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Hello all, and welcome back to MNO – the only investment blog in the HYIP industry dealing exclusively with high-budget elite programs run by experienced admins. Today I have a real treat for you all – a new and promising short-term program called FXAccolade that accepts STP and Neteller along with other anonymous payment systems. I’ll introduce it to you below as the admin purchased Premium Listing on my monitor last night, and will have a more detailed look at it by Friday. I also want to analyze the recent surprising newsletter from the current undisputed leader of the HYIP industry Capital7 and its decision to increase referral commissions to for active promoters and skip adding more monitoring services of this point (I remind you that the program originally started with an exclusive listing on MNO with anyone else who was interested adding it for free thus saving lots of money). And on a sad note, we will have to say good-bye to the program ClubCashCow which has been a good performer while it lasted but which failed to deliver a longer performance due to some impatient investors and low standard amateur monitors who have no idea of how to behave not to kill a program by their irresponsible actions. Every important update you will be able to read in more detail in the news issue below, so sit back and let’s get started.


The arrival of FXAccolade in the HYIP industry a few days ago was kind of hectic and unexpected for the admin himself. He said he wanted to wait a couple of days for Payza account verification but because someone discovered his program and started threads about it on the major investment forums he was forced to launch FXAccolade prematurely which he explained on the launch day:

Launch Time
We did not intend to launch this today but somebody, somehow was able to view our domain name and started promoting. We planned on launching three days from now as we are waiting for Payza’s website approval department to complete the approval procedure, but anyway, we are officially launched now.

In any case, at the time of writing Payza has not yet approved FXAccolade‘s account. However, two other popular verifiable payment options – SolidTrustPay and Neteller – are onboard and you can make an investment via these if you wish. It’s actually quite a great improvement on the usual attitude shown by this type of program when they prefer to deal with anonymous options like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash which are all, by the way, also accepted by FXAccolade. The set of investment plans offered by FXAccolade is quite typical for short-term programs like this and offer fixed returns on expiry of a specified investment period. These are 103%-120% after 1 day, 37%-55% for 3 days, 120%-230% after 5 days, 160%-500% after 10 days, 300%-1100% after 20 days, 500%-1600% after 30 days. Every plan is affordable to everyone with at least a $10 minimum in the preferred e-currency and the profit paid on expiry increases proportionally with the size of the invested amount.

The layout of FXAccolade is up to a good professional level with original English texts and everything well explained. If you have trouble understanding anything specific – don’t worry as I plan to cover every detail in the upcoming full review of FXAccolade this Friday. For now I can only say that I’m pretty impressed with the site’s quality and great technical aspects including DdoS protection by DDoSGuard, the presence of the SSL certificate by Comodo with extended validation Green Bar, and the familiar licensed version of GoldCoders script that FXAccolade runs off. That means that withdrawals are not processed immediately on any of the investment plan’s expiry, but have to be requested by manually from the account and are then processed within 24 hours. There are some specific procedures regarding one or two payment options accepted by FXAccolade, as well as a refund policy which I will cover in more detail in the upcoming review. Realizing the importance of a good advertising campaign the admin of FXAccolade has chosen the highest Premium Listing on MNO which will certainly give his program some good exposure, while also an official Facebook page has been created and linked to in yet another short update posted on the FXAccolade website:

Official Facebook Page
Pleased to announce our Facebook group page link. Here it is Official Facebook Group. Click Here.

That’s about all I can say about FXAccolade for the moment following my first impressions from looking at the website and my account area. More to follow in a more detailed review to be published soon, so stay tuned for that, guys, and enjoy your profits from FXAccolade if you’ve already joined it! Good luck to everyone!


I guess no one can argue now that Capital7 has become the widely acknowledged leading program on the HYIP industry, and it happened surprisingly fast. Now on its fifth week online Capital7 proved many skeptics wrong who mistakenly claimed that with such a huge start and hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring into the program in its first week online the admin wouldn’t be able to manage the inflow and bring profits to either the 110% after 7 days plan, or the 7% for 30 calendar days (with interest credited on business days only) plan. I guess only did many of us realized the whole genius of the Capital7‘s admin who started advertising his program on a very low key with getting into the Standard listing on MNO from day one completely ignoring other monitors in this regard. That was absolutely a business savvy decision that helped him save thousands of dollars from his advertising budget on unnecessary and shallow monitors, especially since a lot of them seeing the program’s enormous potential picked Capital7 for free anyway to flash their reflinks. That just proves that by listing on MNO right from the start any program can be noticed by a wider investment audience as I have hundreds of people checking my blog on a daily basis and thousands more subscribed to my daily news email. No wonder it didn’t take long for Capital7 to become the talk of the town with stable payouts on profitable plans via SolidTrustPay, Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and even direct Bank wires for larger investors.

