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Beware! PornRotor has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! First of all if you were reading my blog last night you will probably know that there was a new program added to the Standard List on the MNO monitor. I’ve also said in the past that when the competition gets especially fierce in the HYIP industry as it is now, admins need to make more of an effort to get their programs more eye-catching than the rest. Well, that’s just what the admin of the program I’m looking at for you today has done, and then some! It’s called PornRotor, and claims to be involved with the online adult entertainment industry. As if it would somehow convince you to take this claim more seriously the admin has decided to place some explicit images around the website, no doubt shall we say tweaking the attention of those curious to go take a look whether they actually join the thing or not. A clever marketing trick if nothing else I suppose, as the first step in getting potential investors to join PornRotor is obviously getting them to actually visit the website first. And as the old line goes, “you had my curiosity, now you have my attention”. All jokes aside however when it comes down to money, i.e. the real reason you should decide if PornRotor represents either a genuine opportunity for you to make a profit or else just uses cheap sensationalism to hide a quick scam, then you shouldn’t really treat them any differently from any other online HYIP. So let’s take a look at the finer points of PornRotor then and see where you stand on joining or passing.

Starting things off with the investment plans as usual then, PornRotor‘s selection is mostly focused on the more mid to longer-term. There are some shorter term options in there as well, but to be honest these are quite low interest, functioning like a long term plan only without the lengthy lock in period, and would really work better as a sort of testing plan. But that’s your decision, as I guess it depends on what you are looking to get back on your own investment. The minimum cost of joining is quite reasonable though, with a very affordable $1 deposit being all that’s needed to get you into the first, so called Beginner Plan. This runs for a term of 7 business days, (that’s slightly more than a regular calendar week) during which PornRotor are offering members a daily interest payment of 0.5%, paid from Monday to Friday. On expiry then these payments total 3.5% which is your total profit once PornRotor return your principal. Maximum spend is $300.

The next step up is The Amateur Plan which runs for a term of 14 business days, which is just short of three calendar weeks. PornRotor‘s minimum requirement for joining is a still affordable $20, and members are offered a daily interest payment of 0.8% made from Monday to Friday. By the end of the term these should add up to 11.2% in total, which then becomes your net profit once PornRotor return your principal as promised. The maximum amount you are allowed to deposit under this plan is capped at an upper limit of $1,000.

For a $50 minimum spend you can sign up for the suggestively titled Erotic Plan, which runs for a 30 business day term (or six calendar weeks). You are offered a daily interest payment of 1.7% on your investment, made from Monday to Friday only, and your original principal should then be returned by the PornRotor admin on expiry. Total payments should add up to 51% which is the member’s net profit for joining the program.

PornRotor‘s plans can be divided into two distinct categories. The first one I have described above, ie plans that return your principal on expiry of the investment term. The remaining plans fall into the second category, which is longer term plans that include your principal as part of the daily payouts on offer. Ultimately these plans are a lot more profitable, but are also significantly more expensive to join so that’s going to be a drawback for the smaller players. But if you can afford it then you may as well take a look anyway.

So we continue then with PornRotor‘s fourth plan, called The Porn Plan. This one will set you back at least a $400 minimum to join, and if you take them up on the offer then the term runs for 60 business days (that’s twelve weeks). While this is going on PornRotor are offering members a daily payment, made Monday to Friday, of 3.5%. On completion of the term your total payments come to 210%, which is your own money back plus 110% net profit. Arguably a more important statistic here though is that you break even, that is earn back an amount equivalent to your original deposit making it impossible to be at a loss if PornRotor were to close the following day, 29 business days into the term. The maximum investment allowed here is $500,000.

And lastly then we come to what PornRotor call The Hardcore Plan. For a hefty $700 minimum deposit your money is committed to a 100 business day term (20 calendar weeks) during which you can collect a daily interest payment of 2.5%, made Monday to Friday. Not as much as the previous plan, but as you receive a lot more payments it works out a lot more profitable. Payments add up to 250% in total, and as PornRotor are counting your own principal as part of the payments then that’s 150% net profit. Maximum spend remains $500,000.

