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Beware! Romball has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend and looking forward to whatever opportunities the new business week has in store for us. Personally I’ve been kept busy with the new programs coming to MNO over the last few days with another one added just a couple of hours ago to be introduced immediately after this review. I’ll be looking at them in more detail over the coming days (as well as keeping you up to date with all the latest news stories) starting today with a brand new mid to long term program called Romball. Well, I say long term but in reality a lot of the longer running plans in Romball might be a bit on the expensive side for a lot of readers, though I’ll describe them all for you anyway. They’ve also got an interesting background story, claiming to be involved with roulette gambling. Not sure how anyone could ever guarantee that to be a profitable activity for anyone other than the casino owners, but hey, at least the admin made more of a colorful effort than the usual ForEx stories. So let’s see what Romball is all about and whether you think them a worthy addition to your own portfolios.

Normally I’d start the reviews with a description of the investment plans, except this time I think it’s best to say a few words about the deposit and withdrawal process first because it’s a little different in Romball than most other programs you might be used to. So, once you sign up and open an account, you will see three tabs across the top of the page in your members area. These are marked “Add Funds”, “Make Deposit”, and “Withdraw”. Now, ordinarily you might think that this means you need to fund your Romball account wallet first, then re-direct that money into the plan of choice, and then withdraw once you are paid. Not so in this case. The “Add Funds” tab is to fund your account as you might expect, however your money is automatically assigned to the plan as this is based on how much you have spent. The “Make Deposit” tab is in fact just used if you wish to re-deposit your own money that’s already in your balance. When you do go to “Withdraw“, you will see a set of buttons displaying the payment processors you have deposits with. For most of you that will just be one, but even so, you must click on this button first otherwise you won’t be able to proceed. So, click on the chosen payment processor, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and confirm.
So, now that that’s out of the way let’s see exactly what Romball have to offer. The first and most affordable plan only requires a minimum deposit of $1 to join, or 0.0025BTC if you’re using BitCoin. The term runs for 15 calendar days, during which all deposits up to a maximum value of $199 are paid 1.2% interest par day. Your principal is then returned on expiry, leaving you with a total return of 118%, from which 18% is your net profit.

If you’re prepared to make a bigger investment of between $200 and $499 then Romball will automatically assign you to their second plan which runs for 30 calendar days. Under these terms the members can earn 1.7% in interest per day, and with your principal returned in a separate transaction on expiry should bring in a total net profit of 51%.

Plan number three requires an opening deposit of at least $500. The term stretches to 45 calendar days, as does the interest rate which improves to 2%. Romball return your principal on expiry, so that combined with your interest payments should give you 190% back in total, or 90% net profit. Romball‘s maximum spend for this plan is capped at $999.

Deposits in the range of a $1,000 minimum up to a maximum limit of $2,999 will go to Romball‘s fourth investment plan. In return for joining here the admin is offering a daily interest payment of 2.4% per day over a course of 60 calendar days. Your final return which includes your principal (again Romball return it on expiry) comes to 244% in total, from which 100% is your own money to begin with and 144% is your net profit.

Starting with a $3,000 minimum deposit, Romball‘s fifth plan runs for a term of 75 calendar days. While this is going on, investors should expect a daily interest payment of 2.8%. This rate applies to all deposits up to a maximum of $9,999, and with Romball returning your principal on expiry should leave you with a grand total return of 310%. From that figure 210% is your net profit and the rest was yours to begin with.

And lastly for the seriously big players Romball‘s sixth and final plan is open to deposits that start from a $10,000 minimum and go all the way up to a $50,000 maximum. The term is for 90 calendar days and the offer being waved under your nose to entice such large amounts of money out of you is 3.3% interest per day. With your principal returned on expiry you are promised a total return of 397%, from which 297% is your own profit and the remainder your own money.

