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29/07/2014. Sparbs Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Sparbs has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! The first new program I’m looking at this week – yes, there’s more to come as I shall explain later on in the news section – is a medium term program called Sparbs. An odd sounding name I know, but it’s just a portmanteau of sport and arbitrage, which is what the admin would have us believe is financing the members payouts. Make what you want out of that, I’m just here to describe the program’s main features to you as I find them, an I must say I do have some mixed but cautiously optimistic feelings about this one. The thing is that out of all the investment plans Sparbs are offering, you can only get paid on expiry in any of them. These are a lot less popular in the industry these days than they were a few years back so with that in mind I don’t really see this program as an overnight success. Having said that, it’s not entirely a bad thing that this is the case either, and having looked into some of the other features of the program – namely the custom made script and meticulous design, I think Sparbs could really take off in the next month or so and become a really big hit when/if the first investors start reporting their on expiry payouts. So let’s start things off today with a closer look at what Sparbs have to offer and whether you think you might have a place for it in your own portfolio.

I’ll begin with what most of you probably believe is the most important factor in choosing a new program to join, which is of course the investment plans. Sparbs have three of them in total, all of which can be joined for a very affordable $10 minimum. Or alternatively if you’re feeling lucky you can spend anything up to a $10,000 maximum limit, the choice is yours. Before I get any further with the numbers however I just need to tell you that Sparbs is one of those very rare programs that allows members to deposit in either dollars or euros. For the sake of brevity I’m just going to describe them in dollars as I know that’s what most of my readers will use anyway. The interest rates are exactly the same no matter what currency you use, but just keep in mind that if you live in a country where euros are more useful to you than dollars and have a euro account with any of the program’s payment partners then the option is there for you.

So your first choice and the plan that runs for the shortest term is for 15 calendar days. In other words that’s a sort of lock-in period if you like, during which Sparbs hold your money and do not allow you any withdrawal. On expiry you are then rewarded with a one time payment of 120%, a sum that includes your own principal plus 20% net profit. In practical monetary terms then that would mean for a $100 investment in Sparbs one should expect a payment of $120 to be returned fifteen days later.

That’s more or less how the remaining plans work as well, the only difference being a higher return for the bigger risks. The limits on your actual deposit remain unchanged, so for example the second Sparbs investment plan runs for a term of 30 calendar days, but will still take a $10 minimum to join. The offer this time is a single on-expiry payment of 160%, principal included. So were you to make the same $100 deposit into this plan, the intention is for Sparbs to pay you back $160 at the end of the term. For bigger spenders/risk takers the maximum spending limit is also the same at $10,000.

And lastly for the most ambitious, or simply most optimistic, investors, Sparbs third plan runs for 45 calendar days. Let’s be honest here, in HYIP industry terms 45 days is an eternity to wait for an on-expiry payment. Absolutely anything can happen in that period of time, so it’s hard to see anyone really spending big in this plan no matter how successful Sparbs might theoretically become. Just as well then that the minimum deposit is only $10, so in financial terms you know it really doesn’t have to be a serious risk at all unless you make it one yourself. The offer this time is a single on-expiry payment of 210%, principal included. That means your own money back plus 110% net profit on top. That would mean a $100 investment here would, we hope, lead to a $210 repayment 45 days later. Maximum spend is capped at $10,000. You are of course also welcome to split your investment between the three plans so if the payout sounds tempting but you just don’t like the idea of a more than six week wait to get it you may consider that as a strategy, keeping a smaller amount for the longer terms. Just an idea, it’s your money after all so your choice what to do with it.

So like I said at the top of the page, Sparbs could be a hit, but if it is then it will almost definitely be a slow burner. Meanwhile if you do like any of the plans let’s see what your payment options are. You have a choice of joining Sparbs using any of the more traditional HYIP related payment processors such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay, or Payeer, or else for those of you beginning to favor the more modern crypto currencies you can also use BitCoin or LiteCoin. No matter what method you prefer however, all payouts are handled manually by the admin and so need to be requested from inside your private members account area. Once done you should allow a further 24 hour maximum for the transaction to be processed.

There’s one other thing I need to mention, and yes, I know that experienced investors will probably laugh at this for being so blindingly obvious. You must remember to make a withdrawal on expiry of the term! I mean I know the whole point of joining Sparbs in the first place is to ultimately withdraw at the end of it, but honestly, you’d be surprised at the number of people I’ve come across over the years who forget completely that they have joined programs like this one. The payouts are not automatic, so mark the date in your calendar when you are due to be paid and make your withdrawal request then.

Moving on then to more technical, design, and security aspects of the program, this is where we find what is perhaps the single best feature of Sparbs, its script. It’s completely custom-made for the program and built from scratch. Despite that, it’s still very easy to navigate and find your way around the members area. In fact the only real tricky points you’d need to watch out for that makes an investment with Sparbs noticeably different from most other online HYIPs would be that you will first need to fund your account before making the actual investment. Once your account is funded with the amount you wish to invest, you then need to re-direct your money in the plan you wish to join, keeping in mind that you can split your principal between any of the three plans however you see fit. The other thing you need to remember is an extra security feature, something I think every investor will welcome. Basically when you first sign up as a member of Sparbs you will need to set a five digit code. You will need to store it carefully and safely as this code will be required for every transaction from this point on, both in and out of your Sparbs account. This is in addition to a verification e-mail which contains an activation link which is just a one time requirement, but you will have to follow the instructions there to prove you are the rightful owner of the Sparbs account before being allowed to access it. Other than that all I can add is that the script looks really good, solidly built, and really adds a lot to the overall design of the website which is also highly professional. The texts are also quite clear and concise and do I think make a good job of explaining what’s not a particularly difficult program to begin with.

