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25/02/2016. ClubCashCow Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! ClubCashCow has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! There hasn’t a great deal of news to report on today so I guess I’ll just get straight down to business and start with ClubCashCow. That’s the most recent addition to the MNO monitor which joined two days ago. It should be noted however that the program isn’t brand new, just new to my monitor as ClubCashCow has been online for the last two weeks. Therefore I’m sure some of you may have heard the name already, perhaps you even joined, but for everyone else I’ll try and describe the main features of ClubCashCow here and maybe see if you think it’s suitable for your portfolios.
Despite having investment plans of varying lengths, whether the admin likes it or not most people are going to view ClubCashCow as a short term program. The more experienced investors simply aren’t going to treat the longer term plans seriously here, and they’re not particularly cheap to join anyway. I’ll describe them all for you in detail, starting with the cheapest (though not the shortest term) option. For a $10 minimum deposit you can join a plan running for 15 calendar days. During this time ClubCashCow are offering a daily interest payment of 2%. At the end of the term your principal is returned, leaving you with 130% in total, or your own money back plus 30% net profit. Pretty simple really. So that would mean for example a $100 deposit would get you $2 per day for the following fifteen days, earning you $30 in profit on top of your initial hundred which is now supposed to be returned. The maximum limit for this plan is $500.

A shorter term but somewhat more expensive option runs for 5 calendar days. This will cost you a $100 minimum to join and also has the same $500 maximum limit. ClubCashCow are offering the same 2% daily interest rate with your principal returned on expiry. So on completion of the term members should have 110% in total, which is your own money back plus 10% net profit. At first glance it might look as if this is less profitable, but if you are looking to spend more than $100 in ClubCashCow then I’d like to say a few words about why I think this is a far more advantageous option.

As these are most likely going to be the two most popular plans with investors then I guess they’ll also come under the closest scrutiny. I mean obviously if you’re not prepared to spend $100 or more then there’s only one plan open to you, but if you are spending more then you need to consider which is the better option for you. Both plans offer the exact same interest rate, however here’s why I think the five day plan is better for bigger spending investors. Simply put, it allows you to see some profit and get your money back faster. If you are looking for something longer term and prefer the fifteen day plan, you can just join the five day plan instead and re-invest for three cycles. The end result will be the very same, i.e. 30% profit, except that this way you get a little extra security and a better chance of winning. Why? Because at the end of each five day cycle you can stand back and observe and assess the progress being made by ClubCashCow. What do you think their chances are of lasting another term? How did you rate their performance over the previous cycle? Were payouts always on time? Have their been any verified complaints to forums and monitors? So it’s good that you can get this extra little buffer as it were to decide if you are happy with ClubCashCow and continue for another round with a smaller, similar, or larger deposit according to how you yourself think the risk has changed.

The other main reason I would favor the five day plan is that you can use a different strategy to make it more profitable. Basically this would be a form of compounding. If you re-invest the full amount, principal plus profit, for three five day cycles (i.e. fifteen days) you would emerge with a total profit of 33.1% instead of the 30% you would take from the actual fifteen day plan.

Continuing with the rest of the investment plans then, next up is one running for a term of 25 calendar days and the minimum cost of joining falls back to $10. While you are a member here ClubCashCow are offering a daily interest rate of 2.3%, accumulating at 57.5% by expiry. This then becomes your net profit only if ClubCashCow return your principal as promised. So this plan has the advantage of being more profitable, but comes with the added risk of taking you so much longer to get there. These are the choices faced by every HYIP player I guess. Maximum investment limit is set at $1,000.

Longer term investment options can be found in the following plans, with ClubCashCow offering a 45 calendar day term. The minimum requirement for joining is to make a $1,001 deposit. In return members are being offered a daily return of 2.7%. By the end of the term these payments will eventually add up to 121.5%. This then becomes net profit once the ClubCashCow admin returns your principal on expiry. Contrary to the earlier shorter term plans, this one would allow you to break even before the end, which should happen 38 days into the term. Maximum spending limit here is $3,000.

This is followed by a plan running for 65 calendar days and costing $3,001 to join. In return for your investment, ClubCashCow will offer you a daily interest payment of 3%. This would mean 165% in interest payments alone (i.e. this would just be the net profit) before your principal is then returned. It would take 34 days out of the full term for members to break even, so anything you get after that is profit. The maximum spending limit is $50,000.

For the final plan ClubCashCow change direction, offering a single payment on expiry plan. It will cost you at least a $50 minimum to join, and runs for a term of 7 calendar days. The return being offered to investors is 114% – in this case your principal is included obviously – so that’s 14% net profit. Or to put it another way, invest $100 today for a chance to receive $114 on this day next week. The maximum limit for this one is set at $5,000.