So if you like any of the above mentioned plans and would care to join any of them (keeping in mind you are of course free to deposit in more than one if you like) then you will need to consider your payment options. It’s not exactly an extensive list by any means, but I think it’s probably more or less what one would expect from a HYIP like this one. Members can deposit or withdraw from PornRotor using any of EgoPay and PerfectMoney which are the popular options, or Payeer which surely most of you will have noticed by now is popping up with surprising regularity in the industry in a quite a short period of time. One can only wonder why the owners of some of the other less popular but more “traditional” style payment processors have failed to make such an impact on the industry when this one seems to have exploded almost overnight. Anyway, that’s a discussion for another day so let’s not drift too far from the subject under review. The more obvious absentee from the list of PornRotor‘s payment options is of course SoldTrustPay. Given the somewhat unpredictable nature of how they are filtering the programs they will and will not allow to use their services, coupled with the nature of the PornRotor website which might arguably be slightly at odds with STP policy then I would be pretty surprised if they were added anytime soon. Just my opinion, you can ask the admin if you prefer. For the options that are accepted however, payouts to members should be requested from within your PornRotor private account area. Instant payouts are mentioned but not explicitly guaranteed, though having received my own first payment from the program I can confirm that so far they are instant. There are several perfectly viable reasons for instant payouts to be switched of for short periods of time, such as account replenishment for example, so if this happens the admin will complete the transaction manually and asks for 24 hours to do so. Smaller investors take note that the minimum withdrawal requirement for EgoPay is $1, while no such restriction is applied to PM and Payeer. And by the way, just in case you were wondering compounding is not allowed.

On the technical, design, and security side of things then PornRotor is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of CloudFlare. The site is fully SSL-encrypted by GlobalSign for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Even if you’re a regular industry player you might not realize it at first, but PornRotor is running off a script under license from GoldCoders. It’s been very heavily customized so is barely recognizable as such, but it works pretty much the same as any other generic GoldCoders product.

For any further questions for the admin, no doubt you might have a few, any account related issues you need to have dealt with, or anything you think wasn’t explained in this review then you can contact PornRotor by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the website’s contact page. Fans of social networking sites will be able to find PornRotor keeping profiles on both Facebook and Twitter as well, however as the program is still brand new there hasn’t been any activity to speak of on either platform. Hopefully over time the admin will make better use of them than the majority of his contemporaries as they can be quite useful.

As for the whole alleged business plan supposedly financing the program, I must admit it’s not actually the first time I’ve monitored an online HYIP claiming to be in the porn/adult industry. I myself speaking from experience wouldn’t treat the business claims made by online HYIPs any more or less seriously based on how original they sound, though I suppose it can be argued that you need to make your program in some way unique to stand out. In that sense I suppose it’s almost refreshing to see new programs not pretending to be working in ForEx trading, though in this case it seems ForEx has been replaced by “four xxxx”, lol. If you like PornRotor then fine, if you don’t then pass on it, it’s entirely up to you. I would only remind you that the usual rules of HYIP investing still apply here, which is to never go past a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining PornRotor at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. In addition to these rules however you might also wish to close the curtains when logging into your members area and clear out your browsing history if your spouse/partner needs you borrow your computer sometime!



I’m pleased to report that FinMutual (reviewed here) has returned to the #1 spot on the MNO Premium listing tonight after briefly surrendering it to its main rival DublinCryptoriumLimited for just a few days. It looks like both programs are huge hits with my readers and FinMutual is especially valued for its timely payouts from the 1.8%-2.6% for 160 business days investment plans starting from a $25 minimum and wide choice of payment processors including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, BitCoin, and PexPay. Some MNO readers also liked the fact that FinMutual recently obtained a green SSL certificate that is more valued than the regular certificate as it requires much stricter verification. Nevertheless, there were some temporary technical issues with the cert yesterday which made some people worried, although it didn’t affect the payout schedule in any way. Still, the admin had to issue an update tonight regarding the green SSL which will undergo some maintenance during the next few hours during which the regular SSL-certificate will be shown in your browser. More on that can be read below:

Green Address Bar Maintenance
For our technical members, we will be taking down the Green Address Bar SSL shortly to work on an issue with browsers and the EV SSL certificate we have run into a few times now. When this happens, you will still see secured SSL loading on our site. You will not see a green address bar nor the corner trustlogo during the maintenance period. You will still see SSL on our entire website for your secure account access. This maintenance period will begin in the next few hours. Normal site functions will not be affected.


