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03/04/2014. VaBank Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! VaBank has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Another of the recent batch of new programs to join the MNO monitor’s Premium List is what I must say looks to be a hugely interesting project called VaBank. It’s been online about a week now, and was added to my own monitor a couple of days ago so I’m finally getting around to having a closer look at it for you tonight. It’s not really possible to pigeon hole VaBank in terms of calling it short, medium, or long term as there’s way too much going on there to be covered by just one label. There does seem to be a lot of excitement about this one as well, or at least that’s what I can see from the feedback I’ve gotten from readers since I started monitoring it. The next big thing in the HYIP industry? Well, I wouldn’t be the one making that bold a claim so early in the lifespan of any program, but that’s what some users are hoping for. Wishful thinking, I know, but we’ll see soon enough if their optimism in VaBank is well placed. To start things off for tonight however I just want to talk you through the main features of the program, see what you think, and see if you agree with the assessment of so many others that VaBank might become a profitable addition to your portfolios.

Beginning with the investment plans then, all I can say is that VaBank have a simply massive choice. Strictly speaking there’s only three of them, but these in turn are divided into subsections with enough differences between them as to almost be individual plans in their own right. Some will return your principal separately for instance while others will include it as part of your payouts. Some plans have a fixed length term while others allow you to decide the term for yourself, and so on like that.

The first and most affordable option, hence likely to become the most popular option as well can be joined for a minimum deposit of $10. The VB Classic 1 plan runs for 30 calendar days and and pays you 4.33% interest per day for the duration. VaBank are including your principal as part of those payments, and so will not be returning it on expiry. That means that your final return here adds up to 129.9%, out of which 100% is your own money and 29.9% is the net profit.

Or to put that into practical terms then, we’ll say you invested $100 here. VaBank would pay you back an amount of $4.33 per day, allowing you to recoup your original hundred after 24 days and finish up with $129.90 by day number thirty. The maximum deposit is $2,500.

For bigger investors then, the second of VaBank‘s investment plans is more or less a mirror image of the one described above. The difference being they offer higher interest rates but will cost you a lot more to join. It’s called The VB Premium 1 plan, and you will be asked for a $2,501 minimum to join. For a term of 30 calendar days, VaBank will offer you a daily interest payment of 5%. Your initial principal is included as part of the payments, so with your final installment bringing the total to 150%, you have your own money plus 50% net profit. You will break even, that is to earn back an amount equal to your deposit after 20 days, and the maximum investment allowed is capped at a figure of $5,000.

The third and last of plans in this section to be blunt are really outside the reach of the majority of players in financial terms. Not that I’m in any position to tell you what you can and can’t afford to do with your own money or anything, so I’ll describe it for you anyway even if it’s simply for no more than informational purposes. The VB Platinum 1 option, open to the serious high rollers with anything from $5,001 up to $25,000 to spend on VaBank, runs for 30 calendar days. Members are offered a daily interest payment of 6%, coming to 180% by expiry and includes your principal already.

Returning to something more affordable now with amounts from $10 up to $2,500, The VB Classic 2 option runs for for 30 calendar days but only offers a vastly reduced 1.33% interest rate per day. This adds up to 39.9% in total, but the real difference here is that VaBank return your principal on expiry. It’s much more of a risk of course, especially when it doesn’t put you anywhere even close to breaking even until after the plan ends, so the question you need to ask yourself is if you think that’s a chance worth taking for an extra 10% over VaBank‘s previous offer in this price range.

For deposits from $2,501 to $5,000, VaBank‘s VB Premium 2 option runs for 30 calendar days, and pays 2% interest per day. Again at first glance you may think this less generous that the previous option in this price category, but on expiry members should see their principals returned this time. So whereas the interest payments come to 60%, that then becomes net profit once the admin adds your initial deposit. It’s an extra 10% over the cheaper option, but requires a much larger gamble on your part if you think it’s one worth taking.

If money was no object you can try VaBank‘s VB Platinum 2 option. Also requiring a $5,001 minimum spend (or a $25,000 maximum), the interest rate is cut to 3% per day so the payments add up only to 90%, but this is supplemented by VaBank‘s offer to return your principal on expiry.

You don’t have to choose any of those if you don’t want to, because there are plenty of other offers open to you that take VaBank in a totally different direction. The VB Classic 3 for instance, also open to deposits starting from a $10 minimum up to $2,500, has no expiry date. VaBank pays 1% interest per calendar day for however long you decide to remain a member. The only condition is that you must leave your principal in place for a minimum term of 7 calendar days, but after that it’s entirely up to you. I can’t really give you an example of how this might work as there are literally as many strategies as there are investors. You might have a particular financial goal in mind, maybe reach a certain figure before leaving, or else simply staying put and collecting a daily payment for however long VaBank are capable of maintaining it. Compounding, or “reinvestment” as they call it, is available in this plan (whereas it isn’t in the others) so it’s also possible for smaller investors to gradually grow their deposits to larger amounts here.

