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Beware! BTCArbs has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! As the industry continues to gather momentum as it tends to do around this time in most years, I’ve been quite pleased to see a number of high quality new programs making MNO either their first or their only port of call as an official monitor. One brand new venture I’m particularly optimistic about however is a project called BTCArbs. You might remember I gave you some brief details about it in the introduction posted in last night’s update, and now that I’ve had a chance to have a better look around so I want to take a look at the finer points of BTCArbs and see if you agree that it has the potential to develop into one of the main industry leaders during the coming weeks and months. I fell there is every chance that it might however, as it’s the latest program to start giving its members total flexibility in managing their accounts, with more versatile plans where members determine what they do with them on quite literally a daily basis, and also giving you back total personal responsibility for managing your own account with less and less interference from the admin. Experienced investors will definitely appreciate this, as I think will most others only coming into the industry for the first time (even if BTCArbs takes a bit more getting used to for them in comparison to other programs).

Starting with the investment plans then, this is the main point that will really separate BTCArbs from the rest (or most of the rest) of the industry. One thing I like about the HYIP industry and something that I’ve come to appreciate about it in the years that I’ve been investing in it is how adaptable it can be to changing environments. Maybe there’s never really been such a thing as a “typical” HYIP, I don’t know, because things have to evolve and change with the times if the industry is going to stay fresh and interesting for new and old investors alike. So the newest trend in the HYIP industry, and this is something I must say I really like a lot, is the growing number of programs handing greater control of the accounts back to the account holders. Programs that don’t tie you down to a fixed investment term, and allow you to treat your investment in much the same way as a bank account, where you decide how much you withdraw, when you withdraw it, and when you want to take back your principal and leave. Sure, we’ve had so called “perpetual” programs in the industry before, that is HYIPs with no expiry date that pay you as long as they can stay online, but it’s really with programs like BTCArbs among others that this process has been fine tuned and developed into something a great deal more rewarding.

So let’s have a look at the numbers. It will take a minimum deposit of at least $50 to join BTCArbs. Granted this is quite a bit more than the industry average, but to be honest you probably have very little business joining any program with less than that anyway because it simply won’t be worth the trouble for money it pays you. There’s no upper limit on how much you may invest by the way. Once you are in there’s really only one plan as such. There is no expiry date, so it’s entirely up to the account owner for how long they wish to remain a member. This can be a day, a week, a month, a year, or pretty much whatever you want. You don’t have to decide on that today or anything, just leave without giving any prior warning whenever you eventually feel the time is right. Speaking as a monitor I’m obviously committed to staying with BTCArbs for however long it survives, which is another option you can consider.

Whatever the term you choose, as long as you remain a member of BTCArbs you will receive a daily interest payment on every calendar day, i.e. seven days per week. The rate itself will vary, depending one assumes on the rising fortunes of the program so will probably be based on what kind of income the admin is seeing coming in. The only thing is that the rate must fall between certain parameters, in other words there’s a minimum and a maximum rate which you will not go above or below. There’s an absolutely gigantic chasm between those rates mind, so making predictions about potential earnings is a bit pointless. An absolute waste of time to be more exact.

The minimum rate BTCArbs are offering will not fall below 0.1% per calendar day. The top rate is 10% per calendar day. The reality of course is that you are highly unlikely to ever receive either extreme, though I would suspect the average to be a lot closer to the lower end of the scale than the higher. You can visit the BTCArbs website for yourself if you’re not already a member and see the past results, accompanied in many cases by a few words from the admin explaining how each individual figure was arrived at. Previous results have so far for the most part compared very favorably some of the best long term HYIPs, but as I said any attempts at predicting what you might earn over let’s say the next week are simply not worth even thinking about.

So while I can’t really give you any practical examples of how a typical investment might work out (there being no such thing in this case), it might be easier if you just consider your own strategy. What do you really want to achieve by joining BTCArbs? Every account will work the same way and follow the same steps – you join, you get paid a daily interest payment, you can withdraw any amount which can be your interest or any part of your principal at any time you like. Just like a bank account, except with higher interest and obviously a colossally higher risk. For example, we’ll say you have $100 in your account and the days interest is 5%. So tomorrow you find yourself with $105. Fine. You can take the $5 if you want, you can take the $105 and leave, or you can take any amount in between. If you withdrew $15 for example you are left with $90 on account, and it’s on that $90 that your next interest payment is calculated.

