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09/03/2014. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys! Despite being Sunday night I’m still active as there’s been some interesting news stories and events in the HYIP industry over the last 36 hours. Not much, but I think enough that most of will want to hear about it. There will also be the results of my latest poll on the MNO TalkBack and the new question asked there. The theme of the new poll will have something to do with the newest addition to my Premium listing – RockwellPartners – which I’m going to introduce first.


RockwellPartners is a very promising new online investment project joining the MNO Premium List. It forms part of that group of programs getting increasingly popular now offering variable daily returns with the option to take your principal back at any time without any penalties. RockwellPartners pays you up to 3.5% interest on business days (when they allegedly work in the ForEx markets) and a 1% fixed interest rate at weekends. At no point should your daily profit be lower than 1% which is a guaranteed minimum paid to everyone. The minimum to invest in RockwellPartners starts at $20 and there’s no maximum. There’s also no real investment term and you keep earning on your investment until you decide to leave. As RockwellPartners is running off a totally original and unique script developed specially for them, in order to withdraw your principal you need to click the “Your Deposits” tab and in the same place you can also change your compounding rate at any time you like, so you can increase your earnings if you sometimes don’t make daily account withdrawals. Payouts are generally guaranteed to be processed within 24 hours, but usually the administration does its best to complete them much faster. RockwellPartners will definitely find fans among MNO readers due to the good variety of payment processors. These include PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, Payeer, and even SolidTrustPay the account of which is fully verified by STP and integrated with the program’s script so deposits are credited instantly. Among other interesting features of the program (which I’ll tell you about in more detail in my review of RockwellPartners tomorrow) I can mention a beautifully made design, SSL-security by GlobalSign, and a reliable hosting on a dedicated server with support and DDoS protection from CloudFlare. RockwellPartners also has Live chat and Facebook and Twitter accounts that were open just a couple of days ago and about which the admin left a short message on his news board:

RockwellPartners is social now
RockwellPartners S.A. is social now! From now on, you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well.

Overall, my first impressions of RockwellPartners are quite good and I have a feeling that with such a popular investment plan, a custom-made script and a variety of payment options the program might become a huge hit among MNO readers. Also, please note that RockwellPartners only launched three days ago, which also improves your chances to see a profit faster and remember, that it’s totally flexible as to when to leave the program. So it’s only up to you if you wish to join RockwellPartners right away or possibly wait for a more detailed review tomorrow. The first welcome message from the admin can be read below:

RockwellPartners officially opened
We are very excited to present you the launch of our investing platform RockwellPartners. We want to make you confident that all our efforts, experience and due diligence acquired for years will give good results in vast ocean of internet projects. Please feel free to read about the investment plan we have to offer you, and explore our site unique features.


In earlier posts I mentioned my own principal having been returned by InvGlobal. They recently finished the first investment cycle and paid back the original investments to the first lucky investors on the 1.2%-2.5% for 120 business days plan. Today a newsletter was issued which saw the admin report on the successful completion of the first six months online and promised more payment options for investors already in the near future. At the moment you can join InvGlobal for a $10 minimum via EgoPay, PerfectMoney, or OkPay only, but soon also PexPay and SolidTrustPay are promised to be added to that list. The admin Fabienne also intends to hire more regional representatives for InvGlobal and help spread the word about the flawless performance and stable instant payouts for the last six months in their local markets and native countries. Those of you who might be interested in becoming a representative for InvGlobal (reviewed here) can read more details in the latest newsletter re-posted below:

InvGlobal LTD Six Months Online
Dear valued members
We are pleased to let you know that we have successfully run for 6 months. It means that some of our members who joined earlier have finished the first cycle of their investments. We don’t want to talk much about how we did and how many members have joined us. We just want to say thank you to all who trust us and invested their hard earned money to InvGlobal Ltd. We always think that we have a responsibility to work hard to earn a good profit for our members. In order to continue to meet the needs of our members, we will add Solidtrustpay and Pexpay as our new payment processors very soon. And some other popular processors maybe also accepted in the future.
As the growth of our company, a large number of representatives from all countries are wanted now. If you have invested with our company for a long time, knows us well enough and want to work together with our company for a bright future of mutual benefit and common development, please send your resume to with the title of ‘Representatives+Your Country’.
Best Regards. Fabienne Borde
Admin InvGlobal and CEO InvGlobal ltd
InvGlobal Ltd.


Whatever the price fluctuations in the BitCoins market you can be sure the magicians from BTCArbs will still do everything possible to make a nice profit for their investors by speculating on it. The profits for the weekend were reported at 2.05% in total – 1.8% for Saturday and 0.25% for Sunday, and as usual the reports are re-posted for your information below:

Saturday 8th March 2014 – 1.80%
A few weeks ago, we were pretty confident that the MtGox saga was coming to an end, and that after filing for bankruptcy, they would no longer be one of the main focal points for Bitcoin traders. By contrast, it seems that quite a few things are happening behind the scenes, with hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins moving from the original MtGox cold storage wallets. What this means for the market as a whole is uncertain, however it has definitely been having an impact on the markets. Over the past 24 hours, the price has fallen back to approximately $600 per Bitcoin, after last week’s rapid increase. During this decrease, we’ve managed to profit primarily from Bitstamp and BTCe, as the degree of separation between the two increased and decreased. A few minutes ago, we managed to transfer some coins back to BTCe, to reload our fiat balance, setting things up for a nice gain when the spread increases again. Today’s result is 1.8%.