The only thing about Romball that I do have some misgivings about is the lack of choice when it comes to payment methods. I mean otherwise it’s a fine program and one I do feel a certain guarded and cautious optimism for. And the lack of choice is compensated for with instant withdrawals. You can use either PerfectMoney or Payeer to join Romball using the more traditional style processors, or BitCoin if you favor the more modern digital e-currencies. You will still need to log in to your Romball account area and request the payments, but as I just said you should have the money in under a minute when you do. That alone is a major selling point for the program and something I imagine is going to attract in a lot of investors.

It’s also worth pointing out that Romball operates on a fixed exchange rate of $400 to one BitCoin. This is because they are dealing directly in BitCoin, that is to say accepting investments made from it and paying profits with it as opposed to just exchanging backwards and forwards to dollars all the time like other programs do. That in turn means that the upper and lower limits of the plans will differ slightly in BitCoins to the way I’ve described them above in dollars, but if the official exchange rates start getting too extreme the admin has assured me he is prepared to play around with the figures a bit and keep BitCoin investment plans more or less in line with their dollar equivalents.

Moving on to the more technical aspects of the Romball website such as design and security, et cetera, everything is up to quite a high standard. No more than the minimum one is entitled to expect I suppose if you are going to trust them with your money. For a hosting provider the Romball admin has opted for DDoSGuard who are keeping the site on a dedicated server with their support and protection. The program is running off a licensed H-Script, although it’s been modified to suit Romball‘s own requirements (hence the need for me to explain the deposit and withdrawal process above as some of you might not recognize it). For example, one nifty little feature I really liked, and one we don’t see enough of in the HYIP industry, is the option to change currency in how you view the investment plans. I know most of you are accustomed to using US dollars which is fine, that’s always been the way anyway, but what about the growing army of BitCoin investors? It can be awfully confusing to go backwards and forwards all the time, checking exchange rates which can sometimes literally change by the minute. Romball have circumvented this by allowing you to view their investment plans either in dollars, or at a fixed exchange rate in BitCoins if that’s your preferred method. The rate is generally accurate though not always 100% exact at $1:0.0025BTC. Some days a BitCoin investment in Romball might cost you a bit more than spending dollars, but if that’s the case then consequently you will also earn a bit more. Other days it will be less, though honestly the difference is negligible.

Granted H-Script wouldn’t be as popular a name as GoldCoders but in my book they’re every bit as good, even if a lot of folks don’t recognize their work at first. For an added layer of protection the Romball website has a superior Green Bar extended validation SSL encryption certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. If you’re interested the Romball domain is registered until 2022. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I seriously expect Romball to still be here in six years nor is it an expensive or difficult thing to do. It’s just that I appreciate the eye for detail and the admin’s preparedness to take care of the small things today so they don’t become problems tomorrow. It’s a sign of a good professional attitude from what’s most likely a serious admin.

If you have any further need to contact the admin with any questions or account related issues in Romball you need to have dealt with then you have a couple of different channels you can go through. Basically this is a series of e-mail addresses, with different ones relating to different departments. So you simply decide which one is best suited to the nature of your question, and that’s the one you write to. Aside from that fans of social media networks will be able to connect with Romball courtesy of their profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

For the record, and I already mentioned this above, the alleged source of Romball‘s profits is participating in casino gambling, specifically roulette tables. I must admit I was a bit amused to read the line “at times, it may be difficult to rise above the stringent security restrictions but we always manage to handle it professionally”. It conjured images of someone like Joe Pesci in some gangster movie! OK, so it’s a bit off the established industry norm which helps keep it interesting, though it’s still a claim that Romball members will not be able to verify for themselves anyway. So as always it’s best take the advice of experienced HYIP players and ignore these things when deciding how much to invest. I can assure you the only person doing any gambling here is you! That means establish a sensible spending limit and stay well within a budget you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join Romball then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Earlier today I had yet another program, called InGame, joining the Standard List on the MNO monitor. As the above reviewed Romball, this one also runs off H-Script. The difference though is its lifetime – InGame is currently in its third week online, although the admin told me that he is a very ambitious person and will try his best to make it a very long lasting venture. I hope for the same result and appreciate the level of trust in my blog and monitor from truly experienced admins. Anyway, when we check the name InGame we could have imagined the program has nothing to do with real investments, however on the website we find the story about the program’s sources of income. I suggest you ignore these claims and consider it as a HYIP as essentially what all the programs listed on MNO are.

