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Beware! BenbuildingCorporation has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Before today’s news section I’d like to take a closer look at an unusual program called BenbuildingCorporation. It’s not exactly brand new, though it is only recently launched, and was added to the MNO monitor a couple of days ago. I had actually delayed reviewing it at the admin’s request as the website is still very much a work-in-progress and he needed to make some improvements. Maybe it’s still not quite the finished article but I would say that BenbuildingCorporation is in a stronger position today than it was when it started, and by getting listed on MNO I guess the admin is preparing for the new year when investors start returning to the industry after the annual Christmas hiatus. So let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about and see whether you might like to fit them into your portfolios or not.

Perhaps the strangest thing about BenbuildingCorporation is the investment plans. The thing is that the selection itself is quite extensive and includes everything from short, medium, through to longer term investment periods. However not all of these plans are open to investments at any given time. They seem to open and close at somewhat random and unpredictable times. For example, in the original plan available when BenbuildingCorporation first started up they were offering 2.75% for 55 days. Despite the fact that the program is only two weeks online (ie well short of the full term length) this plan has already been withdrawn. Existing members will continue to be paid under the terms and conditions they joined under of course, but it’s closed to any further investments.

The reason behind the rather unusual approach to the investment plans brings me on to the alleged business activities claimed by the admin. As you might have figured out from the name, BenbuildingCorporation are, or at least say they are, involved with numerous building projects internationally. Individual investment plans are then, we are told, tailor made to finance these projects. Once enough people have joined and the project is deemed to be adequately funded the plan is withdrawn. No new members may join, and only existing investors will continue getting paid. Anyone else looking to join the program will have to choose from one of BenbuildingCorporation‘s other plans, what ever happens to be available at the time. This of course is where taking a risk or a gamble really comes into play. What happens if you see a future plan that you think is a lot more attractive than what’s available at the moment? As you won’t know exactly when it’s going to be made available to the public, do you take a chance and wait? Or do you just make do with what’s in front of you now, knowing that the later you wait to join the higher the risk starts to get?
New members instead will have to make do with, at the time of writing, three active plans. I should also point out that there’s another six plans also listed, though nothing to indicate when these will be actually be activated. I will describe them very briefly for you in a moment, but for the purposes of this review I can really only concentrate on what’s available as of today. What I’m unable to do is tell you exactly how long any of these plans will be available for, though as long as you join before the admin removes them you should expect payments to continue until the end of the cycle.

So, the first plan is quite affordable with a $10 minimum investment required to join. The term runs for 55 calendar days, during which you can expect BenbuildingCorporation to pay you 2.9% interest every day. They are already counting your principal as part of those payments so will not be returned on expiry. The total earnings therefore come to 159.5% which is made up of your your own money back in installments and 59.5% in net profits.

If we put that into simple monetary terms then let’s suppose you put $100 into this plan. BenbuildingCorporation should pay you back an amount of $2.90 everyday until you reach $159.50 in total, $59.50 of which is profit and the rest your own money to begin with. A more valuable statistic is when do you reach the break-even point, in other words when do you earn back an amount equivalent to your original investment therefore making it impossible for you to lose money no matter what happens to BenbuildingCorporation next. With this plan you break-even 35 days into the 55 day term. The maximum amount you are allowed to invest in this plan is limited to $3,100 by the way.

This is followed by two shorter term plans which are also more expensive to join. First of all we see a one calendar day plan for which BenbuildingCorporation ask a $100 minimum deposit. It’s quite simple really, you invest today and get paid tomorrow. The return is 101%, principal included, or 1% profit. In other words if you make the minimum deposit of $100 then BenbuildingCorporation should be paying you back $101 on the following day. The minimum is quite high as you can see, but curiously the maximum deposit is again quite low, limited to $2,100.

On a side note I have to strongly advise you to avoid this plan at all costs. I don’t mean this as an attack on BenbuildingCorporation or anything, in fact the reason why has nothing to do with them and is no reflection on the program or its admin. The problem with the plan you see is the payment processor’s withdrawal fees. Depending on which one you are using, in some cases the fees are bigger than the actual profit. So despite BenbuildingCorporation paying you perfectly well you can still lose money by having to pay more than you’ve earned in order to withdraw. I suppose you could always use the one day plan as a test plan, but again I don’t see the point if it costs you more than earned just for the sake of trying it out.

The third currently active plan is another short term option and sees BenbuildingCorporation offering one single payment on expiry. It will set you back a $100 minimum deposit to join and the term runs for 7 calendar days, a week. On completion members are told to expect a payout of 110%, in which BenbuildingCorporation include your initial principal. So it’s your own money back plus an extra 10% net profit on top as your reward for joining. As with the other two plans BenbuildingCorporation again have a relatively low (by HYIP standards) maximum amount fixed on investments, $2,100 being the upper limit for this one.

