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Hi guys! I know I missed posting yesterday (I do have a lot of other things going on) but to commemorate Easter in the beautiful city of San Sebastian in Spain I raised a glass for all MNO readers and their tremendous support over the last seven years I’ve been running this website. I hope you also enjoyed the celebrations with your family and friends and perhaps even had a lazy afternoon today, as I know that Easter Monday is a holiday in many countries. Anyway, back to business and all the latest news and updates from the ever changing HYIP industry. I also have the results from the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll, and if you’re interested then keep reading as I have also added a brand new question for your consideration.

To celebrate Easter I decided to treat you with a summary of the Top Five most popular programs on the MNO monitor. I believe it’s also important first to remind you all how the rating of the programs on the MNO Premium List works. Unlike other monitors that might only determine positions on their lists due to their own personal reasons or private agreements with the admins, I’ve always believed that this approach has a huge flaw. My programmer and I developed a unique way to maintain a more unbiased listing. Next to every program you see on the MNO monitor then you’ll notice a square containing a number. This is is not simply a random numerical order, but is essentially a rating telling you how popular it is among my readers. You see, ratings are based on the principles of competitiveness and popularity. In a nutshell, the more money flowing into a program via my ref link, the higher the rating is. The “Returned” amount on my monitor is actually the sum of the invested funds and the referral commissions received for the entire time it’s been listed on MNO. Every 24 hours I update this with the sum of the payments (profit+commissions) I received from a single program which changes the total “Returned” funds figure. After that the monitoring script calculates the ratio on which the “Returned” amount complements the “Invested” amount (the sum that was invested in a program under the Premium listing rules). The higher the ratio means the higher position the program occupies, and as the programs listed on Premium are permanently competing then this ranking should be considered as the most honest and reliable reflection of the program’s more widespread popularity.

The current leader is RockwellPartners. Although only taking the top spot just a few days ago this is already considered by many as one of the major success stories of the year so far. The program was well prepared and offers very lucrative investment plans, but even then no one could imagine it would eventually become as big as it is now. RockwellPartners managed to silence the critics and prove them all wrong wrong by combining longevity with the flexibility of its investment plans. For instance, RockwellPartners offers a 1% fixed rate on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and from 1% to 3.5% variable rates of interest on business days (Monday to Friday). At the same time, you’re not tied to a fixed investment term and are free to take your principal back and leave any time you like. That’s right – even after one day if that’s what you want, you may leave RockwellPartners with up to 3.5% profits. Or you may also wish to stay and keep earning. And if this investment plan seems not to be to your liking – think again, as RockwellPartners has been online for over six weeks and never missed a single payout. These are are usually processed very fast (though the maximum waiting time is 24 hours) and the investment can start as low as $20 via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. People are enjoying the program and I can see why. So I hope to see more such quality projects during year. As for RockwellPartners itself, it’s been an absolutely stunning program so far with lots of people making tons of money from it. That can’t guarantee you the same performance if you only decide to invest now of course, but I believe RockwellPartners will surely stay in people’s memory as one of the best projects of the year no matter what happens next, and most likely run by a true professional. If you want to read more on RockwellPartners and how it works please check my review here.

A more conservative program, but also an equally impressive performer since November 2013 – DublinCryptoriumLimited – takes the second spot on MNO Premium listing after being surpassed a couple of days ago. It’s been almost like a ray of sunshine from the golden era of HYIPs when programs were in development for months and when appearing online the most successful looked simply simply brilliant. By 2014 the quality of 95% of program launching now has vastly deteriorated, however a couple of rare gems like DublinCryptoriumLimited still shine from time to time. Once the program launched last year I had absolutely no doubt it was going to be extremely popular among MNO readers and it has, so for me it’s no wonder that MNO consistently wins their monthly referral contest. My evaluation of DublinCryptoriumLimited in the detailed review published here proved correct, as after nearly six months online the program represents an island of stability in a stormy sea full of fly-by-night scams. Although the returns in DublinCryptoriumLimited might not seem to be too enticing to the majority of the investors and a restrictive $50 minimum might put others off as well, the program was definitely built to run for months, if not years. A flawless original script showing how DublinCryptoriumLimited is mining BitCoins in your account and shows real-time earnings being generated. You then make withdrawals of your interest or original investment at any time you like. In most cases your withdrawal is processed instantly, but please keep in mind that only by maintaining a minimum of $50 in your account will you be able to earn interest. DublinCryptoriumLimited accepts all the main payment processors including SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, OkPay, and even direct Bank wires. The program did survive a few hiccups over its six months lifetime, but never did anyone have any doubt that every difficulty would be overcome. I’m pleased to see the program in the second position and look forward to seeing them in and around top of my rating for a very long time to come.

