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Beware! CryptoGenesis has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I have to say I’m quite pleased to be starting today’s post with a closer look at CryptoGenesis, a hugely promising and brand new program you’ll remember I introduced in the last update. So far I can see interest in the program has been brisk, and it’s not hard to understand why. Experienced industry players have probably figured it out easy enough, but for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t come across the CryptoGenesis website yet I can tell you it clearly looks to be the work of someone who knows what he’s doing and knows how to organize a good, long running, profitable program. Of course, the fact that the admin chose MNO as the first point of his advertising campaign by purchasing Premium Listing didn’t hurt either, sure, I’ll admit, but I also think it’s been fairly well established by now that it’s only serious professionals who are listing with me these days. Any good program starting up these days can be called “exciting” given that there’s so few of them (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of fast scams on other monitors if you want them!). In the case of CryptoGenesis though the admin has really made a decent effort to make something unique and avoid following any trends by making his program stand out as memorable by itself. Let’s look at the finer points of the program then and see if you agree and think there might be a place for them in your portfolio.

Investment plans then are basically divided into two sections. The first group offers higher interest rates but are limited to fixed terms, e.g 30 days, 40 days, etc. as I shall explain. Payments for this group also include your principal so that will not be returned on expiry. The second group of plans are offering lower interest rates but compensate by offering members a greater degree of flexibility in the investment term. In other words you will earn less but can get your principal back in a separate and leave a lot faster without long term commitments. There’s a lot to be said for both groups here and I’m glad that CryptoGenesis are trying to appeal to as wide a group of investors as possible without there being just one obvious plan that 99% of members would all join. So let’s see the numbers, shall we?

I’m going to start with the fixed term options, the first of which is called The DogeCoin Daily Plan and can be joined for a minimum spend of $20. The term is fixed at 30 calendar days, and during that time CryptoGenesis are offering 4.6% interest per day. This includes your initial deposit as part of those payments, so by the time the final payment is made your total return should add up to 138%, which is 100% your own money plus 38% net profit from the program.

To give a simple monetary example of how that might work out in practical terms then we’ll say you spend $100 in this plan. All things working as they should then CryptoGenesis should repay you $4.60 every day for the following 30 days, stopping only when you’ve been given back $138. You should break even, that is to say earn back the same amount you spent and therefore be guaranteed not to lose money no matter what happens next, after 22 days.

The remaining three plans in this section work more or less along the same lines, except the numbers are bigger and the fixed terms a bit longer. The second choice for example, called The DashCoin Daily Plan, requires a minimum spend of $501 to join and offers you a payment of 5% interest per day. The term is 40 calendar days. With CryptoGenesis including your principal with those payments, the final return should come to 200%. That’s the 100% you spent to begin with (your own investment) plus the same again in profits, so double your money. The break even point is 20 days.

For bigger spenders looking to start with a $2,001 minimum CryptoGenesis have The LiteCoin Daily Plan. In return for your money here the offer goes up to 6% per calendar day, paid out for 50 consecutive days. In this case the final return is 300%, which with CryptoGenesis including your principal is 100% your own money plus 200% net profit. Members should break even on day 17.

And lastly for those of you prepared to play with upwards of $5,001, CryptoGenesis have The BitCoin Daily Plan. In return for such a large gamble here members are offered the most lucrative rate of 7% per day for 60 calendar days, principal included. That adds up to 420% in total, from which 100% was always yours anyway and the remaining 320% your net profit. Nice money if only it didn’t cost you so much to find out whether it’s actually genuine or not. The most important stat however is that you would reach the break even point after 15 payments, anything you get after that is just a bonus for how ever long it continues.

CryptoGenesis take a change of direction for the next group of plans. For one thing the minimum cost of joining drops to just $5, enough to get you into what’s called The DogeCoin Unlimited Plan. There’s no fixed term here so you stay as long as you like. The only condition is that you must stay for a minimum of 15 calendar days. During that time CryptoGenesis are paying members of this plan a basic 1.5% interest rate per calendar day. Once you decide to leave, your principal can be requested with a 10% fee taken off.

