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Hi guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog for the most up-to-date information on the biggest investment opportunities online with the highest advertising budgets. It looks like the HYIP industry is at a very quiet stage at the moment and everyone seems to be very cautious about investing in either new or already established projects believing that better times await in January. It’s for a reason over half of readers (according to the final results of the poll from the MNO TalkBack page) say their investment budget will be much higher then and prefer to take it slow for now. Maybe this low activity caused the collapse of such popular programs as PrimeBankers (25 day lifetime) and HaloInv (47 day lifetime). Anyway, I’ll say more about that in the news today, as well as updates from the longest running #1 hit PokerAutomatics and such popular payment processors as SolidTrustPay and Neteller. But first I have a new addition to the Premium List on the MNO monitor which might still be interesting to some of my readers ready to invest before the holidays.


The newest addition to the Premium List is called BenbuildingCorporation and despite having been online for eleven days the website still looks quite raw and unfinished. Perhaps the admin is aware of the slump during Christmas and is planning to expand both investment plans and payment options down the line. Judge for yourself – among payment processors accepted by BenbuildingCorporation only PerfectMoney is available at the moment for investments starting from $10. Although the admin promised to add Payeer, BitCoin, and, most importantly, Payza over the next couple of days, for now only one payment processor on board is definitely not enough. Among several investment plans BenbuildingCorporation has listed only one is valid at the moment – paying you 2.9% daily for the duration of 55 calendar days with no principal return on expiry, making it possible to reach 59.5% net profit in less than two months time. Remember that withdrawals are done in manual mode and can take up to 48 hours to be completed. BenbuildingCorporation has some interesting concepts though as more investment plans will be added with time. You can see them on the program’s homepage. I can only describe what I see at the time of writing, which is one investment plan with one payment processor. Actually, the first investment plan that was available during the first couple of weeks BenbuildingCorporation was online has been removed already (it used to pay 2.75% for 55 calendar days) as the day before yesterday it was announced that this building project had been funded already and so a new investment plan with higher returns replaced the old one as per the latest update:

The construction of apartment at Lincoln, Nebraska successfully funded.
We are proud to announce that after 25 days, our construction plan of building 3 new apartment at Lincoln, the capital of the State of Nebraska is successfully funded. Our mission is to promote the quality of life for Lincoln’s citizens through fire, housing, and building code enforcement.
Located at Douglas County, the construction will take approximately 3 years to fully complete and will include 128 Apartment Units, Clubhouse & Underground Parking.
We will update the progress of the construction in our website. Please check back BenbuildingCorporation frequently for newest update.

You can find other projects that have been allegedly already funded by BenbuildingCorporation, but since they go far beyond the program’s starting point in the past (officially the first mention of the program on investment-related forums was about 11 days ago) we can safely dismiss them. I imagine that the currently offered 2.9% for 55 days plan will eventually be replaced with something else, and if you wish to invest in BenbuildingCorporation, but don’t like the current return, please watch this space, as MNO will certainly update you one when something new becomes available.

As I’ll likely be reviewing BenbuildingCorporation on Wednesday, I hope investment plans or at least some alternatives to PerfectMoney are in use by then. As for the technical side of BenbuildingCorporation then everything is done well, with a GoldCoders’ licensed and modified script controlling the accounts, DDoSGuard in charge of the DDoS protection on a dedicated server, and a Green Bar SSL-certificate by Comodo for safer transactions. You’ll see an already long list of representatives that receive a higher referral commissions for their extra promotional work. There are a certificate of incorporation in the UK and lots of information on developing construction projects for those who still believe HYIPs might provide a real source of income. Apart from that I’ll just remind you to only invest what you can afford to lose. More info on BenbuildingCorporation on Wednesday.


For those who are just considering investing in either PrimeBankers or HaloInv, both have been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor and are not recommended. The reason is the same – delayed payouts with no explanation from the admins whatsoever. For PrimeBankers the waiting time for some people already exceeded 24 hours and though it’s still within the guaranteed 48 hour timeframe, hope is waning with each passing hour. The admin always paid within 12 hours but no explanation (nor any response to my email) regarding the delays has been offered. As for HaloInv, today was the first ever day when withdrawals to PerfectMoney went to pending status instead of being paid instantly, and without any explanation from the admin I cannot possibly keep it on Paying status for any longer.

