This of course means you are in profit long before 160 business days.
We payout 1.8% to 2.6% daily which puts break even points at different points from around 7 to 12 weeks as you withdraw your earnings daily. Our support team is glad to assist you in determining what investment is right for you and your needs. We can help give you the right information so you can make an informed decision about your investment and what interest point you want to be at for your investment goals.
We wanted to close out this newsletter with just a small mention about monitors as some of our members on occasion ask about this. A few sources we have found to be informative are the links below which carry numerous amounts of monitor information:


I think few will argue if I said AlternativeEnergy (reviewed here) has been one of the best short-term programs of recent times, having just recently reached a full month online while paying on plans that include – 103%-130% after 1 day, 110%-195% after 3 days, 123%-330% after 7 days, 150%-600% after 15 days, 200%-1,000% after 25 days, 400%-1,500% after 40 days, 600%-2,500% after 55 days. That’s quite a spectacular result and very impressive I must admit, allowing anyone with a $10 minimum in PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or OkPay to join AlternativeEnergy and profit quite fast. There are some pitfalls along the way though as the shrewd admin remains true to himself and keeps introducing plans with almost laughable returns every ten days. First, we saw 555% after 10 days for a $10K minimum introduced by AlternativeEnergy after just ten days online. Then, twenty days passed and we saw another comedic masterpiece with 1,111% interest offered after 20 days for a more modest investment of $5K or more. And now another plan offering you 3,000% return after 30 days for a $1K minimum has started. Needless to say that such plans in projects like AlternativeEnergy should be avoided like the plague, but it shouldn’t put you off the genuinely achievable low cost short term plans. In running a successful program like AlternativeEnergy for a long time, the admin puts in a lot of time and effort which he expects to be rewarded for. It just happens at the expense of the newbies who, seduced by prompt payouts on the short-term plans, try their luck and invest in plans which they really shouldn’t. That’s of course the real reason for running programs like AlternativeEnergy from the admin’s point of view, and investors should be aware of that. Anyway, I believe MNO is read by mostly experienced investors and I’m confident you guys know how to use a smart strategy when investing in programs like AlternativeEnergy. From the latest newsletter yesterday the admin talks about the mostly exaggerated stats and also noted that OkPay would be added as an additional payment processor (which has already happened with the unpopular OkPay replacing the even less popular HD-Money as a payment option). The full version of the recent newsletter from AlternativeEnergy‘s admin David can be read below:

30 Days Online
Dear Investor
We want to inform that we already work for 30 days. We are very happy that our company growing fast. Our statistic already show that the most of investors in this world trust with us. Total deposit already reach $ 340,715.69, Total withdraw reach $ 148,945.65 with Total accounts:1857 just in 30 days.
In our 30 days Celebrate, we have open a new Investment package for our client. Vip Long 3000% After 30 Days, with Minimum deposit $1000 and Maximum deposit $5000 on which you can earn more in a short period of time in our program.
Soon you can contact our support team by phone and use the payment system OKPAY for investment, and we will notify you as soon as possible.
We will do provide better services with reliable investment plans, productivity and the best business strategy for our long term cooperation.
When you have a question or suggestion, we will very appreciate if you contact us from Live Chat or Mail.
Thank you and wish all of our client got a nice weekends!
Best Regards, David Bredwood
AlternativeEnergy – The Future Soon


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: -.
From MNO Premium list: FinMutual, DublinCryptoriumLimited, HyipAgroHolding, AdBitrage, InvGlobal, 3pamm, ImbueCapital,  DailySharePro, RemiTrade, ApexBinaryWealthGroups, Leancy, InflexShares, ComoCredit, BettCoin.
From MNO Standard list: FX9.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, IndigoHillInv, WelorTrade, ThaiMonetaryFundZeusInvest, MichaelKazakov, BarclaysRoyalClub (the first instant payments received).

That’s it for tonight, guys. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out MNO for more tomorrow. And of course please vote on the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page. See you soon!


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