Not to repeat myself but again I have to remind you that I cannot tell you how long the afore-mentioned plans will be available. If and when the admin decides to close them to new members they are likely to be replaced with one of the following options which have yet to be activated. Then again, there’s nothing to say any or all of these plans can’t run simultaneously in any number of combinations. So, at some point in time members are told to expect the following plans to open:
3.1% for 55 calendar days, 3.3% for 55 calendar days, 3.5% for 55 calendar days, 4% for 55 calendar days, and 4.5% for 55 calendar days. There’s nothing to say this list is the final draft or that other shorter or longer term plans can’t be added and removed as BenbuildingCorporation progresses. I’ll let you know on the MNO blog news updates when this happens, and of course my monitor will always give an accurate reflection of whatever plans BenbuildingCorporation happen to be offering on any given day.

One area in which BenbuildingCorporation has made enormous improvements since coming online is with their payment options. The original “list” of payment processors was a bit limited to say the least so this was an area in bad need of improvement anyway. In fact you can’t really call something a list when there’s only one name on it. In this case it was PerfectMoney, which by itself is of course perfectly fine but when it’s your only option then it’s going to severely limit the appeal of BenbuildingCorporation to experienced investors. The admin has taken enormous strides in fixing this with yesterday’s addition of a verified Payza account. It’s with this move that BenbuildingCorporation will really move on to the next level. The other option is BitCoin if you prefer more modern digital e-currencies over the more traditional style payment processors. If you wish to use BitCoin then you will need to go through a third party payment interface, in this case it’s CoinPayments which I imagine a lot of regular BitCoin users will probably already be familiar with.

Payeer has followed Payza and has also now been added by the admin. Although given that Payeer wouldn’t be all that popular, or at least not as popular, I don’t see this having as big an impact on BenbuildingCorporation one way or the other as the addition of Payza. But still, it’s an extra option for investors and choice is always something that should be welcomed.

Withdrawal requests are handled manually and need to be submitted through your BenbuildingCorporation private members account area. Once done the admin asks for a further 48 hours for all transactions to be completed. You should take note of the fact that BenbuildingCorporation have a minimum withdrawal policy of $2. Smaller investors therefore would need a deposit of $69 or more in order to make a 2.9% interest withdrawal on a daily basis. If you spend less than that amount then your daily interest payment will not be enough to withdraw so you will need to allow it to build up until it does reach the required $2 minimum.

Looking at some of the more technical aspects of BenbuildingCorporation, the website has quite a familiar feel to it with a GoldCoders script which is under license. Most of the experienced players will probably recognize it as such, but just in case you don’t it has been modified a bit to suit the individual needs of the BenbuildingCorporation admin. It’s lost none of its customary user friendly attributes because of it. DDoSGuard is the hosting provider and they are keeping the BenbuildingCorporation website on a dedicated server with their support and protection. You will also notice a Green Bar SSL-certificate by Comodo for an extra layer of safety for your transactions.

If you have any reason to get in contact with the BenbuildingCorporation admin or have any account related issues then there’s a couple of options open to you. Mainly however this would be either to write directly to the address listed on the contacts page, or else to fill in your details on the online support form and submit it. There’s a postal address in the USA (bizarrely and inexplicably accompanied by a map of rural England for some reason) though as most of you probably know by now these things are best ignored, serving at best as virtual or hosted workspaces. There are a couple of phone numbers to go with the postal address so you could always try them if you think you’ll get an answer. BenbuildingCorporation have also included a list of regional representatives from various locations around the world, mostly regular investors who do promotional work in exchange for a better ref commission rate, so check it out and you might find someone in your own locality or speaks the same first language as you.

Experienced HYIP players will already know this of course, but for any newbies reading this I’ll remind you that just because BenbuildingCorporation say they are involved in a particular line of business doesn’t mean you should necessarily believe it. And if it was true, that still wouldn’t mean it has to be profitable all the time. So just remember to treat BenbuildingCorporation as you would any other online HYIP, ie a form of high risk gambling. So set yourself a sensible and responsible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose if things don’t work out with your investment, and if joining BenbuildingCorporation at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



No surprise that the preliminary results of the poll on the MNO TalkBack page asking the best investment program of 2016 show PokerAutomatics second only to Carbon7 which seemingly everyone was a member of last summer. And though Carbon7 managed to pleasantly surprise us with its longevity and high profits, PokerAutomatics in turn is in a totally different league. You won’t get high profits here (in HYIP terms I mean), but it’s the stability and sustainability that counts here. PokerAutomatics has been with us since August 2014 and listed on MNO for nearly ten months. It’s won massive attention from readers which deservedly propelled it to the #1 spot on the MNO Premium List which it still occupies. There’s no shortage of payment options which has helped PokerAutomatics get to the top. These include SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, YandexMoney, Qiwi, PayCo, NixMoney, and AdvCash. It always amazes me to think how many programs came and went over the last sixteen months while PokerAutomatics keeps paying fine all this time.