On the other hand if you choose not to make a withdrawal on any particular day – why would you want to do that you may ask – well, there’s a form of automatic compounding in place. Instead of just sitting there doing nothing as in other HYIPs your money is added to your principal and becomes part of your active investment. So in other words following the above example, if you have $100, earn 5% interest to make it $105 but don’t actually withdraw the $5, the next day you will earn interest on the full $105, and not just the $100 that most other programs would give. In this way members are also allowed a cost effective way to grow your investment with BTCArbs, so even the smaller players can eventually join the major investors.

After that it’s a simple matter of biding your time and watching the money roll in. Maybe you are just waiting to reach 35% net profit before leaving. Maybe you are aiming to double your money and then go. Or maybe you just want to adjust your withdrawals to get an amount equal to your investment back out and then continue playing with the continuing payments for as long as possible. There as as many potential strategies in BTCArbs as there are potential members, so do whatever feels right for you.

Personal opinion entirely here but I can’t really fault BTCArbs in relation to the investment plan. I mean it’s more than just from a HYIP point of view here, it’s also a matter of basic mathematics and economics. Controlling the cash flow is of paramount importance to the survival of any business, be it HYIP related or otherwise, and by revising the rates paid to members on a daily basis is probably the best way of keeping BTCArbs a vibrant and dynamic place for investors for the maximum possible term. So as I’ve already explained how the BTCArbs plan can benefit the investor, this is how it benefits the actual program as a whole.

So if you’re in agreement with that and would like to take your chances with joining, you’ll probably want to know what your payment options are. Better than average as it happens, with the most popular payment processors available plus a couple of other methods as well. BTCArbs are using PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and perhaps crucially for the program’s long term popularity SoldTrustPay. If using STP by the way just keep in mind that these deposits are added manually and may take 24 hours to be activated. Follow the instructions given by the admin when joining. Otherwise you may also use bank wire transfers or BitCoin. Withdrawals are processed manually by the BTCArbs admin and so will need to be requested from inside your private members account area. Once done you are asked to allow anything up to a maximum of 24 hours for the transaction to be completed. Minimum withdrawals of $1 apply to all processors, or $100 if withdrawing via bank wire.

As BitCoin itself is increasingly popular in the HYIP industry it’s worth pointing out that the process is somewhat different with BTCArbs. In this case there is no “conversion”, in other words in most other HYIPs they will require a deposit in a traditional paper currency, generally dollars, so they require an exchange from BitCoin to whatever the current value in dollars is. Not so with BTCArbs, who allow a direct deposit using your BitCoin by itself without the need of turning it into dollars first. Prices are kinda steep however, with the minimum spend in this case being 0.25 BTC (current exchange rates make that approximately $150, which is probably OK for most of you but not really for the smaller investors).

From inside your members account area then you will see two distinct balances. One held in US dollars if you joined by any of the traditional industry payment processors, and another balance in BitCoin if you used that. Even if you don’t have BitCoin the balance will still show as zero, simply because the option to use it later is always there for you. It will be from one of these balances that you will request your payment.

Moving on to the more technical side of things then with the design and security features, BTCArbs is hosted on a dedicated server by Piradius, with protection from DDOS attacks provided by CloudFlare who I suppose are quite a respected name in the industry by now. The script is quite interesting to say the least, custom-made though I’m pretty sure it’s identical to that used by one massively successful program (one of the biggest if I remember correctly) from last year. Not that it proves a connection or anything, but worth pointing out if for no other reason than many of you will probably recognize it as well. It’s quite user friendly though, and easy to navigate even for a novice in the HYIP industry. And it seems like a fairly solid product as well in terms of safety and dependability, so in other words the whole thing is unlikely to crash or get torn apart by hackers anytime soon. For an added layer of security the BTCArbs website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. If you have any further questions for the admin in case you think there was something not covered in this review, or any account related issues that need to be dealt with urgently then you can get in touch with BTCArbs by filling in your details on the online e-mail support form and and submitting through the website’s contacts page.