Leancy also seems to be doing really well after reaching the #6 position on MNO Premium List after just 18 days on my monitor. Leancy has become well known for its steady instant payouts to all five payment methods in use – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, BitCoin, and Payeer. During the first weeks on MNO I’ve not had any issues with Leancy and all withdrawals were always processed instantly (aside from a few hours when PerfectMoney was offline as reported on the official Leancy blog). Yesterday though there was further disruption with the BlockChain website that’s responsible for BitCoin payments due to reasons outside of the admin’s control. I later found out first-hand that the issue was minor and only affected deposits. Withdrawals to BitCoin users continued to be processed manually. Now everything is back to normal, however, you might still see a message on Leancy‘s blog about yesterday’s disruption:

Temporary Blockchain API failure
Today because of the powerful DDoS attack Blockchain.info merchant (which we’re using to processing Bitcoin payments) has strengthen their Cloudflare protection. For you, LEANCY‘s members, this means that Bitcoin deposits temporary not working. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t read my detailed review of Leancy posted here, I’ll just remind you that the program is using a truly unique script where you see your account growing in real time by the second with the option to withdraw any part of your profits any time your account reaches the required $1 minimum. The daily profit is variable and currently bouncing between the 4% to 5% mark with the upper limit for maximum profit per day set by the admin at 5%. You continue to earn in Leancy until your investment reaches 150% (or 50% pure profit on your investment) after which it’s going to expire. There are various coefficients in place that will encourage investors make higher deposits in Leancy and re-invest to get to a new level of ever growing profitability. I guess that’s the main secret of the program’s success which hopefully will last for a long time.


I have no idea why the admin of AlternativeEnergy David chose to post the results of the current referral competition every single day as opposed to when it finishes next week, perhaps to encourage competition among the regular members of his program (as paid promoters like monitors and blogs are excluded from entering). In any case the first report containing the three current front runners for the cash prizes were announced in the following short newsletter sent out today:

Competition. First day.
Dear investors,
Yesterday we started a competition for the best referee. Do you want to show the top three of the first day.
Thank you, and I wish all of our customers to get a good day!
Best Regards, David Bredwood
AlternativeEnergy – The Future Soon

If you’re interested in reading more on AlternativeEnergy that has been successfully running for over 40 days now please check out my review here. Payouts are made to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, and BitCoin and most of the plans start from a $10 minimum, including 103%-130% after 1 day, 110%-195% after 3 days, 123%-330% after 7 days, 150%-600% after 15 days, 200%-1,000% after 25 days, 400%-1,500% after 40 days, 600%-2,500% after 55 days, 555% after 10 days, 1,111% after 20 days, 3,000% after 30 days.


I was very pleased today to receive a long overdue payout from MyGoldNestEgg which was actually paid to my PerfectMoney account instead of the expected SolidTrustPay. It appears that after I already moved MyGoldNestEgg to Scam status on MNO the admin finally replied to my email (I waited four days for an answer!) and explained that his STP account had been blocked. It looks like SolidTrustPay decided to sever ties with MyGoldNestEgg and most probably, their STP account will remain blocked for good. That’s not exactly the best news for members of the program, however, the admin promised to work hard on getting the program back on track with or without STP. From my experience with MyGoldNestEgg I must say that about 90% of all the withdrawals were made to SolidTrustPay, so it’s really hard for me to believe it can stay afloat without STP funds. Anyway, he’s trying his best and already paid a few withdrawals to PerfectMoney and BitCoin (which was added as a new payment processor and possible STP replacement). Will it be enough to secure the future of MyGoldNestEgg? I doubt it, as I saw many programs collapse under very similar circumstances, especially when they became so heavily dependent on STP funds from the beginning. Will things be any different with MyGoldNestEgg? We can only wait and see, but fingers crossed. It will depend on the admin and his dedication to getting everything back on track. For now I’ve moved the program back to Paying status on MNO, however, I’m not yet 100% sure that all investors have been paid normally to PM or BitCoin. Please let me know if you are paid or not via an email, but first, please read the two latest updates from MyGoldNestEgg explaining the current situation in great detail and offering members the option of withdrawing to different currencies. I’ll keep you updated on any changes that might happen there over the next few days, so stay tuned for that. Here’s the latest news from MyGoldNestEgg (reviewed here):