Sunday 9th March 2014 – 0.25%
The arbitrage opportunities have been pretty slim today, primarily due to the fact that most of our fiat is located where Bitcoins are expensive, limiting the number of opportunities that we’re able to profit from. This often occurs on the weekends as we wait for our fiat wires to arrive at the various exchanges. In the meanwhile, we did manage to profit from discrepancies on the smaller exchanges, often with a few coins at a time. The profit for today is 0.25%.

For more information on BTCArbs you can always check my detailed review posted here. I can tell you that the program is similar in structure to the above introduced RockwellPartners, but unlike that in BTCArbs you may withdraw any amount of money at anytime you like. The original principal in BTCArbs (which can start from a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, BitCoin, or Bank wires) is compounded with the daily interest at the end of the day. So on the following day this new increased amount is what you earn interest on. The variable daily profits might be as low as 0.1% or might be as high as 10%, depending on the performance of the admin in his activities. BTCArbs has been running for about three weeks now and the first investors already made some decent profits.


The final item on today’s agenda then will be the results of latest opinion poll that’s been running on the MNO TalkBack page, plus adding a new question for you to think over for around the next week or so. The most recent question however asked very simply:
What are you expecting from the HYIP industry for the next three months?

In years gone by, spring time has been perhaps the most successful time of the year in the industry with some good programs already open and really beginning to gather some momentum. While this has been the case this year as well, the industry is nowhere even close to running at full capacity. I mean things have definitely seen a marked improvement since the usual December slump, but it’s a long way short of what we might have expected in years gone by. There’s almost no comparison between this March and March of last year for example. The reasons why have been discussed at length elsewhere. I don’t really need to repeat them for you in any detail every time the subject comes up for discussion but will just acknowledge that they may include the closure of LibertyReserve last summer plus the unwillingness of some of the biggest payment processors remaining in the industry to continue dealing with US customers for fear of their own businesses coming under unwelcome closer scrutiny EgoPay and PerfectMoney the two main cases in point. So with that in mind, I wondered what the readers of MNO would be hoping for or expecting to happen during the coming spring months.

There was a fairly eclectic mix of answers in there, but rather than extreme pessimism or extreme optimism it seems like the biggest group of you have taken a more sensible and pragmatic view. 47% of you in fact said:
I have no expectations and will decide from day to day.

In second spot with 35% of the vote, still a very significant number, readers said that they “expect things to get busy and more profitable”. Of course it that’s how things will actually work out or not is something we will only see in the coming months, but I can say for sure that it would be the option that everyone is hoping for if not actually expecting.

In a more distant third spot comes the answer “No real change in the industry for the spring months.” This comes in with 12% of the vote, though while there’s every chance you’re right (“wrong opinions” being rare and all) it’s something that I can’t imagine happening myself. If there’s one thing that rarely stands still for too long it’s the online HYIP industry, and changes either good or bad are never far away.

And lastly the remaining 6% said their expectations for the industry over the next three months included “An improvement, but not as much as other years.” Well, I can kinda see why you might feel this way. I can definitely see your angle because after all, that’s more or less what’s been happening in the industry since after the new year holidays – an improvement but still a long way to catch up on previous years.

And so for the new question I want to maybe borrow an idea from the latest addition to the MNO Premium List which as I introduced above is RockwellPartners. Well, maybe not just RockwellPartners, but a number of other massively successful programs that ran over the last couple of months. DublinCryptoriumLimited for example would be one of them. BTCArbs would be another. Do you see the connection between them? They all break the conventional way that online HYIPs have been managed for the last number of years and try to get the investor more involved with the management of their own accounts. These programs all allow you to take your money back and leave whenever you want. That can be a day, a week, a year, or in my case as a monitor never at all. Some will even allow you to take part of your principal back and continue earning with the rest, or maybe add to your deposit if you can afford it and earn a better rate. Just like a bank account.

The payback for this level of flexibility though is that interest payments can sometimes be all over the place. They depend on the program’s performance and so change every day. They might be as low as 0.1% as stipulated by one program, or as high as 10% on another day.

So is it worth it? The versatility I mean, is it worth never knowing how much you will get paid from one day to another just so you can ask for your principal back. You can join these programs with your own strategy in mind, and each individual can determine that the very same HYIP is short term for one program and long term for another. But how does that measure up against the old school HYIPs that told you exactly what was going to happen, how much they offer to pay you, how long they will do it for, and what your exact profit would be at the end.

Personally I like the way things are going with the newer breed of programs. I’ve said so on my blog in the past, but I also see benefits and drawbacks in all programs no matter how they are structured. So here’s my question:
What type of program do you prefer?

Possible answers are:
a) Fixed. Fixed interest rates for a fixed length term.
b) Flexible. Variable interest and I’ll decide the term length myself.

Thanks in advance to everyone who votes. Remember it only takes a second and is completely anonymous. And I really think it will be interesting to see how regular investors such as yourselves feel about this trend, so please feel free to join in, cast your vote, and discuss it if you want on my ShoutBox. But one things is for sure, like them or not these flexible style programs are going to have an impact on the industry whether you are joining them or ignoring them.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: BarclaysRoyalClub, GoldenOakFund.
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, FinMutual, LeancyComoCredit, DailySharePro, RemiTrade, BTCArbs, Minimalism10.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: TeslaFinance, ZeusInvest, Ambodium, MichaelKazakov.

That’s all for tonight guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy whatever’s left of your weekend. I’ll see you all tomorrow with the more detailed look at RockwellPartners which I sincerely hope is going to be another huge hit on my Premium List, plus any important news events from the HYIP industry. Bye for now and see you all then!

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