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19/11/2015. GrandRialtoLimited Updated Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! GrandRialtoLimited has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I have a somewhat unusual post for you this evening, with a mix of old and new. In the second section I’ll be introducing two promising new programs just added to my monitor’s Premium List which I’ll be following up in more detail after I get a chance to check them out fully for a review. First up however I’m looking back over a much more well established name, GrandRialtoLimited. Longer term MNO readers might remember that I have in the past given second, updated reviews of a couple of the programs I monitored. Very rarely mind, I think even the last one was a couple of years back. The criteria for getting a second review – in other words the reasons why I think a program deserves one – are pretty simple. First of all it has to be very successful with a high proportion of its investors well into profit, a box which GrandRialtoLimited definitely ticks. But also I believe the program needs to have developed and evolved sufficiently, to have improved a great deal since the original review was published. If not I could simply keep referring back to the first review, given that the information there would still be entirely accurate. But in the case of GrandRialtoLimited the admin has constantly made adjustments as the program has progressed and the need/demand arises. So that’s really what I want to focus on in the main part of today’s article. And it’s not just minor or cosmetic changes either, but something that makes a major impact on whether or not GrandRialtoLimited can really make the leap from just another above average program to a major industry giant. Specifically here I refer to the addition of SolidTrustPay and Payza, rarely seen together in any program anymore and something that will make a huge difference to bringing the program to a mainstream audience.

A couple of things I can re-cap on that haven’t changed include the fact that GrandRialtoLimited has been around since the end of July. It moved along very much as a slow burner until October, staying well under the radar while the admin slowly built a reputation for himself until he was able to start a proper advertising campaign in support of what he can now sell as a more established name. The program then underwent some quite significant improvements in all areas of design, operation, and investment plans before coming to MNO for monitoring, a process which it seems hasn’t really stopped. Incidentally, when you’re finished reading this you might want to see what the GrandRialtoLimited admin himself had to say about his program, recent performances, and how he has improved things. He was interviewed on MNO here.

Starting then with the investment options, GrandRialtoLimited are offering no less than nine plans in total. These are split into two categories – one group that makes daily interest payments, and another that make just one single payment on expiry. I’ll go through all of them for you here, but as I already covered in the last review experienced readers will immediately recognize the daily payment plans are the only serious viable option. GrandRialtoLimited‘s on expiry plans are a lot less likely to attract experienced players despite at first glance appearing to be more profitable. I’ll explain why as we go.

The first plan is also the newest, it was created by the GrandRialtoLimited admin only a couple of weeks ago. In many ways it can also be considered as the single biggest most important change to GrandRialtoLimited because as far as I can tell from looking at my own downline it also seems to have rapidly become the most popular plan. It’s not actually the most profitable plan by any means, but it does have several advantages depending on your own preferred strategy. You can join for a $10 minimum, or if you can afford it spend anything up to as much as $500. The investment term runs for 15 calendar days, during which GrandRialtoLimited pay their members a daily rate of 2.15% interest. By the end of the term these payments should add up to 32.25%. Clearly this won’t be nearly enough to break even, let alone see a profit. So this happens at the end when GrandRialtoLimited return your principal.

Putting that into monetary terms then, we’ll say you joined this one with a $100 deposit. GrandRialtoLimited should then pay you back at a rate of $2.15 everyday until you have earned $32.25, and then make this your net profit when they add your principal on top.

The remaining plans haven’t changed much, a few minor alterations here and there to the figures, nothing serious, but the essence of them has still been altered by the introduction of this latest option. The thing is that GrandRialtoLimited is made much more accessible now, despite the fact that all other plans are more profitable. This is because potential members who are willing to sacrifice a larger profit in return for just making a smaller amount but getting it faster. It can also work as a sort of “test” plan, though I myself dislike calling it that as it makes it sound kinda trivial when it deserves to be taken seriously in its own right. At this point it may then entice members satisfied with the performance after fifteen days to then start trying out bigger deposits in the longer term plans.