Both programs though have been very good performers in their category and considering that recent new deposits in either of them was probably low and very much affected by the pre-Christmas slowdown the admins did a good job in keeping their programs paying for as long as possible. PrimeBankers collapsed after 25 days which was enough for many members to be in profit from the 1-day, 5-day, 10-day, or even 15-day expiry plans. Still, many expected better results from an admin who seemed so professional. The program dominated the short-term market by using STP and Payza among many other payment options. But even with the latest improvements like translating PrimeBankers into Russian didn’t help. Last payouts from PrimeBankers were processed last night, and predictably stopped after this misleading update was posted on the website. The admin obviously tried to make people believe he had some long term plans by announcing a Christmas and New Year payout schedule, just to give everyone a false sense of security obviously:

Christmas Schedule
We are going to still be available on Christmas day and New Year! We will be processing withdrawals in 2 batches on the 25th. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This is a heads up to those with expiring deposits on that day or before that day. New year we will also be processing withdrawals twice.

If you have invested in PrimeBankers via SolidTrustPay or Payza and have not received your payouts that were due, please notify the payment processors and submit a request for a refund, as the admin’s funds might be frozen and remaining funds distributed between members. I cannot really say the same about HaloInv as the program only accepted anonymous payment options like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin and once the payments stop it’s simply impossible to get any money back. Still, HaloInv showed reasonable results and with its 5% for 30 days plan it survived 47 days and collapsed only on its second cycle. Enough to make some money, especially considering HaloInv was on MNO since day one. For now with payments going to pending instead of being processed instantly and no answer from the admin I do not believe HaloInv can continue and so I’ve moved it to Problem status on my monitor.

Remember to stay away from both PrimeBankers or HaloInv, even though you might still see a Paying status on other monitors and forums. I’ll update you if the situation surrounding either of them changes, but they both stand a very good chance to be moved to Scam Status on MNO by tomorrow.


I truly believe that PokerAutomatics is a serious contender for program of the year as it’s been running for an amazingly long time, paying since August 2014. It has been a tremendously successful program so far paying out moderate returns of about 0.4% to 0.8% daily (based on the average daily returns of 1%) for various investment terms (ranging from 30 to 180 calendar days) and allowing to withdraw or re-invest the initial principal at the end of the term (it may take up to five business days to get your deposit back). Nevertheless, investors seem to love that they are paid starting from 12% monthly. Read more on that in the detailed review of the program published here. No wonder that PokerAutomatics is occupying the #1 spot on the MNO Premium List based on readers’ active participation via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, NixMoney, AdvCash, PayCo, Qiwi, or YandexMoney accounts. By the way, as a high percentage of PokerAutomatics‘ investors are Russian or from other Russian speaking countries, the administration also accepts some direct bank transfers from selected banks based there. Therefore it was necessary to issue a lengthy update regarding some changes to the rules for bank deposits and withdrawals concerning the closure of one of the biggest banks in Russia (due to its license being revoked by the Central Bank) Svyaznoy Bank and some changes in minimum withdrawals. If you’re affected by these changes then please read the latest newsletter from PokerAutomatics carefully:

Changes In RUB Operations
1) Svyaznoy Bank is closed in Russian Federation. So we removed it.
We also removed unpopular Russian banks Alfa-Bank and VTB-24 from our payment systems in order to reduce our expenses.
You can convert your balances and Deposits into Sberbank.
2) In connection with the increasing number of clients we will increase the minimum amount for Sberbank and Yandex.Money operations to 5,000 RUB (Add funds and Cashout operations) from 14.12.2015.
Minimum amount for creating Deposit is 1500 RUB.
Please make withdrawal requests (Sberbank and Yandex.Money) until 14.12.2015 for small amounts.
After 14.12.2015 if your balance is less than 5,000 RUB you can make a withdrawal request through (full balance only)
3) For QIWI payment system minimum amount to add funds – 1500 RUB.
Minimum amount for withdrawal – 1500 RUB.
If you want to test PokerAutomatics please don’t use bank operations for small amounts.
You can use USD payment systems with minimum 30 USD deposits and 0.1 USD withdrawals.

Over the last few days four more official representatives joined the PokerAutomatics‘ team that spread like wildfire and already numbers over 310 active promoters. Here are the recent updates on the newest ones helping promote PokerAutomatics in Bulgaria, Venezuela, the US and the Netherlands:

We have a new Representative
Yavor Yanakiev – Bulgaria
You may contact him by email
300+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Ruben Valero – Venezuela
You may contact him by email
310+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Richi – USA
You may contact him by email
310+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Bas Meulendijks – Netherlands
You may contact him by email
310+ Representatives!