Important Notice – Action Required (MyGoldNestEgg)
At the current moment (11th Feb 2014) we are unable to process Solid Trust Pay for investments or withdrawal as Solid Trust Pay have included us in their review of programs using their services.
We have responded to their request of information but have yet to hear back from them, but we are continually chasing. As is their want in situations like this they have placed a limit on the activity in our account and this is completely out of our control at the present time.
We are hopeful that this will be resolved in a few days, but want to assure every member that no-one will lose any funds over this change, the daily payments will continue to be paid, just by other methods at least in the short term. This is why we’ve been working to expand the options for payments and you now have three options:
Commission – this will pass your payment to your commission account where it can either be re-invested or withdrawn.
Perfect Money – if you wish to be paid via Perfect Money
Bitcoin – If you wish to be paid by Bitcoin.
We are going to leave Solid Trust Pay as an option for the next few days, it will only be removed if we cannot resolve the situation with Solid Trust Pay merchant support.
If you have invested with us and/or are due a payment you need to please take action now.
Please log into the site and visit the Daily Payment page to choose your preferred payment method. We will give you 24 hours to do this and will run a catch up of the Daily Payment Process tomorrow.
If you keep the option at Solid Trust Pay your payment will continue to accrue.
We’ll update you on progress with Solid Trust Pay.
Thanks. Andy

MyGoldNestEgg – Vital Update Please Read
Hi. Further to our update yesterday and the message that we posted in the Member’s area I wanted to give you a full update so am sending this via our newsletter service, as an update from the site and it’s been posted as a news item.
We currently have an issue with Solid Trust Pay, as we covered yesterday, they are reviewing our site to determine if they are comfortable with us using their payment system and in the meantime they have applied a block on our account. It’s been happening more and more lately, but I’m confident that we might get the all clear from them, we’ve certainly responded to everything they’ve asked and are just waiting now for their final verdict.
That process has taken longer than I would have liked, but unfortunately it’s not something I have any control over, I have kept chasing them and they’ve promised to get back to me within the next 24 hours.
That has caused us a big headache and as soon as we knew there was an issue we kicked off some work to add to our automated payment options, the payment system has only actually not been available for two days, as we don’t make payments over the weekend and have started making payments today again.
I’m proud of how quickly we’ve been able to turn things around and we now have a much more flexible system.
We have added Bitcoin and Perfect Money as automated daily payment options as they seemed to be the most popular with Members, and as the process is now more flexible we’ll easily be able to add more options at a later date.
This has been a real team effort to change the code and test it under a lot of pressure and I think it shows that we can be very adaptable.
Bitcoin is live now as an option, and we made the first payments earlier today to the members who had chosen Bitcoin as an option and had a payment due to them above the $1 minimum.
We are just working on the final testing of Perfect Money and expect this to be fully operational tomorrow.
So if you would like to receive your payments using one of these new methods please take time now to log into the site, update your account details in the settings page and choose your method their or on the control panel.
I want to say at this point that losing Solid Trust Pay as an option, if it ends up that way, is a blow in the short term but isn’t going impact our long term future. I want to make it very clear that no-one will lose any money if Solid Trust Pay decide we cannot use them as a payment option, your holdings with us will be secure, you’ll just have to choose a different method to receive your money.
As I said above I’m still hopeful that we can come to an agreement with Solid Trust Pay, and if we do then it will remain an option for investment and withdrawals/payments.
We will keep you posted on those discussions and when we have a decision from them we’ll let you know and will start to increase our promotional activity again.
I’m aware today that the admin of MNO has claimed that we are a scam, and I have to say I’m disappointed that he’s chosen to say that, however I am not going to get into a spat about it other than to say that we are categorically not.
I think we’ve demonstrated over the last few days that we are committed to adapting to situations and I know that the work we are undertaking to put in place long term income streams is really going to pay of for all of us, is of the highest quality and is something that no-one else can match.
I going to take great delight in proving to all of you just how effective our systems are by providing you with the profits due to every single member.
Our ambition is to pay every single cent due to every single member, regardless of when they join and our residual income projects will provide that and then some.
Have faith, we’re going to deliver on everything that we promise.
I’m sorry if the uncertainty around Solid Trust Pay has caused you any concerns, we’re working flat out to get back on track and won’t let you down.
Thanks for your time.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: -.
From MNO Premium list: FinMutual, DublinCryptoriumLimited, Atlant, FinancInvGlobal, Leancy, 3pamm, ApexBinary, DailySharePro, RemiTrade, InflexShares, ComoCredit, BluOro, BettCoin, MyGoldNestEgg.
From MNO Standard list:FX9, PornRotor (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Basic list: BarclaysRoyalClub, WelorTrade, ThaiMonetaryFund, InsideForexGroupZeusInvest, MichaelKazakov.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Hopefully you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you all again tomorrow for more. Bye for now!span style=”color: #008000;”

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