As for the matter of how BTCArbs are financing the payments to members, I guess regular industry players will no doubt be both familiar with and extremely bored by the constant procession of online HYIPs naming ForEx trading as a source of income. Well, it’s not exactly that here but sort of a more modern “cyber-age” version. The commodity being traded by BTCArbs is allegedly BitCoin. If you are a BitCoin account holder you might know there are several third party websites offering exchanges in and out of BitCoin, though being in competition with each other the exchange rates will fluctuate. You’ll see a few of them listed on the BTCArbs website It’s basically the knack of playing one against the other then, selling to one at a high price and buying it back from another at a lower one, that BTCArbs claim the profits are coming from. It’s original I suppose so kudos to the admin for that at least, though let’s be clear that as with any other HYIP monitored on MNO this wouldn’t be something I or any other investor can verify. And even if I could, it wouldn’t guarantee profitability anyway.

None of that is really the reason I like this and programs like BTCArbs of course. I don’t want to start repeating points I’ve made about similarly organized programs in the past, but it’s with programs like BTCArbs that I would see the future direction of the industry. I’m most certainly not telling you this particular program will be a hit, but recent examples have been positive and investors’ tastes and expectations are definitely beginning to shift. Evolution is a slow process but there’s no denying either that we can see it happening. The choice of either being dictated to by an admin as to what is going to happen your own money versus taking control of it yourself is clear. And whereas nobody (except maybe the spoofers and the liars that is!) would try and tell you how long any online HYIP can survive, with a program like BTCArbs this becomes less of an issue. It’s entirely on your own shoulders you see, because you can leave when you like. Indeed you could have joined BTCArbs yesterday and be in profit already by leaving today, so control is back in your hands. Good luck with what you do with it!

Just to finish up let me just remind that while many many aspects of BTCArbs might be different to the rest of the HYIP industry, the basic premise remains the same – more money needs to flow in than flow out. The admin has greater control over this than most, putting the brakes on from time to time to manage it more efficiently, but it’s still a delicate balance. Therefore you need to be aware (though not necessarily afraid) of the risks, and spend according to common sense rules. Stay within a strictly enforced spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining BTCArbs at all then do so as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Speaking of BTCArbs I’d like to share the latest profit reports from the admin which are published at the end of every calendar day with an explanation on how the arrived at the final figure. The profits are reported for last night, so they’ve already been credited to members’ accounts and are part of your principal available for withdrawal. Here’s the report for that:

Monday 17th February 2014 – 1.78%
After more than a week of not knowing when MTGox will return, things remained unchanged as we begin a new week. The company posted a press release this morning, stating that they have found a solution, which should be implemented “soon” and that they will have another update for us on Thursday. This has caused uncertainty to linger in the Bitcoin industry, which is great for us. The more uncertainty, the more chance for arbitrage. Throughout the day, there was an acceptable spread between Bitstamp and BTC-e, which has led to a 1.78% result for today.


In the case of BettCoin it’s perhaps the first program in my memory where the admin displayed real photos of his HYIP being advertised on the streets of a real city. As BettCoin is obviously owned by a Russian admin he has placed these billboards in what I guess is his native city of Orekhovo-Zuevo and then uploaded them to the news section of the BettCoin website for investors to see. Not that it proves anything, of course, but it’s admirable that an admin would make such a considerable effort in bringing BettCoin to a new level. For more details and photo links please refer to the latest newsletter from the program re-posted below:

Advertising campaign BettCoin LTD
Dear users! Continues versatile offline advertising campaign of BettCoin LTD. This time we present a small photo review of our advertising campaign in the Moscow region. Commercials our company can be displayed at the following addresses:
Orekhovo-Zuevo city
Severnaya 2 A, Biryukova 18 B, Volodarskogo 43, Lenina 34, Madonskaya 16 A.
Offline advertising continues, we will expand into other regions of Russia. We inform you that very soon will be opened our official offices in Russia. Detail in advance, we will inform everyone about these significant events.

That’s quite a promising development in BettCoin and I can see why people appreciate their work. Payouts are made instantly to a wide variety of payment handlers including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Bitcoin, Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex Money, and WebMoney. As BettCoin has been running for three weeks already the first investors who joined the shortest plan paying 1% for 15 days (for a $10 minimum) have had their principals returned already. Hopefully, BettCoin will continue paying to all other investors in the longer-term plans including 1.3% for 35 days, 1.9% for 75 days, 2.6% for 100 days – all with the original principal back on expiry. For more information on BettCoin please check out my detailed review here.


