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Hello everybody! Welcome back to MNO blog on this Good Friday, and Happy Easter to anyone celebrating! I hope you’re looking forward to your chocolate treats and eggs and will enjoy the time off. Personally I want to take the opportunity to spend these days outdoors and do some hiking, but my commitments to the readers of this blog will always come first. So even though there’s a holiday you can always be sure that the MNO monitor will always be updated a bare minimum of once every 24 hours, sometimes even more often, no matter what happens.


It seems that from the programs listed on the MNO monitor, AtrexTrade was the only one where admin remembered the Easter holidays. Turning it to his advantage, he announced two extra days without profits for the program’s members. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise for you as AtrexTrade has always been known for a generous list of holidays they diligently observe. That’s in addition to the fact that the daily interest is paid only from Tuesday to Saturday, with members receiving the rate that was generated on the previous business day. If you’re not familiar with AtrexTrade then please read my detailed review of the program published here. First let me remind you that on every business day variable results are posted on AtrexTrade‘s website under Last Trading Results tab. Members then get a certain share of that profit on the following day when it becomes available for withdrawal. These, by the way, are usually processed instantly. Investments for AtrexTrade start from only $10 minimum and are accepted via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin payment methods (please contact the admin if you wish to invest using a bank wire which will be available for larger deposits). Your share of the profits from the company’s pot can be from 50% to 75% depending on the amount you invested and can possibly reach 2% on every business day (although usually it will be much smaller). Your investment term with AtrexTrade is not pre-determined and you can stay with the program and earn for an indefinite period of time. The only condition is that you have to stay for a minimum lock-in period of 25 business days, but any time after that you’re free to contact the admin and ask for your principal back. So it’s entirely up to you to decide just how much profit is enough. I just want to add that you shouldn’t let the very moderate returns put you off. This program is clearly designed with one aim in mind and that’s to run for as long a time as possible. Four months online is the milestone being marked today, and the so far flawless performance should really give us confidence that AtrexTrade can emulate the achievements of its predecessors, in some cases running for years. Whether or not AtrexTrade can do the same or not only time will tell. Below is the short update on the Easter holidays taken from their website, but remember that because of their schedule no interest will be credited from Saturday to Tuesday due to holidays from today until Monday:

List of holidays/non-working days in April
Dear investors,
We would like to inform you that interest will not be added to your deposits on April 3 and 6 due to official holidays(Good Friday and Easter).
Deposits and withdrawals will be fully available.
Thank you for your attention.


There were two more updates from BTCPlaza – by far, the best short-term program at the moment and the only program featured on the MNO Sticky List. In addition to that, yesterday the eagerly anticipated interview was published on my blog which you can read here and the link to which the admin Ruben kindly shared with other investors in the latest newsletter issued just hours after it was posted:

MNO interviews
Dear investors. We inform to you that the MNO blog added interviews with program admin BTCPlaza.
Examine the content of the interview and share own impressions from reading you can here:
Stay up always about the latest events in BTCPlaza program life!
Watch the our news.
Best Regards, Ruben Lablanc
BTCPlaza – Your Successful Manager!

It’s not yet too late to participate in the contest for the best promoter. Itt will be running for the next week or so, as the monitors and other paid promoters who can be tough competition to regular investors in the fight for the main prizes are excluded as per the published terms in another newsletter received from BTCPlaza a couple of days ago:

Be the first!
Dear investors and members of the BTCPlaza program! We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to carry out from April 1st to April 10th, 2015 a Competition for the best promoter. We are very grateful to everyone who believes in us and we would like to give this small gift for those who do. Who will reveal itself a most active promoter.
Competition conditions:
Everyone can participate in competition.
Except the following categories of participants:
Monitorings, Promoters which have official status.
Following the results of competition five best promoters will be chosen, each of which will win a next prizes:
For the 1st place of $400;
For the 2nd place of $300;
For the 3rd place of $200;
For the 4th place of $100;
For the 5th place of $50.
Results of competition will be published on April 11th, 2015.
There is nothing impossible! We prove it our work. Work with us together and we shall always appreciate it.
Be the first!
Watch the our news.
Best Regards, Ruben Lablanc
BTCPlaza – Your Successful Manager!