Next then is The VB Premium 3, open for deposits starting at $2,501 and maxing out at $5,000. This option sees VaBank making payments of 1.5% interest per day for as long as you wish to remain a member. So again there’s no expiry date and it’s entirely up to the members to decide what they realistically think they might be able to take from the plan. The only stipulation is that once you join you are committed to remaining a member for at least seven days, but after that you are free to withdraw your principal and leave whenever you have reached your target. Or indeed remain a member of VaBank right to the very end if that’s what you think will give you the greater return.

The VB Platinum 3 option also sees VaBank remove the expiry date on the plan, allowing members to decide for themselves how long they wish to remain active there. As in the other cheaper versions of this plan the only condition that must be met is the seven day minimum lock-in period on your deposit which needs to be from $5,001 to $25,000. Once the seven days are up you can either reclaim your principal and leave, or continue collecting the 2% daily interest rate offered by the admin.

And lastly VaBank again change direction with some shorter term options that start with The VB Classic 4. The minimum spending limit reverts to $10 and the maximum is $2,500. There’s a vastly increased payment of 15% interest per day made available to members, but the term length is slashed to 7 calendar days. Payouts to members already factor their principal into the payments, so the total return which comes to 105% is your own money back plus an extra 5% net profit. You may be wondering what’s the point of this plan at all when there are others that pay so much better, but I imagine the real benefit here would be for those players who are a) just looking for a fast buck, and b) prepared to make a big enough investment to make it worth their while financially if VaBank can pay it off. I can’t see it becoming popular myself, but sure, I do understand how it would probably appeal to a certain group.

Next is another short term plan running for just 7 calendar days. The VB Premium 4 option accepts anything from $2,501 up to $5,000 max, and offers members a daily payment of 15.71%. A very unusual and seemingly random figure I would have thought, but the really important number is the total which VaBank are offering. This comes to 109.97% (let’s say as close to 110% as makes no difference then) and already includes your principal. So it’s your own money back and just barely short of 10% net profit.

Finally then in this extensive list of plans, we finish up completely with The VB Platinum 4 option. Staying with the shorter term, this one also works for a 7 calendar day term, but sees members earn 16.43% interest per day. The minimum cost of joining is $5,001 and the most allowed is $25,000. VaBank have included your principal as part of the payments, so your total return of 115.01% is your own money plus just barely above 15% net profit.

If you like the plans then you’ll need to know about the payment methods. To be honest the list is a bit short at first glance, but the thing is given the restrictions now in place against US based investors there is still a fair enough choice that will suit everyone. VaBank accept PerfectMoney which as you know has been practically universal in the HYIP industry for several years now despite being the first of the big name providers to limit services to Americans. If that includes you then you’ll be pleased to know there are some alternatives, such as Payeer which has a growing number of fans due in part to the huge number of methods you can use to fund it, and also the fact that it’s already well known as an exchange system in itself. Maybe some of you might prefer to use the more established (if I can call it that) payment service provided by BitCoin, which is also used by VaBank. Payouts to members need to be requested from inside your VaBank member’s account area, though once done usually tend to be processed instantly. Always a popular feature, this means you should see the money in your preferred payment processor account in under a minute. I’d only remind you that the service is not explicitly guaranteed and in fact the VaBank admin asks you to allow anything up to 48 hours for your transactions to be fully processed. In the meantime just take anything faster as an additional bonus to your membership of the program.

Looking at the more technical, design, and security side of things now, I can see that VaBank is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoS-Guard. The program is powered off a licensed version of H-Script, and for an extra layer of protection the website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The VaBank website is also entirely bilingual, being available in both Russian which is by far the stronger of the two versions, and English which appears to be simply a translation from the original rather than the first language itself..

For any further questions you might have for the admin or any account related issues the VaBank customer support service can be reached through a variety of channels. To start with there’s the usual online e-mail support form where you simply fill in your details and submit through the contacts page. It might be worth your while having a look at VaBank‘s Live Support before doing anything though, as you might be able to get your questions dealt with in real time. Apart from the built-in Live Chat feature itself, you will also find some different Skype accounts available too. The VaBank admin says support is available 24 hours per day (not that I’ve found a reason to start looking for them at four in the morning myself mind!) but if you’re not in any particular rush you can simply write to him directly at the listed email address. Lastly VaBank do name a postal address in the UK, though from experience I can only suggest you ignore this as even though the address itself may be entirely genuine, they are mostly just virtual serviced offices that anyone can use for mailing purposes. It doesn’t mean you’ll find anyone that’s even heard of VaBank, let alone be involved with running it should you visit.