So let’s compare a $100 deposit in this plan compared to a $100 deposit in the equivalent fixed term counterpart. As I explained above, you see a 38% net profit from the fixed 30 day plan. But let’s say you decided to stay a member of the unlimited plan longer than the 15 day minimum, and stayed for let’s say 30 days? In this case the actual profit payments would come to 45%, and then 90% of your principal is returned on request. So that’s 135% in total, or 35% net profit. By no means a massive difference, though clearly less profitable nonetheless. So I think the conclusion we can draw here is that the unlimited no-expiry date plans are really more suited for those who don’t intend using CryptoGenesis as a longer term HYIP and and are happier to take a smaller profit as long as they have the option to get out a bit faster.

Plans continue then with The DashCoin Unlimited Plan. This time a minimum of $501 is required to join, with CryptoGenesis offering 2% interest per calendar day. Members only need to agree to a 15 calendar day minimum lock-in period, and are free to stay and continue getting paid if they want to or request their principals back and leave at any time. A withdrawal fee is charged on your principal, meaning you only see 90% of it given back so please remember to factor this into your calculations when deciding how long you want to stay with the program.

CryptoGenesis follow this with The LiteCoin Unlimited Plan, aimed at investors with a $2,001 minimum. Your principal stays locked in for at least 15 calendar days, after which once again you can stay or leave whenever you see fit. Daily interest payments are made at a rate of 2.5% per calendar day, and on request 90% of your principal is returned with the other 10% covering the running costs of the program.

Lastly then for the really biggest spenders/gamblers among you, CryptoGenesis have The BitCoin Unlimited Plan for a $5,001 minimum deposit. Daily interest payments are 3%, and are made for how ever long you decide to stay a member. As usual just remember that you can’t leave during the first 15 days, and when you eventually do ask for your principal back CryptoGenesis will only be returning 90% of it.

That’s not a bad selection of plans at all I must say, and while I know that not every single HYIP can ever be suitable to every single investor, I would imagine there’s something contained in there to appeal to a very wide group of you. Slightly less so with the current list of payment methods I’m afraid, though it isn’t exactly bad there’s definitely some room for improvement. Nothing that can’t be fixed though. At the moment CryptoGenesis are dealing with PerfectMoney and Payeer for those of you who like the more traditional style payment processors, and BitCoin and LiteCoin for anyone preferring the newer digital e-currencies. Better news which I can personally confirm is that payment requests have so far been instant. You still need to log into your CryptoGenesis account and make a request, but once done you should have your payment in under a minute.

Something else you need to be aware of if joining any of the unlimited plans is the return of your principal. There’s no facility within your CryptoGenesis members account area to directly request your principal be returned. When the point comes that you want to leave then you are going to have to contact the program admin and ask him personally to do this for you manually.

So if everything is clear on the financial side of things, let’s move on to the more technical aspects of CryptoGenesis such as design and security. The first thing to strike me about the program was the script. It’s actually under license from GoldCoders, however not many people might recognize it at first glance. It’s been heavily modified to suit the admin’s personal requirements, and shows that quite a bit of pre-launch work went into the organization of CryptoGenesis which again means we are most likely dealing with an admin who knows exactly what he’s doing and how to run a good program. For hosting he’s gone for DDoSGuard, who have now arguably taken over as the number one service provider for good HYIPs. They have CryptoGenesis on a dedicated server with their support and protection from malicious attacks, so in the unlikely event of any downtime I doubt very much it’s going to be very serious. In addition to all of that you can also find the superior Green Bar version of the SSL certified encryption by Comodo for more secure transactions and safer browsing.

Because of the modified script I think it’s probably worthwhile to say a few words on how things differ between the signing up process in CryptoGenesis and that of the more traditional GoldCoders style programs. It’s actually very simple with very little to it, just a question of filling out the questions on the registration form and remembering to enter your correct account numbers. You will be asked to set your own secret security question and set up your own password, however your username will be assigned to you automatically by the program which you will not be able to change. Also included on the CryptoGenesis website, assuming you are interested in these things, are all the latest stats on the money moving in and out of the program, new deposits, successful withdrawals, and the like.

If you have any further questions for the CryptoGenesis admin that you think might have been missed in this review or have any account related problems then there are a number of communication channels open to you. For direct contact you can write to the listed e-mail address you’ll see on the website’s support page. This also contains details of the various social media/networking site profiles held by CryptoGenesis, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Live Chat support is sometimes available, though not a 24 hour service. You’ll notice a small button on the top right hand side of the page on CryptoGenesis. If the button is red then live support is offline, but if it’s green then you can find an operator there. Just click on it anyway to see the status.

