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Beware! Astera has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I have a couple of news stories to catch up on today, but first I want to look into an intriguing new short term HYIP called Astera. You might remember the program was just introduced on my blog last night after it joined the Premium List on my monitor, though Astera has in fact been online for about the last ten days or so. The admin there seems to be following a policy of slow and gradual growth to prevent overheating so hopefully this will help Astera develop to its maximum potential, whatever that happens to be. In the intervening days between the launch of Astera and it coming to MNO it should also be noted that some excellent improvements were carried out on the site, making it much more accessible as a result. Multi-lingual customer support for example, and a much improved design. So let’s get started with Astera then and see if you think it might be suitable for your own portfolios.

There’s quite an interesting cross section of plans, and especially for a short term HYIP like Astera I can easily imagine all of them being equally popular with investors of any size budget. To start with however all you need is $10 to join the program in the first place. Anything up to $24 will get you into a sort of “test” plan, though Astera themselves don’t actually call it that. There’s no expiry date so it’s more of a perpetual style plan that allows you to decide when you wish to leave for yourself. As long as you remain a member Astera will pay you 1% interest per day until you request your principal back. This is subject to a 3 day lock-in period so you cannot leave the plan until at least that amount of time has passed. And when you do go to leave, Astera will deduct 1% from your principal to cover their fees. Of course, you can run through all sorts of connotations and possibilities here, but no matter which way you look at it we are still only talking about a couple of cents per day here, given that Astera keep such a low limit on what you are allowed to spend. So if you want to then try it out, see how everything works and whether you like it or not, and proceed to the more serious plans if you are ready. Alternatively just jump right in, whichever you prefer.

Astera‘s second plan takes deposits between a $25 minimum up to a maximum value of $199. This one does have a fixed investment term, running for 7 calendar days. During this time investors are told to expect a daily interest payment of 1.5%. This adds up to 10.5% in total, nowhere even close to a profit obviously, this only comes when Astera return your principal on expiry. So we’ll say then for example you join this plan with $100. Astera should then pay you back $1.50 per day until you have $10.50, and then add your initial hundred on top of that.

The third plan sees Astera change direction yet again. You can join for a minimum investment of $200, and all deposits up to an upper limit of $999 are offered a daily interest payment of 10.43%. A somewhat unusual figure I think you’ll agree, though I doubt very much anyone will care as long as they are getting paid. The term runs for 12 calendar days, and Astera are including your principal as part of the payments this time. That means the total return of 125.16% is made up of your own money plus 25.16% net profit as your reward for joining Astera.

The fourth plan is really aimed at the bigger investors, though with a minimum requirement of $1,000 to join I expect it will get some takers if/when the program establishes a reputation. The investment term stretches slightly to 14 calendar days and sees Astera offering another rather odd figure of 10.94% interest per day. This all adds up to 153.16% in total by the end of the term, and Astera are once again including your principal as part of that. So it’s your own money back first with 53.16% in net profit on top. The maximum limit on what you can spend in the program is capped at $5,000 by the way.

Before I mention the payment methods the first thing you need to remember is that Astera have a minimum withdrawal policy of $1. This will mostly I suppose have an affect on members simply using the testing plan as payments there will be small. So instead of waiting for your interest to accumulate to a dollar before making a withdrawal request, perhaps you should think about withdrawing everything, principal and interest together in one go. Anyway, that’s up to you. Otherwise Astera are using PerfectMoney and Payeer if you like the traditional payment processors, and BitCoin for anyone who favors a more modern digital e-currency. All anonymous and untraceable of course so let this be a reminder – all transactions are final, you can’t change your mind later if something goes wrong, so stay within sensible and affordable limits. Withdrawals from Astera are made manually by the admin and will need to be requested from inside your members account area. Once done you will need to allow anything up to another 24 hours for all transactions to be completed. By the way, I know this will sound obvious but try not to forget to manually enter all your payment processor account details in your member’s profile with Astera. They won’t be able to make any payments if you don’t and you’d actually be surprised at the number of “complaints” I get about other programs when the only thing that’s wrong is the member never bothered to complete this important step. By the way, interest payments in Astera are credited to your account there every 24 hours after the time you join. So in other words if you make a deposit at one o’clock on Monday then expect to see your first interest payment at one o’clock on Tuesday.