The next, and what was actually in fact the only plan when GrandRialtoLimited first opened, can also be joined for a $10 minimum deposit. The investment term runs for 25 calendar days during which members are paid a daily return of 2.25% on all deposits up to a maximum value of $1,000. This in fact was the first improvement made by the GrandRialtoLimited admin to his site, as previously while keeping things a bit more low key maximum deposits were capped at $200. Anyway, payments should add up to a final sum of 56.25%. Again this is nowhere even close to a profit, so this only happens when the admin returns your principal in a separate transaction on expiry.

Given the high maximum I’m guessing that first two plans are where the majority of you will be deciding whether to play or pass. For bigger spending players however GrandRialtoLimited have some other options. The third plan runs for a term of 45 calendar days and will set you back anything from $1,001 to $2,500 if you want to join. The interest rate is set to a more generous 2.45% per day, adding up to 110.25% by the end of the term. This should then become net profit if the GrandRialtoLimited admin returns your principal as promised.

You’ll notice a huge discrepancy between the previous plan and GrandRialtoLimited‘s fourth and final daily payments plan here, as it starts with a minimum price tag of $5,000. Too rich for most readers I suppose, but if you want to know what it’s all about I can tell you the term runs for 65 calendar days with the GrandRialtoLimited admin offering interest payments of 2.95% per day. This should eventually add up to a grand total of 191.75%, which becomes net profit on return of your principal. Maximum spend is $100,000.

Next we move on to the payment-on-expiry plans, which as I explained I think most of the experienced investors reading this will probably avoid. The simple reason is they are a lot less realistic than the first group. They’re also a lot more expensive to join and require minimum deposits that few can afford, so in any case the decision to join or not is not something you’ll spend a lot of time mulling over anyway. But as it’s ultimately your own choice what to do with your money I’ll just go through the figures for you. The first plan here runs for 30 calendar days and pays once on expiry. The minimum cost of joining is $5,000, and the return which is promised you at the end is 600%, principal included. Maximum spend is $50,000.

Then for a more affordable $500 minimum but capped at a $1,000 maximum, GrandRialtoLimited offer a 300% return on expiry of a 35 calendar day term.

Next up for a minimum spend of $2,000 there’s a plan running for 60 calendar days. GrandRialtoLimited offer one single payment on expiry of an even more unrealistic 1,500% on all deposits up to a maximum of $50,000.

The next option expires after 65 calendar days with a rate of 1,000% being offered to anyone prepared to give the GrandRialtoLimited admin a deposit between a $500 minimum and a $5,000 maximum.

For a minimum deposit of $200 and up to a maximum of $5,000 GrandRialtoLimited‘s eighth plan offers a single payment of 3,000% interest on expiry of a 95 calendar day term.

And finally GrandRialtoLimited‘s tenth and final plan runs for 125 calendar days. The minimum to invest is a somewhat more affordable $100, however the return being offered is no more achievable at 5,000% on expiry which means whether you can afford to join or not does nothing to alter the fact that the admin is the only one likely to make any money from your deposit. Maximum spend is capped at $5,000.

If you like any of the investment plans then the next thing you will need to know about is the list of payment methods. For GrandRialtoLimited this is I have to say where the admin has really pulled out all the stops to turn his program into a real industry leader. When the program was first added to MNO it was only possible to use PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, NixMoney, and BitCoin. If any one single thing can be identified as catapulting GrandRialtoLimited to the very top of the industry, other than their 15 day plan that is, then it has to be the enormous strides taken to cater for more serious, bigger spending players. To that end the admin has more recently added SolidTrustPay and Payza, making GrandRialtoLimited more in fact one of the very few programs these days to actually accept both. Payments to GrandRialtoLimited members are made manually by the admin. You will need to log in to your account area, make the request, and wait your turn until the admin gets to you. The program’s terms & conditions call for a 36 hour maximum waiting period for all transactions to be completed. Most other HYIPs making manual payments try to be a lot faster than their own maximum timeframe calls for, but not so with GrandRialtoLimited. They’re not normally associated with speedy payments, though I wouldn’t say that’s entirely a bad thing. I’ve seen countless good programs suffer irreparable damage when the admin, shall we say, “spoils” his members with faster payments than promised. For instance, if some program asks for 48 hours to pay members always seems to pay within one or two. As soon as someone is left waiting for six hours (despite the 48 hour rule) they spread all sorts of panic and rumors on forums. In the case of GrandRialtoLimited you will most likely need to wait a bit longer than most other programs, however as long as the admin stays within his own 36 hour rule I have to say this is a strategy/policy I fully agree with.