As members of PokerAutomatics receive only a 40% to 80% share of the company’s reported profits for the day, it’s important to read the recent reports that averaged a 0.98% return over the last four days:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
11.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.86%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
12.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.93%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
13.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.98%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
14.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.13%

And finally, if you’re unfamiliar with PokerAutomatics and its operations and prefer some visuals over the written material, you can watch the latest video from the program’s long-time promoter and contributor Trevor Miller who recorded a six minute presentation on how to make $4K from a $1K deposit with the program. Intrigued? Then click at the link below and watch the video on YouTube, and you can also check the collection of the best promotional videos from the PokerAutomatics‘ website on the MNOVision page (click here to watch):

From $1000 to $4000 with PokerAutomatics in Passive Mode – Trevor Miller


I can tell you that Neteller has become even more convenient for members by adding Skrill as a funding method for just a 1.9% fee. So, if you like myself have a verified Neteller account, but also have a couple of dollars in Skrill you can use this service now and move your money around with ease. Both payment options – Neteller and Skrill – are quite popular in the gaming industry, but didn’t yet achieve mass popularity in the HYIP industry, although they are totally legal and easy to use for verified members. You can read a bit more on Neteller and Skrill as their advantages over anonymous payment systems in this article from the MNO Info Center page and for the latest update on Neteller funding via Skrill please see below:

New payment option available
Upload funds into your NETELLER Account with Skrill
We hope you are enjoying your NETELLER services.
We are pleased to announce that all NETELLER Account holders can now use Skrill to upload funds into their NETELLER Accounts.
A Skrill upload option has been added to your NETELLER Account meaning you can now transfer money between your NETELLER and Skrill accounts. Good news if you also hold a Skrill Wallet or are interested in having one.
This additional upload feature forms part of our ongoing commitment to improving your experience with NETELLER and we hope you continue to enjoy using our services in the future.
Thank you for using NETELLER.
*A fee of 1.9% is chargeable on any uploads to NETELLER via a Skrill Account.


SolidTrustPay remains one of the most popular payment processors in the HYIP industry. With its latest addition of funding and withdrawing via BitCoin (which joins Credit Cards and Bank Transfers to name but a few) and wider acceptance across the whole HYIP industry things could not be better for STP at the moment. I believe that SolidTrustPay once being a pillar of the industry has completely overcome its difficulties and has returned to the HYIP world with a bang (you can read more on the advantages of investing in HYIPs via SolidTrustPay in this article on the MNO Info Center page).

Anyway, the Christmas and New Year holiday season is coming and SolidTrustPay has already made a statement on its official blog regarding the extra days off which you should add to all the weekends. Keep these in mind, as deposits, withdrawals, and exchangers to and from STP can be delayed during those dates. Here’s the message for your information which you should refer to if you have an active STP account and use it during this festive season:

Holiday Season Office Closures
The holiday season is a time to spend with loved ones. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and we at STPay wish you a Happy New Year.
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Congratulations Mawlid un Nabi! Happy Kwanzaa! And anything else you might celebrate!
We will be closed on the following days to celebrate the season with our families and friends:
Dec 24th (Christmas Eve)
Dec 25th (Christmas Day)
Dec 28th (Boxing Day substitute)
Dec 31st (New Year’s Eve)
Jan 1st (New Year’s Day)


As that just about wraps it up for the news for today, I guess the only thing I have left to discuss is the result of the recent opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page. You might remember that I kept it on a seasonal topic, not so much to do with Christmas however than January and the new year. As most of you will already know there’s been a massive drop in HYIP related activity this month, which isn’t exactly news anymore – that’s the way it is every December and is just as predictable as the changing seasons. What I was more interested in asking was how will MNO readers be approaching the HYIP industry in January when the holidays are all behind us and things begin to settle down in the industry once more. It’s expected a number of good programs will start up as 2015 begins to give way to 2016, this is usually how things work anyway, so if this is what you are looking forward to you’re probably putting a good part of your gaming money to one side for the moment until this happens. So the exact question I asked readers was this:
How do you think your budget for HYIPs in January will compare to December?

To be honest I can’t say there was any real surprises for me in the results, with a very clear 55% majority of you voting “Yes, I think my investment budget for HYIPs will increase in January.

My own analysis is I think even further validated that absolutely no one, that’s 0% of the voters, took the option “No, my intention is to spend less money in January than previous months.” This can only mean that everyone, if sometimes to a greater or lesser extent, is in broad agreement that the HYIP industry hits it’s lowest point of the year in December before rising to one of its peaks very shortly after in January. In other words those investors staying in the HYIP industry at all are doing so to take advantage of this.