As for any alleged business activities supposedly backing it all up, VaBank claim to be involved with the financing of new companies. It’s quite a wordy website in the sense that there’s a lot to read, but to be honest I found very little of the content to be in any way relevant to the program or the HYIP industry. Maybe it’s there for the sake of people who still believe such things, I wouldn’t know, but most of the readers on MNO would know to forget about such claims. And even if they were true, there’s nothing that can ever guarantee a consistent level of profit like that anyway, so you should know how to proceed by now. Just exercise some caution, use your common sense, and be realistic about what you genuinely believe VaBank can seriously deliver as opposed to what you would wish they can deliver. So never ever go past a spending limit you can’t comfortably afford to live without, and if joining VaBank at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Please note that this morning I received proof that Exellers had stopped paying after just nine days online. That was a very disappointing result from a program possibly (we’ll never know for sure) ran by the same admin of the hugely popular Atlant, but with a more sophisticated protection setup against hit-n-runners. I guess this time for some reason the model didn’t work so well. I don’t know what might have caused it, but I don’t believe cashflow was the issue as Exellers was still a fresh and new program worth joining in many investors’ minds. I can only speculate about the reasons for this fast scam (which is exactly what Exellers is for sure now), but perhaps one major contribution to the admin’s decision to pull the plug early and stop paying was the absolutely selfish behavior of one former participant (who was banned for swearing) in the MNO ShoutBox who pledged to put an end to the program due to his own account allegedly being deleted by the admin. Now, I have no idea if that was true or not, and if so then what was the real reason (probably self-referring), but that person started badmouthing Exellers everywhere and calling it a scam on every public forum available to him. He didn’t stop when warned for the use of foul language and continued doing so until I was forced to ban his account. This was initially for 24 hours but for personal reasons I’ve decided not to reinstate it now. The damage done by his villainous actions was huge and he made a concentrated effort to destroy Exellers in less than 12 hours. I truly believed that he did this on purpose and I am not sure what happened between him and the admin of Exellers, but that’s pretty much the end of the matter one way or another now. Exellers was a program very vulnerable to such actions simply due to the fact that the original investment could be requested back at any time investors wanted to leave. Malicious posts all over the place from one individual certainly played a huge part in bringing Exellers down prematurely, so thank him for that. Of course, it would be illogical to put all the blame on him, the admin of Exellers is in no small way responsible as well. His own inability to deliver on a program everyone had such high hopes for shouldn’t go unmentioned. Please note that Exellers has become a 100% scam now, so please stop investing there!


FinMutual keeps adding more and more payment processors to the already extensive list and last night it was announced that Payeer which has been steadily gaining in popularity had been added. If you haven’t read my original review of FinMutual posted here I remind you that the program is currently ranked #2 on the MNO Premium List while having been online since July 2014. All this time FinMutual have been consistently paying investors on the 1.8%-2.6% for 160 business days plan via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, OkPay, PexPay, BitCoin, and LiteCoin. Now the deposits in FinMutual (starting from a $25 minimum) are going to be accepted via Payeer as well and the announcement can be read below:

FinMutual adds Payeer
Today, the programming team proceeded to install a full system upgrade to FinMutual. FinMutual is now online again and accessible with a new additional processor. We have added and enabled PAYEER for deposits and withdrawals.
This was an extensive upgrade to our system with the addition of PAYEER. Please report any possible bug or issue you may encounter to
You can now see Payeer as a new processor in your accounts at FinMutual.


BTCArbs (reviewed here) continues to work its tremendously successful plan of increasing investors’ deposits by 0.1% to 10% daily depending on the admin’s performance in the BitCoin trading market. Buying and selling BitCoins in this volatile market is allegedly a very profitable business indeed and BTCArbs keeps proving this point with stable performances and steady and timely payouts on this plan for 45 days already. If we consider that the average return reported for today is hovering around approximately the 1% mark there is still a lot to achieve for the experienced investors who might be already in good profits from the program. How is that possible you might ask? Well, it’s very much possible as your result with BTCArbs depends largely on your strategy – the program allows you to withdraw any part of the principal or profits and be paid within 36 hours of request. So far the admin has delivered what he promised. The investment in BTCArbs requires quite a high $50 minimum you can make via PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, and BitCoin, but that is greatly compensated for by the enormous flexibility in your account from which many already successfully profited. The latest profit reports from BTCArbs can be found below:

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 – 1.08%
More and more, it seems like the news coming out of China might be true. Though there has been a large amount of speculation over the past few weeks as to whether or not China would ban Bitcoin, it seems that the Central bank is starting to enforce previously enacted laws, preventing payment processors and banks from working with Bitcoin Exchanges and other Bitcoin related businesses. This shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone, particularly given the fact that Bitcoin can be an incredibly useful tool to circumvent communist China’s national capital controls.
It seems that the market has been reacting in anticipation of such news over the past few days, so I doubt that the price will continue to slide much further. Either way, as long as there’s movement in either direction, arbitrage is possible. Today went pretty well, with the end result being 1.08%.