The one single feature I probably like best about ClubCashCow is their selection of available payment processors. All the popular ones are included no matter what your preferences are, and no obvious omissions. For those who prefer verifiable more secure methods ClubCashCow will take deposits through SolidTrustPay and Payza which I guess has done much to improve the credibility of the program among the more serious bigger spending players. However I was also pleased to see Neteller in use as well, because I really don’t know why they’re not more widely used in the HYIP industry given the outstanding and excellent level of service they provide. Just be aware though, Neteller is only used in manual mode and not integrated with the ClubCashCow website automatically. Anyway, if none of those options are suitable for you then ClubCashCow also use more anonymous and untraceable payment options such as PerfectMoney, AdvCash, and Payeer, or BitCoin if you prefer a more modern digital e-currency. Withdrawal requests are handled manually by the admin and will need to be requested from inside your ClubCashCow members account area. Once done you should expect all transactions to be completed in not more than a 24 hour waiting time. By the way, smaller investors please take note that the minimum withdrawal allowed from the program is $1, so make sure you are owed at least that amount before requesting it or else your payment will not be processed.

Looking at the more technical aspects of the program now such as design, security, etc, it’s all fairly run-of-the-mill stuff but up to acceptable and expected standards nonetheless. ClubCashCow is hosted on a dedicated server with the protection and tech support of DDoSGuard. The website also has an extra layer of security in the superior Green Bar extended validation encryption certificate by Comodo to help provide safer browsing and more secure transactions. I suppose a lot of you being regular HYIP players will recognize the script ClubCashCow is running off as being from GoldCoders so you’ll know to expect their trademark familiarity and user friendly interface. I’ll just confirm that it is under license from them. There’s a couple of introductory videos embedded on the ClubCashCow website that might help bring in more investors to the program, and these can also be seen on YouTube or the MNOVision page.

If you have any further questions about the program or any account related issues there there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch with the ClubCashCow admin. You can either write directly to the listed e-mail address, or else just fill out your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the website. There’s a telephone number included so you can try and speak with someone directly if you expect it to be answered. This goes with a UK postal address where ClubCashCow is registered as a business, though I would suggest skipping this as only likely to be a virtual serviced office and not where the program is physically operating from. The ClubCashCow website has a built-in Live Chat widget, and I guess that’s really the first place you should start. You will need to sign-in to the chat first before you can see if an operator is available so I can’t really tell you what the working hours are there, but I can tell you it’s multi-lingual. Apart from English ClubCashCow have Spanish and Portuguese support staff on hand if you find that easier, and I believe Russian language support is to be added soon.

I’ve always kinda liked the English phrase “cash cow” for some reason. I don’t know why really, maybe because it describes the HYIP industry or rather what we hope it can be for us. Non English speakers reading this might get a better idea from the Wikipedia definition as “a business venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire or start it.” Of course, I think we all know this is more applicable to HYIP admins more that the humble HYIP investor. Extensive texts claim the nature of ClubCashCow‘s business to be somehow connected with various financial services and ForEx trading, naturally enough containing noting you can actually research and verify for yourselves. With that in mind you need to treat ClubCashCow as you would any other HYIP related project and always proceed with caution. Put your own interests first because no one else is gonna do it for you. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join ClubCashCow then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Just a few hours before the review of ClubCashCow was published on MNO the admin sent another newsletter discussing the significant growth his program has experienced over the first two weeks online with over 1,000 members having joined since then. I tend to think that the latest spike in membership happened straight after ClubCashCow was added to MNO, as my site is widely known as the first stop for smart investors looking for quality and high-budget programs. By the way, the admin of ClubCashCow Frank has already promised to upgrade his program from the current Standard to the more respectable Premium List on MNO soon, but meanwhile he has added an MNO monitoring button to the Rating page of the ClubCashCow website and you can see that it’s enjoying a deserved Paying status at the moment. On the other improvements Frank brought to members’ attention was the modified for better email notifications you receive on sign-up, deposit, withdrawal request, and withdrawal completion. The improvement in communications included the addition of a Facebook group and highlight the official forum thread of the program on MoneyMakerGroup forum which might be useful to keep members up-to-date. And finally, the biggest improvement came in the form of the multi-lingual Live Chat feature which is currently available in three languages with another – Russian – in the pipeline. It’s always good to see that HYIP admins make an effort to grow not just financialy by getting more deposits from investors, but also trying their best to make the site more convenient for as many users as possible. Anyway, the first investors of ClubCashCow are already in profit, but fingers crossed, it’s just the beginning for those that are only joining the program over the last few days. I remind you that you can read the full review of ClubCashCow above this news issue and for the full newsletter please refer to the re-post below:

ClubCashCow – #2 Newsletter
ClubCashCow Limited Company Reg. Number 09950074 was launched two weeks ago. As of writing this newsletter, we have a total of 1036 total investors depositing almost $90,000 in our company. On behalf of our company, I would like to thank you for your continuous support.
New features have been implemented since the last newsletter was sent.
1. E-mail Notification Improvement
– We have improved and implemented a new design for our e-mail notification system. We made it easier on the eyes while making it look so much better than our previously bland notification e-mails.
2. Monitor Seals
– We have signed up under several new monitors. We have placed the seals on our Ratings page for you to check our status and vote and rate for our performance.
3. Instant Support (Live Chat)
– We value the importance of communication between investors and our company so we have brought you this Live Chat feature. This should enable you to direct your queries to our customer support representatives in a much faster method. We also have Spanish and Portuguese support aside from English. We plan on hiring a Russian customer support representative to cater to our Russian investors, which I should say is where majority of our investors are from, Russia.
Words cannot describe the appreciation level of our company to all of you, our 1042 investors. Thank you for believing in our company. We have decided to operate online and offer these opportunities, to become the main company who provides the largest opportunity on the internet to those who need it most.
Additionally, may we ask for your presence and participation on the forums and on our Facebook group page. Since our staff is very active on these venues, you will surely be well informed of what’s new and what’s happening within our company. Our staffs are also ready to provide support whenever they are available on those pages.
We have more than 1,300 members in our Facebook Group. Please consider participating. Links are below for you to click and visit.
Thank you for your trust. If it’s not asking too much, please share this newsletter to fellow investors. Thanks again.
ClubCashCow is the result of a combined teamwork between investors and its management.”
ClubCashCow Limited


The matter of PokerAutomatics‘ unexpected demise is still a hot topic of discussion on major investment forums, but with each passing day hope for a supposed revival after an alleged change of ownership are fading. Only the most devoted optimists and those who have no idea of how the mechanics of the HYIP industry work so far still believe there’s a chance for PokerAutomatics to resurrect like a phoenix from the flames. Those like me who don’t believe in “HYIP miracles” know full well that the mysterious story that appeared out of the blue on Monday this week and buried investors’ hope of any further profit was nothing but an attempt to distract investors from demanding the overdue payouts while also allowing the admins more time to empty all money from their bank accounts. According to the preliminary results of the poll conducted this week on the MNO TalkBack page, only 7% of you still expect a positive outcome for PokerAutomatics, but for the vast majority of investors this program is as good as dead now.

If we try to analyze the real reasons of the now almost certain scam we can all agree that it was very unexpected and sudden, as up until last Saturday the payouts from PokerAutomatics had been flowing as usual and absolutely nothing indicated a possible cashflow issue. In fact the collapse of PokerAutomatics has been one of the most sudden surprises I personally experienced in my almost ten years in the HYIP industry. However if we look closer and see the preliminary results given by MNO readers on the TalkBack page regarding the profits received by them we see that only a third have achieved good profits while almost half of those who voted lost money either because they joined PokerAutomatics when it was already too late or reinvested too much being over confident in a brighter future. That can mean only one thing – PokerAutomatics managed to surpass the expectations of investors more accustomed to fast scams and won an enormous level of confidence and trust when delivering consistent profits even for very large deposits. That alone let down the guard of even experienced players (not even talking about newbies) who firmly believed they would make money from PokerAutomatics in the months ahead and kept re-investing and building their income instead of withdrawing the main body of their deposit and playing with profits only. Well, the example of PokerAutomatics‘ success proves once again that you should always be on alert when investing and never to forget that you deal with potential scams that can end at any unexpected moment, even if they last for two years and you won’t be able to do anything to prevent it from happening. The only thing you can influence is to develop a successful investment strategy for yourself and follow the winning recipe over and over again. Of course, there is always a learning curve you will have to go through before being able to consistently make profits in the HYIP industry, but for those just starting on their way and for moderately experienced investors alike who might have lost money in PokerAutomatics I would advise not to despair and learn more to eventually become a successful investor. To find out more about the workings of the HYIP industry and all the tips and tricks I would strongly advise you to read the articles from the MNO Info Center and read between the lines in the MNO blog news issues, interviews, and program reviews to pick only winning ventures for themselves.

Another question on people’s minds now is of course how the demise of PokerAutomatics would affect the HYIP industry as a whole and some other currently running programs. It’s no doubt that PokerAutomatics alone was a huge program and for over nineteen months online managed to attract millions of dollars from investors thus by estimation having 10% to 20% of all funds available worldwide for HYIP investing. This sudden collapse would definitely be a huge blow to the finances of some investors and might discourage people who invested more than they could afford to lose in one particular program – PokerAutomatics – blindly believing in their made-up but very convincingly told pokerbot stories to continue with other programs. On the other hand, another scenario for such people might be that they will want to try other current leaders of the HYIP industry which include Capital7 (reviewed here) and a few others, trying to win their money back elsewhere and thus contributing to its future growth. In any case, the collapse of one giant is bad for everyone, but at the same time it can increase the room for growth for so many others, so good paying programs can only win. We can only speculate how this huge program’s demise will complicate things, but for now it’s as good as dead and investors should move on to other profitable ventures the biggest of which will definitely feature on the MNO blog and monitor.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, ClubCashCow (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTradeForexKingTokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s about it tonight. Nothing fancy, I know, but all the other monitored programs aside from PokerAutomatics listed on the MNO monitor are paying fine and their admins released no significant news updates you need to know about. If anything important happens or a new program joins the MNO listing I’ll surely let you know in the next post over the weekend, so stay tuned for more information from the biggest and most elite investment opportunities you can find online. Thanks for reading MNO and see you all soon!

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