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Hello all! Welcome back to the most popular English language blog dealing with big HYI programs only. The first weeks of September proved disappointing for many investors as they were scammed first by 4Finance earlier this week followed by BellRoi yesterday. The latter managed to last only for three weeks (more on this will be in the news section), thus putting even the first investors at a loss. I must say that like many investors and MNO readers, I myself am quite disappointed with recent events in September – a month many had high hopes for, but proved wishful thinking. What can I say? Good things happen and some really bad things happen in the HYIP industry every now and then. Investors should not take anything for granted and be prepared for anything. That’s why it’s very important to invest only what you can afford to lose and never put all your eggs in one basket. Perhaps the new program on MNO will mark a revival in fortunes and move towards profitable rather than loss making programs, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for ProfitUnity.


ProfitUnity is a brand-new program that just officially launched a few hours ago and the admin started his advertising campaign with Standard Listing on MNO. ProfitUnity is a program that accepts only anonymous payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin – and each investment plan carries a $10 minimum. Fans of instant withdrawals will be pleased to see ProfitUnity pays all the withdrawals under a $300 limit instantly, anything above that is done manually within 24 hours. I myself can confirm that payouts are instant, as I received the first payment already meaning that ProfitUnity has moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor with a more detailed review coming in a couple of days. Before that however I’ll just mention ProfitUnity‘s investment plan structure. So, there are two daily paying plans – 1.8% for 20 business days and 2% for 40 business days – with payments processed from Monday to Friday and the principal returned on expiry, leaving you with 36% or 80% net profit by the end of the term. For more patient investors there are also two other plans available both paying on expiry of the investment term – 115% after 10 calendar days and 155% after 30 calendar days – which will reward those not afraid of higher risks. ProfitUnity is quite a nice looking website which made a good impression on me at first glance which I’m sure many will agree with. The website runs off a nicely modified GoldCoders script with Green Bar SSL-certificate and DDoS protection from one of the better known providers in the HYIP industry now DDoSGuard which keeps ProfitUnity on a dedicated server. More about ProfitUnity will be in the review on my blog soon and for the welcome message from the admin please read below:

ProfitUnity Limited Launched Today!
Dear guests and financial investors,
We might want to gladly declare that our site has been authoritatively propelled and all investment plans are active. ProfitUnity Limited offers you an incredible chance to acquire by contributing your trusts. In the event that you might want to get a relentless wage, just by contributing, then our organization is precisely what you require. Kindly don’t falter to get in touch with us, on the off chance that you need additional data and illumination in regards to our arrangements and our company.
Best Regards, Administration Team Of ProfitUnity Limited


In an industry so wildly unpredictable at times and often bereft of stability, it really is reassuring sometimes when we see the likes of PokerAutomatics come along. For over a year now they’ve been the ones really setting the standards in the HYIP industry. In fact it’s been a masterclass. And while other good programs have come along in the mean time, no one has ever been able to match PokerAutomatics in terms of longevity and dependability. In a business where you literally do not know what is going to happen from one day to another and which program will disappear without trace by tomorrow, it seems like PokerAutomatics is the only constant. There are many reasons for this of course, not least of which is that few programs have ever been responsibly managed. The administration team behind PokerAutomatics seem to keep a very tight leash on the cash flow, and that’s really been the modus operandi of the program. Members earn daily interest payments based on the size of their deposits and the length of term they chose to invest in. The rate will be determined by the performance of PokerAutomatics from one day to the next, though generally speaking this rate doesn’t go much higher or lower than 1%. In the last few days for example it did once fall as low as 0.85%, but then recovered to 1.13% so you can see the average over the course of the weeks and months. That isn’t actually the figure paid put to members buy the way, just the amount earned by the program from allegedly stacking online poker tournaments with automatic pokerbots. The members themselves only receive a share of this money, which can be from 40% for shorter term smaller investors to 80% for longer term bigger spending players. If that sounds a little complicated then don’t worry, it’s really quite simple and explained a lot better in the detailed review of PokerAutomatics first published on MNO here. Other contributing factors to the program’s success are a good choice of payment options available to members which includes all the popular ones like SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, bank wire transfers and a raft of somewhat lesser known but no less reliable processors. And of course there has always been a high level of communication between the administration team and the investors, with daily and weekly profit reports keeping us up to date at all times on exactly what we are earning on our investments. Below you will see some of the latest profit reports from this week, plus the latest winner of the weekly PokerAutomatics lottery which sees one lucky member have his membership upgraded to VIP status:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
08.09.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.13%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
09.09.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.98%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
10.09.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.85%

Lottery Results 06.09.2015:
The winner of this week is Rustammm37.
You get VIP status as a prize.

PokerAutomatics Weekly Statement:
Paying Days: 1,591
Total investors: 39,603
Investment capital: $3,364,058
Own capital: $430,721
Total Income: $ 261,840 (6,90%)
Share of Expenses: $ 113,377 (2,99%)
Profit: $148,463 (3,91%)
Total withdraw: $5,382,916
TOP-1 Investor: $138,409
TOP-1 Affiliate: 1,579 referrals
Total pokerbot accounts: 1,022

In other news from PokerAutomatics, the admin is constantly upgrading the program’s server network, which at last count numbered well over a thousand and no end in sight. Actually it’s now being stated that they don’t want to push this past 2,000 though it would take almost another year before they got to that level anyway. You can read about that in the short update below:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 1,029.
Our future goals:
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
July 2017 and further: 2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won’t increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.

And lastly from PokerAutomatics for today, one of many features that sets them apart from any one of the thousands of other programs to come and go since they first came to prominence last year is their almost gargantuan network of public support representatives. Hardly a corner of the globe isn’t represented by one of their operations staff at this point, with the number now above 180. The latest member to be added to the team is from Germany and is introduced below. You can find the full list of representatives, and therefore someone likely in your own area speaking your own native language, on the special page created on the PokerAutomatics website:

We have a new Representative
Tom Jes – Germany
You may contact him by email, skype and phone
180+ Representatives!


We have to finish tonight’s news section on MNO with the sad the the BellRoi admin apparently decided to pull the plug yesterday, when instant withdrawals stopped just after three weeks online. That complete failure was really bad for investors as one could only get about a third of your deposit in BellRoi back even if you invested from day one. I’m not sure whether this fast scam was well-planned or just another victim of rumors and speculation that prevented it from growing and attracting new members. It looks like some people really associated BellRoi with RoyalTrust (which happened to be a much better run program in the recent past), and while I cannot prove or deny the rumors people who lost money in RoyalTrust might feel upset by giving their money to the same admin, so they decided to skip it. I must say that BellRoi was not particularly popular program among my readers anyway, but of course that’s no consolation to the victims. Make sure that you skip BellRoi if you were thinking of investing there as the program has been on Problem status since yesterday on my monitor which will later tonight change to Scam as the admin never replied to my email only confirming my guess of another failure.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: USDBusinessLimitedPokerAutomaticsAtrexTrade,
From MNO Standard list: Carbon7, ProfitUnity (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Basic list: D3Limited.

That is all for tonight, guys. I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow (as I spend most of my days at the beach in Tel-Aviv now anyway), so do not expect to see any updates on my blog until at least Saturday. I’ll be back then with all the latest stories from the HYIP world and hope things will look a little better by then. See you soon with the full review of the brand-new ProfitUnity and more news only on the MNO blog!

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