Thursday 3rd April 2014 – 1.68%
Today was one of the more exciting days on the Bitcoin markets, with an extraordinary amount of movement on the major exchanges. At approximately 11am this morning, the price of Bitcoin briefly spiked to $450, before tumbling back to the mid $420’s. As the morning went on, the volatily didn’t slow down, with the price quickly recovering to $460, while creating a unprecedented number of arbitrage opportunities between BitFinex, BTCe and Bitstamp. While the price at the end of the day is approximately the same as it was 48 hours ago, the movement during this period of time paved the way for exceptional arbitrage opportunities. Unfortunately our fiat wasn’t always exactly where it needed to be, however we were still able to pull together a return of 1.68%.


The admin of GrandForexLimited Jeff proudly reported in today’s newsletter that his program had been running successfully for seventy days. That would be a very impressive achievement, especially if we consider the short-term investment plans offered to the investors willing to deposit at least $10 via such payment methods as PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, and Payeer – 103%-125% after 1 day, 117%-250% after 5 days, 155%-800% after 15 days, 250%-1,800% after 30 days, 500%-3,000% after 45 days, 800%-4,500% after 60 days, 1,000% after 12 days. However, I hope you read my detailed review of GrandForexLimited (posted here) to realize that the 70-day online term is nothing else than the wishful thinking of the admin. In reality GrandForexLimited started with a totally different set of plans and very few monitors. It was only after a couple of months that the admin decided to take the program to the next level by introducing multiple short-term plans and paying for more monitors and ads (recently the admin also purchased the top big banner on MNO monitoring page for two weeks). That trick and possibly the fake stats the admin delivered in today’s newsletter to create the impression of stability over the last ten weeks doesn’t change the fact that GrandForexLimited is actually a very good program, paying to investors regularly and gradually increasing the level of advertising in the industry which is possibly the best way to slow but consistent growth. I hope GrandForexLimited and Jeff can achieve another 70 days online with the new plans and re-post the latest newsletter from him below:

70 Days Online
Dear GrandForexLimited Partners,
We want to inform that we already work for 70 days. we are very happy that our company growing fast. Started online at Jan 23, 2014. Our statistic already show that the most of investors in this world trust with us.
Total deposit already reach $ 129,606.46, Total withdraw reach $ 34,934.07 with Total accounts:1517.
We already add Live Chat (Russian and Portuguese Language) and Phone Support : +442381680095 for increase our feature. We hope it will make us closer.
And the last, Thank you for your attention and wish all of our client got a nice day!
Best Regards, Jeff Dolman
GrandForexLimited – Best Financial Partner


I think many of you have been noticed recently an increase in attempts to hack your EgoPay account by sending all types of phishing emails aimed at stealing your personal account and login details. It looks like EgoPay administration are getting very concerned about this and today I received the following email warning of the huge risks in clicking on any type of links in phishing emails you might have received from EgoPay impersonators. The administration also mentioned that they never threaten to block members’ accounts, ask for verification of accounts, or give away any freebies simply for entering personal info. If you have even the slightest doubt that you received something not from the real EgoPay please contact the official support immediately. I know that there’s even live support available for your convenience during the day where you can always discuss your concerns and get instant support on any account issues you might have. Please always remain vigilant online and do not let scammers trick you into opening suspicious links that only result in your money being stolen. What follows is very much a necessary email from EgoPay which I’m re-posting below for your information:

Attention! Be aware of scam e-mails
Dear Customers,
EgoPay Team wants to inform that we never send e-mails where we threaten our customers to block their accounts, request verification or grant them with free prizes.
If you think that the “warning” e-mail is sent officially by EgoPay, the first action you have to do is to check our News and Blog pages in our official website. If there are no news regarding the e-mail, please contact our Support who will answer all your questions.
EgoPay emphasizes – we NEVER send e-mails which would contain any external links as all issues can be solved internally by connecting to your EgoPay account or contacting Customer Support.
Yours sincerely, EgoPay Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: DublinCryptoriumLimited, FinMutual, RockwellPartners, InvGlobal, ApexBinary, RemiTrade, GramStock, Eblone, ForexStructure,  AssuredAssets, VaBank.
From MNO Standard list: GrandForexLimited, StrongHoldings, AdShareCycler.
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentCapital, ThaiMonetaryFundWisesTrade, OdgenOrganization (the first instant payment received).

That’s about it for tonight guys. Thanks as always for reading, I hope at least something in there was useful to you, and if so then why not check out MNO again tomorrow? Because there’s going to be all the most important news stories from around the industry, plus a more detailed look at another new program to my monitor called StrongHoldings. So stay tuned for that and see you all tomorrow. Bye for now!


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