Of course, it did help tremendously that Capital7 was directly and strongly linked with the last year’s brilliant Carbon7, and the fact that the script, design, plans, and major features were identical to its predecessor played a colossal role in the success. The only two features that were seemingly different included the 2% fee applied on every withdrawal while the minimum investment amount on all plans remained at $25 and withdrawal minimum set at $2.50. Now that Capital7 is going onto a new stage of its development the admin surely needs to concentrate his advertising efforts on getting rid of the hit-n-runners who don’t want to support the program with their deposits anymore and turn to the regular promoters who can really help the program in much more efficient ways by spreading the word even outside the HYIP industry. So, the admin of Capital7 in his latest newsletter dedicated mostly to the end of the first 30 day investment cycle also came up with a pretty unorthodox plan. Instead of hiring monitors and wasting investors’ money on some inefficient and unnecessary methods the admin thinks the money could be better spent by offering some extra incentives to Capital7‘s current members and active promoters. As specified in the very first official newsletter a couple of days ago, the affiliate rates would be increased from 5% to 7%, and 10% on larger deposits. Commissions paid on the second level will double from 1% to 2%. That raised a few eyebrows from some investors who worry at every change admins make, no matter what it is. Likewise disgruntled monitor owners who care about nothing other than monitoring fees are still waiting with their hands out for a few cents to be tossed into their coffee cups. However, the vast majority of investors met those changes very positively, realizing the admin is trying to get Capital7‘s recognition to a new level and keep supporting the program with new large deposits following the strain of payouts that we have all been enjoying for four weeks in a row already from Monday to Friday. Of course, there are never any guarantees that when dealing with HYIPs and perhaps, even the admin of Capital7 himself isn’t quite aware of the fact just for how long his program can stay afloat. I only know it all comes down to investors’ support as usual and I don’t see that fading so far. The admin Marvin especially emphasized on the support given to Capital7 on major Russian and German language investment forums and promised that the level of outstanding service that has been provided by happy members of Capital7 so far will stay on a high level. So keep a positive attitude when reading the full newsletter from Marvin re-posted below and for more detailed information on Capital7 and its investment plans you can always refer to the full MNO review posted here:

Capital7 Celebrating 1st Month with New Changes!
Today March 7, 2016 we mark the successful completion of our 1st month operating online and with many more to come.
I would like to take this moment and congratulate our devoted members so far in behalf of our team and board of partners.
We are deeply grateful for the positive feedback we have received so far from our dear members & affiliates along the way.
A special thanks goes out to, and the German active community for their warm welcome & continuous support.
We wish to celebrate this special event with a few positive changes.
Therefore, and due to enormous demand we have made 3 updates:
1. Main affiliate program has been increased to 7% (instead of 5%).
2. For deposits equal or above $777 will get you 10% commission.
3. The 2nd level referral commission was increased from 1 into 2%.
Furthermore, during weekend you’ll enjoy 10% referral commission.
You may start benefiting from this new offer right away, it is FREE.
– Here’s your unique referral link:
We advice you to share it among your social circles (i.e, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK, etc.). and public communities.
* Affiliates with over 25 active referrals or 25K in deposits value would get VIP representative status entitled to rewards!
We intend to keep working hard to the best of our abilities and deliver a decent services to all our members and affiliates.
Always at your service!
Sincerely, Marvin P.
Capital7‘s Admin.


Sometimes it really puzzles me how sometimes impatient investors and stupid monitors go to great lengths to destroy a perfectly paying program like they did with ClubCashCow. I believe that the program’s admin had done nothing wrong before some bizarre complaints started circulating among investors demanding he pay even before the 24-hour timeline passed. Aren’t they aware of the fact they are digging the grave of their own deposits in the program by simply saying they were not paid within 12 hours while it was clearly stated on the ClubCashCow website right from the very start that it’s 24 hours one should wait. Even if the admin did intend paying to everyone within 24 hours, he might have changed his mind seeing how his program was badmouthed on different investor’s chatrooms simply because it took him a bit longer to process payouts on one day that another day. Well, I do believe this greatly contributed to the fact that ClubCashCow had stopped paying completely by now and may be called a proven scam as of the time of writing. The current Problem Status assigned to ClubCashCow on the MNO monitor will undoubtedly be changed to Scam later tonight if nothing is changes. I do also believe that the admin of ClubCashCow had some difficulties with more money going out of the program compared to what was coming in, but any program can work in such mode temporarily, at least if an admin knows his program will be supported at a later point. Unfortunately, in this case we all witnessed the scenario when the program was unsupported and a few investors or monitors willingly and unwillingly participated in the collapse. I must say here that I in no way justify the admin’s actions here, as he apparently already started selective payouts as of last night of which I was made aware only this very morning when I received a proof of non-payment for over 24 hours from one of my readers. I’m talking about the crucial moments when the admin of ClubCashCow obviously decided whether or not to go on with the program and even after he changed monitoring button logos due to undeserved status change on one of the monitors there was still hope that payouts would continue as reported on my ShoutBox right until last night. That was not enough though and ClubCashCow had to die in the usual agonizing fashion processing the very few last payouts earlier this morning which nevertheless didn’t matter much to anyone. Obviously I cannot recommend investing there anymore and ask you to treat ClubCashCow as good as dead. Just drawing the line under it I believe ClubCashCow was a moderately successful program running four weeks with a set of short to medium term investment plans, which could have achieved much better results with a more positive attitude from its investors. I would advise you all to support any paying on time program and let the sad fate of ClubCashCow be a lesson to everyone which we can all learn from and draw our own conclusions for better experience in the future. The program is not paying now, so stay away!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ForexKing, ArdexFunds, FXAccolade (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, RixosFinance.
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTradeTokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s all I have to report on tonight, guys. I hope you enjoy reading the MNO blog and the daily analysis of the latest events happening in the life of the biggest investment opportunities online. Sometimes we have good days, sometimes bad days, but it’s all changing and moving forward. On Friday I’ll be back with a full review of a very promising new short term program FXAccolade which is already hinting at becoming the most popular payment on expiry program in the near future. If you’re intrigued to know why and which investment plans to choose when joining FXAccolade do not miss the review on the MNO which will be accompanied by the latest updates from other elite programs you can find on the MNO monitor. Please keep voting in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page too and share what role the income from your HYIP activities play in your financial life. The results will be drawn in just a few days, so make yourself heard and make your vote count! Thanks for reading and supporting MNO and see you back on Friday!

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