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Beware! ElegantTrading has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend. There’s a couple of news stories to start off the business week, but I think it’s fair to say the thing most people have been more interested in over the last few days was the launch of a brand new program called ElegantTrading. From a couple of good new programs to launch recently this one appears to be very much the favorite among many readers. Harking back to the days when the most successful projects on the net gave a huge degree of control over investments back to account holders, ElegantTrading is resurrecting the tradition of so-called “perpetual” HYI programs. That’s where I would like to start today’s update.

If anyone doesn’t know or doesn’t remember perpetual programs, here’s a simple description. They operate pretty much like a bank account. You put money in and take it out as you please, and earn interest on whatever principal you have on a given day. You are not committed to a fixed term or a fixed plan. You may withdraw any amount of money you like from ElegantTrading at any time. It doesn’t have to be just your interest payments, you can make a partial (or full) withdrawal of your principal as well without any fees.

Easy to see why so many investors seem to like it right from the start, isn’t it? It would also appear fortuitous, either in good timing or good luck, that so many investors are now returning to the industry at a time when there are arguably more good programs to choose from than at any other period of this year. ElegantTrading is the pick of a very good bunch it has to be said, and going by the opinions expressed by readers to myself and other public forums it seems a lot of you tend to agree.

I’ll start with the ElegantTrading‘s investment plans, something which is of course going to be the single biggest selling point for any online investment program. Following so many hugely successful programs in the past, the main point here is that member’s themselves are given an almost complete level of control and flexibility over their accounts. I can’t even describe it as a short, medium, or longer term HYIP, because that’s entirely up to you to decide. The basic premise is that you invest money with ElegantTrading, and they pay you a daily interest rate for how ever long you decide to remain a member – be it a day, a week, a month, a year, or permanently. When you are ready to leave you just ask for your money back and that’s it, you’re out. I myself don’t really see the point of leaving the program too quickly, it’s kind of a waste of time unless you treat it more seriously, but hey, that’s your own choice.

So here’s how it works. ElegantTrading will pay a daily interest rate based on the size of your deposit. Once you’ve established an amount that’s affordable for you to risk with them, the plans are split into two categories. One for the average small to medium investor called The Gamma FX Capital Plan, and the other for the bigger spenders called The Vega S&F Capital Plan. I don’t really know why because they all work more or less the same, but officially one is based on ForEx trading while the other combines both ForEx and stock trading. Anyway, you can join ElegantTrading for a very affordable minimum of $20. For any amount up to a maximum of $499 ElegantTrading are offering members a payment of 1.6% per calendar day. You decide your own investment term and will receive this payment every day indefinitely. You then request your principal back when, if ever, you are ready to leave.

For the bigger spenders – and remember you can add and take away from your principal in ElegantTrading at any time so this could ultimately include any one of you – the following rates apply:
Members spending from $500 to $999 can earn 1.8% per calendar day, while those with an investment between $1,000 and $2,499 are offered a more generous rate of 2.1% per calendar day.

For the bigger investors grouped under the Vega S&F Plan umbrella, the rates continue to improve in line with the size of your investment though remember there’s no practical difference in terms of how the plans operate – you join, you get paid, interest, you withdraw what you want for as long as you want, and if you ever want to leave then you go. Simple as that. So for deposits between $2,500 and $4,999 ElegantTrading are offering members a payment of 2.4% per day. That goes up to 2.7% per day for anyone with an investment between $5,000 and $14,999, and the maximum payment given by ElegantTrading of 3.1% per day to account holders with upwards of $15,000.

Generally speaking I would usually give a simple example of how that might look in monetary terms with most of the programs reviewed on MNO, but with ElegantTrading it’s a bit pointless. How much you want to take from the program is mostly up to yourself. You can leave at any time, so things will work out differently for individual readers. Perhaps you have a fixed financial target in mind, double your principal and then leave for example. You could also have a certain date in the calendar for remaining a member, such as a vacation or special family occasion coming up. Or on the other hand you can just join ElegantTrading and “wing it” as they say from there, deciding from day to day if you like the service being provided. Others, such as myself (though please remember I’m speaking as a monitor here and not an investor) might prefer to join the program and stay put until the very end, collecting a daily income for how ever long that might be. As you can see, there’s literally as many options as there are potential members, but the great thing about the level of flexibility ElegantTrading gives to its investors is you can change your mind anytime you like.

If you like the investment plans and fancy your chances of taking a profit from ElegantTrading then the next thing we need to discuss is what are your payment options. This is yet another of many strong features to this program and is as good if not better than the majority of the competition. For one thing a major selling point is the presence of SolidTrustPay right from day one. I’ve often found that even among investors who don’t normally use STP, just having them included seems to inspire extra confidence. It also shows that the admin know his business, knows where the bigger more serious spenders are coming from, and put a lot of preparation in to getting things right for ElegantTrading from the very start. On a par with STP, you can also use Payza to join the program if you are one of the many who favor verifiable and accountable payment processors. If you prefer the anonymous providers, then you have the option of going through PerfectMoney and Payeer for the more traditional style providers, or BitCoin if you want a more modern style digital e-currency.