Other than that I can see Sparbs have an added layer of security, sparing little expense with this side of their operation with the proper Green Bar and Extended Certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions, which is a significant step-up from the regular SSL cert one usually finds on online HYIPs. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of Koddos.

If you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues you need to have dealt with then there are a number of contact points. The main one is the online support ticketing system where you just fill out your details on the form provided and submit it through the contacts page. Sparbs also have Live Chat operators, so better in some cases to see if there is someone online you might be able to take your question in real time. Fans of social networking sites will also be able to find Sparbs keeping a Facebook page. Uniquely to this program I think, Sparbs have one further method of communication, which is a sort of internal e-mail system. This allows you to send private messages from within your account area to the admin (which is the default setting) or to other members in your downline if you have any. It’s just formulated to resemble an e-mail.

As for any genuine business interests that are supposedly backing up the payments to members, as mentioned briefly at the top of the page Sparbs claim to be involved in sports betting, something they claim is free of all risk. Well, maybe the admin isn’t risking anything, but you the investor certainly are if you join. I mean it’s not as if arbitrage betting isn’t something we’ve been told more than a few times in the past in the HYIP industry, and even were it to be true then I still don’t believe there is no chance of a loss or that a certain fixed profit can ever be guaranteed. Then again, I kinda think 99% of MNO readers will already know that too. So if you’re joining Sparbs then remember to act as you do with all other online HYIPs – keep expectations modest, spend only what it doesn’t bother you to lose, and keep a varied and diverse portfolio to protect yourself from heavy losses if any one program was to collapse unexpectedly.



The newest program on MNO Premium Listing is yet another curious entry called CryptoFarm. As the name suggests, the program is allegedly involved in BitCoin mining, but unlike other similar programs it exclusively deals with BitCoin meaning all the deposits and withdrawals can be done and are only calculated in BitCoins. The investment plans generally pay from 2% to 2.4% daily for a duration of 60 calendar days (depending on the size of your principal and the chosen plan), with the principal already included in the daily payouts. That means at the end you should get from 20% to 44% net profit on your investment with CryptoFarm. I must warn you that the minimum to invest is quite high, so CryptoFarm is definitely targeting serious investors only. In order to get paid 2% for 60 days you have to have at least 0.25 Btc in your account which is currently the equivalent of about $150 at current exchange rates (which can change) and which is the price of the so-called Beginner mining contract. In order to get paid 2.2% for 60 days you have to purchase a Professional mining contract that costs approximately $600 (1 Btc), and for an even higher payment of 2.4% for 60 days you have to invest at least $3,000 (5 Btc) into an Expert mining contract. Note that you can only invest in multiplies of 0.25 Btc, 1 Btc, or 5 Btc respectively, so keep this in mind when funding your account with CryptoFarm which must be done before redistributing your money by purchasing the available “mining contracts”. The profit is credited daily to your balance which you can then either withdraw, or purchase more “mining contracts” with. That is essentially how the investment process works in CryptoFarm and more on that will be discussed in the upcoming review of the program tomorrow, hopefully after receiving my first payment.

Regarding the more technical aspects of CryptoFarm, it’s running off a custom-made script, so straight away you can see that the admin is not a newbie and knows exactly what he’s doing. The website itself is well built, although the information on their investment activities is quite sparse. The site is SSL-secured by GeoTrust and is hosted on a dedicated server. CryptoFarm is not widely advertised anywhere in the industry yet, apart from the BitCoin related sources, so the admin is obviously trying to keep it stand alone from the more traditional HYIP investment field and MNO was the only exception. By targeting only rich investors and intending to work for a long time to prove his program is worth the investors attention he has certainly come to the right place in adding CryptoFarm to the MNO Premium List today. This will surely give his program the exposure it needs, as my site is now targeting only elite programs that can afford the superb service MNO provides.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listSafeProfitsLtd.
From MNO Premium list: RemiTradeGenialStockExchangeSolidSharePro, ChampionsLeague,
AssuredAssetsUnoBancAuGoldPartners, GepardAllianceLaxoTrade.
From MNO Standard list: CashNonStop.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareZeusInvestTrustForexTrade, SuccessRoadToWealthOgdenOrganization.

That’s everything for tonight, guys. I know it’s not too much but with the usual summer slowdown in the HYIP industry even the fact that there were no scams recently should be welcome news. If you wish to find out more about the current Top Five Popular Programs on MNO please refer to this article as all the programs mentioned there are time-proven and relatively safer than others. In any case though please remember that HYIP investments are risky, so only invest what you can afford to lose watch the MNO monitor for the most up-to-date status reports. Don’t forget to vote on the MNO TalkBack page if you haven’t yet done so and I’ll see you all tomorrow with the full review of CryptoFarm plus all the regular news from the most popular programs online. Bye for now and see you all then!

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