FinMutual (reviewed here) is third on the MNO Premium List after an impressive running time starting in July 2013. Since then it’s won the hearts of many investors who never dreamed the program could last this long. FinMutual offers one investment plan that pays from 1.8% to 2.6% interest per day for 160 business days (Monday to Friday). I must add that the program was unaffected by the Easter holidays and, unlike some others, the admin continued to pay on both Good Friday and Easter Monday. FinMutual accepts deposits from a $25 minimum and the choice of payment processors is very wide. It includes SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, OkPay, PexPay, BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Payeer. The payouts in FinMutual are not exactly quick but are processed within 48 hours, usually faster on business days. FinMutual is fine example on how slow and gradual promotion and exposure to investors can pay off and reward the admin with an unprecedented level of loyalty and constant growth. The admin of FinMutual recently also become pretty active and issues newsletters and updates on a regular basis with the latest sent last night:
Happy Easter from FinMutual
We want to wish those celebrating Easter around the world a most Happy Easter today from the FinMutual team! Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Number four on the MNO Premium List in terms of popularity is another long-term survivor InvGlobal that has been monitored on MNO for an impressive period of 222 days now. It was hard to expect something from a program running off a licensed GoldCoders script and accepting originally only two payment processors program which promised 1.2%-2.5% for 120 business days with the original principal back on expiry. Nobody was even sure that InvGlobal would make the full investment cycle, let alone pay the original principals to its investors at the end of the term. The admin though proved everyone wrong and showed that even a simple program without gimmicks can be a success if you work hard. It might sound unbelievable when you first check the website of InvGlobal to see the program has been paying promptly for over seven months and payouts to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and PexPay processed instantly in most cases. Yet, InvGlobal is still out there and is still accepting deposits starting from only $10. It’s obviously impossible to predict for how much longer InvGlobal will last, but they haven’t let anyone down so far so hope for the best. If you wish to learn more on InvGlobal please see my detailed review here.

And finally to BitcoFinancial. You might not believe me but this is the newest program and occupies a top 5 spot on the MNO Premium List just after seven days (a week!) online. How’s that possible you might ask? Well, I can tell you that in the conditions when we have so many rubbish programs around the launch of a relatively ambitious new program with lucrative and well crafted investment plans with a mid-term range of only twenty to thirty days and lots of accepted payment methods is always an event on MNO. The admin of BitcoFinancial then started her advertising campaign pretty aggressively by buying the top banner spots on major investment forums and also the tower banner on MNO blog for an entire month. So it’s pretty logical that BitcoFinancial would be a program everyone is buzzing about. Although running off a familiar GoldCoders script the admin modified it to her needs, plus had her SolidTrustPay account fully verified and approved even before the official launch. BitcoFinancial accepts deposits starting from a $10 minimum to two investment plans – 5% for 30 calendar days (with the principal included) and 2.5% for 20 calendar days (with the principal returned on expiry). You can clearly see that both are equally good and it would be hard to choose the safer of the two. Payment methods accepted by BitcoFinancial apart from the above mentioned SolidTrustPay, include EgoPay, PerfectMoney, PexPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. Note that there are very special rules apply to BitCoin deposits and withdrawals, so please check the website carefully before investing. More on BitcoFinancial can be found in my detailed review posted here and the upcoming interview with the admin Jocelyn to hopefully be posted on MNO soon as well. For now I would view BitcoFinancial as an extremely promising program and hope one day the admin will be able to achieve the success and longevity of the other programs listed above.

That is all for the article on the Top Five most popular programs ranked on MNO Premium List among my readers. I remind you that the rating was based on the program’s current performances and can change any time, so please always check my monitoring page to make sure a program you’re thinking of joining is still on Paying status. The HYIP industry is changing quickly and what’s considered a relatively safe choice today may stop paying tomorrow. So be careful and always invest what you can afford to lose. Good luck with your investments, everyone!



It looks like the admin of 5DailyPro has added SolidTrustPay to the list of the payment processor. From now on you can make a deposit into the 5% to 6% daily for 30 calendar days plan also via STP (as well as the existing PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer). Unlike other payment processors the minimum to deposit in 5DailyPro using STP is $25 (compared to the usual $10) and deposits are only accepted in manual mode. That means that in order to make a deposit you will have to follow the instructions in the 5DailyPro website, transfer the desired amount to the program’s STP account, and confirming it by filling in the special form you’ll see when doing so. Here’s an example:

You are about to make an Investment @ 5Dailypro using SolidTrustPay
* Please enter the amount of STP you would like to invest.
* Minimum – $25 (worth of STP) & Maximum : $10,000 (worth of STP) per investment.
* You can make multiple investments.
* Send the amount you wish to invest to the exact SolidTrustPay below.
* Mention Your Username In the Deposit, Example : Username Deposit to 5dailypro.com * Please wait for the Payment approval.
To Deposit with SolidTrustPay please send to: STP ID : StrongholdLTC