If for some reason you’re not especially adept at promoting, you can still make profits from investing in BTCPlaza as the program accepts deposits generally starting from $10 only via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and OkPay. The investment plans on offer allow you to profit after as little 24 hours and the full list includes 103%-125% after 1 day, 116%-240% after 5 days, 155%-800% after 16 days, 350%-1700% after 32 days, 600%-2900% after 55 days, 1000%-4500% after 80 days, 1000% after 15 days, 2000% after 25 days, 3000% after 35 days. Of course not all of those are necessarily a good idea so for the best tips on which plans to choose I would suggest reading the full review of BTCPlaza on MNO here.


The admin of PokerAutomatics is doing an excellent job and the program is steadily growing day by day. PokerAutomatics (reviewed here) is somewhat reminiscent of some of the programs seen a few years back during a time when the HYIP industry was in a much better health and full of similar style exceptional quality earning opportunities. PokerAutomatics offers a share of the return they get from poker bots on a daily basis, with the rate usually hovering around 1%. Investors can get 40% to 80% share of that profit depending on the size of their principals. This also determines the length of term, which can be from 30 calendar days to as long as 180 calendar days. Principal is then returned on expiry. Below are the results of the latest daily results for the first few days of April plus the March monthly statement to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
01.04.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.86%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
02.04.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.97%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
03.04.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.11%

PokerAutomatics Monthly Statement:
Total Income: 31,12%
Share of Expenses: 10,94%
Profit: 20,18%

Note that according to their background story the number of poker bots is constantly growing which allegedly allows the program to serve more investors and handle bigger amounts of money:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 821.
Our future goals:
July 2015: 900-1000 active poker bot accounts
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.

That story looked plausible even to SolidTrustPay which approved an account for PokerAutomatics, making it one of the rare programs in the HYIP industry allowed to work with STP at the moment. The initial investment in PokerAutomatics starts from an affordable $30 minimum and apart from SolidTrustPay you can also invest via the following payment methods listed in a recent news update:

Payment systems icons were updated on the main page.
Poker Automatics works only with the most reliable payment systems:
Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, Liqpay, W1), SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, OKPAY, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, QIWI, Advanced Cash (BankWire, Paxum, eCoin), Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Svyaznoy Bank.

Security has always been one of the top priorities of PokerAutomatics and it constantly focuses on this by issuing important tips and tricks which will help its investors to stay on the safe side. The latest short update on that please read below which deals with dangers of clicking links sent in the newsletters:

Attention! Never open any files from e-mails!
PokerAutomatics Team never sends any files by e-mail.
If you got such email message – delete it! It’s a fake or virus!

And finally, the already extensive chain of regional representatives helping promote PokerAutomatics in regional markets was joined by a Chinese operator, so if you’re from China or speak Chinese as your first language you can contact him for more information on the program:

We have a new Representative
Wanghaohao- China
You may contact him by email, skype and phone.


Apparently the such widely publicized “surprise” promised by the admin of BTPerfex turned out to be some really ugly and deceptive new investment plans that offer you ridiculous returns and are to be avoided at all costs. Just ask yourselves – why would anyone in their right mind invest into something paying 1000% after 14 days, 750% after 18 days, 1500% after 21 days? Such plans will be ok for any short-term program, as we totally understand about the dangers of investing in them and instead go for the shorter term plans knowing that our chances are better. When such plans with higher minimums to invest by a respectable program that has been working for a few months now, the legitimate question will arise in the mind of any reasonable investor – why is the admin doing this? Existing plans paid from 3% to 6% daily for an unlimited period subject to a 10 day lock-in period and a principal withdrawal fee, which was also charged on the first lower paying plan of 1.25%-2% for 180 days. If you think logically then the answer becomes obvious – the program is ready to scam, and its coming sooner rather than later. In the case of BTPerfex the admin wrongly believed that in the current climate he will find someone stupid enough to spend hundreds or thousand of dollars in anonymous e-currency funds in exchange to very unsustainable and suspiciously high returns. Well, there’s a lot less fools around now so such old tricks will not work anymore. HYIP admins really need to be more original next time. With BTPerfex everything is clear to me as the admin seems to have failed in reaching his own personal financial goals from the program. Instead of taking money from suckers, all these new plans are going to do is warn people to stay away. At the time of writing I’ve been waiting for over 24 hours to be paid by BTPerfex, a clear breach of the program’s own terms and conditions. So, just mere days after announcing the new plans we can clearly see that BTPerfex is most a sinking ship and has been moved to Problem Status on the MNO monitor. If BTPerfex has scammed already then I can only say that it’s been a great program for many weeks and will be greatly missed. Just for your information I’ll re-post the latest newsletter from the admin of BTPerfex below:

Surprise Day Has Come Great Launch Of New Plans
Without any doubts BTPerfex is by far the most popular investment project among many other proposals of online earnings. This is confirmed by the independent monitoring data, and to date, our project occupies a leading position in almost all the rankings. Sure it is very pleasing both us and our clients. More than 100 days of productive and profitable work gives us more opportunities to develop and make our program more attractive to investors.
As we promised earlier, the absolutely new plans are coming. We have decided to add new investment group to the already existing. Currently we have investment plans for a specified period and also unlimited plans. Both of these types of investment plans give only daily profit. But we have a lot of investors, which are keeping track of daily accruals and payments with certain difficulties and they ask us to make plans for a one-time accrual of income at the end of the term. Of course, we try to meet all your needs as always do!
The new group of plans is called FORTUNE EARNER. By tradition, the group combines three investment plans with different expiration dates and different rates of profit depending on a deposit amount:
The first investment plan is FORTUNE EARNER 1. It offers 1000% after just 14 calendar days with a deposit from $5,000 to $10,000.
The second investment plan – FORTUNE EARNER 2 – offers 750% after 18 calendar days with a deposit from $300 to $2,000.
Finally, the third plan – FORTUNE EARNER 3 – has a rate of profit 1500% after 21 calendar days in case your deposit is from $1000 to $3,000.
Reward for attracting new investors (referral commission) in all of these plans is from 3% to 7.5%. If you are a regional representative of BTPerfex Limited, then your affiliate commission will be upto 12.5% from each your referral’s deposit.
That’s not at all we really like to thank our existing members for their believe in us without them our company will never be able to be popular like this so to say thank you to our existing members we also have a bonus offer for them those who are already our existing member and invested in our new “FORTUNE EARNER” Plan we will add 10% bonus into their account with their initial investment so they always get 10% more from their initial deposit at cashout time. Not just that we didn’t forget our new members who want to join our program now we have something special for them too we will add 5% bonus to any new member who invest in our “FORTUNE EARNER” Plan. Please note that this bonus is only for “FORTUNE EARNER” Plan investments.
We hope that the new investment plans will make our project even more popular and there will be another good reason to cooperate with BTPerfex project and earn extra money.
Sincerly, Andy


It’s been a rough couple of days for the members of Rockfeller. A lots of things went wrong which seems to have finally tipped the program into Scam after being near perfect up to now. Just after it was announced they were having a problem with Skrill, there were complaints from members dissatisfied with the speed the admin was moving their deposits to other payment processors as promised. I’m not sure what the delay was, but one thing is for sure – yesterday the admin made an attempt to show the problems with Skrill had been resolved, and deposits and withdrawals to them were open again:

Skrill Available Again
We have some great news for you all. Rockfeller is working with Skrill payment method again!
Please feel free to make new investments using Skrill again!
Happy investing!
Rockfeller Asset Management Limited

It appeared though that the underlying cause of the problem was never actually addressed, and the only action that was taken by the Rockfeller admin was to simply open a new Skrill account. This was to ignore the fact that opening a new account does nothing to address the root cause of the problem, and so it’s only a question of how long it takes Skrill to see the stunt you are pulling before they close your new account as well.