On the more technical side of things now, GrandRialtoLimited have also made some improvements here, largely out of necessity as the programs grows and sees an ever upward amount of traffic. The website is in my own opinion extremely well designed and organized since the admin re-launched it in the current format. Running off a licensed GoldCoders script however keeps it easy to navigate, user friendly, and will probably be recognized by most regular HYIP players. The hosting provider is DDoSGuard, also a well respected name who are keeping GrandRialtoLimited on a dedicated server with their support and protection. This has also been improved on just recently, with the admin moving the site to an upgraded more powerful server to cope with its growing popularity and consequent increase of traffic. For an extra layer of security you will an SSL encryption certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

There’s quite a useful “getting started” guide which takes you through the process of registering, investing, and ultimately how to start making money from the program, which in many ways is probably the most practical extra feature for anyone new to online HYIPs. If you prefer something more visual you can also watch the GrandRialtoLimited promotional video, also embedded on the MNOVision page by the way. And if you want to check out the most recent stats you’ll find lists of the last ten deposits and withdrawals as well.

Another excellent feature to GrandRialtoLimited that has done so much to make and to keep them so competitive and on top of the industry has to be the area customer support and communication. There’s a Live Chat service available first in English and then later in Russian, so if you have any further questions or queries you might be able to get it dealt with in real time on the spot. See the GrandRialtoLimited website for details on the Live Chat working hours. Alternative methods include phone support, or else via e-mail through the online contact form. GrandRialtoLimited has quite an extensive FAQ section where you should find an answer to most questions anyway, and fans of social networking sites will be able to find the program on Facebook. A postal address is listed in the UK, but I think it probably goes without saying by now that these things tend to be virtual, hosted office spaces and not where you can find anyone connected with the program physically located. GrandRialtoLimited have more recently launched their own Regional Representatives program, something which I know a lot of you will be familiar with from other programs but also something I’m surprised hasn’t had a lot more volunteers given the widespread popularity of the program. Still, it is only new I guess so more names are sure to follow, but for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know basically what happens is this. Regular investors of GrandRialtoLimited offer their services as customer support and promotional agents for the program in their own localities and crucially through their own native language, something obviously impossible for every admin to do. In return they are paid a much improved referral commission rate, so if this is something that interests you then contact the admin directly.

The only thing I can add at this point is that my own personal opinion of GrandRialtoLimited hasn’t changed much since the first review was published – I liked it then and I still like it now – but it has improved. It’s arguably a better program than a lot of what you might be finding on forums at the moment, though by no means does that mean you should lose sight of the most important rules for any HYIP investor regardless of how experienced you think you are. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, keep your expectations modest and realistic and if joining GrandRialtoLimited then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. I now know for a fact that many of my readers are comfortably in profit from GrandRialtoLimited based on the feedback from my downline, so congratulations if you happen to be one of them. Long may it continue, and best of luck to anyone still only starting out with them!



The first program that had been running for only a couple of days before joining the MNO Premium List yesterday is called AdvanceFinance. The program is already known for accepting Payza right from the start as the admin made the effort to verify an account there and can now benefit from larger investors preferring the relatively higher level of security provided there. Apart from Payza there are three other well known anonymous payment options at your disposal including PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. Investments in AdvanceFinance starts from just $10 and depending on the deposited amount you can expect a fixed daily interest rate of 5% to 5.5% credited to your account over a term of 30 calendar days. With no principal returned on expiry, that leaves you with 50% to 65% net profit in just a month’s time. Remember that withdrawals in AdvanceFinance are processed by the admin manually and theoretically can take up to 48 hours to be paid, but in reality you should expect payouts to be processed much faster, with the maximum timeframe more like a type of insurance for the admin in case of some technical issues. They are, by the way, quite unlikely to happen, as the initial setup is quite secure and running off an instantly recognizable licensed script by GoldCoders (though with a few alterations). AdvanceFinance has Green Bar SSL by Comodo, and the hosting provider is DDoSGuard who keep them on a DDoS protected and dedicated server. That’s all I wanted to say for the moment about AdvanceFinance with the full review coming tomorrow when I’ll discuss the program’s main features in more detail. I’ll just leave you with a greeting from the admin himself who welcomed the first investors with the first official message posted on the news section of the AdvanceFinance website:

AdvanceFinance Grand Launch!
With great spirit and honor, today on the 16/11/2015 we are pleased to announce the anticipated launch of worldwide accessible AdvanceFinance Business LTD. Our seamless investment plans offer that starts from as-low-as $10 with great chances of enhanced growth and yield great alternatives and ROIs that complement each investment strategy of yours laid by us i.e 5% for 30 Calendar days profiting 150% monthly returns & 5.5% for 30 Calendar days profiting outstanding 165% monthly returns. At AdvanceFinance we offer an lucrative incentive of instant 5% commission on every investment you refer through your referral traffic, so you can build a constant cash-flow.
We are here to make a change for the better, as we wish you will achieve financial success together with us, and find our services to your full satisfaction. You are going to insanely love this! and is going to be the best online earning platform ever! So Join, Login and Start from today!
Thank you and best wishes.
AdvanceFinance Business, LTD.
AdvanceFinance Team.


CryptoPay is another Premium List program and is also very new. It’s also quite complicated as the investment plans share several features with more traditional HYIPs but also borrow very heavily from the revshare model. The investment plan in itself is quite original and while providing you with variable daily returns (you actually see your account balance growing in real-time by the second) you keep earning until such the point you reach a 150% return from your investment. You join by purchasing $5 value share units which you buy after funding your account balance in CryptoPay via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin with the amount you are looking to invest. While daily profits are variable and can be seen on the website, they are still managed by the admin. On business days this can bring you anything between 2.5% and 3.25% while on Saturdays and Sundays you should expect a reduced rate of 1.25% to 2%.

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact day you might reach the full 150% target, but something that will affect this is that 15% of your profits are automatically sent to the re-purchase balance which constitutes a compulsory 15% re-purchase rule. I don’t know that everyone will like this but remember it can help to keep the program paying for longer than traditional HYIPs might be able to. The admin also withholds a 5% fee on every withdrawal, allegedly to cover administrative fees on running the program. The minimum to withdraw in CryptoPay is $5 which is quite high, but on the brighter side withdrawals are usually processed instantly if less than $200. I’ll have a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of everything on my blog in a few days.

For now I’ll just add that CryptoPay is running off a script that usually serves profit-sharing programs from 2GoSoft (make sure to add your e-currency accounts in order for your withdrawals to be processed instantly). The site is SSL-secured and hosted on a dedicated server with CloudFlare DDoS protection. I believe the trump card of CryptoPay which could potentially bring them fame and fortune is the original concept behind it including hidden fees and re-investment rules, instant payouts (unless technical issues force them be processed manually by the admin) and, of course, the acceptance of SolidTrustPay which is very much back in favor among HYIP investors and admins once again. Make sure to get all the information on CryptoPay before joining so as not to have any surprises if you don’t fully understand its rules. And don’t hesitate to register now, as the full review of CryptoPay is coming on MNO soon. I’ll do my best as always to explain every aspect of the program, but also to simplify it with practical examples and make it easier for everyone to understand. Stay tuned for that and enjoy browsing CryptoPay to see if it’s what you need!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomatics, CryptofAtrexTradeHaloInvAntsAssetsLimited,  eCoinInvest, CryptoSynergy, AdvanceFinance (the first payments received), CryptoPay (the first  instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: CartoonInvest.

That is all the news for today, guys. I know there’s not much in the way of news to report, but as they say, no news is some good news. This is certainly true of the HYIP industry anyway. All the programs listed on the MNO monitor are currently in good shape and still paying fine bringing investors good profits, thanks to my superior approach to HYIP monitoring where only elite high-budget programs are allowed. If you want to stay updated then please subscribe to the daily news from my blog, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter where links to the most popular articles are always posted. I’ll see you all again tomorrow with a more detailed look at AdvanceFinance and the very latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry that you can find on MNO. See you then, guys, and have some safe and profitable investments!

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