Other than external payment handlers, once you have a deposit in ElegantTrading you also have the option of making further deposits from inside your own account balance. What I mean by that is that you can make a partial withdrawal of your principal, and re-invest the rest from your balance.

Payment requests are handled manually by the admin so will have to be lodged from inside your ElegantTrading private members account area. Theoretically speaking you are supposed to allow up to 48 hours for these requests to be processed and the money to reach your payment processor account. In reality though it’s never taken anything like that so far, all payments have been completed within a few hours in my experience. Just keep in mind that this is unlikely to be the case for very much longer. It’s all well and good when the program is still brand new like this and ElegantTrading is only beginning to get established, but as the program grows the admin team will definitely require more and more time to process everything. That’s OK, it is after all the simple reality of the situation that the sheer weight of numbers that comes with becoming the biggest HYIP online means that you can’t be that fast all the time.

Before I move on I think that I should just say a few words on the actual practicalities of managing an account in ElegantTrading. Not that it’s difficult or complicated or anything, quite the opposite in fact the website is remarkably easy to navigate, it’s just that because of the custom-made script some new investors might need a few suggestions. One of the most important things you will need to remember is entering your payment processor account details. I know, I know, it sounds so obvious but you’d be surprised at the number of people writing to me reporting “problems” getting paid from HYIPs when all that’s happened is they’ve neglected to enter their own account numbers! The thing about ElegantTrading in this case is that you are not asked about payment processor account details when you first join the program. So you need to remember to add these manually yourself after you set up the account. I suggest doing it immediately after you join to avoid any confusion.

Something else you need to think about is the question of compounding and re-investing. Now ordinarily as most regular readers will know I’m not a great fan of compounding at all. In the case of ElegantTrading however it’s not so bad because, in keeping with the program’s dedication to complete flexibility, you are free to make adjustments to it anytime you please. Turn it on, turn it off, set the percentage at anything from zero to 100%, whatever you want to do with it you can do 24 hours per day without a long term commitment if you change your mind. This can also be a strategic move on your behalf. Let’s say for example something happens that means you know for a fact you can’t get online for a couple of days to make your regular daily withdrawals, you can just turn on compounding and help your principal grow. Or if you can’t afford a big investment to begin with you could just allow it to compound for a few days before starting to withdraw. That’s just a couple of examples, as with everything in ElegantTrading the possibilities are endless.

On the technical, design, and security side of things ElegantTrading is again almost peerless. I’ve just mentioned above that it’s not running off a generic mass-produced script, instead you find a unique though user friendly and very safe custom built script, created from scratch with the unique needs and requirements of ElegantTrading the only concern of the programmer. The website is kept under the close protection of BlockDos from malicious DDoS-attacks while hosted on a dedicated server by CloudFlare. For an added layer of security for their members, the ElegantTrading website has an extended validation seal from Comodo that provides SSL for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you think there’s anything I didn’t cover in this review and you have any further questions you would like to put to the admin or any account related issues that need fixing then you have a couple of ways to get in touch. You can either fill in your details on the online support form and submit via the contact page, or else just write directly to the admin at the address listed. No “live chat” options at this point but personally I haven’t needed one, given that everything works so efficiently and the response time from the support team is so short. I’ll just mention in passing that ElegantTrading list a postal address in the UK where they also claim to be a registered company, which is something you should dismiss as it’s quite easy to get this without any serious level of scrutiny. Addresses when genuine are really only used for formal registration purposes and not where you would find anyone connected with the program physically located.

I’m trying my best (and failing utterly!) to sound neutral here, but the fact is I’m expecting some good results from ElegantTrading, and if the opinions expressed by MNO readers are anything to go by then I’m not alone. A very sensible policy of gradual advertising will help and cut the costs of running in the earlier stages. I can only suggest that you not lose sight of the fact that even the best HYIP in the world is still just a HYIP and comes with a degree of risk. That will not change, no matter how much personal success you achieve with the program. So as always, remember to establish a sensible and affordable spending pattern that you can comfortable live without were it to vanish, and if you do join ElegantTrading then try to keep them as part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



In his first full-size weekly newsletter issued yesterday the admin of 4Finance John acknowledged yet another undisputed fact that MNO remains the best monitor and blog in the HYIP industry, and the thing that the program came to be listed on Premium Status from day one only proves the significant role it plays in the successful promotion of any big project. 4Finance has been the talk of the town lately with its arrival on the leading monitor and the publishing of a detailed review (click here to read it). According to the preliminary results of the TalkBack poll 4Finance is in second place after the undisputed leader ElegantTrading from the four new programs on MNO people think they can profit most from with 29% of the votes at the moment. Of course not just the listing and review on MNO was the subject of the newsletter, the program’s own success on its launch is the main issue here. Just like in the review on MNO, John also emphasized the Payza approved account which only a few admins can do but which is also appreciated by all the experienced investors looking for better protection for their funds. Along with Payza, 4Finance will accept deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and Neteller starting from a $25 minimum. In exchange you will get an opportunity to earn from 2.6% to 3% (depending on the amount you invest) daily for the duration of 90 business days (Monday to Friday only) with your principal returned on expiry. The best thing about 4Finance though, which most people like are instant payouts on amounts under $500 (while bigger amounts and all the withdrawals to Neteller are processed manually by the admin within 48 hours). The tremendous growth seen by 4Finance over the first days online would be hard to imagine without the role of social networking promotion like Facebook and Twitter and the admin advises to follow them along with the hundreds already doing so. I truly hope that such a good start will result in big profits for MNO readers and I will try to support 4Finance to the best of my abilities. Below is the full version of John’s newsletter:

4Finance Limited #1 Weekly Newsletter
We would like to send out our first official newsletter. From now on we’re going to send news email every Sunday with our project statistics, actualities and more.
On this newsletter:
1. Project Statistics
2. Payza Business Approval
3. MNO Review
4. Facebook & Twitter social networks
5. Reminder about our investment plan accruals
Let’s start our news email. As of today, Sunday 09/08/2015, we have over 1,600 members registered from all over the world. The project was started just a few days ago, on Monday 03/08/2015. With more than $80K total invested and $5K paid out instantly, we’re truly the strongest and most potential upcommer in the industry. We strive to beat every single investment program’s records and set new standards in the field of online investments.
Secondly, we are proud to become fully verified and approved by Payza. That means 4Finance underwent lots of verification procedures which proves our authenticity and credibility. You can use Payza as your favorite payment method and note that all deposits and withdrawals (up to $500.00) are processed instantly without any hassle.
4Finance has been monitored by Money-News-Online since the day 1. MNO is truly the best unbiased investment projects monitor and blog today that you can find. Mr. Paul Abramson has recently posted a professional review of our investment program. If you’re interested and would like to read an opinion about our project, please read it here:
Our start of the project is simply phenomenal and so are our social networks response. We have over 1,000 Facebook page likes and 400+ Twitter followers. 4Finance team is happy to see our loyal clients supporting us on social networks and it’s the right way to show the world the power of 4Finance Limited. In case you’ve missed, here are the links to our Facebook and Twitter:
We would like to remind you about our investment plans mechanism of work. It pays interest (profit) only on business (working) days from Monday to Friday. That means Saturday and Sunday you will be left without an accrual. If you deposit on Saturday, for instance, your first accrual will be credited right on the following Monday.
At the end we would like to say big thanks for our business partners – promoters and corporations interested in our investment project. Also the support and interest shown by our customers is simply enormous. We will do our best to become the leader of the field of online investments.
Should you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us by mail or by using our live chat located right on our website.
Sincerely Yours,
John T. Newham (President of 4Finance Limited)


Although the 24-hour waiting time specified in Rubles‘ terms and conditions hasn’t passed yet, I’m pretty sure the program is finished. The last withdrawals were processed last night and after that there was nothing but complaints from some investors who ironically may themselves have contributed to the program’s untimely demise. You see, the thing about Rubles is that this was a program where premature deposit withdrawals was allowed at any time, and so even a hint of the slightest panic or bad posts from someone not paid fast might have influenced the admin’s decision to close. Sometimes even a small complaint creates an unexpected panic and the admin could have no money left to pay to investors, but that’s just speculation. I just have trouble believing the admin was so out of his mind as not to open the last plan for deposits over $1,000 and even restricted those who wished to invest $50 or more to three time slots per day. I’m not sure if that strategy was fruitful for Rubles or not, but it inspired some confidence in the admin’s ability to keep paying. We can’t rule out the possibility either that inspiring extra trust was actually a deliberate ploy. Sadly, Rubles failed to last even a month and became a total failure. We can dissect the reasons why all day, whether it was mostly up to a shrewd admin or panicking investors, only one thing is clear – Rubles is a scam and further investments are not recommended. It will be fair to add that I did contact the program’s Live support who were not really helpful and asked to wait for the full 24 hours without giving any plausible reason for why the payouts have been delayed. From my experience though such programs that promise to return your principal anytime don’t last once panic starts and big numbers of investors try to get their money out, so I’m 99% sure Rubles is finished. Sorry for anyone who lost money there, but this scam was totally unpredictable and I believe something extra-ordinary happened that delayed the withdrawals and caused the panic, as Rubles certainly showed great promise for longer and sustainable growth. As we all know some quite unexpected things can happen in the HYIP industry, and the collapse of Rubles is something people will guess about for ages.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RollNRichPokerAutomaticsUSDBusinessLimited, RoyalTrust, ElegantTradingBitMinerals4Finance.
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7.
From MNO Basic list: –

I hope this bad news didn’t spoil the start of the new business week for you, guys. And though Rubles proved to be a total disappointment and a waste of a brilliant concept in favor of a fast scam, other programs on my monitor are still performing very well and the strongest ones are something to try investing with this summer. Of course the two obvious leaders – ElegantTrading and Carbon7 – steal almost all the limelight at the moment with huge deposits and big numbers of investors getting involved, however some others could provide stiff competition and also develop into something big. We’ll see how things develop. I’ll be back soon with a new version of the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO article and the daily news from the HYIP industry. Please check back MNO often and thanks for reading and following me on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and stay connected with MNO!

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