That wasn’t all though as a couple of days ago Rockfeller also experienced some issues with PerfectMoney withdrawals which were delayed. They were to the admin’s credit eventually processed after many hours, but this was enough to make a lot of members nervous. It even went, very briefly, to Waiting Status on the MNO monitor as a result. In any case, although the instant withdrawals were restored to their normal state for a short period of time, today it was clear the problem persists again with PerfectMoney and BitCoin withdrawals not getting processed instantly and only Payza withdrawals getting paid without any issues for obvious reasons (namely the admin not being able to withdraw funds from his own account too soon). Anyway, this fact coupled with the admin’s silence and inability to answer simple questions make it almost impossible for Rockfeller to recover, in my point of view. That’s why it went to Problem Status on the MNO monitor and I’m warning against future investments there. I’d be very surprised (delighted mind you, but surprised) if the program recovers at this point, and even if you’re still getting paid to Payza please be advised not to make any additional investments in Rockfeller. I will, of course, update you all on my blog and ShoutBox if there are any positive changes, but for now I honestly cannot see the current situation changing. And while Rockfeller was a good enough program that brought great profits for many investors, it certainly didn’t live up to its own slogan to become the biggest of 2015 and many other people were left hugely disappointed with them.


It seems Neteller is fast becoming the payment processor of choice for serious HYIPs like Lionery which already has it listed among their favored methods. You can actually see the Neteller option inside your Lionery members area but can’t yet make a deposit as the message says “Coming Soon! You will be notified via email!” For now you can invest via Neteller in UnitedMicroCredit only, but I’m sure we’ll see many more programs accepting it soon. The main advantage Neteller has over others is that it allows you to obtain a pre-paid MasterCard which will be sent your home address and can be used in any ATM for withdrawals, various online and offline purchases, direct from your Neteller account without having to use the services of over priced exchange providers. You can fund via your Bank account which you can connect as well. And remember that you’re not paying any transaction fees when sending your money to another Neteller account or receiving money from it, which will make a difference should you want to save on this. The first two weeks in April will be an exceptional opportunity for you to open a Neteller account as there are some good promotional competitions where you can win some cash prizes paid directly to your account. More details can be found below:

Win 1 of 5 golden eggs – Total giveaway $5,000
Some of our members are welcoming the fresh air of spring time, some are ready for chocolate eggs and here at NETELLER we’re ready to give YOU a chance to WIN!
The GOLDEN EGG PROMOTION is here and we’ve got 5 Golden Eggs to give away. Each one represents a $1,000 – you could win one of them, or all of them!
From 31 March until 14 April you can register and collect mini eggsfor the prize draw!
Earning entries
You can earn:
20 mini eggs for every $1,000 (or equivalent, cumulative) transfer to a site
10 mini eggs for every $100 (or equivalent, cumulative) deposit into your NETELLER Account
5 mini eggs each time you use your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® to make a purchase online or in person or an ATM withdrawal
5 mini eggs when you apply for a plastic Net+ Prepaid MasterCard during the promotion
10 mini eggs for every $100 you transfer to a site from our Merchant Showcase
5 mini eggs each time you purchase a Net+ Virtual Gift Card® during the promotion
1 mini egg when you register for our Reward Points Program
To boost your chances of winning, register now and earn as many mini eggs as you can!
NETELLER – Fast, simple and secure payments
NETELLER, part of Optimal Payments Plc, is a leading global provider of online payment solutions, servicing 200+ countries and territories. NETELLER is the secure way to make deposits and pay for goods on thousands of sites. By creating an account you have access to our award-winning Net+ Prepaid MasterCards® and our free Money Transfer service.
A NETELLER Account enables you to deposit and withdraw funds, and transfer funds to and from NETELLER merchants and other NETELLER members.
We offer the following services:
Payment accounts – worldwide, safe, secure and private.
Send money anywhere in the world instantly and for free.
Award-winning Net+ Prepaid MasterCards, no credit checks to get one.
24/7 multi-language customer service.
Pay at your favourite website with NETELLER. Just look for us on the cashier page!
Whether you want to pay online, send money or get paid, NETELLER offers you a fast, simple and secure alternative to traditional payment methods.