All that simply means is that the admin of 5DailyPro most probably doesn’t want to wait to have his STP account fully approved and hastily decided to accept them anyway. I’m not sure if that would be a wise move on his part as it may well lead to the suspension of his STP account at a later time. Whether it was worth it to sacrifice the safety of operations without SolidTrustPay’s approval we will see pretty soon, as for now 5DailyPro keeps paying. I hope that the addition of SolidTrustPay with manually processed deposits and withdrawals won’t end in disaster, because it’s STP themselves who warn users not to join HYIPs with unverified accounts. Here’s the latest short newsletter from 5DailyPro (reviewed here) signed by its admin Joseph:

SolidTrustPay Added As A New Payment Processor
I would like to inform you that 5DailyPro has started accepting SolidTrustPay as a payment processor. Now investors can use it to invest in 5DailyPro.
Best Regards. Joseph Lloyd


Speaking of SolidTrustPay, perhaps it would be wise to remind investors that due to the Easter holidays in Canada you can expect delays as the administration always approves STP accounts’ funding and withdrawing requests (including exchange requests) and processes them manually. That is due to the policy SolidTrustPay has practiced for many years now making it one of the safest and the most reliable payment methods in the HYIP industry. The programs actually approved by STP after completing their tough verification requirements are usually highly rated by investors and boosts confidence in the program and the admin running it. When signed in to my account today I saw the following message about possible delays due to the Easter holidays in Canada happened over the weekend:

Easter Holiday Schedule
Please note that our support department is closed this Easter weekend. We will reopen on Tuesday to assist you. Banks and businesses around the world will be closed on Monday and many will have been closed on Friday as well. Please ensure you allow at least 2 extra business days for all bank associated deposits and withdrawals. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


Just to wrap things up for today then, I think it’s probably time to finish with the current poll that’s been running on the MNO TalkBack page as just about anyone who wanted to vote has definitely had an opportunity to do it by now. The question asked was basically connected to a number of programs, highly successful programs I might add, that were only ever monitored officially on MNO and nowhere else. But what do you as investors think of that? Are you more or less likely to trust the program just because there was only one monitor? Or would it really have much affect on your judgment one way or another? In running a monitor myself I suppose the more cynical among you might expect me to only ever say bad things about other monitors, them being the competition and all, but I think most of you are well aware of this by now – a lot of them simply aren’t any good, are they? They’re certainly not very useful to regular investors anyway, and it would appear that a lot of readers share that view. So the exact question asked in the poll was:

Would you find it easier to trust a program listed only on MNO and nowhere else?

The runaway winner here with a massive 55% of the readers who voted said “Yes, too many monitors are unnecessary.

That was followed in distant second place with 28% of the votes, though still suggesting a limited amount of confidence in monitors to do what you would expect of them, for the answer “Maybe, but the number of monitors wouldn’t have any influence.

So clearly the experienced investors have their own methods of researching what programs are paying and which ones have scammed, and the role played by monitors is clearly over rated. Completing the poll then, the remaining 17% of voters took the option “No, the more monitors the better.

For the next opinion poll now, I was wondering about whether you have a definite strategy when it comes to the timing of when you decide you are definitely going to join a particular program. With some programs the faster you join the more you can earn as can be seen with the likes of BTCArbs for example, or DublinCryptoriumLimited where you get paid indefinitely for as long as you yourself decide how long you want to be a member. On the other hand when a program is intentionally a fast scam from the admin, it’s the ones who jump in too fast that lose their money. No matter what way you look at it though, you simply cannot join any HYIP at any time without taking a certain amount of personal risk to a greater or lesser degree. And as none of them last forever, at some point it becomes clear that some of you made the right decision by joining early, and others made the right decision by waiting. So how to you approach the subject of timing your deposit in a program? Considering the risk is always there no matter what, do you even give it much thought at all? The exact question therefore, and which will run for at least the next week, maybe ten days, asks:

When do you make a definite decision to join a HYIP?

The possible answers are as follows:
a) I always join as soon as possible.
b) I join after others confirm the first payments.
c) I only join after others confirm they are already in profit.
d) Depends on the program and varies from short to long term.

Thanks in advance to everyone who votes, remember it literally only takes a second and it completely anonymous. Results as I said should be drawn sometime after the next week to ten days, so you have plenty of time.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RockwellPartners, DublinCryptoriumLimited, FinMutual, InvGlobal, BitcoFinancial, GramStock, ApexBinary, RemiTrade, AmazingProfitClub, VaBank, Eblone, BlocLimited, 5DailyPro.
From MNO Standard list: GrandForexLimited, AdShareCycler.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, Yupiter.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading about the Top Five programs and I hope it helps you building an investment portfolio. Also don’t forget to vote in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page, and see you all again soon with the next update. Bye for now!

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