In addition to the website’s news section and a pretty extensive FAQ page that covers just about everything you could think of, CryptoGenesis have their own blog site which has so far been kept up-to-date with all new developments in the program. A postal address in the UK is also included, though personally I’d be more dismissive of that as they mostly tend to be virtual serviced offices and not where you might actually find anyone connected with the HYIPs using them physically located. Something that may or may not turn out to be more useful is the list of regional representatives used by CryptoGenesis as support and promotional operators. In the case of CryptoGenesis the list is very much in its infancy, without many names there just yet. Experienced readers will know how this scheme plays out I’m sure, with regular investors being offered an improved rate of referral commission payments in exchange for making themselves available to help support and promote the program. If this is something that interests you then you need to contact the admin, but you’ll find all the details of what’s on offer and what’s expected on the CryptoGenesis representatives page on the website.

As for any alleged business activities we’re being told are supposed to be financing the program and its interest payments to investors, the background story is that CryptoGenesis is somehow involved with the mining of digital crypto-currencies. Nothing we haven’t heard in the HYIP industry before, even if it’s not as widely claimed as let’s say ForEx trading. No matter, there’s not much you can find on the website to support that this claim is genuine, and even less that says if it is genuine then it necessarily has to be profitable all the time. No business could possibly make this claim, and even less so in the HYIP industry. Therefore good as CryptoGenesis undoubtedly is – lucrative plans, instant payouts, professionally organized, etc – you still have to keep your expectations realistic and remember that you are basically taking part in what’s better described as a form of gambling as opposed to a form of investing. So set yourself a sensible spending limit that you are committed to following and can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do join CryptoGenesis then remember to make the most effective use of them by keeping it as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



StartupExchange (reviewed here) remains one of the hottest programs listed on MNO, and deservedly so. Despite the high potential profits that allow investors up to 71.5% on their investment in just 11 calendar days and the great level of flexibility in receiving smaller profits over shorter periods, the program keeps its members fully satisfied with automatic and instant withdrawals to three payment processors accepted – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, and Payeer. StartupExchange has been paying for two weeks while listed on MNO and five weeks overall, surpassing even the most daring expectations. I believe that this great achievement is due to the admin’s constant efforts to improve his program to the benefit of investors and the flawless payouts to members without any need to even request a payout. Plus, you can withdraw your principal at anytime after receiving your first 4% daily payout, but at the same time you will be rewarded for your loyalty by seeing profits increase by 0.5% every day to a 9% maximum by day eleven. Your deposit with StartupExchange expires then and you get paid automatically to your e-currency account and without any need to request anything back as well. Such a unique investment plan requires a unique custom-made script from which StartupExchange is running. I can’t help but also mention all these new features that the admin and his team work so diligently on and adds regularly thus maintaining interest in his program and a healthy cashflow. For instance, yesterday it was announced that you may now take advantage of SMS-notifications sent straight to your mobile number and that all you have to do is to add your phone number in the Settings section of your member’s area in StartupExchange:

We have implemented SMS-notifications.
For notices – add your mobile phone number in the “Settings” section.


As many of you might know, PayPal’s policy strictly forbids HYIPs, and due to this and its chargeback policy almost no programs accept PayPal from investors. However both myself and the admin of Lionery share the opinion on the extreme convenience of using Neteller as a great alternative to PayPal where you don’t have to pay internal fees and can easily verify an account, fund it from your bank account, and withdraw to your Neteller card which is linked to your Neteller account (meaning you can spend money from your account directly with your Neteller MasterCard). You can read more about the benefits of using Neteller on their website and create an account there and start investing in good paying programs like Lionery that accepts it alongside Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin starting from a $10 minimum. The only difference with other payment processors is when you invest in Lionery via Neteller please remember that deposits and withdrawals are processed in manual mode and will be credited to you within a 24-hour period. As for the other payment processors Lionery is working with you won’t have such a problem as both deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly within seconds. That feature alone made Lionery very popular among readers many of which are already enjoying their profits from a program paying variable 1% to 5% returns per day until reaching 150% of your investment. And although the first investment cycle is still not finished the very first investors who joined the program on day one when it was first featured on the MNO Premium List over six weeks ago could possibly see as much as 30% profits on their investments. Lionery (reviewed here) is currently firmly wedged in the #1 position on my monitor and the payments are paid instantly and without any issues. For the latest explanation on the PayPal and Neteller options please refer to the latest email from the admin of Lionery below:

Neteller as alternative to PayPal!
Hello all,
Recently we issued newsletter regarding new payment option on Lionery. A lot of you would like to see PayPal as additional payment option, however we already have an alternative payment option to PayPal, it’s Neteller.
Please learn more about Neteller here: http://www.neteller.com/about/
Have a great day!
Charles Castillo. Main Redactor


Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to two programs that made lots of people good profits (and are still paying, but rather selectively) – BTCPlaza and UnitedMicroCredit. Please note that the information of the selectively processed payouts from those two programs have been independently confirmed by me. So for that reason both UnitedMicroCredit and BTCPlaza have been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor. So even if you’re still getting paid by either of them please stay away and don’t invest anymore, as the end is inevitable and very close now.