Payza is definitely the most popular payment processor among the verifiable payment options, scoring 53% of the total votes in the preliminary results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page which gives it a huge advantage over its main competitors like SolidTrustPay, Skrill, and Neteller. I’ll analyze the final results of the poll on the MNO blog soon, but for now I can only add that Payza is the most popular option on most HYIPs due to admins having a much easier time when verifying accounts. Payza was closed to the HYIP industry for quite some time, but made a triumphant returned last July and has been gaining momentum ever since. The recent example of Rockfeller which is still paying instantly to Payza members but no one else just proves the point that it’s a better option for investors. Not every admin is able to work with Payza due to its KYC policy and approval process compared to anonymous payment processors. It’s also not always convenient for HYIP admins because of chargebacks and payment disputes in the event of a scam. More about using of Payza and other verifiable payment options in the HYIP industry can be read in the article posted on MNO here.

Not only are you able to fund your Payza account and withdraw from it using your bank or credit card. Another extremely popular option for the same purpose would be BitCoin with the help of which you can both fund your Payza account and withdraw from it for a 2% fee. It appears that the payment processor is planning to go even further by introducing a brand-new option to allow you to store your BitCoin funds in your Payza account and the currency of your choice. That’s a very exciting development, which when gets implemented will certainly make Payza a more attractive option by both sides of the investment process – HYIP admins and HYIP investors. You can read in more detail about this new upcoming feature in the latest Payza blog post:

Payza and Bitcoin: A Look at What’s Next
A little over six months ago, Payza gave our members an easy way to buy Bitcoin with the money in their Payza accounts. It was our first foray into the exciting, rapidly developing world of cryptocurrencies. A few weeks later, Payza offered our members an option to sell Bitcoin to Payza, a simple way for members to fund their accounts using bitcoins.
Our members have responded positively to these options. We’ve seen Bitcoin transactions from all over the world, members from over 100 different countries have bought or sold bitcoins using Payza’s system. When we first offered the service we weren’t sure what to expect, but what we’ve found is that people in different countries and different situations are all excited about what Bitcoin has to offer.
We’re very happy with how our members have taken advantage of the options to buy and sell Bitcoin, and even happier to announce that these features aren’t where Payza’s venture into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ends, they’re just the beginning.
So what comes next for Payza when it comes to Bitcoin? Firoz Patel, Executive VP of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Affairs, has the answer:
“The ultimate goal is to give our members a secure option to store their bitcoins in their Payza accounts, but we are working towards that goal in incremental steps. First we gave our members a way to buy Bitcoin directly from Payza, then we gave them a way to sell Bitcoin to us, that’s where we are currently. Our aim is to be able to treat Bitcoin like any other currency we deal with, that means letting members hold Bitcoin in their Payza accounts, and letting them send and receive bitcoins through our network, but we’re not there yet. That said, we have no intention of slowing down the adoption of Bitcoin services on the Payza platform.
“Our next step is to give our merchants a way to process Bitcoin payments, while receiving funds in the currency of their choice. This gives our merchants wider access to customers, it gives Bitcoin users more places to spend their bitcoins, and it satisfies our goal of minimizing the risk to our members.”
Payza engineers are currently testing the new Bitcoin payment option, look for it to be available soon. With this new feature, Payza merchants will be able to accept Bitcoin payments from Payza members and non-members alike. It’s an exciting step forward for Payza and Bitcoin, but again, it’s just one more step in what we hope will be a long journey towards full adoption of cryptocurrencies.
For more information on how to use Payza to accept payments for your online business, contact bizdev@payza.com


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listBTCPlaza.
From MNO Premium listLioneryRollNRichSilveksAtrexTradeUnitedMicroCredit, PokerAutomatics.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. Sorry it can’t all be positive, but that’s the situation in the HYIP industry now. I’ll be back after the holiday weekend, so until then, I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter. There’ll be plenty of new articles on the MNO blog next week while my monitor will as I said at the top of the page always be updated more frequently, so please take a closer look at the status of the program you are interested in before investing. See you soon, folks!

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