The admin of InflexShares Dorothy (interviewed here) managed to complete a full re-vamp of her website but kept the disruption to a minimum. The site now looks much better than before, and hopefully will help InflexShares grow in membership consistently. They offer quite conservative returns of paying 2% for 60 days, 2.2% for 90 days, 2.5% for 120 days with the interest credited on business days only and the initial investment back on expiry. Having started just before the New Year originally InflexShares (reviewed here) accepted only PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and SolidTrustPay, but the growing popularity of BitCoin made the admin add them as an additional payment method to meet growing demand. In the latest newsletter posted late last night Dorothy tells us about the 1000th member of InflexShares who joined recently while also mentioning last weekend’s bonus which was paid at 1.6% in addition to the regular returns investors are already enjoying. I remind you that this weekly bonus is paid at the admin’s discretion at the end of every week and can be as low as 0.5% or as high as 2.5%. So last week’s bonus was around average, which nevertheless still increases your overall profits. More information on the latest events in InflexShares can be read in the full newsletter below:

Same great company with a new identity
First of all, congratulations to everyone who joined us from day one! You’ve been a great, loyal supporting customer base and we couldn’t have asked for better clients. You’ve been giving us comments, constructive criticisms and suggestions that have helped us improve along the way.
Over the past two months, we’ve achieved several milestones: we added LiveChat, BitCoin as a payment processor, we had our first 1000th investor and also the 600th active investor both in the same month, and now, we’re glad to introduce a new branding for our company, starting with a brand new website.
With that said, we will be putting the site on hold momentarily at 7pm GMT-5 until 9pm GMT-5. I estimate that it will not take longer than two hours, but that will be a ballpark. Our landing page will still have a live chat in place, and you can contact me there if there’s any need. In any case, I will be available as usual on several forums, blogs and social medias. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions/needs.
Last week, we had another successful week. However, we had to scale down on our weekly bonus because we had to pay for some of the site upgrades and new branding improvements. Therefore, we decided to give out a 1.6% weekly bonus so as to make sure we have a balanced and fully liquid cashflow.
Needless to say, I’m truly very excited to mark a new beginning in our company’s new step forward. It is both memorable and uplifting to see what we have achieved over the past 2 months, and I can’t wait to scale further heights with all of you.
I’ll see you soon on the new site!
Dorothy, CEO


For some reason skipping the last two days the admin of AlternativeEnergy David decided to give members the updated stats on the ongoing referral contest for the best referrers held exclusively for investors with their own deposits in the program, i.e. no monitors or forums allowed. Just one day before the competition comes to an end and the three lucky winners are going to be rewarded, here’s the preliminary results from AlternativeEnergy (though the current leaders aren’t actually included here, that’s in a screenshot included in the original e-mail which you will need to check for yourself):

Competition. Sixth Day.
Dear investors,
We started a competition for the best referee.
Do you want to show the top three, of the sixth day.
Thank you, and I wish all of our customers to get a good day!
Best Regards, David Bredwood
AlternativeEnergy – The Future Soon

Meanwhile, AlternativeEnergy (reviewed here) remains possibly the best short-term program at the moment successfully running for a stunning 45 days bringing good profits to the investors who risked at least $10 from their EgoPay, PerfectMoney, OkPay, or Payeer accounts. The investment plans in AlternativeEnergy are a mix of sustainable and ridiculously high-paying with the choice of which one to take eing up to you – 103%-130% after 1 day, 110%-195% after 3 days, 123%-330% after 7 days, 150%-600% after 15 days, 200%-1,000% after 25 days, 400%-1,500% after 40 days, 600%-2,500% after 55 days, 555% after 10 days, 1,111% after 20 days, 3,000% after 30 days.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Financ, GoldenOakFund.
From MNO Premium list: FinMutual, DublinCryptoriumLimited, Atlant, Leancy, InvGlobal, ApexBinary, BettCoin, 3pamm, BarclaysRoyalClub, DailySharePro, RemiTrade, ComoCredit, BluOro, BTCArbs (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: FX9, PornRotor.
From MNO Basic list: WelorTrade, ThaiMonetaryFund, InsideForexGroup, MichaelKazakov.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I’m going to take a break tomorrow, but don’t worry – I’ll not leave you without the really important updates if I have any and will report them on my ShoutBox. Plus, I’m going to publish an interview with the admin of the very popular ComoCredit (you can read the review here if you wish). So stay tuned for that and see you all tomorrow!

0.1% per calendar daya href=”http://money-news-online.com/monitoring/mno/goto.php?id=627″

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