You should know that MNO takes a very strict approach towards any programs that pay selectively. In any case where payouts are not processed to my referrals I take a firm stand and move them to Problem Status on the MNO monitor immediately, which is where they belong anyway. I must say that before taking such a serious step I do realize the full extent of my responsibility and try to resolve any issues with HYIP admins to make them pay to my referrals without making a fuss. However when this is not possible I have no other choice but to change the status of programs when the admins prefer not to do anything regarding my concerns of pending payouts to my downline. Such programs cannot be considered as safe to invest with any longer and the change of status on my monitor is then the only fair thing to do.

Let’s see what happened to BTCPlaza and UnitedMicroCredit and why they possibly went wrong.

With BTCPlaza the program has received much negative press lately with some members accusing the admin of restricting access to their accounts just after they realized their withdrawal requests had been canceled and funds had been moved back to balance. Usually after that the admin simply deletes the account to make sure monitors won’t be able to verify the existence of the problem (after all, there is no account for anyone to check) and keep the program on Paying status for longer. At the moment I can say that BTCPlaza is still paying well not only to all the monitors, but also to small investors. But do not let this situation fool you as the only reason why he does so is to hunt bigger game and get bigger deposits by using Paying status on some monitors to lure unsuspecting victims. MNO moved BTCPlaza to Problem status immediately after I received confirmed complaints from disgruntled investors looking to withdraw big deposits only to see their account suspended or their funds moved back to balance multiple times. As the admin of BTCPlaza refuses to fix the situation and prefers to ignore my emails to him I have to move his program to Problem status on my monitor even despite the fact that I myself am still getting paid like clockwork. Still, even though BTCPlaza cannot be considered safe anymore, it won’t stop me from saying it was still an extremely good result. I wish there were more such brilliantly run short-term programs like BTCPlaza, but we have to move over and forget about investing in this one for safety reasons.

Regarding UnitedMicroCredit, this one has been giving me and all my referrals headaches over the last couple of weeks. I’ve already had to change the status of the program many times after receiving confirmed complaints from my readers. Fortunately most issues were resolved by the admin which kept UnitedMicroCredit on Paying status on my monitor as long as it was, but it was clear to me that the withdrawal delays clearly indicate cashflow issues and program’s demise looming on the horizon. Yesterday I received more complaints from my referrals in UnitedMicroCredit, but this time everything was different with the admin choosing to ignore my demands to process pending payouts. This is inevitably what brought his program back to Problem Status on MNO. There was absolutely no doubt as to which direction the program was going after the admin (still ignoring my emails) issued a suspicious update of his own praising the program’s long lifetime and offering some bonuses. Of course that just means that UnitedMicroCredit would only process small withdrawals to selected monitors and members in order to try and attract bigger fish into their nets. I must say I was suspicious when a week ago the admin started accepting SolidTrustPay funds without actually being pre-approved by STP which is forbidden by the payment processor’s rules meaning UnitedMicroCredit was desperate to lay hands on new funds regardless source. It’s unfortunate the program had to end like this, because the program will only be remembered for its constantly delayed payouts, a less than competent admin, and being a huge disappointment fanyone who trusted them with their money. Please do not invest in UnitedMicroCredit anymore!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listLioneryRollNRich, StartupExchange, PokerAutomaticsSilveksAtrexTrade,  CryptoGenesis.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareOgdenOrganization.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and hope to see you back on the MNO blog soon. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack as the results of the poll asking why you think the HYIP industry is in decline this year will be drawn and analyzed in the next post. Remember that you can always bookmark my site and subscribe to the daily news, and also follow me on Facebook and Twitter so as not to miss any important articles and news from the biggest investment programs online. Thanks for all your support, guys, and keep an eye on the new entries on the MNO monitor soon as they will certainly be among the future leaders of the industry this year!

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