Is the secret in the moderate returns the program offers which represents a 40% to 80% share of the variable daily profits over a term of 30 to 180 calendar days with principal back on expiry? The most recent daily payouts are below:

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
15.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.06%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
16.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.03%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
17.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 0.92%

PokerAutomatics Daily Results:
18.12.2015 – Total poker botnet Income: 1.14%

Or maybe the secret is in the company’s expansion into new markets promoting PokerAutomatics internationally via a huge network of regional representatives tirelessly promoting the program in their local markets in exchange for improved referral commissions? These representatives numbers 320 and is still growing. The latest appointments can be found below:

We have a new Representative
Schuck Anton – Germany
You may contact him by email
310+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Quang Nguyen – Vietnam
You may contact him by phone
320+ Representatives!

We have a new Representative
Mathias Tauber – Austria
You may contact him by email
320+ Representatives!

Or maybe it’s the story of their alleged line of business with pokerbots working for investors to help the company earn about 1% in profits every day? This network is constantly growing according to the regular updates posted on the PokerAutomatics‘ website with the latest included below:

Pokerbot network upgrade
A number of poker bots in the network increased to 1,171.
Our future goals:
January 2016: 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016: 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017: 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts
July 2017 and further: 2000 active poker bot accounts
The ultimate goal – 2000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won’t increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.

What do you say about all the extra features like the regular lottery with a chance to win a VIP upgrade in PokerAutomatics with winners announced every Sunday? The latest report on that can be seen below:

Lottery Results 13.12.2015:
The winner of this week is vikon758.
You get VIP status as a prize.

How about the weekly statements released by the administration of PokerAutomatics at the end of the business week outlining the program’s performance over the last seven days? Read the latest statement below:

12.12.2015 PokerAutomatics Weekly Statement:
Paying Days: 1,689
Total investors: 56,827
Investment capital: $4,614,085
Own capital: $502,428
Total Income: $351,504 (6,87%)
Share of Expenses: $110,337 (2,16%)
Profit: $241,167 (4,71%)
Total withdraw: $6,529,941
TOP-1 Investor: $238,951
TOP-1 Affiliate: 2,182 referrals
Total pokerbot accounts: 1,158

Or maybe it’s the constant script and website upgrades from the admins that help the program move forward and evolve into something even better with each passing week? The latest features on the PokerAutomatics website are announced below which you can check for yourself in your PokerAutomatics‘ account:

We have added info about each payment system on AddFunds Page and Cashout Page (Minimum amount and Processing Speed)

But what if the secret of the enormous success of PokerAutomatics is a combined effort of its membership, the talent of its administration, and the influence of all the factors and features discussed above? It won’t hurt to read the full review of PokerAutomatics posted here and decide for yourself if you’re willing to join one of the best HYIPs of this year.


Yesterday after moving CryptoPay to Problem status on the MNO monitor due to delayed payouts for over 72 hours I have received a surprising email from the admin asking me why this happened. I politely reminded him that he was already informed about overdue payouts a couple of days before which he did nothing about. This was followed by a bizarre excuse claiming that Payeer blocked the option of sending funds from CryptoPay‘s account due to some copyright dispute. While I heard of another website called CryptoPay but with a different domain extension in this case I do not really get why this has anything to do with the regular HYIP CryptoPay and especially with Payeer. Here is that very newsletter I received last night:

Hello. We are having some little issues with our Payeer account,we have not been able to send funds from our Payeer account because of some copyright issues, we have written to Payeer and we hope problem would be resolved as soon as possible please bear with us.
Thanks. Admin

The admin of CryptoPay has today managed to pay some of my pending payout requests to Payeer and said anyone with pending payouts to Payeer can either wait until the situation with the CryptoPay‘s account is fully resolved or ask the admin to pay you via SolidTrustPay which is accepted alongside PerfectMoney and BitCoin. Anyway, I find the whole situation with withdrawals to Payeer a bit weird while I can clearly see that according to the site’s “Members Payouts” page showing stats about processing some payouts to all payment processors except Payeer. I’m not sure if it’s wise to invest in CryptoPay until the situation clears up, but I want to give the admin the benefit of the doubt. So I’ve decided to return CryptoPay to Paying status on the MNO monitor. However, if you have a pending payout in CryptoPay for over 48 hours and it’s not requested to Payeer please do let me know and I will try to help by contacting the admin on your behalf. If you’re curious to know what CryptoPay is about and the unique concept it works off you can check the full review of the program posted on MNO here. I’ll keep you updated on any further developments with this, so stay tuned for more info when it happens.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: PokerAutomaticsAtrexTradeCryptoPay, ArdexFunds, BenbuildingCorporation (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: OrientOrganization.
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTrade.

To finish I’d just like to warn you about the upcoming holidays. You may see a lot more short-term programs popping up here and there from admins looking for a fast scam before Christmas and New Year, so please be extra careful the next couple of weeks with such programs. Perhaps the best strategy would be to stay away from such high risk programs and save your money for January 2016 when we’ll see some better choices from new programs. Stay safe and keep reading MNO as perhaps I’ll have something extra special before Christmas! Have a good weekend as it’s the last before Christmas week. I can’t wait to see what the HYIP industry will bring in the New Year and hopefully 2016 will be full of great surprises for us all! See you again on Monday, guys!

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