So that’s the plans and payment options out of the way, now what about the more technical, design, and security features. Well, the first thing a lot of you might notice about the Astera website is that it’s multi-lingual. Depending on what language you happen to be strongest in, you can visit Astera using English, Russian, Spanish, and the most recent addition Ukrainian. The use of different languages continues in the program’s promotional videos, some of which are also multi-lingual. The Astera website is powered off a totally unique and custom made script developed solely for the program. This of course affords the admin almost total flexibility in managing the site and allows him to make whatever changes he deems necessary to improve Astera without much trouble. For hosting the Astera admin has went for DDoSGuard who are keeping the program on a dedicated server with their support and protection from DDoS attacks. For safer browsing and more secure transactions an extended SSL-Green Bar encryption certificate from Comodo is displayed.

If you have any further questions about Astera that you would like to put to the admin or have any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there are a number of channels open to you. The first thing you should try is the Live Chat support as you might be able to have your queries answered in real time while you wait. And in keeping with the international flavor of the website, this feature is also multi-lingual. Apart from the website’s own Live Chat Astera include Skype, Viber, and telephone contact details as well, so you can try those if you prefer. You may also reach the admin directly by writing to the e-mail address listed on the contacts page, or link up with the program via the many social networking profiles set up on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and the mainly Russian language orientated VK and OK. The only thing I would really suggest you ignore is Astera‘s postal address in the UK as these things invariably turn out to be hosted office workspaces used only for registration and correspondence, not where you might find anyone connected with running the program physically located.

There’s really only one other item I want to mention, and to be honest I was in two minds whether to cover this or not. But since a couple of readers have broached the subject already I guess I should. The thing is that Astera claim to offer some kind of “insurance” on your deposit. The only thing you need to know about this scheme is to ignore it. The entire concept does nothing other than lull investors into a false sense of security and perhaps make bigger and bigger deposits. Whenever Astera does eventually close, and I have no idea when that will be, nobody will be returning any money you may have lost if you joined too late.

The same can be said for any online HYIP of course, not just Astera. The best way you can insure yourself against heavy losses in this business is to not spend money you cannot afford to lose in the first place. That and trying to keep a diverse portfolio, so if any one program closes you have something else in the bag to make up for it. With that in mind then don’t treat Astera any differently from any other program you see listed in the industry, keep your expectations realistic, and you can’t really go far wrong after that.



I guess AntsAssetsLimited is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated short-term programs on MNO and there is no real buzz around it. And that’s despite surpassing an entire month online having been on MNO for the last four weeks and processing instant payments to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin wallets. The investment plans (which were properly described in my review posted here) though are kinda awkward to say the least and possibly that is the most important factor preventing investors from trying out this wonderful program. They include 101.8% after 1 day, 16.3% for 7 days, 145% after 15 days, 220% after 30 days, all available for different minimums in each plan, and perhaps deliberately constructed this way to limit the growth of the program to more manageable levels. If that was the admin’s intention then AntsAssetsLimited really did a great job, as flawless instant payouts for over a month now in such a short-term program is a force to reckon with, and I hope this perfect start is more appreciated by the current and future investors of AntsAssetsLimited who keep supporting the program and help it reach new heights in the future. The last short update dedicated to the program’s first month online was actually the first since AntsAssetsLimited first came online a month ago and will give you a glimpse into the program’s latest stats (or at least the admin’s point of view):

30 days safe operation
Congratulations, antitrust assets on the line 30 days, our membership of over 1200 + deposit amount up to $ 150,000 +, create profits for our members over $ 100,000, we will continue to actively manage our members withdrawal request, a beautiful day!


I can probably say the same thing about a lack of interest towards another great performer on the long-term side eCoinInvest. After 18 days of listing on MNO and over 75 days online overall I believe today is when the first investors in their 300%-400% after 75 days are due to receive their profits, provided anyone really joined them. In my opinion, eCoinInvest offers some lower risk plans where you can reach the break-even point on your investment faster and making daily payments with principal back on expiry – 2.3%-3.2% for 90 days. Anyway, I explained all about eCoinInvest‘s plans in the detailed review posted on MNO here and also interviewed the admin here. Since then however SolidTrustPay joined the list of accepted payment processors by eCoinInvest which definitely increased the program’s chances for success and I can see that some of my readers already seized the opportunity to invest via one of the safest payment processors online (read more about the advantages of investing in HYIPs via SolidTrustPay here). If for some reason you prefer other methods of investing then eCoinInvest can take deposits starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or OkPay. In the latest newsletter issued earlier today the admin of eCoinInvest shared some information on the latest week’s trading performance, praised the wisdom of the first investors already in profit, and warned about some clones of the program popping up online here and there following the first success of eCoinInvest‘s success. Read the newsletter in full below:

$123,090.38 trading profits last week
The investment team at eCoinInvest Limited kick-started November with great profits of $123,090.38.
Here is the trading statement for last week commencing 02.11.2015
Many of you have now completed your first 75 day investment cycle, and have received your 300-400% investment back already – many have even reinvested into a new investment cycle. Thank you to all of our investors for their trust and support, you enable the company to continue to grow and develop everyday.
On a more important and serious note, we have noticed a few clones and scam phishing websites using similar names to ours emerging on the internet. These websites often offer huge unrealistic returns on your money over very short period of time. Do not be tempted to hand any money over to these websites, you will receive nothing from these scam sites. Please remember that the ONLY web address is eCoinInvest and that we will NEVER ask for any passwords to access your account.


What remains to be said about PokerAutomatics? The program has been absolutely flawless since it first came to Premium listing on MNO over 250 days ago and made tons of money to those who were not put off by its moderate returns and gained some good profits since then. Of course, the fact that PokerAutomatics accepts SolidTrustPay as a payment processor actually helps and I can see that the majority of my readers’ deposits are going through that payment processor. Apart from STP though, PokerAutomatics also accepts deposits starting from a $30 minimum via several other payment methods like PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, BitCoin, to name just a few. PokerAutomatics works on the premise of shared profits from a network of pokerbots and from the regularly published daily profits (usually around 1% daily) the investor gets a 40% to 80% share which depends of the investment term (30 to 180 calendar days with principal return one expiry) and the size of the deposit. The latest three profit showed slightly over a 1% company profit rate which is quite a positive sign (you can see the latest reports below):

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
08.11.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.06%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
09.11.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.11%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
10.11.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.04%

Once a week a lottery is held where one lucky winner is awarded VIP-status and the results posted in the news section of the PokerAutomatics website. The latest such report and also giving you a link where you can get more information on the lottery’s rules and winner’s prize is shown below:

Lottery Results 08.11.2015:
The winner of this week is edo0906.
You get VIP status as a prize.

And of course, speaking of PokerAutomatics it’s simply impossible to avoid mentioning the driving force behind the program’s gradual growth and international fame is its widest ever regional representatives list growing every day and currently including over 240 people trying to help promote PokerAutomatics in local markets in exchange for increased level of ref commissions (win-win situation, obviously!). There are many pages on the PokerAutomatics‘ website where you can find all the representatives and perhaps, contact someone if you need any further assistance. The last two joining the list are from Czech Republic and Spain:

We have a new Representative
Sergey – Czech Republic
You may contact him by email and skype
240+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Jose Manuel Palomero Sebastia – Spain
You may contact him by email and skype
240+ Representatives!

Of course, you should really read the full review of PokerAutomatics posted here before contacting anyone else. I believe everything is explained in good detail, and if you don’t really understand the terms and conditions of your investment with PokerAutomatics the MNO review is a perfect starting point.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandRialtoLimited.
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomatics, AtrexTradeGarnetStockCryptofAntsAssetsLimitedHaloInveCoinInvest, Astera.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news for today, guys. I hope you enjoy investing in the biggest HYIPs in the industry at the moment on the MNO monitor. Don’t forget to check out my blog tomorrow when the long anticipated interview with the admin of GrandRialtoLimited will be published. The admin, by the way, has increased the advertising on MNO last night by purchasing the top tower banner on the blog for one whole month, so obviously things are doing well financially for his program. It will be even more interesting to read the interview on my blog tomorrow because I also asked about the newest short-term investment plan added just a few days ago and paying 2.15% for 15 calendar days with the principal returned on expiry. If you can’t wait then I suggest to check out my full review of GrandRialtoLimited here and join the program here to take the advantage of making money from the hottest program in the HYIP industry at the moment. By the way, all the biggest and most influential programs can be found on MNO as this is the home of elite HYIPs with high advertising budgets. Stay updated with MNO on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the daily news to join over 3,300 others already reading it. Keep an eye on any future updates and new additions on my monitor not to miss any hot investment opportunities, guys!

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