The remaining options saw readers take a more pragmatic if somewhat conservative stance, with 25% of you answering “The same. I see myself spending at a more or less consistent level” and the remaining 20% saying “My budget for January will only be determined by my earnings or losses for December so could go up or down.

Thanks again to everyone who voted. For the next poll I want to go with a sort of “end of year” review. Every year brings mixed fortunes in the HYIP industry, as by its very definition somebody’s profits have to be financed by somebody else’s losses. Thankfully due to the pricing policy on MNO the worst scams where nobody at all makes money other than the admin are usually avoided. OK, a couple will always slip through the net, and there’s not much else I can do to stop it. But hand on heart looking back over all the programs covered on MNO this year, the number of total scams that failed to complete a cycle or failed to put a decent number of investors into profit before collapsing was minimal. In fact I would also put it to you that compared to other similar monitors MNO’s record of not including fast, cheap, or deliberate scams is impeccable and second to none.

So my question for the newest opinion poll for the MNO TalkBack page is about the best and most profitable programs. I will try to refresh your memory and explain in a nutshell why the available answers are taken from the following five contenders – Carbon7, HonorForTheBrave, AtrexTrade, PokerAutomatics, or RollNRich.

Everyone knows Carbon7 and it seemed like almost everyone was a member during the summer and early autumn. The program was featured exclusively on MNO for the first couple of weeks and won enormous attention from day one with many people earning a massive profit during five months of stable payouts. Inevitably some lost lost money as well, this is always the case, but do you believe that it was actually the best program of the year or you have something else in mind? Please click here to vote for your favorite.

HonorForTheBrave ran simultaneously with Carbon7 for a while, and it was possibly the only other program that managed any major interest from large investors from August to October. Not all were in profit, of course, but I’m aware that some people made significant sums of money from it. Were you one of them? Do you believe that HonorForTheBrave was the best project of 2015? If so, click here to support this nomination.

AtrexTrade has been running successfully for over a year and has been a highlight for many investors smart enough to join last December when the program first opened its doors and came to MNO. Although with his controversial decision to ban premature deposit withdrawals and possibly simultaneously running another program, AtrexTrade still managed to surprise us with stable instant payouts. With its impeccable payment record for over a year now it certainly deserves to be considered for the best project of 2015. You don’t think so? Then click here to vote for your favorite!

Maybe it’s going to be PokerAutomatics for you? Well, the program has been paying since August last year and then was listed on MNO about ten months ago having made profits for a significant number of investors. PokerAutomatics are still paying well and with SolidTrustPay accepted it also earned the respect of US and European based investors who brought the program a good cashflow. So, can PokerAutomatics with its stable payments for well over a year and conservative returns be named as the best program of 2015? It’s up to you to decide by choosing your favorite here.

And finally, the long-running but now closed RollNRich which was a huge hit among my readers and made profits for many of them. One reader even told me it was the single most profitable program for him after tripling his original deposit. And though the admin was often inconsistent the whole concept of rolling a dice and receiving a payment based on how it landed captured many peoples imaginations. Having been paying for many months RollNRich certainly deserves its place on the list. Was it your favorite program or not – just click here and vote!

What was the best program listed on MNO in 2015 for you personally?
Possible answers, and I accept this is open to some debate but I think these will be the main ones for everyone, include the following:

Given that Christmas Day itself is just a week and a half away and that I’m shortly going on vacation (Sri Lanka here I come!) I don’t know for how long I’m going to leave this one open. It will of course run for at least the usual week to ten days so everyone who wants to vote has the opportunity to do so, but I might leave it up a bit longer depending on what if any other news I have to publish around then. Anyway, thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to cast a vote. Remember it only takes a second to do so and is completely anonymous, unless of course you prefer to discuss how you voted on the MNO ShoutBox as you are welcome to do.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 108 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomaticsAtrexTradeCryptoPay, ArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: OrientOrganization.
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTrade.

That’s all for today guys. Thanks as always for reading and if you like what you see then don’t forget you can follow MNO on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to have all the news articles sent directly to your inbox on the day of publication. Just fill in your e-mail address in the box near the top right-hand side of my blog and click the activation link that will be sent to you afterwards. Keep your votes coming in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll, and I’ll see you all on Wednesday when I’ll have had the time to take a proper look at BenbuildingCorporation and have a more in-depth analysis of the program. Bye for now!

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