What about InGame‘s investment plans you might ask? Well, they are pretty simple and keep you earning your interest on every calendar day until expiry. Deposits generally start from $10 minimum and are accepted via four payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, and BitCoin. The good thing is unless there is a problem on the side of payment system’s websites you’re supposed to be paid instantly after requesting your payment. Depending on the size of your principal you can get 5%-5.2% for 25 days, 3.4%-3.8% for 50 days, 3.5%-4% for 100 days with principal included in the payments and therefore not returned on expiry. I’ll discuss InGame and their plans in more detail in the full review to be posted on the MNO blog on Thursday, but meanwhile let’s have a brief look at the program’s website and see what’s inside.

As I said already, inside of the account area you’ll find it running off the H-Script which manages all the operations with a rather strange tab “Refill” showing if you wish to make a deposit. You may also open a demo account with a virtual $100 deposit first which should help you get used to browsing inside of your account area and could definitely be useful for newbies. It’s definitely of Russian origin because the Russian version is superior to the English one which is clearly not done by a native English speaker due to several errors. By the way, just yesterday the admin reported that a German version was also available now. As that’s a language I don’t speak I can’t say how good it is, though it’s still it’s a positive sign of development and expansion in international markets and everyone should see this positively. Here’s what the admin had to say about it:

InGame project continues to evolve rapidly. A growing number of investors around the world joins our Fund. In this regard, the project site has been translated into German, which greatly simplify the profit receipt of our foreign colleagues.
The number of investors is growing, and the project continues to make daily payments.
Join now!
Best regards, InGame team

I imagine more translations of the InGame site will follow given the admin’s determination to keep improving, and as the site is monitored on MNO now you will be the first to know about any further developments on my blog. When it comes to security which is essential as InGame provides instant payouts, the site ticks all the boxes. Hosting is on a dedicated server with DDoS protection by Koddos and an SSL certificate by Comodo is added for secure browsing. InGame typically has a UK company registration number which proves nothing but still looks good for newbies, Live chat, a testimonials page with lots of videos submitted by satisfied members, a couple of Skype chats, and accounts on popular social networking sites like Facebook and VK. I like the fact that the admin keeps updating his site with new features quite regularly and hope we will see InGame paying for a long time on MNO. For a closer look please visit the InGame website and watch out for the upcoming review on the MNO blog soon.


FXAccolade continues to please investors with stable and timely payouts. Several hundred people already made considerable profits from one of its investment plans as the program goes from strength to strength in its second week online. Although FXAccolade has been on MNO for only six days it has already taken the top spot on the Premium List, confirming its undisputed leadership of short term programs. They works with several payment systems including SolidTrustPay, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, AdvCash and (who knows?) will probably even add Payza in the near future. All of FXAccolade‘s investment plans except one offer payouts on expiry. Just one pays daily and all require a $10 to join. The full list of investment plans offered by FXAccolade include 103%-120% after 1 day, 37%-55% for 3 days, 120%-230% after 5 days, 160%-500% after 10 days, 300%-1100% after 20 days, 500%-1600% after 30 days. Further analysis of the program’s main features and investment plans is in my detailed review you can find here. Russian speaking readers (the fastest growing market in the HYIP industry nowadays) will be interested to read another opinion of FXAccolade posted on one of the leading Russian investment blogs, the link to which the admin gave in the last newsletter from yesterday which you may read below:

FXAccolade Review For Russian Investors
This is for our Russian investors or those who understand Russian. Please visit to read a review by Andrew of MIllioninvestorf, of FXAccolade Group Ltd.
Thank you for checking this short update.
Thank you.
FXAccolade Group Limited


Last week I asked readers a question on the MNO TalkBack page – How important is the money you earn from HYIPs? The aim of the poll was to identify the expectations of readers from the HYIPs they join in regards to the income they make or hope to make to finance their lifestyle. I’m glad to see that the a relative majority of 44% of you (a group I belong to myself) investing in HYIPs is merely a hobby which they don’t treat too seriously. Perhaps it’s the wisest approach that will allow you to gain experience while at the same time earning some money and never invest what you can’t afford to lose. Another 25% say HYIPs play an even smaller part in their lives as they admit only to occasionally playing with small amounts for fun. The expectations are not that big, but the possible profits are not large either which helps them avoid disappointment in case they lose. 23% of voters say HYIP investing is an important supplement to their main income and sometimes a great financial help. These people, I believe, are nearly professionals in what they do and are meticulous enough to stay calm and collected in pursuit of passive profits. At the tip of the iceberg is 8% of readers for whom investing in HYIPs is the main source of income on which they heavily depend to maintain their lifestyle and make a living from. Such a small percentage is probably a fairly accurate estimation – owners of HYIP monitors, larger investors with lots of money, and perhaps even HYIP admins themselves. Overall the results show a true picture and I feel I understand my readership more clearly than before and can offer more reliable content for all your needs. Whether HYIP investing is a mere hobby for you or you’re committed to making big money from it MNO is the place to read the most relevant articles on the biggest investment opportunities online and both amateurs and professionals should know this all too well to ignore. And I tend to believe that reading MNO and sharing their passion in it is what makes them so successful.

For the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page over the next week I want to ask your favorite way of browsing HYIP sites, payment processors, and, of course, the MNO blog and monitor. I really want to know your patterns when checking out the latest news, reviews and statuses of your favorite programs before investing, as I’m researching how to improve your experience when accessing my blog from mobile devices. Fingers crossed, I’ll have an improved mobile browsing service for the MNO blog in the near future. For now though I would like to ask a more general question:
What is your preferred way to access HYIPs and MNO?
Possible answers will be:
a) Desktop computer
b) Laptop/Notebook
c) Tablet/iPad
d) SmartPhone/iPhone.

Note that I’m not asking you what you always use when browsing the HYIP industry around, just what you use most often. It would be very helpful if you could take a few seconds to answer the question on the MNO TalkBack page here. Thanks for voting and I’ll take a closer look later in the week when the final results are drawn.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: FXAccoladeForexKing, Romball, BandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, RixosFinance.
From MNO Basic listGloboxTrade.

That’s all for today, guys. The start of the business week has been quite successful so far as all the programs featured on the MNO monitor (except for PokerAutomatics that has been downgraded from Problem to Scam status due to halted withdrawal requests not being done even to STP anymore). I would especially like to express my personal gratitude to the admin of Capital7 (his program was reviewed here) for his hard work and profits delivered to my downline on the first investment cycle. I have high hopes they will continue as the locomotive for the HYIP industry over at least the next few months. The spring revival of the HYIP world is in the air and many promising programs including the above reviewed Romball take the competition seriously by trying to appeal to more demanding investors. The same applies to another quite interesting and, dare I say, unique project called BandeiraCorp that I’m going to review tomorrow and an already well-established performer InGame whose full review will be published on Thursday. Make sure to bookmark the MNO blog and monitor, but I would really encourage you to subscribe to the daily news by entering your email address in the form on the top right-hand corner of my blog. It only takes a few seconds to subscribe and get all the latest information sent to your inbox. Please also remember to vote in the latest MNO TalkBack poll, as I would really like to hear how you prefer to browse when investing in HYIPs and reading MNO. Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow!

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